Lol I could go for a smoothie.


Back on Kateto Island it’s business as usual.

Ramona’s cats continue to run wild on the island. Two of them invade Red’s home making themselves at home destroying her furniture in the process.

Who knew cats ate dead snakes. Dirty kitty.

Red can’t take the cats anymore and leaves her house, vampire style.

Grim trying to look as human as possible when he meets up with Ramona in town. But Ramona prefers his robe covered darkfulness.


Veterans Appreciation Night | Dallas vs. San Jose • 03.20.17

A member of 22 Kill, a veterans outreach and suicide prevention organization delivered ceremonial puckU.S. Army Sgt. Stephen Wayne Jackel, Jr. received a standing ovation as he dropped the ceremonial puck on Veterans Appreciation Night in Dallas. Rebuilding Warriors’ Navy Seal Ryan Parrot presented Service K9 ‘Patty’ to Cary Flatt, a US Army Special Forces Green Beret.

bonus: Patty looks pretty happy already.

Lazy-boy Omlette

This is an old camping trick adapted because Mouse loves omlettes and cannot flip them to save her arse. Also, I feel like this is easier. Takes a LOT less spoons IMO.

You need:

  • 1 ziploc bag (I recommend sandwhich bags, they’re perfect size)
  • Eggs
  • Your omlette accessories (ham, cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, whatever you want in it)
  • a pot

Bring the pot to a boil and while you wait……
Crack your eggs and drop them into the bag.
(I suggest saving your eggshells for spell use later too <3)
Throw in your ingredients( ALLLLL of them)
Gently close the bag.
Squeeze the yolks to pop them.
Shake the devil out of the bag.
Throw it in the pot and wait.

Depending on the number of eggs/ingredients you throw in, cooking time varies. If you’re unsure of it being done, take it out and gently roll it on the counter, if it’s too runny, throw-er back in. 

While you wait for Ommy to cook/boil is the PERFECT time to seperate the membranes from your eggshells. I’ll make a post about how I do it in a bit. But first… I’ma go eat my omlete.