South Korean Adopted At Age 3 Is To Be Deported Nearly 40 Years Later
Adam Crapser was adopted by an American couple as a child. They never completed his citizenship papers and abandoned him into the foster system. Now, despite appeals for help, he is being deported.

Adam Crapser was brought to the United States when he was 3, to start a new life — new parents, new culture, new country.

But his adoptive parents didn’t complete his citizenship papers. Then they abandoned him to the foster care system.

And now, as a 41-year-old father of four, he’s being deported. Despite his appeals for help, he has been ordered to be sent back to South Korea, a country The Associated Press describes as “completely alien to him.”


For a guy who has spent six months and more than $32,000 turning the bedroom of his Manhattan apartment into an old-school video arcade, Chris Kooluris is very put together. He greets me at his Murray Hill flat dressed head to toe in designer casual wear—Ralph Lauren jeans, pristine white Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto sneakers, and a crisp Captain America T-shirt. He’s trim and athletic-looking, his shaven face boyish for a 37-year-old. This is not the obsessed nerd I was expecting. Then again, looks can be deceiving. He invites me in. The living room is bright and accented with brass everything—brass sconces, brass lamps, ornate brass mirrors. But I’m not here to see the living room. I came to see what Kooluris is hiding in the 180-square-foot bedroom. I look down the hallway: The door is closed, but from the other side I can hear a faint ting-ting-ting.

We make our way down the hall and he ceremoniously opens the door. It is a portal into the past. The first thing I see is  Donkey Kong cabinet, but then my eyes are drawn to a row of pristine gumball machines that look just like the ones at the Yellow Balloon where I got my first haircut on Ventura Boulevard in 1984.

Everyone who enters this room, Kooluris tells me, has the same reaction: They tell him about the part of their childhood it reminds them of.

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Gerard Way on My Chemical Romance Split: ‘I Was Depressed’

Gerard Way says he was at his lowest ebb when My Chemical Romance called it a day last year.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Gerard says the decision to call it a day was one of his most difficult decisions ever but ultimately he has no regrets.

“Doing the right thing is usually the hardest thing,” Way said. “I was the most depressed I’ve been in my whole life.”

The 37-year-old singer says that launching a solo career has helped deal with the shockwaves of the split.

“I realised this was the therapy that helped get me through it [the split], but I’d written an album by then!” he laughed.

Boasting the single ‘Action Cat’, Gerard’s as-yet-untitled debut album is due for release later this year.

Gerard makes his live debut at Reading and Leeds Festival on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

You can read Gerard’s full interview in the August edition of Q Magazine, which is on sale now and as a digital edition from



TIFF | Legend Premiere
Toronto, Canada - September 12, 2015.

Tom, Emily Browning, Chazz Palminteri and Brian Helgeland at the premiere of Legend at the Toronto film festival.

“A little rain won’t stop Tom Hardy from taking selfies with fans”. @DailyMailCeleb

Tom Hardy is sopping wet as he arrives at the Toronto Film Festival alongside stunning Legend co-star Emily Browning after taking selfies with fans in the rain

He made it clear that he’s far from vain in his recently unearthed MySpace photos.

And Tom Hardy wasn’t afraid to get wet as he arrived at the Toronto Film Festival in the rain on Saturday.

The 37-year-old actor braved the heavy downpour as he took photos with fans, later turning up on the red carpet sopping wet.

Despite his drizzly sheen, the Dark Knight Rises star looked suave in a knitted navy three-piece suit as he stepped out at the premiere for his new movie Legend. He wore a light blue shirt which he paired with a burgundy tie and shiny shoes, and posed with his hands in his pockets as made his way in to the screening.  (x)

In the parking lot on our way to Target this evening, busy daddy looked at me and the boy, and said, “You two look like twins today!” And the boy was all, “Dad looks like a fat, less-awesome, 37-year-old version of me!” And I was all, I think it’s cute that you think I stopped aging the day you were born. And busy daddy was all, “Imma snap a pic of you guys and post it on the Instagrams.” And so he did.


Author name: sylsdarkplace
Artist name: kinkajou
Genre: Horror, mystery
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R
Word count: 37,000+
Summary: Coming off a year of dealing with his parents’ estate, Jared buys an old mansion in the country with the goal of becoming the proprietor of a B&B and a novelist. The house has a dark past, but he scoffs at the idea that it’s haunted. Then, he gets the feeling he’s being watched and strange things begin to happen in the house. A brutal murder in town has the local sheriff looking into the murder of Jared’s parents. While events have Jared questioning reality, Jensen woos him the only way he knows how.
Author’s note:
I’d like to thank homo_pink, vennstiel and alexa_dean for inspiring this piece. Hope you all like it. I’d also like to thank fellow T.O.E. and alpha anniespinkhouse, and beta extraordinaire and friend vennstiel without whom this would not have been possible. I can’t say enough about my artist kinkajou who created wonderful art and was lovely to work with.

