“(Y/N), would you make me a happy guy by going on a date with me?” Bucky asked with hope filled eyes. Smirking, you nodded your head, agreeing. You had crushed on Bucky since the first day you laid eyes on him. Steve had asked you previously, but your eyes weren’t focused on him. They were focused on his best friend.

After you had left, Bucky spun around, sticking his tongue out at his friend. He told Steve you liked him, but Steve didn’t want to believe it. He had grown attached to you when you first started working for S.H.I.E.L.D.  “Looks like I’ve got a date with a gorgeous girl.” He laughed, dancing around. Steve rolled his eyes, growing annoyed.

“Bucky, stop.” He grumbled.

“She likes me more than you!” Bucky sang, walking off, still dancing. “I tell you, girls dig the metal arm.” He winked.


abbyskane asked:

kabby + 19

19. Cuddling

They fit so well together. Bodies still thrumming from climax, they shift onto their sides and lock their limbs back together in a piece of couple’s choreography. A well-practiced bit, leg hooking around the back of a knee and an arm under a neck, slotting together until they feel like the beginning and an end of a single entity. 

“Don’t fall asleep,” she murmurs, her nose grazing against his. 

Marcus hums, eyes remaining closed. His hand flattens out against her back, fingers fanning out. “I would hate to be stereotypical.” 

“No you wouldn’t.”

“No I wouldn’t,” he agrees, nodding sleepily. His arms form a strong hold around her, and he buries his face into her neck, trailing drowsy kisses from her collarbone to her ear. 

Abby sighs, combing her fingers through his hair. “I’m gonna have to get up in a few minutes, honey.” 

“No,” he mutters, wrapping himself around her. 

“You will not enjoy the consequences if someone’s condition gets worse because I didn’t do evening rounds.” 

A low whine escapes his throat. Eyes still squeezed shut, he loosens his grip on her just as she slides the arches of her feet down the backs of his calves. “I don’t wanna,” she thinks she hears him say. Then, “Can’t you just make Jackson round?” 


Bleary-eyed, he looks at her with a truly pitiful expression. Sighing again, rolls them so that she’s on top of him so there can’t be a repeat of her getting trapped under his weight. Shaking her hair to one side, she rests her cheek atop his chest. “I can stay until you fall asleep.” 

Her finger traces a circle on his sternum, and she looks up at his face. 

“I would be hate to be stereotypical,” he says, voice in a low enough register that she can feel the words rumbling through him. 

Giggling, she kisses the nearest patch of skin. “Marcus.” 

(It doesn’t take long for his breathing to even out.) 

Dripping wet

Calum Hood - 1221 words


I couldn’t help but think about it every second I had gotten a moment to myself. It was one of those moments that was carved onto your eyelids, permanently etched in your memories like the happy moments from childhood. I had had a crush on Calum the moment I stepped into this flat as a temporary roommate, only to never leave again. Luke was complaining about needing extra money for the rent and I had been complaining about my gross roommate for the same amount of time. Sometime drunk, Calum proposed I’d move in with him and Luke. He had been drunk and shirtless, my own mind hazed over as I merely nodded my head in an agreeing motion, gaze fixed onto the tight abdomen.

The first time I had sort of walked in on him had been over a month ago. My charger decided to let life once more and all I had planned was barging into Calum’s room and loaning his for the remainder of the evening. I received a private show though when I heard his low groans resonate through the thick wooden door.

I know I should’ve just left right then and grant him his privacy, but that sound leaving his throat sparked something in me, leaving me damp and desperate for more of those sounds. I had been standing there silently until he groaned again and stilled, his hand resting on the base of his swollen shaft. I had kept standing there for just a moment too long as Calum began to curse underneath his breath and got up from his seat on the large bed. I had scrambled to get away in time, bumping into Luke when I rounded the corner in my haste. He had laughed and joked about my clumsiness, but my cheeks and ears were still tinted pink from mere moments ago.

