You never knew this, but you saved me. Just by existing. And I never knew I needed someone like you. But I did. I needed you. I was drowning for a long time, and you were air. You saved my life without even knowing it. You held my hand that day and I could feel you. And it was something so small, that nobody else would notice, but it felt so big. I will never forget that day. I felt like the entire world was walking beside me. I feel the world in you and it’s endless.
—  September 19, 2017

Be More Chill Boyf Riends Bi Bi, Blue Cardigan

When Jeremy was twelve his mom had bought him a blue cardigan that was too big for him at the time. She said he’d grow into it but he was pretty sure she just said that to cover up she accidentally bought the wrong size sweater. He didn’t complain, it was soft and warm making it extremely comfortable. Michael was immediately in love with it and wanted one just like that so that he could match Jeremy. Unfortunately he didn’t have the money to buy one and Jeremy was unwilling to give up his cardigan up.

It was about a month later and Michael’s birthday was coming up when he saw the hoodie in the Hot Topic. It wasn’t his cardigan but he knew Michael would love it. He smiled as he walked out of the store with the present in hand. The day of the birthday party had been pretty crappy…nobody else had shown up leaving just Jeremy and Michael and their parents to watch as Michael blew out his candles.

There were two presents from Jeremy, a deck of Magic the Gathering cards and the red hoodie. Michael opened it and got excited tugging the large hoodie over his head. “Sorry if it’s a little big, that only had one size-”

Jeremy was cut off when Michael wrapped him in a tight hug. “Dude this is awesome! I’m never going to take it off!” And to this day Michael has lived up to his promise, every birthday after that Jeremy giving him a new patch to add on the jacket, his personal favorite being the gay pride flag.


Jeremy knew his cardigan was getting worn and it had started to show, slowly falling apart but the day when he was at play practice it gained a gaping hole in it, curtsey of Rich and Jake’s antics, he couldn’t help but feel sad, considering that it was that was the last gift his mom gave him before the divorce. Seeing his boyfriend in such a state of distress Michael immediately went out to the mall in search for a similar cardigan when he saw it.

In the Hot Topic store front there was a hoodie that looked similar to his hoodie only in a lighter blue. He smiled as he walked in and as he headed up to the register he saw the patch box next to the cashier. Digging through he eventually found a Bi pride flag patch. Hopefully Jeremy liked it.


Jeremy sat on his bed as he put Band-Aids on his bleeding fingers with a wince. He still couldn’t sew for shit, the remaining material of his cardigan laying sadly spread across the floor from where he dropped it. Heading back to the bathroom for some more antiseptic he stopped when he heard the sound of somebody pulling into his driveway. Heading downstairs Jeremy opened the door to see Michael grinning from ear to ear holding something.

“Hey Jer-whoa dude what happened to your fingers?”


“Tried sewing again?”

“Went about as well as you’d expect.”

“Bro, here let me help you.”

“No Mike, it’s fine see-already got my band-aids and stuff….” Michael followed Jeremy into the house when Jeremy looked questioningly at whatever Michael was holding. “What’s that?”

“Oh, ugh…nothing much.” Unfurling the hoodie Jeremy saw it matched Michael’s only instead of his usual red it was a light blue and a Bi pride patch had been stitched into the side. “Just happened to be at Hot Food and thought Jeremy would really appreciate this. I even got a patch so that we’d match. I sewed it on for you do you wouldn’t have to do…that…” Michael gestured to Jeremy’s fingers. “I know it won’t replace your cardigan, but I thought-” Jeremy interupted him embracing Michael before planting a kiss on his cheek making the other boy’s face turn red.

“Thanks man, you’re the best.”

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Can't wait for the "Brooklyn Hottie" to meet Tony and get Steve all jealous! BAMF!Tony is a major hot thing so I totally don't blame Steve for getting all hot and bothered by it!! And I love the idea of Jarvis being all bad-ass as well! Completely LOLed at the King Size Bed comment!!!

NOBODY ELSE LOL’D AT THE KING SIZE BED JOKE I mean honestly it’s not very often I throw in frat boy jokes and ridiculous one liners but that one was FUNNY.

I am also very excited for Bucky and tony to meet, I am editing that chapter right now!

