I used to have no friends. I used to have no lover. I used to have the barest slimmer of hope, something I tucked under my fingernails so I wouldn’t lose it and couldn’t check for, out of fear it would disappear. 

I used to be like you. 

Now, I have found a new place, a better one. I have more friends than I can count on two hands, I finally found a partner who loves me back, and hope hides under my lowest rib but balloons its way regularly into my smile. 

I used to be you, which is how I know you will get through this. Because I already have, and it was worth every heartbreak, every tear, every crack in the surface. 

You will get through this, no matter if this is a day, a year, or ten. Just don’t give up. 

welcome to rwby volume 4 where everything’s retconned and the canon doesn’t matter

l-o-n-g-live-the-king  asked:

m e m e ;; ☀ What's your rp pet peeve?

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☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

I think the thing that bothers me the most is when someone assumes something about your portrayal of a character. Or kind of brushes off certain aspects of them. 

With a character like Kent this is tricky– even without the layers of development I’ve packed into him. First off, he comes from a movie that is kind of a cult classic: not everyone has watched it, or if they have it usually hasn’t been very recently. 

Second, he’s both a comedic character and a fear-inspiring one. It can be hard sometimes to balance the more silly aspects of him with the more serious ones, but frequently he’s seen as a joke, even before any relationship with another muse is developed. As in, before I even reply. It’s one thing to have Kent slip up and act crass or flat out ridiculous and that carries through a thread, but it’s another to not have him do anything and be assumed that is how he’ll respond. Part of that could be my fault, but I don’t get to play Kent as a vaguely intimidating authority often (as in, before he’s proven to do anything violent– such as in the film, when he first arrives on camera he’s taken pretty seriously by Marv the foreman (until he insults him). That kind of thing.)

Thirdly, there is that development I’ve put into Kent. It’s not the most easily acessible thing, even with my efforts– it’s a long list of headcanons, which unto themselves can be long. And that’s not getting into the fact that the about is pretty in depth… I mean, just look at this ask. I get ramble-y.

I think really the biggest things that bother me are assumptions that are made that are contradicted by basic info about Kent’s character (he’s been assumed to be a cop a LOT) and a lack of seriousness that can sometimes take place. Like the chin jokes. All the chin jokes…