Couldn’t help myself and watched Mindful Education.

Just a warning guys: It will make you cry, but for various reasons.

I cried when Garnet and Stevonnie started singing together.  The parallels between them just came together and it was so beautiful.  These fusions are made of love, of two people who care about each other more than anybody else in the world.  They’re fusions that people had never seen before.  Stevonnie is the first gem/human fusion, and at the time, Garnet was the first fusion of two different types of gems.  Garnet is one of the most powerful gems on the show because she’s made of love, and I think Stevonnie might one day become as strong as her, maybe even stronger.

I also cried when it stared showing what Steven was trying not to think about.  I kept wondering why they were putting so much focus on Connie hurting this random kid, and then I realized that it was meant to parallel what Steven was feeling.  He hurt Bismuth and Eyeball, and he didn’t mean to.  He tried to save Jasper, but he couldn’t.  And his mom, he doesn’t know what to think about her anymore.  She used to be this perfect wonderful person.  Now that he’s found out what she did to Bismuth and Pink Diamond, she haunts his mind as much as Bismuth, Eyeball, and Jasper.  All of the traumatic things he’s gone through are finally starting to get to him, and it’s so sad to see.  This poor kid just wants to help those around him, and he can’t.  I’m hoping Connie will be his rock for him, something that keeps him steady and helps him recover from the bad things that have happened in the past, and probably will happen in the future.

Welp. The day has come. I’m so proud to give you my newest set of jams recorded to tape, all packaged up in a skull-christened Album cover. “Stay Gold” is here. Can honestly say that I’m gonna listen to this one a few times more before I’m tired of it, myself. Hope you will enjoy it as much as as I did making it. 

This is an album for the misfits that got made fun of in school for being a little different. For the ones that couldn’t wait to get out of their small towns, and the ones who happily settled down in them after the wonder years. It’s about love. Hate. Death. Birth. Boredom. Goals. All of that shit

Again, thanks for your support for independent music and live shows. I wouldn’t be able to do this if you didn’t still care. 

Stay Gold,

Download + stream the album on all your favorite services. 


Its funny,
How one can feel so differently over a short period of time
At the beginning of the summer
So clearly laid before me
But I refusing to glance at it
The emotions I felt towards only one
Noticibly, just one
Yet now,
The end of summer,
I long for a different story, a different experience
A different one
That one was small, short
The one before it never began yet it made me leave the windows to my own heart closed to even my own eyes
How long it took me to realize the one passed
I knew yet denied every feeling I felt
After that experience,
I know everything I did wrong, what I could do better to feel content in my own emotions
To accept the way I feel
That experience opened my windows
I can see into my heart now
I wonder how
The next one
How it will feel to go on a date
How it will feel to feel their lips against mine
To feel their fingertips dance across my skin
As I do, theirs
How it will feel to feel towards them
How it will feel for them to feel towards me
A brand new experience
An experience of eachother
The first was small, fleeting, both of us not ready for anything
I was scared
Now I look back,
My fear seeming like foolishness as I look forward
And look towards the next one
I look forward to the compression of my chest
When my heart feels ready to burst in adoration
Unrestrained by closed windows
I care not who it is anymore
I care not what I feel anymore
If I feel it, I feel it
And when it is felt
I’ll let myself

          The first thing Daniel did when he made it into the living room was make himself a drink. It was already the evening and he couldn’t shake his nerves. He’s never been to a place like this, never had a sugar baby aside from one online affair, and he knew no one at this place. He was starting to wonder if he was somewhere he even should be. He lets out a heavy sigh as he sips his drink, then tiredly plops down onto the couch and glances around a bit. He tries not to look around too much in case he meets someone’s eyes before he’s mentally prepared to really talk to anyone on his first night, but his curiosity gets the best of him and his gaze wanders.

