Yesterday, 23.06. in Ikebukuro was a Cazqui and Daichi’s show and it apparently was amazing and very unique show. 

Other members were there as well. Hiro was at the both selling t-shirts before and after the live, it seams he is very good at guessing t-shirt sizes 😉❤️ Natsu joined them for three last songs. Hiro was watching the show from the audience, after the show when Natsu was considering throwing his drumsticks to someone Hiro shouted ‘’Here, here’’ and put his arms up in the air. Natsu smiled and threw the drumstick to him, it went over Hiro’s head but he picked it up real quick and showed it off to everyone 😊❤️😁 

Thank you @yukavonr for sharing this with me and letting me write this little post ❤️