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is it weird that im still optimistic about nn being redeemed? i know things look bleak, but we WERE promised more bear pair episodes, so we'll at least get to see him n grizz interact more, AND an ep about his family! i think we just need to wait :o)

No, it’s not weird. I still have a thread of hope, but my hopes were so high after NNE and then they were just crushed. I wasn’t expecting him to be a pure and selfless character after NNE, but I wasn’t expecting him to get progressively WORSE afterward either.

I’m definitely intrigued by the family episode and want to tune in for that one. I’m wondering if it’ll be something incredibly silly, or if it’s going to be another Yuri and the Bear. I want my heart to slowly be ripped out so I’m really hoping for the latter.


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Someone: So i was thinking that maybe we should…

It’s really dissapointing how they decide to make Nom Nom a plain evil guy, instead of making him a more interesting and deep as a character. It’s even insulting, but when the fandom is flooded with (really childish) comments like “I hate nom Nom, he should die!”, it’s almost natural that CN gives the public what they want. What a pity. He could still be selfish and proud as always, but more friendly toward the bears, developing a more interesting personality. But no…

Agreed. I’ve been seeing Nom Nom hate pretty much since the show started and I always just tried to ignore it, but it always got under my skin, especially when, like you said, people said he deserved bodily harm or should die. And now of course, after these last two really bad NN eps, I see people saying that he ‘deserves no redemption’ in the tags and…I can’t really argue against them now. No, I still don’t like those types of comments, but it’s hard to say that they’re wrong.

I think what’s frustrating to me is that it seems like the crew is operating under the mentality that since this show isn’t plot driven, then they can’t justify a character evolving and changing throughout the series, which I HATE. With shows like Avatar and Steven Universe, you see characters grow and change for the better, but these are plot driven shows. WBB isn’t plot driven. But so what? Just because a show is more episodic doesn’t mean you can’t make changes that last for more than just one episode.

And I think you might have a point that they may just be giving in to how the majority sees him. The majority of people hate Nom Nom. Those who like him and actually see potential for him are small in numbers. And if that’s what they’re doing then….I’m sorry, but that’s just incredibly lazy.

Can he still turn around? I think yes, but at this point he’d really have to do something big in order to get into everyone’s good graces, like save their lives or something. It won’t be enough just to say ‘Oh hey, sorry I was a dingle.’ They’re planning on a third season, so we’ll see what happens I guess, but my hopes have been dwindled down to pretty much nothing. We’ll see. They could still be planning something for him.

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