The Same Deep Water As You (New Orleans)
That’s a shame they only played this masterpiece once. The day they’ll play it in front of me will be the day I die… it’s so intense and the lights-backdrop combo make it almost unbearable. I wonder if there’s a Curefan out there who can listen to this song without crying, not even a tear ;) 


Sending #Prince off the best way we know how, with a #secondline. #NOLA #PRINCE (at New Orleans, Louisiana)

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A beautiful Second Line in honor of the music, memory and life of the artist known as, Prince. Thank you brothers and sisters of #NOLA for the great show of decency and humanity. So much love and kindness. #respect

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Nola - Download her here

Hair: Nessasims
Hat: Toksik
Necklace: Sims4marigold
Top: Sims4marigold
Shorts: Sims4marigold
Sandals: Sims4marigold
Bracelet: Colores Urbanus

Only difference on her make-up look is faceshine by Screaming mustard and lips by Pralinesims