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idk if this has been talked about before but i was just reading youngjaes profile on fuckyeahchoiyoungjae's blog (which is gold btw) and youngjae said he really loves one piece and watches it a lot an tht jus made me think of how jaebum talked abt one piece in that recent vlive broadcast..i wonder if theyve ever watched it together...aah lol sorry ths ask is so random heh!! also i lov ur blog a+!!

My dear anon,

You’re so kind darling, and I don’t at all mind the random ask! It’s not even that random because I was actually just talking with @huggableyoungjae about this the other day, haha! You’re definitely not the only one to have made the connection! Like, first of all, can we have a moment to appreciate how much of a cute dork Jaebum is? ( x )

A video posted by Lily (@mark2young2jae) on Aug 11, 2016 at 11:30pm PDT

Like, I’m not even talking about the anime fanboy part, but instead the way he automatically says that he looks like Luffy. Who is Youngjae’s favorite character. But then, a moment later, he says that it’s more like Ace (his own favorite character), and ??? Honestly, my dear anon, this can only lead me to the conclusion that someone else told him he looked like Luffy… and that someone was probably Youngjae because Jinyoung barely knows what One Piece is, haha! I especially think Jaebum is going off of something Youngjae said because his eyes dart over for a brief moment to where Youngjae is sitting in the stylist chair in front of him when he answers. So, you know, Jaebum is just casually going with Youngjae’s claim before his own. No big deal. Just being a precious dork. (Unless he’s coming up with the Luffy comparison on his own to get Youngjae’s attention, which… actually just makes him a bigger and cheesier dork.)

Honestly, I have no doubt that Youngjae and Jaebum have watched One Piece together! I mean, they were still roommates when Youngjae revealed his recent discovery of the show, so it would totally make sense for them to sometimes watch together on a phone or something. And we know that they enjoy spending time together, so it just makes sense that they would enjoy their shared interests together too!

… And if Dayana and I came up with a headcanon of them watching episodes on the couch together until Youngjae fell asleep and then Jaebum just sitting there holding him (and glaring at anyone who threatened to wake him up) until he woke up and then pretending to be asleep for a while longer so Youngjae has to stay, well… you can’t tell me for sure that it never happened!

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Wonder Woman #4

You can imagine just how busy things got IRL that I haven’t had time until a week after it was released to GUSH PROFUSELY about one of the greatest Wonder Woman origin retellings everrrrr.  As @_DownToEarth has said, this take is definitive, and I completely agree with her assessment! There are so many elements to love!

1. Aww, Mommy and Baby!

One of the reasons I was busy this week is because my mom was visiting, and I definitely made her read the Hippolyta parts of this WW issue because they reminded me of us! I’ve heard my mother speak these *exact* words to me before. All of this is a testament to how real and how natural that heart-to-heart feels between Hippolyta and Diana. This relationship is one of Wonder Woman’s most important ones; it humanizes her and grounds her for her readers. Unfortunately, it’s also usually pretty poorly handled with one-dimensional cold Hippolyta and rebellious Diana. Mothers and daughters have complicated, sticky, loving relationships and I’m seeing a lot of that complexity preserved in this depiction. 

2. Steve Trevor is slaying in that womenswear!

I’m caught by surprise at just how delightful I find Steve Trevor dressed in cap sleeves, cropped flares, and gladiator sandals (side note: is there an Ann Taylor Loft on Themyscira?). I mean, I guess he couldn’t be shirtless forever, so this is a fair and hilarious compromise. Also a fan of how Steve kind of goes on and on because he is nervous and taken aback. Also an even bigger fan of Philippus’ severe side eye. Spoiler alert, Philippus: in the future, you two become family. Womp womp!

3. That moment when Diana adopts a puppy

Throughout Wonder Woman’s history, Steve Trevor has been referred to as Wonder Woman’s puppy, mostly by her enemies or by Diana herself when she’s a little annoyed at him.  And let’s be honest: this a 100% accurate assessment, and this moment in the issue makes it abundantly clear why.  Look at Diana looking amused, worried, and protective of her new pet! I can almost hear the off-panel conversation between her and her mom:

Diana: Please mom, can I keep him?
Hippolyta: Only if you take him for walks every day and feed him and clean out his bowl. Having a puppy is a lot of responsibility.

