question number one. do you want her?
a) yes.
b) no.
c) i always have.

question number two. do you love her?
a) why are you asking?
b) i don’t know.
c) i hear her name in silence, i hear her laughter in the crash of waves on the ocean.

question three. mark all that apply.
[ ] her smile is the sun.
[ ] she holds you in her arms, her hair falling in her eyes, and the tv doesn’t seem as interesting as her.
[ ] her hands lace perfectly with yours. 
[ ] she cooks you dinner and jokes about being your wife, not noticing how your laugh doesn’t reach your eyes.
[ ] you just want to protect her.

question four. she means everything to you.
a) true.
b) false.
c) this is a trick question. she is everything.

question five. if she were to look you in the eye and ask you to run away, would you?
a) of course.
b) does she have a plan?
c) no. i couldn’t. i can’t.

question six. she loves someone else. how do you feel?
a) she’s happy. i’m happy.
b) i can taste my own tears on my tongue, and i’ve never tasted anything sweeter.
c) nothing. i feel nothing.

question seven. honestly, this time. do you want her?
a) yes.
b) no. 
c) in the same way i’ve ever wanted anything: relentlessly.

—  “a questionnaire for loving your best friend”, grizzlybairparty

can we stop throwing trans men under the bus and saying they have it way easier than a trans women because i know for a fact that its difficult for both them in completely different ways so stop trying to compare the two thank u have a nice day/night

can i please tell you about the lirry wimbledon movie au of my dreams that i need you to write

entirely the fault of this tennis video going around and this au isn’t the 60s because it’s the movie but here goes, okay?

Lights up on Liam “ranked 17th in the world during his prime which is not right now” Payne announcing in a press conference his retirement from professional tennis. He’s been playing since he was sixteen, he’s had a good run, but it’s time to hang up the racket. 

Nobody really cares.

Liam catches up in the city with childhood friend Louis, who is a little shit and always gambles against Liam, but Liam loves him anyway because Louis doesn’t let him get away with anything, no mopey shit about his ho hum career, because let’s face it. At the end of the day Liam fucking plays tennis for money, he can’t really complain.

He meets up with Ireland’s favorite son Niall Horan, who isn’t much better at tennis than Liam is, but he’s fucking Niall Horan, so literally everyone knows him and loves him. They like to train together, always hanging out, never really playing against each other, but nobody pays them much mind. Because nobody pays Liam much mind. Nobody expects Liam to go very far.

Liam’s unpacking his stuff into the swank hotel room sports agent Zayn’s gotten him for the tourney with all the other Wimbledon players. He’s half watching the television when on comes Up and Coming Tennis Ingenue Harry Styles, being interviewed on the occasion of his Very First Wimbledon (despite being English, he traitorously lives in LA). Liam knows about him, of course, like he does all of his competition, but he knows his serves and his strengths and weaknesses and how much trouble he got when he tried to wear a pink headband once, not about him.

He’s fresh off a win at the French Open, which Liam did not attend but he heard all about it from Niall. Harry’s not expected to win Wimbledon, not with the presence of Current Frontrunner, but he is expected to go far. He’s Britain’s Best Hope at the title. Harry’s charming as fuck, nobody’s surprised, but he gives the most ridiculous answers to the same seven questions everyone’s always asked. 

“What do you think you’ll do if you don’t win Wimbledon, Harry?” the interviewer asks.

“Well, I used to be a baker, so I figure I’ll probably just get back to the shops,” he drawls with a smile. They chuckle amiably. He’ll never just go back to baking. But it’s a cute joke.

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So I have four hours left of my shift and three pages left to build.

….Please for the love of god talk to me. I don’t care about what but I’m going to go stir crazy here.

anonymous asked:

do you ever think about how jack's dad is bob dylan


imagine. bad bob zimmermann alter ego bob dylan. au where everything is the same but except for being a hockey star, bad bob was a folk singer with a knack for political ballads. IMAGINE

or like. does bad bob have a brother who is also named robert zimmermann but changed his name to be a famous folk star? did jack’s grandparents have TWO SONS NAMED ROBERT? illuminati confirmed

Booked Out

Another The Cat Returns AU, this time set in a school. The prompt was: “There’s one copy of the biology textbook in the library and you always have it when I need it the most.

This was requested by nalua93, and, as always, you can find the original post here

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there are so many of u following me yet not that many people actually reblog stuff from me and barely anyone talks to me or pays attention to me so like whats the point

My job can be so racist. How is it a black girl who’s been there for like three years doesn’t get Fourth of July off even though she put in for that day before anyone but the Dominican girl who’s been there less than year gets it when she got just back from vacation? This is why black girls have tended to quit unexpectedly. I’m putting in my notice tomorrow before I get myself fired which is inevitable at this point because I can’t stand them anymore. Wish me luck finding something else.

i just saw that my iMessage app thing had been off for hours on my laptop so i was like oh shit maybe people replied to my texts earlier without me knowing…………nope

I wish I had someone I could complain about my bad days to or even talk about my good days to. Someone I can text when my dog does somethin really cute or when my parents are annoying me.