The second time happened three days ago. But this time it was different. He had borrowed my Hunger Games collection and I was desperate for some Peeta at that moment. He was in the exact position as before, hand rubbing along his shaft as he squeezed his eyes closed and soft grunts blew past his lips. His shirt laid discarded at the foot of his bed, gym shorts just pushed down low enough to free his erection from its confines. In the middle of his impending orgasm, my name flew past his lips like a whisper before he soiled his stomach with his hot release.

And here I was. In the shower, naked back pressed against the cold tiles, head thrown back as I let my fingers slip through my folds and down to my core. I couldn’t help but relive those two moments I had stolen from Calum, imagining I would have had the guts to walk in and help him finish his job. Who knows, maybe he would’ve thought more of me than just the best girl friend of his mate Luke, and saw me as the willing, burning woman I am. Burning for him.

I would’ve pushed Calum down, lying flat against his soft duvet, my hands roaming over his tan, toned and tattooed torso. My nails would scratch lightly across the skin, drawing a low, strangled moan from those plump pink lips. I’d let my own lips trail along his defined jaw, slithering down as I followed the path my hands had made with the tip of my tongue.

I’d rid him of his short within a second, displaying his thick, pre cum dripping erection for my wandering and lustful eyes. I’d toy with him for a moment, touching every piece of inflamed skin along the point of interest before granting it with the attention he deserves. I don’t think I could hold myself back long before I’d want to taste him. The tip of my tongue slowly dragging along his shaft before I’d take the swollen head past my lips.

He’d groan and fumble underneath me, his fingers slipping through my hair to grasp it tightly between his long, slender fingers. It would draw a moan from my own lips, the vibrations sending him even closer to the edge. He’d pull me back up so our lips could meet in a hungry, desperate kiss, teeth clashing together as our tongues would meet in an internal battle.

I’d rub my wet, slick core along his shaft, the friction making me moan loudly against his already swollen lips. It wouldn’t take long for me to reach my orgasm, head thrown back in pure bliss as I rode Calum, nails digging into his hips.. “Oh” I let a tiny sound leave my lips as I involuntarily buck my hips towards my own hand, my imagination full on the loose. But fairy tales don’t last long in this shithole.

“Y/n! Fucking hurry up I need to shower too the party is starting in an hour.” Calum loud voice booms through the small bathroom, his fist banging rhythmically against the closed door. “Fuck off Cal!” I groan, biting my lip as I try to push myself over the edge in record speed.

“If you don’t cut the water now I’ll come do it myself!” He threatens and a small breath leaves my lips, something resembling a laugh following suit after.

I groan when I realize the moment has passed, even though the source of my wet dreams is right on the other side of the door. My hands leave my slit immediately when the door swings open and a loud shriek leaves my lips.

“Calum what the fuck! You mental shithead!”

Right now I am very grateful for the curtain that is still separating us, although that barrier soon disappears as his hand appears and switches the water off.

It disappears and returns with a towel dangling from his slender fingers, my own roughly pulling it from his grasp.

“I told you I would.” Calum grins when I rudely yank the shower curtain to the side, seeing that smug bitch standing there with his arms crossed. “A girl can’t even get some privacy in this joint.” I mumble underneath my breath as I feel my cheeks heat up. Not only from the orgasm I was so rudely deprived from, but also from Calum standing here in just his black, tight boxer briefs.

“Is there something wrong? You know it’s a joke right?” I almost flinch when Calum’s fingertips brush along my droplet filled shoulder, my hands clutching the towel to my chest. “I was just thinking, and you caught me off guard.” I grant him with a weak smile but I receive a wicked grin in return along with that up to no good glint in his eye.

“I’m sure it was more than thinking, wasn’t it?” My eyes widen drastically and I realize I have been caught in the act - sort of.

“You’re a horny bastard, Cal.” I growl towards him as I push past him to get dressed in my own privacy of my bedroom, but I am stopped by his large arm. “Make sure you get the tension off of your shoulders, Y/n. Would be a shame if it ruined the party for you.” Calum winks and I slap his chest as a scoff leaves my lips. Maybe I can use his needs against him tonight.