Oh dear, having a Steve is a lot of responsibility but coming home to him at the end of the day makes it all worth it. Heh.

Stray observations:

  • Not only are we getting a restoration of Wonder Woman characters, but we’re also getting a restoration of her classic story elements! THE PURPLE HEALING RAY! THE AMAZON-ORIGINATED INVISIBLE PLANE! Stressing that Amazons are technologically advanced is so important.
  • The reactions of the Amazonian Council learning about guns are kind of hilarious.
  • The wisdom, diversity, and sisterhood displayed by the Amazonian Council are kind of inspirational.
  • “I can’t remember the word. Like sisters, but of men?”
  • OMG, that look exchanged between Diana and Io. I just…I can’t. omg.
  • Nicola Scott’s art is SLAYING it. The way she’s drawing Diana’s eyes perfectly convey her trepidation mixed with determination. ACK, love it!
  • The last panel of the Invisible Plane flying to where the huge statue of Athena is pointing is so symbolic that even *I* picked up on it. Onward!
The Dawn

This is written for my Drabble Game for the wonderful @luckynumber1213. (It came so suddenly I wrote it right away!)

Prompts: ‘There were a few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…’, and ‘The kiss tasted like tears.’, and ‘An echoing howl.’



She was crying again. As the dark of the chamber slowly rose to a dim gray, she sat before the hearth silently letting her tears fall into her sleeve. One hand held up her chin, the cuff of her night gown collecting the damp of her sadness. The fire was not but embers in the fireplace but she had made no move to stoke them though the chamber was frigid. Perhaps, it was her tears which made the room so inhospitable.

Fili was still beneath the covers, watching her from the bed. She did not know he was awake and he did not want her to. Not yet. He knew that she thought he did not know of her early morning breakdowns. It had been an entire fortnight of sobs, muffled as she tried to hide them from her sleeping husband. There were few things that truly were not meant to exist. One of them being her tears. He believed with all his heart that she should never be so pained or tortured. She was too pure for that. Too wonderful.

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1/100 days of productivity // 13-08-16

School starts in a week and I have loads of things to do before and after that so I thought I’d start 100 days of productivity. We’ll see how it goes.

Today I made two To-Do lists, one for this weekend and one of upcoming week. And I baked cinnamon rolls with my little sister which was a lot of fun! 

I already cleaned my room, I’m about to decorate the cover of my vocabulary notebook and fill in the printables I just printed out and I already ran some errands. 

Have a wonderful day!! =D

It was time for his daily conversation, the one Percy waited for all the time. That voice, the one in his head that would always give him advice when he wanted it, would comfort him when he needed it, would joke with him when he couldn’t care less. That voice made him feel so happy, but the saddest thing was that he would never get to share it with anyone. No one would know this wonderful gift- they’d label him crazy, lock him away or simply say he’s just messing around. Not at all, no, this voice had been around all his life. It had many forms- his Imaginary Friend. His Conscience . Whatever he needed it to be. He was also rather grateful to do the same for the voice, whenever She needed help, he was there.

Today would be a good day, Percy could feel it. He got out of bed and changed into comfortable clothes. He grabbed his notebook, his pen, and his glasses, then raced out to the park for some inspiration. “Good morning,” he thought. “What are you doing today?

So I was down one night

I’m not a frat boy. Far from it. But someone took me to a park. A lot of people. Before a punk rock show.

I bbqed, cause I was good at it and I was down. People knew I was depressed and I had stitches in my elbow.

Long story.

Nothing made me laugh as hard as the Ren fair. The Knights fighting each other.

I was eating a hotdog wondering what the hell was going on. Like a battle scene. A funny one.

