Ok, there has been a while since my last wbb fanart, so here I am again, with another Nom Nom picture :)

If Nom Nom is learning something good from his boyfriend Grizz, is to chill out and be less stressed about everything.

Here he is just relaxing whereas he looks some stuff in his mobile phone.

Nom Nom © Daniel Chong


Watch this barber slug fulfill its anemoneeds!

🎥Joe Platko in Monterey!

UPDATE! Hey everyone! Sorry for the confusion! Here’s more info to explain what’s going on: The anemone retreats once it feels the pinch of the barber slug’s bite. Latching on, the slug is pulled in with the anemone, not wanting to let go of its meal. Once the slug snips off a tentacle or two, it pulls itself back out of the tube and moves on to the next anemone spaghetti dish, while the anemone waits for the coast to clear before coming back out from its tube.

è come se in qualsiasi direzione

io scelga di andare

poi mi ritrovo sempre

in qualche modo,

ad un passo da te.


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