Nobrow’s reprint of Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian Deities is almost ready to go!

For those unaware of what the book is, it’s a completely accurate, but very adult, retelling of the most important myth of Ancient Egypt: the murder of the pharaoh Osiris by his brother Set and subsequent battle for the throne between Set and his nephew Horus.

If this book is successful, Pantheon is going to become a series! I’m already doing research on a Norse and a Greek version. 

Order it from Amazon UK (out next month) or from Amazon US (out in July)!

I’m delighted to introduce you to the follow up title to Mad About Monkeys, ‘Smart About Sharks’. The title will be released on June 1st in the UK through Flying Eye Books again. Pre-order a copy here 


Some preview panels from my book Curveball I’ve been busy working on since, well, forever. I just crested the 220 page mark which is more than half way to the finish line, which I have trouble believing even though I can hold that bundle of pages like a fat stack of weird comics cash. 


As a sometimes-publisher/bookmaker, I have a hard time with Nobrow books, since everything they do is so perfect it kills me. Paper, printing, binding, etc - always simple, always top-notch, eugh. I first saw this book at APE, and I was excited to hear that Marion Fayolle would be at MoCCA, since I had wanted a signed copy.

Two things:
1) This is a unique sketch - she uses sponge painting over a stencil to create the main figure and then highlights it with a very small-gauge rapidograph pen. Neat. 
2) I was hoping she would have brought copies of Nyctalope, the comics magazine she edits in France. I asked her about it, and there was a bit of language barrier, leading me to try to speak to her in French. There’s a special humiliation speaking the world’s most beautiful language to a native French speaker, especially when you’re more “puking it up” than “speaking” it. Long story short, I’ll probably buy some copies through the mail and will post pictures of them.