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literally 90% of feminists' arguments are logical fallacies and disregarding people because of things they can't control. "You can't have an opinion about that you're white/cis/straight/able-bodied/male/etc."

You could say that for all of Tumblr. 

“Since I’m xyz, you’re not allowed to argue with me on this. Just nod and agree.”

They have no good arguments to fall back on so they use that excuse. It’s pretty silly to say that people can’t hold opinions on certain things because they’re not a certain skin color or gender. 


Alec did his absolute best to keep his expression as blank as possible, to not let that brief glimmer of hope or the subsequent monumental disappointment show on his face at Jace’s confession.  Of course Jace loved him…

… like a brother. 

They were parabatai after all, a bond that surpasses something as trivial as blood (not that he didn’t love his family).

But… hearing Jace Wayland - perfect, golden and ineffable Jace Wayland - say that he loved him.  Him.  Alec Lightwood, the dark star to Jace’s supernova. That tiny flicker of hope deep in his chest had breathed, perking up and totally prepared to shine bright.  Right up until Jace’s continued words had doused it eternally with the icy cold truth.

Alec didn’t remember what he said after that, just remembered nodding and agreeing to Jace’s request.  Of course he’d keep an eye on the Red Menace. And maybe a foot… or an arrow, too.  No, that seemed a bit much.  But probably an elbow.  She was exactly the right height for him to rest his arm on.
Apparently Alec had been standing there for a few moments, long after Jace had left, internally contemplating how to make Clary’s disappearance not fall on his head when he heard the familiar clip-clip of his sister’s heels.  Snapping out of his reverie, he looked over to see the entirely way too sympathetic look on Isabelle’s face.

And, no!  That was not a conversation he was going to be having with his sister.

“How long have you been lurking?” He asked, his voice gruff.

“Long enough.” She answered almost timidly, which was entirely the wrong tone of voice for his sister.  She didn’t do timid or meek.  Isabelle was loud and brash every bit as loud-mouthed as Jace.  She opened her mouth to give him The Speech and Alec quickly shut her down.

“So help me, Izzy, if the word ‘friendzoned’ comes out of your mouth I’ll tell mom what really happened to her favorite sword.” Alec warned his sister.  Her mouth immediately snapped shut.

“Low blow, big brother.  Low blow.” Isabelle chided him before  stepping closer to him, standing side-by-side with him and staring off at the hustle and bustle of the Institute.  "Besides, I wasn’t going to say friendzoned.“

Alec looked down at her, his face softening from it’s resting bitch face into something a little more human, grateful for his sister’s understanding. 

Until she ruined it.


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Hey jackie! so i need a bit of reassurance because i'm getting a bit anxious....with solo harry rising now, do you think it's possible for him to do his own thing and 1d to still get back? People keep saying he himself didnt say anything about 1d's return, but he did nod along and implicitly agree, while also saying things like "it makes us excited to come back and do it again" (about performing, London Sessions). What do you think?

Okay, the first thing I thought of when i saw solo Harry shit or actually, the day One Direction announced the hiatus was how similar this was to Fall Out Boy’s hiatus and this is why I believe that yes, Harry or any other member could go solo but that doesn’t mean One Direction will break up.

Back in 2009, the prime emo days, Fall Out Boy, one of the biggest bands at that time was going on break and obviously fans were shocked and upset. The members then talked about why they were going on hiatus and it was clear that they needed time to themselves and to rest because of everything going on at that time. Pete Wentz said that this was a time to to figure things out and there was nothing wrong with that! Pete’s exact words were, “Everybody wants us to say that we’re breaking up, but we’re just trying to figure things out” and I think that’s the same situation 1d is in right now ya know, they’ve said they’re coming back and they’re not breaking up, they’re figuring things out for themselves. ALSO, Fall Out Boy didn’t really say when they were coming back which led people to think it was indefinite and that they weren’t coming back at all but hey they did and 1D said 18 months and its barely been one so we need to give them time. Anyways, moving on to solo stuff

All members of FOB, during the hiatus worked on different music. Patrick Stump put out an EP, Truant Wave, (under this own record label, Nervous Breakdance Media) and then entire solo album, Soul Punk. Not only that, but Pete Wentz started his own band,  Andy continued to drum for bands and kept up his record label, Fuck City and formed a side band with Joe Trohman called The Damned Things and they put out Ironiclast, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers

Then, two days before FOB returned, TWOOOO DAYS, Pete even denied all rumors that they were coming back. But on February 4th they tweeted this: 

and they had the greatest comeback of all time, announcing a new song, new album, and new touout of nowhere and my emo ass died.

