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Sometimes, when Peter looks at Stiles in the right light, at the right angle, just out of the corner of his eye, he can make out angel wings flaring from the boy’s back.

Nobody else seems to notice. Not the wings, not the peculiar, silent, almost floating grace Stiles walks with in those rare moments when he isn’t actively pretending to be flailing around and tripping over thin air, not the eyes that sometimes gives Peter the impression of staring into a black hole perhaps, endless and cold and ancient.

And they certainly don’t notice the little things that happen around them - a hunter’s bullets just missing their mark in turning Scot into Swiss cheese, a challenging Alpha’s claws never close enough to an important artery despite the entire pack’s strategy consisting of flinging themselves at the enemy and hoping brute force would work this time after the first dozen times of failure, even darling sweet Allison surviving the Nogitsune with little consequence save for a new set of nightmares, a small price to pay for dodging the drooling comatose mess that the ordeal should have left her in, and the Nogitsune itself mysteriously disappearing overnight - all the near little misses with death that the pack tends to dismiss as nothing more than good luck, time after time after time.

Since when has anything to do with Beacon Hills ever won the favour of Lady Luck?

But Peter sees. Mostly because he’s always watching Stiles, fascinated by this boy-not-boy from the very beginning, the otherworldliness that marks him as something not just not-human like the werewolves and banshee and kitsune in their midst but beyond-human, in the edge of overwhelming power in his scent and the detached amusement he regards everything with and the way Peter - when he manages to catch a glimpse of those brilliant, bright wings - always has to look away when they begin to make his eyes burn.

Peter sees because he’s always looking, every pack meeting, every fight, every research session, every shared meal and then shared lazy afternoon and then shared day out in town. And soon, although longer than Peter expects, Stiles notices him looking. Notices him seeing, all the things that make Stiles other. And Peter makes certain that Stiles also notices how Peter cares, but only because he likes Stiles, in all his hidden angelic glory, and maybe one day, he’ll tell Peter why he’s here at all, walking amongst humanity, indulging a pack of idiots who don’t even know they should be so, so grateful to the sole protector in their midst.

But until then, Peter will enjoy everything Stiles already gives him, every smile, every word, every softened look from those eyes that are still old but seem to thaw a little more when directed at him with each passing day.

The first time Peter feels something big and soft and encompassing fold around him like a particularly feathery blanket, they’re enjoying a picnic out in the woods.

Stiles is perfectly nonchalant about it. Peter couldn’t stop himself from smiling if he tried, so it’s good he doesn’t have to, and he lets himself lean willingly into the warm embrace instead.

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the only people who truly loved and cared about clarke and tried to protect her without expecting anything in return were Wells, Lexa and her father (Abby too but thats a bit more complicated since the writers stopped caring about their relationship in s2 basically, smh) and literally nobody else. not finn, not raven or octavia, not jasper and for sure not be||amy like wtf do blarkes actually watch the show or...

they romanticize abuse what do u expect

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With Fai's tendency to pose dramatically on things and wait for the revelations to hit, imagine an actor AU where Fai is famously known for his tendency to do this. Like Robert Downey Jr. hides food around the set and just pulls it out and eats it and no one can figure out where he's hiding it so they can get rid of it. Take your eye off Fai while shooting a scene for even the slightest moment and BAM DRAMATIC POSE AND EXPECTANT STARE.

This is brilliant in every single way and I love it. 

And it’s not even slightly wrong either. 

god im playing detective and my first msg as detective is ALWAYS “mi enchilada” bc its rly easy to guess whos a robot and whos not but I KEEP GETTING THE SAME GUY EVERY TIME AND HES LIKE “YOURE THE ENCHILADA GUY” AND GOD IS NOBODY ELSE ONLINE ON THIS GAME 

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I'm looking to get a job in the industry after i graduate from my game design course and I thought QA would be a good place to start but often times the applications state that only locals need apply. Is that rule normally set in stone?

When a job description say “locals only”, it mean two things: 

  • You will be required to work directly with the team
  • This job is not considered important enough for them to pay thousands of dollars to relocate you

Most studios or publishers won’t consider hiring remote developers unless the situation is extraordinary (i.e. you’re filling a critical role that they cannot live without and there is nobody else available). Working with a team face to face on a regular basis is critical to the success of any sort of team-based project. Consider the sort of problems you’d have communicating by phone or video conference. Imagine how hard it would be to explain a complicated bug to someone without being able to show them what happens on your screen, or being able to reproduce it for them in different situations. Then magnify it with problems like aligning schedules across different time zones, and the necessity to transfer huge amounts of data (code and game assets) over the internet via a secure VPN. This is the primary reason why they keep it to locals. It’s really hard communicating everything right without being able to come in. It’s also why two collaborating studios that are far apart have a really hard time working together.