This fic is dedicated to all the readers who have supported me over the years and especially during this difficult summer.

Link to art: Art Link (art contains spoilers)

So, in this fandom, four year old kid!Dean is considered mature enough to take care of his brother and father, is expected to take the role of an adult, complete with all the responsibilities that are implied with such a task. You know, because he was “never a kid, hunters never are” etc.

But, then again, in this same fandom, 37 year old adult!Dean is considered immature and incapable of thinking for himself so much that Sam and others are constantly encouraged to exercise some “tough love” to show him the error of his ways. Dean doesn’t deserve space, he doesn’t deserve the chance to make up his own mind bc he is clearly emotionally stunted and too stupid to be trusted to make any choices on his own.

Yeah. That makes, like, perfect sense. Right?
South Korean Adopted At Age 3 Is To Be Deported Nearly 40 Years Later : The Two-Way : NPR

“Adam Crapser was brought to the United States when he was 3, to start a new life — new parents, new culture, new country.

But his adoptive parents didn’t complete his citizenship papers. Then they abandoned him to the foster care system.

And now, as a 41-year-old father of four, he’s being deported. Despite his appeals for help, he has been ordered to be sent back to South Korea, a country The Associated Press describes as "completely alien to him.”

“The first family that adopted Crapser and his sister fought viciously and punished the children frequently; Crapser remembers being whipped and forced to sit in a dark basement. After six years, the couple decided they no longer wanted the children they had adopted and the siblings were split up. Crapser bounced between foster homes and a boys’ home before landing with a family in Oregon.
"His new parents, Thomas and Dolly Crapser, had a house full of foster and adopted children, as many as ten at a time. Their punishments, too, were frequent and even more brutal than his first adoptive parents’. Dolly, Crapser says, slammed the children’s heads against door frames and once hit him in the back of the head with a two-by-four after he woke her up from a nap. Thomas duct-taped the children’s mouths shut, Crapser says. He also burned Crapser’s hands and once broke his nose when Crapser couldn’t find Thomas’s car keys.”

“ ‘I’m responsible for my actions, and I’ve done my time,’ he said. 'Please, just listen to the details. … I want to be here. I want to stay here. So I just ask everybody to just please, you know, have some leniency on me. … All I want to do is be the best American I can be. I don’t want to be this broken, screwed-up guy. Just don’t take me out of the United States.’ ”

Remember that time Steve Thompson wanted to do an episode of Sherlock without Benedict?

“I wanted […] to do an entire episode without Benedict in it at all,” he explained.

Thompson also stated that he was aiming at doing an installment that centered around a younger version of the popular character, which clearly wouldn’t be feasible for the 37-year-old actor to portray.

“I wanted to do [an episode about] young Sherlock. I wanted him to be nine […] I was just trying to think of a way of surprising everyone,” he said.

The writer now admits that an episode without Cumberbatch most likely wouldn’t bode well for its audience.

“This is the most surprising thing possible: ‘Ben’s not going to be in it!’ I told them. I must’ve been drunk or something. Benedict’s amazing; how could we suggest it?’” Thompson added.

And he’s right - a regular episode without Sherlock would be a crime since we only get three per season.

But what about a special? Maybe he’ll bring this idea back – less focus on Sherlock and John, more seeing things from the POVs of other characters?

And young Sherlock? Yes please? I mean I can’t imagine why they would do this but I would dearly love to see young Jim going about his Carl Powers plans and then watching young Sherlock dance trying to figure it out. And they did already cast Moffat’s son as young Sherlock.


The Duke of Cambridge exchanged ‘military banter’ with an injured former soldier, as he comforted him on his way to Addenbrooke’s.

Jim Schembri was knocked unconscious by a falling branch as he worked 20ft up a tree in a garden in Waterbeach.

He told the Mail Online how Prince William, a pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, held his head steady for half an hour after his crew was called into action.

The 37-year-old, who served with the Light Infantry, said he had no idea it was the future king who was treating him.

“I still didn’t twig that it was Prince William and we joked around, exchanging military banter for about half an hour”, he said.

“When they loaded me into the helicopter I said 'William had better not be flying this’ and he said 'I’ve been holding your head for the last half an hour. I was totally shocked.”

Mr Schembri was taken to Addenbrooke’s, where the prince was seen helping paramedics unload him from the helicopter and onto a stretcher, on Tuesday.

A tree surgeon for 14 years, he had made a cut and was repositioning himself up a tree when the top of the tree 'exploded’ sending a large branch, measuring around a foot in diameter, crashing onto his shoulder, crushing him against the tree.

He was knocked unconscious but gradually came round and managed to make his way back down the tree.