IN CONCLUSION, One Direction is on hiatus that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall could all go solo but that doesn’t mean the band is over. Take Fall Out Boy for example, they went on break and they all did solo music and still came back so don’t worry, this isn’t the end. We could get solo Harry but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the band so just take a deep breath and stay calm until they say something. 

A Small Trade {Closed}

Winter studied Ebony’s face, curious to whether she was sincere or not in upholding her side of the bargain. There was only one way to find out: to gather the information and danger it in front of her. With a curt nod, Winter agreed to the conditions of the trade. When the woman mentioned Amber, the fall maiden, Winter’s chest grew tight. Though she kept her face stern, the news was bothersome. Had something happened to her sister that she wasn’t aware? No wonder Ironwood was spending extra time with Ozpin lately.

❝ We have a deal. It will
   take me a few days to
   gather your request. ❞

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“If anyone asks, you fell down the stairs.”

He let out shaky breaths as he held his deformed arm in one hand, he just stared at the other male with a terrified glance in his emerald colored eyes. He nodded his head agreeing, he was terrified of Jake and it was the same terrified look he gave his father.

Team Family

Closed starter for @tauplatinumadventure

   “ Okay, Tau-y, now keep your eyes closed for juuust a second longer! Don’t worry! I might be blind, but I’m blind like a bat! Nyahaha! “

    It was later in the evening, the day of Tau’s recruitment. While they took a snack break, The Masked Jirachi had called up her buddy (he hated being called “buddy,”) to tell him about Tau. And, putting aside that she might be a Sacred Child, the pair had schemed. It had been awful scheming. Mostly one sided, with the Masked Ho-Oh just nodding and agreeing to loan her money. And then— Well, now, Jirachi began leading Tau to their “Base.”

    That being a hotel room, not a real cool scifi base. Team Harmony was not exactly rolling in dough, so a large number of recruits shared the same room. They did decide to upgrade for Tau, wanting to be somewhere less shady and more appropriate for a kid. The Masked Jirachi skipped into the building, getting weird looks as much for her mask as skipping, and led Tau to the elevator.

    “ It’ll be the best! But you gotta keep your eyes closed for the magic to work! Oh man oh man! Eeeeek~! I- am- SO- excited! “

my mom said she wants to get a welcome mat cause our door is the only one without one and we look unwelcoming and I said “we are unwelcoming. Get out of my house” and she just nodded and agreed

I think the Jaya fans would loose it ( not to mention Kai )

If Nya took Jay’s hands smiled and said

“its a shame to waste his time”

and motions for the minister to continue
He looks confused but just shrugs and goes with it and Jay smiles as they both say their vows with each other

It flashes forward to their actual weddings reception showing Pixal is in her new body and catches the bouquet and Zane catches the girder, all the Ninja take one large step away from Zane hoping to keep their bachelor status old Lloyd in his fathers robes with his fathers staff in hand and his uncle can’t help but smile at their antics Echo is happily playing with the falcon Lloyd makes a remark

“ things maybe peaceful now ”

“But they’ll change I know I saw it myself they have big challenges ahead of them ”

And Lloyd nods agreeing then his mother comes over smiling saying

“But allow them to have their fun at least its not ending up like mine and your brothers Wu ”

Wu and Lloyd hearing the story before laugh

That way the season finishes on a happy note sort of I just want them to be happy dammit

General Leia is Poe Dameron’s personal HERO.

He’ll do anything she asks him to do and more for her and for the Resistance.

