im reposting thsi here rather than on my personal but ook i made a new accnt. im gonna remake i think theyres gonna be a different system and only my closest friedns are gonna get the new url

do u think thats agood idea y/n

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Pleass I nned to know who to block I'm sorry for asking u

thats ok!! dont worry about it ok here

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  • female-anti-feminist
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  • egalitarianqueen
  • appaloosan-egalitarian
  • manfredvonfuckyourself
  • sixx-in-the-morning
  • tabbitcha
  • umm yea thats all i can think of rn
  • like i said, all anti-sjws and egalitarians
  • the two names in bold have sent me triggering images before
  • if youre on this list and you see this: please dont message me

 1) I am Swen


Hi Everyone :D

Well, my name is Kelly but most of my friends call me ‘Keu’ so pleasse call me 'Keu’ ^^/
I’m from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and english isn’t my first language so I probably (surely) will wrote some things wrong. Just ignore. lol
I have 25, my birthday was last week yeyy
I’m married. My husband is called Bruno. maybe you know us from this picture.

He doesn’t ship anything but he definitely support SQ (And everytime that Robin Who appears on scene he laughs so loud saying 'this guy is so whatever’) loool I love he <3
I’m a little nerd, love Harry Potter and Hunger Games books and movies a lot.
Douglas Adams & Eoin Colfer fan, love 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’
have a huge passion for movies/tvshows/animes/ and music, I listen to a bit of everything.
at this time, I’m totally in love with Amy Acker and her character from the tv show 'Person Of Interes’ called 'Root’.
I ship her with Shaw <3 <3 <3
My other ship from OUAT coincidentally is with Amy too.
She plays a fairy/nun from season 1 named 'Nova/Astrid’, and she fall in love with Dreamy (now known as Grumpy/Leroy) unfortunately for me they were forgotten. =(
Hmmm, I guess that’s all
OHHH OHHH I ALMOST FORGOT, I have a Swan Queen’s Facebook page
Swan Queen Oncers if you liked please like it.

2) I love Swan Queen

cause is the most beautiful relationship i’ve ever seen.
I still believe in it 'cause… this… no matter what happen on the show, Swan Queen exists, it’s real, is there, even if implicit.
Of course I’ll be very disappointed if they lost the chance to make it happen, but seriously, for me, the course of OUAT it doesn’t matter anymore. They love each other and I have certainty of this.
I know love when I see it. True Love. Real Love.
And I like it 'cause, love is what makes the world go round.
Believe me or not, I shipping it since first episode.
I knew nothing about OUAT just that was a tv show about fairytales and have Jmo in the main cast (I love her), so I start to watching and BOOM…
I swear to you that I felt an explosion when they saw each other.
Then Regina Says 'How would you like a glass of the best apple cider you ever tasted?’
And I 'OMG she’s flirting?’
Then Emma 'Got anything stronger?’
and that’s when SQ born for me.

3) I love Swen 

'cause guys, you’re the most talented, beautiful, intelligent, creative, funny, full of hope and love, people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
Some of you have extended me a hand when I needed it and so I’ll do it when someone need it.
I find a family with you guys. Love all of you <3

Tagged Game!

Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. pass it on to 15 some people. try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

I was tagged by charlotteconflicted thank you so so so so much, I love doing those games and I wasn’t tagged for a while.

pick your artist: VIXX bc why not

what is your gender: Beautiful Killer
describe yourself: Error
how do you feel: After Dark
describe where you currently live: Chaos
if you could go anywhere, where would you go: Eternity
your favourite form of transportation: On a Cold Night (idk what is this about thb)
your best friend is: Superhero
you and your best friends are: Voodoo Doll
favourite time of day: Secret Night
if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: Love Equation
what is life to you: Memory
your relationship: Love Letter
your fear: Sad Ending

this was so fun and now I tagg ianyassin dem-exo-feels pandalaxic crystalizedpanda stfuhyuk deeakpoplover pillinda greenicecream1234 followstars lovebreathoftheforest trash-queen–among-peasants leiras0914 currentlyfangirling99 jellybani shutupgalaxy  please do it bc I wanna see your choices


I was tagged by followstars and even though I did this like 5 times, I’ll do it again bc I have new things that make me happy.

1. Family and friends

2. Those everyday 15 minutes walks in my way to school, listening to music and wathcing kids playing around with their grandparents.

3. Talking with my best internet friend Lela about stupid things (but sometimes we’re serious af and talk about politics and history).

4. Winter and snow and everything related to this cold season (and the mountain also)

5. Those 6 idiots.

Now I tagg ianyassin pandalaxic charlotteconflicted dem-exo-feels snowfirefairy nina94777 xoxocupcakesforcutie wtfbaes pomponarius manlyhyuk anonpotato topp-swaggy-klass  I really want to see what makes you happy