I’m delighted to introduce you to the follow up title to Mad About Monkeys, ‘Smart About Sharks’. The title will be released on June 1st in the UK through Flying Eye Books again. Pre-order a copy here 









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Wiz and Mug are back in action, and the action this time goes by the name of BEACH VOLLEYBALL!

Wiz and Mug’s adventures continue when a misunderstood teleportation spell accidentally drops them off in a ruined beach town. When the town’s amphibious inhabitants confront Wiz and Mug with the revelation that the United Order of Mages may not be exactly what it seems, a new tournament begins!

In this sequel to the 2015 best-selling graphic novel, we’ll also find out where young Wiz’s story began—and if you were to find out it was on a baseball diamond, would you really be surprised?

I know it sounds complainy, but maaaan I was really looking forward to having the talk at “Nobrow”. (I may be a bit of a “Nobrow” fangirl)

And the visits I got instead weren’t all that…useful. I dunno.

Spelling my name wrong and making us do HOMEWORK on the trip was just the cherry on top.

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Recently in one of your streams you mentioned some books you read. What were the ones with the artist comic compilations, and the one (i think in greece? Guy finds person in ice??) That started with a "P"?

Ahh the book ur describing is Peplum by Blutch! The other ones i mentioned were Last Look by Charles Burns, American Blood by Benjamin Marra, Nobrow 8 published by Hysteria, Spanish Fever published by Fantagraphic Books, The Wrenchies by Farel Dalrymple, Monsters by Ken Dahl aaaaaaand i think that was it?


Most elementals come from other planes, the Plane of Air, Earth, etc. Even your typical ice elemental hails from the borders between the Plane of Air and Plane of Water. However, the orglash is not an extraplanar being, but an elemental which has naturally evolved on the Material Plane. While this may seem like not that big a deal, keep in mind that one of the most straight-forward ways to rid yourself of an elemental is to banish it to its home plane. This won’t work with orglashes.

The orglash is a very territorial cold-based elemental found in the mountains and forests of Rashemen. They mostly attack outsiders, which is good for a nation which frequently suffers invasions from jerk wizards on one side (the Red Wizards of Thay) and barbarians on the other. Bad if you want to trade or are a travelling adventurers. Maybe stick to the slightly warmer roads where the orglashes don’t lurk.

We’re gonna be at TCAF next week. Yay! If any of you out there are Canadians or Americans whats lives close to the border, come on up and buy our stuff. We’ve got the Dungeons & Drawings books and new postcards. Joe also has his non-Dungeons & Drawings related but still really good comics, including The Hunter, published by Nobrow. Neato!

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24 pagine per un fumetto spesso possono sembrare poche ma non quando parliamo di Fish della bravissima Bianca Bagnarelli pubblicato da Nobrow Press e premiato dalla Society of Illustrators di New York come miglior Short Forms. Una piccola incursione nella vita del protagonista Milo, il racconto di un paio d’ore rappresentato in 4 scene: Milo che vaga per la strada, Milo al fiume, Milo a pranzo con i nonni, con cui vive da quando i genitori sono morti in un tragico incidente, e Milo sulla spiaggia. Nella brevità dei dialoghi il racconto si fa ancora più profondo e intenso; la solitudine del giovane Milo e quella morte non ancora elaborata toccano nel profondo. I disegni sono bellissimi, hanno qualcosa, forse la semplicità o la delicatezza, che ricorda la migliore tradizione giapponese: i primi piani pieni di espressività e il paesaggio che, seppur nella sua apparente immobilità, sembra emanare una forza particolare. Niente è lasciato al caso, anche la scelta cromatica, tutta virata al rosa, ricorda uno di quei lunghi e nostalgici tramonti estivi.

L’uscita in Italia di Fish è prevista nel 2015 per Bao Publishing.

english ________

If you think that 24 pages are not enough for a comic strip, you should read Fish by Bianca Bagnarelli, published by Nobrow Press and awarded as Best Short Forms by the New York Society of Illustrators. It’s a small intrusion into the life of Milo, a couple of hours and four scenes: Milo wandering through the streets, Milo near the river, Milo eating with his grandparents (he lives with them since his parents’ death) and Milo at the sea. The short dialogues make the story intense and touching. The illustrations remind us of the Japanese tradition thanks to their simplicity and elegance. Fish will be published in Italy by Bao Publishing in 2015.

Author: Bianca Bagnarelli / Publisher: Nobrow Press / English edition / ISBN: 9781907704871 / €9.00

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HEY Hamish! Sorry I missed you at ELCAF since I was only volutenteering the Saturday and Sunday but I wanted to let you know that I nabbed a copy of the Pantheon and spent my evening thoroughly enjoying it. A+ would read again. Recommending it to all my friends. Set is a cock.

Thank you! Yes even though I was sad to only be there on Friday, it’s very nice having my book there anyway at the Nobrow table!

I’m really glad you enjoyed it too! :)