Well the show was starting and my group was breaking up and heading to the show but I went to shows every day in my life back then. Missing one? Meh.

I wanted to see the battle scene.

So I threw a few more dogs on the BBQ.

Sat alone on the park bench and watched. Ate my dogs.

Cause it was funny.


Almost there! I think we have one more chapter after this one…

Part 19 - The Key to Her Past

(previous chapter here; full list below)

Madmoiselle? Miss?”

Ana stopped before stepping on the elevator, realizing the voice calling out was calling to her. The hotel employee paused to catch his breath, handing her a small envelope.


“This was left for you.”

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Update: I am moving in tomorrow! The day is here for me to start a new life and slowly move into a higher state of recovery. This summer started off very very rocky. And by that I mean the day I moved out was also the day I was in the mall bathroom bawling my eyes out. I’ve read somethings I wished I never did and I thought I’d never recover from how truly broken the year made me…
But then, one day right before e3 I saw that there was going to be a kingdom hearts discord chat for the event. Having no one else to really watch it with, I made an account. And because of that its brought me to a group of wonderful people who never fail to make me laugh everyday.
Along the way Voltron came out, bringing me to talk to even more amazing people on this website that I would’ve been too shy to otherwise. It was a series that I really allowed myself to get invested in, something that I hadn’t been able to do (not even with fates) in a long while
And now compared to May 29 I’m stronger, better, and ready to get back up and head into a brighter tomorrow. I’m so grateful to have made so many wonderful new friends on here who have helped me laugh again and truly feel like I DESERVE to smile and see a better day. So cheers to a brighter future. As the Wonder Woman Sansa stark says, My skin has truly turned from porcelain to ivory to steel.

I wonder how you would react if you found out I’d been writing poetry about you since the day you smiled at me. I wonder what you would think of my metaphors, comparing you to oceans and hurricanes and galaxies, describing you in ways no one ever had before. I think, since I began writing about you, a lot of people have been drawn to the idea of you, a boy with broad shoulders and a towering build, with shining, dark brown eyes and a grin so happy it makes everyone around you smile, too. Without even knowing how you look like, without even knowing your name, I’ve made people fall in love with you.

I wonder how you’d feel about being my source of inspiration. About being the source of my sadness and confusion, the source of my sleepless nights, but most importantly, the source of my happiness. I wonder if you’d agree with my thoughts, if this longing I have for you truly is one-sided. Or if you’d shake your head and maybe find some way to prove me wrong. (And god, do I wish you’d prove me wrong.)

I wonder if you’d even take the time to read every single one of them, to let the meaning of my words sink into you, despite each one revolving around the same damn thing. I wonder if, after reading them and realizing it’s one love confession after another, each phrased uniquely, you’d finally understand how deeply I feel for you.

—  a letter to my accidental muse
Fanfiction author day: JoeLawson

For my Sterek and McDanno followers: JoeLawson. JOELAWSON. There is not much that can be said on her, except you have to read her fics.

She has written what is, in my opinion, two of the best fanfictions ever created in the Hawaii 50 fandom (Jaws and Between the Devil and the deep blue sea)  and one of my favorite of all time in the Sterek fandom (Wolf in the house, that has wolf!Derek, the most heartbreaking and wonderful interaction between Derek and John and all over a wonderful, wonderful Derek POV).

This is the author that made me hide in the bathroom at work for one hour because I had an alert for a new fic and I couldn’t concentrate on anything before reading it. Yeah.

You can read her fics there: AO3. Enjoy!!

(Also, in honor of fanfiction writer day: please people, leave a review to the fics you will read or send love to these authors, they deserve it!

And please don’t hesitate to come screaming in my inbox about them, I have feelings and I will love to yell with you about how awesome our authors are!)

iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

do you have any writing advice?