I hope you like it, please let me know!
Lots of love,
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Okay hi it’s me Allison. I got SO many requests to write a part 3 to this blurb series thingy whatever you want to call it but I think I’ve decided to turn it into a full-blown fic. It’s really important that you read part 1 (here) and 2 (here) or else this won’t make sense at all. To my followers – thank you for overwhelming support of this little series and I hope I don’t disappoint. Enjoy! :-)

Warnings: smut, it’s so fluffy you might die, domestic luke to get you in the feels

“He sleeps like a rock. Would you like to spend the night, Y/N?” Luke says, still leaned into you and speaking lowly.
You found yourself nodding, agreeing to possibly sleep with Luke Hemmings, former lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer, and one of your former students’ father. 

Luke’s face lit up with the possibility of the evening. A smile broke out over his features, causing you to smile and laugh slightly. He clapped his hands in front of your face as he cackled, like a small child. Maybe he’d been spending too much time with Logan…

“I’m sorry, Y/N, it’s just that I really like you. I promise I won’t do that again,” Luke says as he shakes his head, laughing at himself at this point. He pulled you back into the family room by the hand, picking up Logan with the other. You weren’t sure if Logan was like this all the time or was just behaving well because you were here, but he was definitely being nice to Luke, even letting Luke carry him to bed as he draped himself over his broad shoulder sleepily.

The child’s bright blue eyes met yours. 

“It’s weird to see you at my house, Ms. Y/L/N, but I like it.” He yawns as you smile, walking up the stairs to his bedroom with Luke.

Luke laid him down on his bed and pulled a rocking chair closer to the bed.

“What book do you want to hear tonight, buddy?” Luke asks in a quieter than normal voice, placing his palm over his son’s forehead, pushing back his curly hair.
“Um, I want to hear “I Love You Forever”, daddy.” Logan tells his father, shifting in the bed and getting more comfortable. (This is the book, it was my favorite when I was a kid)

Luke read the book to the small boy and he drifted off to sleep, eyes looking at you droopily before he nodded off. Luke finished reading the book anyways, even after Logan was asleep, just to make sure. Even though Luke was having to play the role of mother and father to Logan, you thought he was a great parent and you were glad such a good kid like Logan had such a great support system. When Luke turned the last page and closed the book, he looked up at you and smiled. 

“He’s really a good kid. I’ve never had any problems with him,” Luke says, standing up from the rocking chair. You stepped out of Logan’s neat room, looking at the Lego sets on shelves all around, probably things Luke and Logan had built together during the summer. You didn’t think Luke worked, and he probably spent a lot of time with Logan, and you were glad, because he’d grow up to be like his dad and that was a great thing. Luke followed you out into the hallway, closing Logan’s door quietly as to not wake him up, even though Luke claims he’s a heavy sleeper. 

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Nudes (a Michael Clifford imagine, plus size)

You pouted and fiddled with the hem of your shirt, as the other hand pressed the mobile device to your ear. A bunch of soft pillows was piled underneath your back and the woolen comforter was heating you up, while an opened book laid on your nightstand, waiting to be picked up by your nimble hands once again.
“You really think so?” You asked, your voice filled will uncertainty while your eyes locked on a certain spot on the bedroom’s eggshell wall.
“Yea, sure. Men love nudes. And trust me, Michael would lose his shit if you’d send him some. Especially if he’s not expecting it.” Your best friend said and you nodded, softly agreeing with what she said.
“O-ok. I’m going to do it.” You stuttered slightly and gulped the sticky saliva that had formed in your mouth loudly.
“Atta girl. Just remember, confidence is key. Now go and rock their sock off.” Your friend laughed into the phone, trying to ease your nerves and a small smile graced your lips.
Taking a deep breath of air, you grabbed the blanket that sheltered you and threw it to the side, baring your naked legs to the cold air. You thanked your friend for the advice and closed the phone, throwing it on the warm blanket.
You left the plush and bouncy mattress and headed instead towards the hardwood closed that you and Michael owned. Opening the doors briskly, you were faced with rows of clothing that hung neatly from metal hangers.
Your eyes scanned each hanger briskly until they settled on the red flannel of Michael’s favorite shirt. Grabbing the sleeve, you rubbed the soft material between your fingers and nodding to yourself, you snatched it from the hanger.
Bringing it to your chest, you shoved the red fabric into your face and breathed in Michael’s scent. Feeling the nerves calm significantly with each sniff, you bent down to take some fancy underwear from the drawer with more determination.
You were going to take those pictures, feel good about yourself and make Michael drool over your body.

