When you’ve only talked to bae once the entire day and is ready to jump to all the conclusion because it’s 10pm and he still hasn’t called or answered your FaceTime.

Men should not be allowed to sleep until you’ve talked to your girl.. And yes, I am ignoring the fact that you have a real life job/career and I’m just a college girl who had 1 Friday 8am class and have been very unproductive with my time today.. Yeah



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Some of the questions rubbed me wrong (normal body type? what is not normal??) but I’m a sucker for a selfie challenge so here’s two because I love my face and because the world deserves to see me eating cheesecake ^^

tagging all you beauts! questions found HERE :*

The question we should be asking isn’t whether He is coming back this year or not. No, the question is: are we ready for Him? Would you be ready today? Gods word says we should be alert at all times. Have you done all you can to show the light to your family and friends? Is your life radiating Gods glory?

We should be living every day like He’s coming tomorrow. With radical forgiveness, unconditional love, and our lamps filled and prepared.

Is anyone else feeling elated, distraught, worried, uncertain, satisfied, and unsatisfied all at the same time after the Hannibal finale, or am I just on drugs?


“Alright CUT! We’re going to go again, but this time I want more on the leviathan. Reset cameras and sound, be ready in five everyone,” the director yelled.

You turned to look at Jensen and Jared who were talking to each other while you were waiting for Zabrina to come and fix your make up. She touched up the blood on your face quickly before going over to the boys, who were giggling uncontrollably.

“Hey Y/N, Jared and I have been talking, and we figured out a cooler way to kill these things. We’re going to do it in style,” Jensen told you, you furrowed your brows in confusion.

“Do I want to know what the two of you have come up with? Usually you both are up to no good,” you smiled. You were about to take your place on the set when you looked over at the two of them. They were dancing and swirling around the cleaning supplies. By the looks on their faces, they were trying not to burst out laughing. You could hear the crew giggling at them, which is probably what their intentions were in the first place.

“Y/N join in! It’s no fun without you!” Jared yelled over to you. 

“What about me?” Misha asked.

“GET Y/N” they yelled in unison.

“No guys stop!” you screamed as Jared took you in his arms, lifting you over his shoulder and carried you around. You couldn’t stop laughing. Jensen began to tickle you, causing you to flinch under his touch.

“Guys, and lady, are you ready?” the director asked.

“Yeah, just give us a second to calm Y/N down, so unprofessional this one,” Jared joked.

“I hate you guys!”

“Lies, you love us! But you love me more,” Jensen winked at you.


Nice hair. Like that will STOP ISIS???
—  That guy from the CPC attack ads at some point, probably, maybe.

I really don’t understand what Vanessa’s endgame is here! Whatever it is, I’m completely over it. I’m over this emotional rollercoaster. 

If John goes for good, I’m rooting for James to win the whole thing and for John to hopefully get America’s Favourite Player. Mostly because I love him, but also it will really rub it in Austwins faces that he is more loved than they will ever be.


So pumped for their new programs!!!