“I didn’t expect them to make some steam buns for me out of nowhere. Maybe I should make them some? Those guys seemed nice… I need to visit them some time.” Qing didn’t waste time on eating all those steam buns. Within 30 seconds, he’s finished 3 off already. “Ah, excuse me. Where am I going?”

I’ll be holding another Lolita Fashion talk this weekend, and this time it’s at this year’s Nom-Con! I’ve never been to Nom before, so I’m very excited as I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun. 

For those interested, this talk is suitable for all aspiring Lolitas, or just those interested in what the fashion is all about. No previous knowledge of the fashion is necessary to understand anything I’ll be covering!

Today’s lunch - romaine, brown rice, grilled chicken, tomatoes, scallions, peppers and onions and cheese


Used up all my containers on 2 big meals and one small snack. Not my idea portions - much prefer 4 smaller meals but stuck to it today!!