Mike was bored. He was resting on a couch, his legs numb from the lack of movement, with a controller in his hands and with the boys sitting around him. There were boxes of pizza and beer bottles littered all over the small coffee table and the sounds coming from the video game mingled with the sounds of their own slurred voices.
Mike’s phone vibrated in his pocket, producing a small sound that drowned into the sea of noise.  The bleached blonde scrunched his nose and threw the controller on the plush carpet, figuring that he could check his phone now that he lost the game.
Fishing the device out of his pocket, he unlocked the screen and smiled when he saw your name flashing in front of his emerald eyes. Pressing the notification, your message appeared, the bright light of the phone illuminating Michael’s tired face.
The words “What’s up, babe?” accompanied by a kissy face made the blonde’s smile broaden and he tapped away while he reached to grab his beer.
“Nothing much, sweet cheeks. How are you doing?” Mike sipped from his long-necked bottle as his eyes traveled from his phone to the grand flat screen that covered half of the hotel’s beige wall.
Oh, I’m doing very well. Hey, are you alone now?” your response came quick as if it was planned and the green eyed man furrowed his brown, throwing a quick look at the boys. They were engrossed in the game and were not paying attention to anything else.
“Yea, I’m alone. Why?” Michael sent the message, feeling a tad guilty that he lied, but he saw no harm in it.
“Oh, I just have a surprise for you. Are you sitting down?” Michael chuckled as he read the words, shaking his head slightly.
“Yup.” The blonde answered and leaned  into the couch’s back support.  He brought the bottle that he was cradling in his hand to his thin lips and took a few gulps from the amber liquid.
Ok…” Was your response and a photo followed it shortly, not allowing Michael to clear out his confusion. Michael took another mouthful of beer as he waited for the unclear image to load.
Now the blonde was expecting to see a brand new household object, maybe a pair of shoes or a current sexy dress that you’d wear just for him, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to see you, posing half naked in front of the dresser’s full-size mirror.
Mike choked on the alcohol and coughed loudly, attracting the attention of the other 3 men. Calum who was closer to him, patted the blonde on the back, asking what was wrong while his hooded eyes lowered to the screen on Mike’s phone.
“Holy shit, is that Y/N?” Calum widened his eyes, the chocolate brown orbs locking on your figure that was barely covered by the flannelled shirt.
Your breast was almost spilling from the shirt, the material taunt on your skin, the buttons barely resisting the urge of popping and revealing your beautiful body to the world.
The flannel was barely covering your crotch, so you were pulling it down, stretching the material even more on your svelte figure. Your legs were covered by a pair of black stockings that ended with silk bows wrapped around your thick thighs.
Your hair was intentionally tousled and your lips were parted and you looked breathtakingly beautiful. Calum gasped as he took in all the details and Mike quickly brought the phone to his chest, hiding you from the brunette’s hungry eyes.
“None of your fucking business, Calum.” The bleached blonde snapped and rose from the couch, quickly pacing to his room, leaving behind a smirking Calum and two confused band mates.
Mike slammed his door and locked it, before walking to the end of his king sized bed. Discerning that he hadn’t answered and knowing about the nervous habit in which your enthusiasm and confidence would deflate with each passing second, he quickly typed in a message:
“Y/N, are you trying to kill me? I almost choked on my beer, lol.” Michael breathed in heavily, and threw himself on the bed, bouncing a tad. Hoping that he would still get lucky tonight, he popped the button of his skinny jeans and wiggled out of the tight piece of clothing. His phone dinged.
“Ok. Tell me when you’re ready for more.” Michael’s eyes widened and the sleep that threatened to lull him into a state of unconscious disappeared completely, leaving him excited and wide awake.
“Oh, I think I am.”  Mike’s fingers moved across the screen with a speed that wasn’t uncharacteristic for his practiced fingers.
“You sure? :P” Flashed in front of Mike’s lush green eyes and the man smirked, muttering ‘such a tease’ under his breath.
“Positive.” Michael could barely contain himself. He wanted to see what else you had prepared for him, but in all his excitement, he couldn’t get rid of the overwhelming feeling of pride that was inflating into his being. He knew how hard it must have been for you to take this step, and he was thankful to whoever had helped you feel this confident in your skin but didn’t quite realized that he had an important role in your path towards self-loving.
Michael got an Ok attached to a picture and he cursed the poor Wi-fi signal the hotel was offering. The image finally loaded and your figure appeared, still reflected in the full sized mirror. The shirt was unbuttoned, but the sides were still covering half of your breast, including the nipples.
