I’m over the moon today to finally share with you the news of my upcoming debut picture book ‘LEAF’. The book is coming out with my brilliant publisher Flying Eye Books of Nobrow next year early summer. It’s been a long time coming and has been a real labour of love to work on. I hope you enjoy the cover! S
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…in a strange world of centuries past, an arrogant young hunter embarks on an obsessive quest to hunt and kill one of each creature that lives. Now middle-aged and surrounded by a palace of trophies, he finds himself stalked by a creature that is quite unlike anything he has ever killed - and yet much about it is horribly familiar…

One of my prouder achievements of 2015 was seeing The Hunter, my first comic book work with a publisher, released through Nobrow

Whilst not exactly… festive… in spirit, it is nevertheless a wintery tale, set largely in lonely alpine woodland. In light of this, I suspect it might make for something of an appropriate yuletide gift!

It’s possible to buy a physical copy of The Hunter online from Nobrow’s official shop here > 

for just £6.50 + P&P! 

If you’re ordering for christmas*, be sure to do so ASAP so it arrives in time!

*Also if you happen not to celebrate christmas it’s quite a good comic regardless and you could still totally buy it. It’s got monsters in it? And it’s sort of pixelart? You like videogames, right? It’s like that. Sort of.

But yeah, I don’t plug it nearly as much as I should on social media, so here are some more animated gifs I made of some snowy panels for y’all to look at. You see more here in an earlier tumblr post, go check ‘em out if you didn’t catch them already.


My spread for Nobrow 9! The theme was “It’s Oh So Quiet”

I’m so excited to be in this issue, there’s a ton of great artists that I love in there (and a fair amount of MICA alums!) and I’m delighted to be a part of the lineup. It comes out in April, but is available for preorder now!
Heads up–I’ll also have this image available as a free postcard at MoCCA if you stop by my table (F17) this weekend!


Some preview panels from my book Curveball I’ve been busy working on since, well, forever. I just crested the 220 page mark which is more than half way to the finish line, which I have trouble believing even though I can hold that bundle of pages like a fat stack of weird comics cash. 


A Sunday post? Whaaaa?

Just a quick one! Had a fantastic time walking around Thought Bubble with my family this weekend, and I thought I would share some of the amazing loot I picked up!

Big shout out to @wescraigcomics his book “Black Hand Comics” is amazing, and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. Insanely good art work, well worth picking up!

 Looking through the Nobrow / Flyingeye table was a treat as always, and I picked up two fantastic books. @sbosma ‘s Fantasy Sports vol:1 which is absolutely wonderful, and great to see in a large Europen format as well as “750 Years in Paris” by Vincent Mahe which is a stunning time lapse looking at a single building over the course of 750 years in Paris.

Finally, I picked up a copy of Sean Murphy’s collaborative apprentice project: Cafe Racer. Each page is is a joy, with stellar work from Sean, Tana Ford, Stephen Green, Corin Howell, Joe Dellagatta, Jorge Coelho and Clay McCormack 

There were about a million more books I would have liked to have picked up, but sadly my kids complain about needing to eat if I spend too much on pretty books.

Did anyone else get to Thought Bubble this year? I would love to see what you picked up! 

To those of you who are in, or who have loved ones in Paris, I hope you are safe and well. You are in our thoughts.