If you want to write something write it. Be self indulgent. It’s supposed to be something you enjoy. Don’t worry about whether or not people will like it. There will always be an audience for whatever it is you wanna write. There will always be people out there who love your writing. Both the content and your style of writing. Your writing style is uniquely you. There is no one else out there with one exactly like you. Your creating something that didn’t exist before you made it and that’s truly a wonderful thing ❤️ even if someone wrote about the same thing they didn’t write it like you did. It’s yours and you should be proud of that.

otakuflonne  asked:

I do wonder why they decided to adapt the Shiratori match so quickly. Did they want to strike while the iron was hot or something? I guess there's no way of knowing, but I just can't help it.

Hey hello c: Yes, I think that’s one of the main reasons but also because, as we know, season 2 ended just before the Karasuno-Shiratorizawa match, so the one of making us fans wait for it longer than we’ve already waited would’ve not been a good idea given the popularity of the series. Perhaps it would have made more sense if these 10 eps were a part of the second season, but having a season with 35 eps would have been weird since the first one has 25. So I think the decision of the animators to dedicate an entire season of 10 eps for only one match was wise and well calculated. Trust me, Japanese animators know exactly what they do, they keep up the Haikyuu fans hype and at same time they give enough time to the mangaka to draw more chapters for future seasons. I’m positive season 4 is going to be announced after the ending of season 3 ☺

nettoyage | closed for inprudentia


It wasn’t that surprising that Leo had never been to an onsen before, but he knew enough about them to understand the general etiquette that was required to attend one. He knew that from books, of course, not practical experience, but it was enough.

Which was why he had decided to invite his master along to one he had discovered tucked away at the foot of a mountain nearby. He had figured that the relaxing warm water of an onsen would do wonders for Elliot’s headaches and nightmares, or at least calm down that hot head of his. He hadn’t said that to his face, of course - he valued his life - but he wondered if the mere invitation had implied it. Still, Elliot had agreed, one way or another.

And so, the day arrived. They had travelled to the onsen inn and left their bags in their room; an overnight stay was a must, he had read, and assured Elliot so. All that was left to do was experience the hot spring itself.

Fortunately it was only the two of them in the spring. It was probably not the time of year that people usually visited, and the place was quite hidden, so it made sense. Leo didn’t care about people seeing him in just a towel, but he did like privacy where he could take it.

                 “Are you ready, Elliot? This is going to be nice. No water fights, okay?”

Again there was that patronising tone he often took on just to piss Elliot off as he addressed the other boy, a towel round his waist as he waited at the door of the changing room.

Um.  Savos’s quarters are very nice.  Very nice indeed.  And Jaemial has found you wizards to be among the least mad people in Skyrim.  No wonder the Nords dislike you.  But perhaps you might have asked her if she wished to be Arch-Mage first, before appointing her?  Or made some inquiry into her qualifications besides the ability to slay monsters?  Confidentially, khajiit knows almost nothing about magic.  It is true that this one conquered the mask-thing which Savos ran from, but that is because this one is very sneaky and very good with a bow.  Neither of which talents seem to khajiit like the prime things to look for in a mighty wizard.  Khajiit is just saying.

Ah, well.  This one will be storing quite a lot of dragonbone here.  Hopefully one of you will find a use for it.


Ah - so there was one more Alter to add to the mix. But he was different from the others, maybe because his normal self was far different from everyone else, too.

“Er, hello…Karna. I’m Gudako, your Mas-” Before she could even finish, he glanced at her and left. Not one to stand there and wonder what was wrong, she shouted, “Wha - hey, wait! Where are you going?” and immediately followed.

He didn’t even slow down for her, which made her a little ticked. She really did not need a rude Karna in her life. She followed him closely, all the way to one of the many bedrooms set up for Servants and magi alike. “Hey-” And again, before she could finish, he shut the door in her face.

“Oh, okay. I see how it is. But I’m not about to let you do that to me!” she said. “Karna, what’s wrong? Please tell me. I want to know…. And if you don’t say anything I’ll just pound on the door until you answer me. Don’t think I won’t,” she warned.