Michael’s gaze lowered to your tummy that was flattened down a tad because of your straight position, but it was just as squishy as he remembered. Michael’s palms burned and his desire to run his hands across your skin and sink his fingers into your soft layers of flesh increased.
Your high waisted panties covered your lower stomach, the lace contrasting well with your skin and the high opaque stockings still covered your legs.
But before he could gather his composure, another picture arrived with a ‘ding’ and he quickly opened it and waited to load. He groaned loudly when he saw you sitting on one of the fancy chairs that you made him buy, located in front of the mirror.
The flannel was abandoned on the bed and instead of being graced with the picture of your full breast on display he got them nicely packed in a translucent bra that still showed off your big aureoles.
The blonde started breathing heavily and he shifted in the bed, feeling his once comfortable boxers tighten up to form a tent. You legs were slightly parted and your hand came between them, grasping the end of the chair, while you leaned forward, looking in the mirror. A knowing smirk lifted the corners of your mouth and Michael cursed again, loving the confidence that you radiated.
The man could have stared at you for the rest of the night, but he knew you were expecting a response and he just had a feeling there was more to come, so he typed out a answer as quickly as his trembling hands allowed him to.
“Fuuuck, kitten. Did I die and gone to heaven?” Mike pressed send and went back to the previous picture as his hand lowered towards the erected penis.
“No, hun. But you will when you see the next ones.” Mike laughed and his hand retreated , leaving his erection untouched. Hell, if there were more, he didn’t want to finish too soon.
Another picture came and Michael almost wanted to cry in need. You were facing the bed, with one knee propped on the chair and your bountiful ass on full display in front of the mirror. You were turned slightly to the side to take the picture and Michael could see you ditched the bra since the side of your boob was peaking teasingly under your arm and your back was bare.
Another ding echoed in the room and Michael almost didn’t want to open the next picture, afraid that he would cream his boxers without even touching himself. But at the same time, he was thirsty for more, so his thumb enlarged the new image.
“Mother of God, Y/N. What are you trying to do to me?”  Michael breathed out, and furrowed his brows, his penis becoming painfully hard now.
You were completely nude, excepting the stockings and the pair of heels that you just put on.  Your hand was grasping a naked tit, the smooth flesh spilling between your fingers and the nipples pebbled into two hard buds.
Your hips were round and big, perfect for Mike to grab when he was pounding into your tight cunt, and your thighs, that were lacking a thigh gap were perfect for snaking around his waist. Your belly wasn’t flat but had the right amount of meat on it to make it desirable in Michael’s eyes.
The blonde’s hand was trembling and he could barely hold the phone straight. His breath was coming in short puffs and he closed his eyes, but it was as if your naked form was burned into his eyelids. Quickly discarding the boxers, he left his erected penis spring from within and hit his stomach lightly.
Michael concluded that he could never hold the phone, type you answers and jerk off all in the same time, so he flipped himself on his belly and brought a pillow underneath his pelvis. The material pressing deliciously to his leaking cock made him sigh with relief.
Gluing his big eyes to the phone’s screen he started pressing the small black letters: ”Shit, baby girl, I haven’t been this hard since I left home.”
The message was sent, and Michael started thrusting his pelvis, hissing at the friction his penis made against the pillow. Patting around, he dragged another pillow to him and placed it underneath his chin, so his head could have the support it needed.
Michael suddenly stopped and an idea formed in his head. Not wasting any time to think about it, he quickly turned on his back, gripped the base of his cock and took a picture, sending it with the caption “Take a look. I could come for you untouched.”
And it was true. The mushroom head of his penis was as angry red, the veins bulged out prominently and the tip was leaking precum like there was no tomorrow.  He imagined you moaning at the sight, and he was right.
Your reply came quickly: “Then, maybe I should stop and let you finish your business alone…” Michael gasped and rolled back in his initial position, pressing  his cock into the pillow before he started writing, a frown pulling at the corners of his mouth.
“Don’t you fucking dare, kitten. You know what happens to princesses who tease.” The pale man bit the cushion that was covering his mouth and bunched the sheets in his hand, his thumb ready to press the green phone icon.