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Penny's so first meet idea They wake up one morning really tired, they never get enough sleep and have seen hallucinations before(speaking from experience) and they are just walking down the sidewalk when they see him, nobody else seems to need rice him so they shrug to off as another hallucination, and ignore him until he finally gets annoyed with them ignoring him and probably yells "I'M REAL DAMN IT!"


Dianakko Day 3 - Flu Cuddles


Diana sighed, overwhelmed and annoyed by Akko’s carelessness. Again. What kind of idiot doesn’t get their flu shot? It really didn’t matter to Diana that much that Akko got the flu. Or, it did, but not because she was annoyed she had to take care of her for a week. Quite the opposite, really. Diana thought it was kind of fun to take care of somebody else. She just liked to complain about it. In her head. Where nobody else can hear.

“Dianaaaa,” Akko groaned from her bed, “Can you get me some water?” Diana lifted herself out of her chair, “Sure. One second.”

There was a small issue. Diana couldn’t put her finger on it. Every hour she spends by Akko’s side, the longer she wished to spend tending to the impulsive witch. Diana pondered why while filling up Akko’s cup with water. Maybe she should’ve been a nurse instead of being a witch? Maybe she just thought it was fun. Maybe she just really liked being around Ak-

Diana snapped back into reality as water overflowed the cup she was filling for Akko. Diana muttered under her breath and brought the completely full cup to Akko’s perch.

Before walking away, Diana kissed Akko on the forehead. As she turned, she realized what she did, and so did Akko.

Diana was a blushing mess, but Akko seemed really excited, pulling Diana under the covers with her. Diana had never felt so warm and welcome before in her entire life, and embraced Akko, shutting her eyes.

When they woke up the next day, and Diana had the sniffles.

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Charles did a FB live with Leanne Aguilera and said that they all watched the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight together at Ashleigh's apartment.

Except we have proof that was Cole and Lili’s apartment from other pictures. Also, then why were they all sitting in that same apartment before, I don’t even remember Ashleigh as there (though she could’ve been), how does she have the same exact, unusual color walls, Cole in different room, having changed his shirt, etc???

Ever think they asked him to say to throw shit off?

ETA: also, how would SHE (who is definitely paid less/gets a smaller rent stipend) somehow afford a much larger, nicer apartment with more/better furniture, etc?? And why would Lili have posted that picture on HER twitter, but nobody else did?

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I'm a trans girl who hates her body and everything but I really look up to you and all that you do 💖 I wish I had a big dick...

NAH having a big dick is like so fake. any size dick is perfect <3

and i bet you’ve got a rockin’ bod! so why not rock it like nobody else could?

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94: tell us about a time you got embarrassed.

One? One? Bitch I get embarrassed all the time. Okay so once I was in class and at lunchtime this guy was flexing his muscles and showing them to some other boy. And I don’t know what I was thinking, I just sort of yelled “ooooh guns!!!” And luckily he didn’t hear it, nobody else did either. Except for you (Rhea) who was sitting beside me and I just internally screeched. I’m such an idiot.

i want a Teen Movie™ where the nobody girl is discovered by the Queen Bee™ to be secretly pretty and is inducted into the Popular Girls Clique™ only to try to leave when she is pressured into harming her former nobody friends before the Queen Bee™ begs her to stay and takes off her makeup and jewelry and insists she’ll give them up for the nobody girl because she’s fallen in love with her. 

What do you call a fanfiction that you wrote with people hella close to you?

A famfiction

Fact one: any graduating senior in Gotham City that has heard Batman speak will use those words as their senior quote. High school yearbooks are full of stuff like 

  • “Run.” -Batman
  • “Move!” -Batman
  • “You’re safe now.” -Batman

Fact two: Dick Grayson is an asshole. And his senior quote was 

  • “No.” -Batman

(What? That’s exactly what you said when I asked for a quote. Exactly what you said, Bruce.)


Somehow we end up on the same side
And you wouldn’t think that we’d be alright
Even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine.

Here’s a thing I noticed about the new taz: In the first lunar interlude, when the hunger showed up, Griffin specifically mentions the fact that they hear a cacophony of sound, like a thousand orchestras are playing at once. This is the exact way, almost down to the wording, he described what they heard in this episode. What do we make of this…