I bet good money on how things went down when Poe went to the Resistance base for the first time and met General Leia like this:

General Leia:  Well, you know how much we need new faces to help to the Resistance.

Poe: Oh boy. 

General Leia: We need people who will volunteer for the dangerous missions, who are passionate about what they do. Are you nodding because you agree?

Poe:  I do agree with you. I agree with you on all things throughout history and through the end of time forever…. I’m sorry I’m talking so loud. I’m getting louder now and I can’t stop. My apologies.

and then he runs away with full rose cheecks


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11 outlaw queen :)

things you said when you were drunk

I’m to lazy to look for any mistakes, so I’ll just cross my fingers and hope there are none…


He’s currently ordering another round, when she joins him at the counter, positioning herself on one of the bar stools. Turning his head to look at her, he greets her with a not-yet-slurred “ Hey there birthday girl. How’s your evening going?”. Her lips curl into a pleasant smile when she tells him “Very good. Thank you.”, the words said slowly and maybe a bit wobbly. “It’s what best friends to right?”, he comments, slightly amused by her current state. She nods, agreeing with him before flashing him another smile and biting her lip.

The barkeeper arrives with the shots and Robin hands him his coaster to add the drinks to his growing tab, before he pushes one of the glasses towards her, grabbing the left ones and making his way over to their table. When they sit down, he’s unsurprised to see Regina’s shot has already been emptied by her. She’s been knocking back tequila like water the whole night, sometimes even screwing the lemon and salt, not wincing once.

And now she’s drunk, drunk and very happy, but also a bit tired. Her head is resting on Robin’s shoulder, the rest of her weight being supported by the arm he has slung around her waist. He’s pretty sure she would be lying under their booth now if he didn’t, so after downing yet another shot Emma bought he stands from his seat at the table, pulling her up as well before securing his grip to support her a bit more. Telling the group he’ll get Regina home, goodbyes are said and they leave the bar, after the fight of getting her into the coat she brought. The cold is hitting their faces, gladly waking Regina and giving her back the ability to walk (almost) on her own again. Slowly, they make their way to hers and Emma’s apartment, falling silent for the shortage of the walk.

When they reach the building and she tries to fumble her keys out of her bag, Robin pulls them from his pocket instead, dangling them in front of her eyes before telling her “I thought it might be good to take care of these before you lose them on the streets.”, and opening the door. He laughs when she calls him a “Thief!”, paired with an adorably appalled look.

Once there inside he sets to remove her coat hanging it on the hook near the door, before placing her bag on the dresser besides them and leading her to the living room. He sits her down and starts taking of her boots, when she sighs contently and tells him “You’re pretty, you know?”. Chuckling he asks her “What?”, so she explains her current set of thoughts. “Emma always says you’re hot,” she starts, “but I think you’re pretty.”

Moving to sit beside, he asks “And what is it that’s so pretty about me?” already amused. She leans her head on his shoulder and slurs out a “Your eyes. They’re really pretty. And I like your dimples. They’re cute dimples.” He’s laughing for real now, his shoulders shaking and chest vibrating, much to her discomfort it seems, when she lets out a soft grunt. Picking her up, Robin carries her to her bedroom and positions her under the heavy covers. She’s half asleep now, so with a kiss to her forehead he wishes her a good night and tells her “We’ll talk tomorrow about my pretty looks.”, before moving back to the living room and getting ready for bed himself.

Jailed [Yoongi] Part 1

I went to the hospital today with my mom and got inspired by the technicians working in the woman’s department. Like you know how they do the ultrasounds and stuff? Yeah lol. It’s random but I will think of something for it. I already have an idea which is why it’s titled the way it is.

I hope you enjoy it!

“Well… would you like to know the sex?” you happily asked the expecting mother lying on the bed beside you.  You held the ultrasound wand against her ever growling belly, taking pictures of her baby growing inside of her.  The soon to be mother giggled and grabbed her husband’s hand.

