Imagine Person A is in a huge rush and must take an elevator from the first floor up to the fifteenth floor to arrive on time. Person B, on the other hand, is totally in control of their lives, and is taking the elevator from the second floor to the nineteenth. Person A gets on first and is in the elevator, tapping their foot anxiously, as the doors open on Person B. Person B saunters in and presses the button for the nineteenth floor. The doors close, and the two are left in silence as the elevator dings at each floor, nobody else entering. The elevator dings … . and dings … . And Person A sees a number thirteen light up … and ding – And – The elevator struggles to a stop, a loud crushing noise sounding from above. The lights flicker for a moment, and then go out.

Person A and Person B are both stuck inside the elevator.

Bonus: Person B and Person A already know each other. Well, sort of. More like Person A knows of Person B. They, uh, might have a crush. Maybe.

Today I’m very proud of myself, because I’ve accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. I was just informed, while on the helicopter, that Freddie has finally released a birth certificate. I want to look at it, but I hope it’s true, so that we can get on to much more important matters, so Anons can stop asking me questions. He should have done it a long time ago. Why he didn’t do it when the other Larries asked for it, why he didn’t do it when everyone else was asking for it, I don’t know. But I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. Now, we have to look at it, we have to see, is it real? Is it proper? What’s on it? But I hope it checks out beautifully. I am really proud, I am really honored.

Confession: I’m tired of losing my energy with pointless discussions on facebook. How can people be so alienated to the point of saying black people overreact about slavery?? “It ended over 100 years ago, get over it” “You aren’t alive when it happen, you haven’t suffer with it” I mean ??

I guess only I can say what kind of suffering I’m going through. White people need to understand that only black people have a saying on their own suffering, nobody else can mesure this and decide when our pain should end.

This is so exhausting. 128 years are not enough to change the mind of a whole nation, especially when they do no effort to at least respect our pain. We suffer racism everyday and they are the responsibles for this, how can’t they get it? They have to be really naivy or just prefer to discredit our problems. I don’t know why I still try to argue with them.

I’m talking about slavery in Brazil, officially it ended in 1888

“Hey, you,” Bucky says, rough.

“God,” Steve gasps, and his knees almost buckle. Bucky’s right hand is big and calloused and familiar, his thick square fingers hot on Steve’s skin. Steve grasps his arm. “Hey. Hey, Buck.”

“That’s me,” Bucky says, and Steve lets out a hysterical, gasping laugh. “Really me. Or mostly me.”

“I,” Steve manages. “I —”

“I know,” Bucky tells him, thickly; and his voice is hurting and cut open, like a bleeding limb in the field waiting for either cauterization or amputation. “Stevie, I know.” Bucky gives him a little shake. Like the nickname, that’s familiar, too: Bucky loving so hard he’s resorted to small acts of passionate violence. “I know.”

Of course Bucky knows. Of course Bucky knows. Nobody else knows in the world knows what they know; nobody else in this history of the universe has ever experienced the truth between them. When Steve was stabbed in the neck by a Nazi during the war he could feel his body healing. First the vein, which slithered back together, and then a rush of blood so quick to his head that he gasped in a breath from it, dizzy, grateful. After that the tendon knitted over it, and the muscle and the fat. The skin was last — suddenly he had all of himself back in one place, even though it hurt like a chemical wound. This is what Steve feels now when Bucky pulls him tight and close. A vein, tendons; muscle, fat, and skin. Steve feels his own self knitting closed at every place their bodies touch, and after a moment the years mean nothing, nothing at all: and it is an alley in 1923, and they are five years old, and he is whole again.
Anon Submission - WHM sighting

WHM at Vogue 100 party. BD has the photos when literally nobody else does. BC does not appear to be there, but the night is young. And may I be the first to say, good lord that dress👎


Thank you Anon!  I just posted the Getty image.  

These are the only two pics I’ll put up following to the previous post, but it’s good to see she managed to fuck up another outfit with the black opaque tights again and the same fugly shoes she wore with the fugly Prorsum milkmaid number on the shopping for charity gig she had (or whatever it was called)


Magical Petri Dish: That’s Not A Plant! Is my new favorite thing and I don’t know why LITERALLY NOBODY ELSE IS PLAYING IT????

It’s basically tamogotchi on crack. The game itself is sponsored by the Chinese Bureau of Tourism??? So this bear who I think is your teacher/president(?) will quiz you on statistics and Chinese culture every so often.

The translations are hilariously poor, all of the back stories for the pets are fucking ridiculous, and you are LITERALLY HARVESTING THE FORCED SMILES OF CHILDREN TO FUND YOUR PET FARM


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i'm sorry if this is triggering but i have nobody else to talk to about this... basically i have a huge crush on my best friend and she said she liked me back and literally months later. turns out she never did. or maybe she used to but not any more. or maybe i read too much into things. idk. but anyways i've barely been eating anything lately because i feel like if i was thinner i'd be pretty enough for her. just had to get that off my chest

trigger warning ^

Hun, it’s NOT worth it, trust me. My eating disorder has led me to lose a lot of weight recently and literally nothing has changed- i hate myself more than ever, i’m still the same fat disgusting person i’ve always been, and nothing in my life has improved. Having an eating disorder isn’t worth it. I’m sorry for your friend not reciprocating your feelings, but there is someone amazing out there for you- you’re so young and have your whole life ahead of you. People love and care for you, please push forward x

I’m so sick of seeing posts about people being complete because they’ve found someone to complete them.

You are enough.
All on your own.
With nobody else.
You. Alone.
You are fucking enough.

You are nothing, and you are everything, and you’re all you’ll ever fucking need.

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I'm so tired of people and their righteous bullshit about the Hamilton bootleg. It honestly pisses me off so much, like nobody else is crying about wicked or les mis bootlegs, even though they're probably making just as much rn. Ugh, I'm so mad

The headlines of North Korea resuming making plutonium got Marvin the Martian stuck in my head. So he is my new FB display pic. Mom asked why today and I told her. Nobody else has asked. Business as usual I guess.

Where’s the kaboom?

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Avengers, everyone's favourite pokémon. Thoughts?

literally the only avenger that’s into pokemon is Sam and it drives him insane that nobody else relates to it. he grew up in a world where literally every other person he knew grew up with pokemon. kids played pokemon on the playground. teachers desperate to connect to their students made assignments based on it. “write about what you imagine the inside of a pokeball would be like”

Sam caught a Pidgey on his first journey into tall grass and it never left his roster, all the way to the Elite Four

The other Avengers are: too old for this mess (Tony, Bruce, Rhodey), someone who spent their childhood in a country/realm where Pokemon is not prevalent (Wanda, Pietro, Natasha, Thor), an android who was born after the craze was mostly over (Vision), frozen during the pokemon craze with too much other shit to catch up on to worry about it (Steve, Bucky) or a feral circus child (Clint - he’s also probably too old come to think of it but even if he wasn’t…)

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After re-reading the most recent chapter of TMFF, I have come to a conclusion. A very important realization, if you will. Undertale lied. The cactus is not actually the most tsundere of plants; Flowey's in first place for that competition hands down.

Well he had nobody else to talk to other than the cactus for nearly a year. So.