“I was in a huge amount of pain and my hip, back and shoulders were hurting. I was in complete agony”, he said.

A colleague called for an ambulance and they thought he had damaged his pelvis so called the East Anglian Air Ambulance to airlift him to hospital.

He added: “I asked William if we could hedge hop in the helicopter to hospital and he laughed.

"He was in his job role and just behaving like a normal person. He was a top bloke.”

William, who joined the charity service last year and is based at Cambridge Airport, has recently been criticised as 'work-shy’ by some in the national media.

But Mr Schembri, who suffered a dislocated hip, shoulder and fractured ribs was full of praise for his royal rescuer.

“He had a very calm demeanour and there was no flapping. He was extremely good at his job”, he said.

“I jokingly asked him to come and visit me in hospital and he laughed, we just had a good banter.

"I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. He gets a lot of grief for no reason.

"He seemed to work well with the rest of the team and really got involved.”

Mr Schembri, who is now recovering at home in Essex, added: “It was very scary and I got off lightly.

"I want to say a huge thank you to William and the rest of the team, I’d like to shake his hand.”

i seriously cannot get through my head the way this fucking piece of shit is behaving. why has no one told him anything yet? why has no one called him out on his bullshit publicly yet? why does he still have fans or even people who tolerate him? why do people/writers/actors put up with him? he’s a 37 year old white male saying stuff like “have you seen all the boobies in here?” in a convention. he’s 37 year old white male comparing a redeemed fictional character to a real life terrorism attack. he’s a 37 white male generalizing and insulting his audience saying that if the character he plays killed all the children in an orphanage the fans would still love and forgive him. he’s a 37 year old white male slut-shaming the female character his character’s in love with. he’s a 37 year old white male making a fucking rape joke. where the fuck are the self-claimed social justice warriors? why is no one telling him to shut the fuck up. if you support all the shit he’s saying then you’re as fucking sick as he is and i’m not even kidding. fuck you and fuck him. 

CipherPines Headcanons 36-50

(Sick themed headcanons requested by fazbear-co1987. Enjoy!)

36. When Dipper gets sick, Bill often makes him alphabet soup and whenever he gives it to him, it spells out dorky messages. Dipper doesn’t know how he does it.

37. Dipper and Bill rent movies when one of them is sick, usually a series of movies like Harry Potter or Home Alone. One time they had a binge of old Disney movies and by the end of it they knew way too much about Disney princesses and the songs were stuck in their heads for weeks.

38. Bill doesn’t get sick very often, maybe at most three times a year. But when he gets sick, he goes all out. Stuffy nose, sneezing, fever, chills, throw up, soreness, random bursts of fire or magic, hell, one time he spent the entire day in the bathroom due to diarrhea. Dipper usually takes care of him and is really sweet about it.

39. When Bill does get sick, he’s very quiet expect for the sick noises he tries to hide. He doesn’t like people knowing he’s kind of weak at the moment so he tries to not complain about it. Dipper knows all the time when he’s sick and spoils him.

40. Dipper gives Bill back massages when Bill’s sick. Dipper’s really good at back massages and Bill will sometimes purr.

41. Bill is the first to know that Dipper’s sick. He can always tell and it’s vice versa. Though they try to deny it constantly.

42. Usually after Dipper or Bill gets better from being sick, the other will wake them up with a ‘special kiss’ and then a ‘pony ride’. Really wakes them up and gets them ready to be back in action. -eyebrow wiggle-

43. Dipper gets awful fever dreams when he’s sick. Bill has found singing Demons by Imagine Dragons seem to get them to go away without using drastic means. He still doesn’t know why it helps.

44. Dipper gets really clingy when he’s sick, more so than usual. He likes to hug on Bill while he’s sleeping but Bill gets uncomfortable because of how hot he is. And mostly since when Dipper is sick and hot, he wears only boxers.

45. Bill chugs down soda like nobody’s business when he’s really sick. Dipper has to lock the fridge just to keep his sodas from getting stolen and so he can give Bill something real to eat and drink.

46. Dipper is almost sugar sweet to Bill when he’s taking care of him. Like, sweet enough that you should fear him. He’s very patient and does a lot of things to make sure Bill is comfortable. Mostly because of what he gets to have after he gets better.

47. Bill and Dipper generally try to keep each other away when sick because the other is usually disgustingly clingy and sweet and that’s uncomfortable while you’re sick.

48. Dipper has, one time, threw up just before he and Bill were going to get it on. Dipper is still horribly embarrassed about it and Bill will bring it up when there’s absolutely no turning back.

49. Bill sneezes fire and coughs smoke. There’s a fire extinguisher by his bed.

50. Dipper, when he first start learning magic, got sick and whenever he sneezed, green-blue sparkles came out. Bill isn’t really sure why. But it was adorable and Mabel wants to be around whenever he does.