“Should we wait?” she asked, squeezing his hand.  “I want it to be a surprise…” Her husband smiled at her and nodded, agreeing with her to wait and you smiled to yourself.  You cleaned up the wand of the conductive jelly that was used for the procedure before handing the woman her own towel so she could clean herself up.

“Well, your baby is developing normally and is healthy.  I know you wanted to keep some of the sonograms and I’m going to ask you to wait out in the waiting room until they are ready.” You watched as her husband helped her onto her feet and you smiled at them.  “While you wait, you can make an appointment for your next ultrasound in two months.”

The couple nodded and they walked out of the room while you stayed inside.  You finished and signed off everything with the woman’s paperwork before you went to recalibrating the ultrasound machine and cleaning off any extra jelly.  You fixed up the room to how it’s supposed to be before walking out to the waiting room, handing the woman’s file to the receptionist and grabbing the next file for the next patient.

“Min Nayoung?” you called.  You saw a young woman and who you thought were her boyfriend stand up from their chairs.  You smiled at them.  “Okay, you two. Follow me,” you said, escorting them back to the same room you just used.  “Just lie down here, okay?” you asked, closing the door and going to the computer.  While Nayoung did that, you opened up her file on the computer and asked for her name and birthdate.  You nodded as she confirmed her identity.

“Ahh, I’m so nervous. This is my first ultrasound…” Nayoung said nervously and the guy she came with laughed softly.

“You have nothing to worry about. You’ll be okay,” he smiled softly at her, and one small bout of unprofessionalism had you thinking that he was really cute.

“Ah, is this your first baby? I bet you two are so happy,” you said, watching as both of their faces turned sour.

“What?! Ew, not him!” Nayoung exclaimed.

“Her ugly self? Even if she wasn’t my sister, no thanks,” the guy had said, ignoring his sister giving him the finger.

“Oh!” you said, laughing a bit when Nayoung made a face.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume.”

“Eh, it’s okay,” Nayoung said, kicking her foot at her brother.  “We should have introduced ourselves to you.”

“No, nooo,” you shook your head and smiled, starting to put her information in the ultrasound machine.  “Like I said, I shouldn’t have assumed, and I apologize for that.” You set the machine and was now ready for the procedure to start.  You grabbed the bottle of jelly and squirted some on her belly, using the ultrasound wand and gently pressing it on.  “Okay, let’s see,” you said.

You moved the wand around slowly, taking a few pictures here and there before you started typing in the length of the fetus.  “Well, looks good to me…” you said softly.  You measured the circumference of the fetus’ head, typing that in.  “It is too soon to tell the sex.  How far along are you?”

“Around two months…” Nayoung said, looking up at the screen.  There were tears in her eyes as she saw her developing baby.  “Yoongi… do you see?”

“Yeah…” Yoongi replied softly, his eyes trained on the screen.  He was fascinated at the sight of his soon to be niece or nephew. “Is that the spine?”

“Mmhmm,” you nodded with a smile, taking a few more pictures.  “That’s it. For two months, the fetus looks like it’s growing normally, though it is a bit small.  We will keep a lookout on that, but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.” You looked at Nayoung, giving her a comforting smile.  “Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and soon you will be holding a precious bundle~”

You finished up the procedure, sending out an order for the ultrasound pictures to be printed, which was cutely requested by Yoongi.

“Are you excited to be an uncle?” you asked him as Nayoung cleaned herself of the jelly.  Yoongi smiled softly and nodded, looking at his sister struggle a bit to button her pants. He laughs.

“Yeah, I am,” he says, looking at you.  While you wrote in her file, he gave you a once over.  Even with the white coat on, you were still very attractive.  He wondered what you were like away from the professional setting of the hospital.  “Do you have kids?”

“Oh no,” you laughed, shaking your head.  “Not yet, anyway. One day,” you said, grabbing Nayoung’s file.  “Just wait out in the waiting room and we’ll get your printouts to you, okay? You can set up your next appointment and hopefully I’ll be the one to do your next ultrasound~”

The two nodded and they left the room after bidding you farewell.

That was the last time you ever saw them.