“ Yes, but you aren’t here to punish your baby girl, are you now?” Mike growled into the pillow and pressed call, putting the phone on speaker so he could continue staring at your naked body.
At the other end, you giggled naughtily when you saw Mike’s name flashing in front of you and deciding there’s no going back, you pressed ignore.
The blonde screamed frustrated, the sound muted by the pillow and clenching his jaw, he decided that he would handle his problem with the little he had. But before he could start thrusting in order to relief his tingling cock, his phone dinged and the man saw it was another picture.
Michael really wanted to pat himself on the back, mainly for two reasons: Firstly, for buying a dresser with such a big mirror and secondly, for placing that dresser so near the bed.  The newest picture showed you on the bed, legs bent and parted to show off your crotch, that could have been seen perfectly if it wasn’t for the placement of your hand that hid it.
“She is so gonna get it when I get home.” The blonde whined, wiggling his hips before he began to thrust slowly. Another notification popped up, announcing another picture and yet another naughty pose. This time, you were on your stomach, chest pressed firmly into the sheaths and bouncy ass high in the air awaiting maybe a well-deserved spanking.
Your hair was even more tousled than before and a faint blush was traveling up your neck to stain your cheeks.  Your pointer was in your mouth in an “I don’t know’ kind of way and you were looking directly at the camera that was reflecting in the mirror, pupils blown with arousal.
The man moaned and pumped his hips particularly hard into the pillow, feeling all his strength melt from his limbs.
“What are you doing with me, Y/N?” Mike mumbled to himself and squinting his eyes he saw that the pointer finger that was in your mouth was glistening slightly under the artificial light. Realization hit Michael like a bolt of lightning that traveled through his body, stopping in his lower tummy and the blonde groaned, hitting his head repeatedly on the soft mattress.  Never in his life had he wanted to be home more than now.
The phone buzzed in his hand and Mike rose his head to look at your mocking message: “Having fun?”
Continuing to pump his hips into the pillow slowly, he answered : “You’re going to get it when I get home.” Your reply was instant, probably planned, like this whole thing.
“Ooh,  you gave me the jitters.” Linked to a picture that made Mike’s blood boil in his veins.  You were sitting on the edge of your bed, one leg hanging centimeters from the wooden floors. Your legs were spread wide enough so Mike could see the two fingers entering your flooded cunt and the juices running down the crack of your ass, ultimately staining the sheets.
Your stomach was molded into soft rolls because of the position that you adopted, and your full boobs were peaked with rock hard nipples. But what aroused him most was probably the mischievous glint in your eyes and the tongue sneaking out of the smirking mouth and turning upwards.
Michael started to thrust harder, the pillow not comparing with your clenching folds, but still doing a better job than his hand. His eyes stayed glued on your picture as he rolled on his back and grabbed his dick in his calloused hand. Taking in all the details, he began tugging his painfully erected dick, chasing the orgasm that seemed to be approaching rapidly.
A few minutes passed, in which Michael would move from picture to picture until his testicles tingled and the muscle in his lower abdomen contracted. Swiping his thumb over the tip of his dick, he rose his hips and came all over his tank top, the hot cum sticking to the black material.
Not waiting for his breathing to calm down, he pressed call once more and this time, his heart skipped when he heard your voice on the other end.
“Hello?” your voice was strained and Michael figured that you must have come not too long ago as well.
“When…when exactly did you became such a tease?” The blonde asked and his low, baritone laugh joined your clear one.
“So I get you liked your surprise?” You purred into the phone, covering your naked body with the same blanket that you threw off of you a while back.
“Y/N, I almost hopped on a plane to come home. Fucking hell.” Mike muttered, rubbing his scruff with his free hand before he eyed the cum drying on his top.
“Yea, you’ve been gone for a long time, that’s why I wanted to make something special and surprise you.” You whispered into the phone, nesting in the warmth of your bed.
“This was probably the best gift in my entire life. I fucking love you and I fucking love your body. And I’m proud of you.” Michael said and your eyes teared up a little. Your lover knew of your insecurities, so it meant the world to you that he appreciated this gesture, that would come so easy for some else to do.
“Oh, and Y/n. I don’t want you to panic…but Calum saw the first picture you sent me.” Mike waited a few seconds until your shrill voice screamed into the phone and you jumped out of your bed:
How Blac Chyna Beat The Kardashians At Their Own Game
It's the kind of plot twist you can't help but give a shady nod to whether you agree with it or not.
By Sylvia Obell