The second reason is that it can cost thousands of dollars to relocate somebody. The worst case scenario is that they hire somebody with a family and a mortgage or lease that they end up having to break. That company will then need to pay for temporary housing for the relocating employee, assistance for the mortgage situation, a small stipend for incidental expenses, vehicle shipping, and the costs of packing and moving all of the new employee’s things to the new location. For a position like entry-level QA that is likely to be a contract position with little security and low skill requirements, this isn’t likely a worthwhile investment. Most of the time, getting relocation assistance requires the signing of a contract to work for at least 1-2 years for the company or there will be a clawback scenario - the employee has to repay some or all of the relocation costs. Unfortunately, since most QA (especially entry level) is less than a year’s contract (mostly for state laws), they won’t guarantee employment for that much time.

So… yes. It’s basically set in stone. If you want a job in QA, you’ll probably have to move to the studio’s location at your own cost.

I just noticed something. (I’m very slow on the uptake, forgive me.)

Out of all of the Inquisitor’s companions and advisors, only Vivienne is savvy enough to notice something amiss with Solas’ background story. (I do not include Cole in this instance, because Cole already knows who Solas is and therefore has no need to question his background.) 

Here is what Vivienne says about Solas:

“I don’t know what to make of Solas. So much knowledge and so little personal history. I find that… peculiar, don’t you?”

Nobody else seems all that fussed about it. Notably, neither Leliana nor The Iron Bull–both of them professional spies–question where Solas comes from. 

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picture this: pynch wedding, the night's coming to a close, such great heights by iron & wine plays softly, some people dance but not many. for adam and ronan, nobody else is there with them, adam rests his head on ronan's shoulder as they sway

You have to read this with that song playing…. I’m weak. I don’t want to add anything, I don’t want to disrupt the moment because it’s perfect and quiet and so still, god

You glanced at the clock again, checking it against the time on your phone. Was it really possible that every other student was late? It was fifteen minutes past. Sixteen. What the hell?

Professor Sanchez had his feet resting on his desk, lounging back in his seat and playing with his phone.

“Um… Professor?”


You hesitated and gave the door another pointless look. “Nobody else is here.”

“Observant.” Professor Sanchez sighed and sat up, bringing his sharp focus to you. He nodded to encourage you to come to him and templed his fingers under his chin. “…and?

“And… well, do you know why?” You spoke as you stood and made your way to his desk.

“Pro-proooobably because of that email I sent out about class be-eeuuughh-ing canceled.” He stood. The sleeves to his button-down shirt were rolled up to his elbows. You watched his fingers as he loosened his tie.

You snapped out of it to check your email. An empty inbox stared at you from your phone. “I didn’t get it,” you mutter. When you looked up, he was walking to you.

“Clearly.” He moved close, really close, pressing against your body and caging you in his arms, palms flattening against the desktop. “I never - never sent one to you.”

You willed yourself to stop staring at his throat and smirking lips and god, he was licking those lips, and his leg pushing between your thighs -

“Um,” you managed. He cradled the back of your neck with one large hand, the other smoothing over your ribs and slowly working up until his fingers brushed up against the swell of your breast.

“L-Let’s see how much extra credit you can take, babe,” he murmured.

And once again, Usagi demonstrates her complete lack of obliviousness in this season. Something about Hotaru bothers her. Nobody else seems concerned that this strange little girl can heal wounds, and why should they be? It’s a good power, right? 

But Hotaru puts Usagi on edge. If she can heal, what else can she do? I think part of Usagi senses Saturn, feels that power of destruction she carries. 

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Ghostboy au where one of them sees/hears the other and he knows nobody else can and he just thinks he's crazy


I bet thema is the ghost boy and eyes’s family moves into an older house and thema thinks eyes is the cutest boy ever and he follows him around the house but whenever eyes hears him, he turns around and tries to see what was there but themas gone and eyes tells his mom about it and swears there’s someone else in the house but she dismisses it as one of his hallucinations

but one night thema shows up in eyes room and sits on the edge of his bed and eyes sees him and freaks out asking thema how he got in his house and thema just laughs and tells eyes he lives here and eyes is so confused but then he notices how themas skin is almost translucent and he sort of shimmers and the galaxy in his hair looks deep enough to dive into and that’s when he realizes themas not human, or at least not anymore

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I accidentally gave Luke a dirty look in the street yesterday bc I wasn't stalking so I was shocked to see them and I think he noticed bc Im nearly sure he looked at me funny at the concert ooPs (I wanted to tell u bc nobody else will LISTEN n ur really nice) (randomly bumping into them like that is so weird it scared me)

i’d give anything to bump into them omg