“It’s the kind of plot twist you can’t help but give a shady nod to whether you agree with it or not. “

This is SOO well written. For some reason or another, I’ve been following all this mess and know all of its history. But I love that we have black women out here supporting other black women, and acknowledging the intelligence and craftiness of Blac Chyna. “May she forever reign”

bitchimightbeme asked:

There's this fic where Stiles lives in like an apartment or maybe it's a college dorm and he accidentally burns asparagus or whatever in the oven and Derek's a firefighter and his trucks the one to respond to the fire and he's all grumpy towards Stiles. But then there's this place that Stiles goes to and eats pies that Derek makes but he doesn't know it's Derek. Please if you know the name.

Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain (1/1 | 17,698 | T)

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“ 

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

“Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

continued from here. ( @mother-of-dragonns​ )

            How many times? How many times had he asked his father not to do this? And he did it anyway. But Darrius had to admit he had imagined it would be to a woman of a noble house nearby. Never in a million years had he thought it would be to the king’s daughter.

            He was in shock, really. About all of it. 

           When she said that her father had some reason for this, he simply nodded in response. He agreed, there had to be something he was missing. It was well know the Targaryens married within their line. What made the Ankereons special enough? He was lost in thought for a few seconds until the silver haired woman spoke once more. He looked up at her, a dark brow raised.

            You are? Darrius responded, head tilting to the side just slightly. He would’ve thought she would’ve been disappointed. But he found himself not as unhappy as he’d originally thought. Even if he was still a little peeved at his father.

               I’m glad you’re not angry about it. However, I must admit I’m a little surprised…Thinking about it more I don’t mind it as much as I thought–having to be your husband. Though I do wish I had more choice in the matter.

“Oh I know, yes just terrible. Okay, mhm. Thanks so much for your help. You’ve been lovely, buhbye now.” She smiled with fake cheerfulnuss and nodding along as if she agreed and had any idea on what the other was saying. Though as soon as she closed the door the façade dropped as Chess rolled her eyes in annoyance not realising that someone else was in the room. “Uhh..?”
Eremin Week 2016 Day 3
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Eremin Week Day 3: Video games au

No warnings

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Armin didn’t know where Eren had come from.

All of a sudden he had just been there, all perfect and beautiful, like he was made just for Armin. That brown hair, just like Armin liked, those amazing eyes, just like Armin had dreamt.

For some reason, Armin knew his name was Eren Jäger. Eren was now his roommate.

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anonymous asked:

How long is chapter two gonna be? Can we get a sneak peak?

Chapter two is around 11.5k words as of right now, and of course!

Ask and ye shall receive 

“Took you long enough, dweeb… Costia? What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too, Anya,” Costia deadpanned, rolling her eyes before plopping herself down on Lexa’s lap, kissing her in greeting. While the two of them were wrapped up in one another, Aden exchanged an annoyed look with his cousin, before feigning gagging, noises and all.

“I invited her,” Lexa voiced once she had untangled herself from the clutches of the cheerleader, “that’s alright, right?”

“Sure,” Anya drawled, doing her best to sound disinterested, “probably should’ve warned us first, though, I would’ve brought some bleach to pour in my eyes.”

“The two of you are sickening, honestly,” Aden agreed, nodding solemnly, his tone light and teasing.

“Deepest apologies,” Costia laughed, “I can’t help myself, your sister’s hot, little dude.”

“Using me for my body, are you?” Lexa growled, eyes narrowed.

“Well I’m obviously not using you for your intellect,” Costia quipped, “seeing as you got…” Aden tuned the two of them out as he sat down next to Anya, holding a silent conversation with his cousin through a series of looks. She patted his arm comfortingly, as she knew he had an issue with anyone calling him little without express permission, as it was something he’d been bullied about frequently, and hadn’t lessened upon his entry to high school. Indra assured him that he was just a late bloomer, but he couldn’t help but shy away from the subject.

“Turn on the movie,” he whispered, nodding in the direction of the large screen spanning the wall, “I need a distraction.” Not even Hedwig’s Theme was enough to drown out the sound of giggling and much-too-loud whispers, and the two blondes settled themselves for a night of third and fourth wheeling.


Misty gave a sigh and drained her glass of water. “Yeah, I guess that’s true. Sometimes it works to your advantage, most of the time it doesn’t.” She shrugged and picked up her plate and glass to wash up. “Thankfully it’s not so bad, here. I just never know what to say in a big group. Not that I need to say much, anyway. Anything I would have contributed is usually already said before I think to say it myself…”

Dicentra laughed. “Always the way,” she agreed. “I tend to find myself just nodding along and agreeing a lot.”

“No harm in that,” Misty shrugged, stacking her plate and glass on the side. She paused at the sink and seemed a touch nervous. “Do you want to have company while you finish your dinner?”


For a moment Scarlet was actually a little worried that he might have offended the other with what he said. But the echidna was soon enough relieved to hear a small chuckle come from the hedgehog. “Ah, sweet. It’ll be a nice change from coffee” He mused, smiling as he was a little elated to hear the other was up for a drink.

“Don’t worry, it’ll just be a friendly drink.” The red one assured that he was intent on keeping Shadow’s comfort in mind. “I’ll bring the booze over here, it’s cool. But do you have any kind of preference or favorite flavor?”

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    I suppose so Shadow rubbed their nose and nodded. Agreeing to a drink was easy, enjoying it was harder. The taste of any alcoholic beverage was too often rancid and it scoured the throat for longer than Shadow really wanted to bare. Not that they couldn’t handle it, but they never had the reason to until now (If Shadow could remember any of their past they’d know that)

     I don’t drink it for the taste, they informed him bluntly, Two bottles of something dark fruit will work for me.