Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek teases the impending fallout from season 1

Rami Malek, a.k.a. Mr. Robot, has been amazed by how his show seems to anticipate real-world events, and he teased more of that to come when he returns for season 2.

“Look there’s definitely a fallout from what happened in season 1 and that will be broached,” Malek revealed during EW’s SAG Awards party on Friday. “It’s kind of sad and disturbing how we’ve been able to anticipate events that have happened in our culture in the world so I assume that that will continue to happen but you can never predict the future and how distressful it might be, so as much as I think we have the ability to capture that, I hope that we don’t, but that would be naive.”

While the actor hasn’t started filming yet, he said on Friday night that the cast was about to gather to read through the first half of the new season. In preparation, he’s been speaking more with the show’s psychologist as Mr. Robot season 2 will “delve much more into the psychosis and his mental illness this year.”

“We’re going to shoot everything as if we’re shooting a movie,” Malek said, “so just jumping around from episode to episode, which seems very daunting but we have one director for the entire season, Sam Esmail, our creator.”

USA renewed Mr. Robot for season 2 following its breakout success. Among its numerous awards, the show earned Best Drama Series at this year’s Golden Globes, and Best Actor in a Drama Series from the Critics’ Choice Awards.

“I feel like I’ve been preparing [for season 2] ever since, I think I took a few days off, but it just never leaves your head,” Malek continued. “When something has such a massive effect on our culture, you can’t step too far away from it.”


I just spoke with my father and he: 

  • scornfully mentioned “The Liberals” 
  • mansplained abortion 
  • “It’s great that people are allowed to have abortions but we shouldn’t be handing them out free at street corners.”
  • referred to supporting Planned Parenthood as displaying “extreme” views and warned about the dangers of publicly expressing such extremity
  • asked if I’d finish my PhD in a year “or will it take two?” 
  • laughed when I said I was taking a “feminist critical approach” to my thesis
  • laughed when I reminded him my thesis was connected to ~ witchcraft ~ and made a joke about how he doesn’t have good personal experience with witches (because like obvs every woman who’s ever dumped or opposed him is a ~ witch ~)*
  • stopped referring to my boyfriend by his name and adopted “~He~” instead

* though to be fair, his second ex wife did attempt to voodoo him to death


ohhh my gosh ..what an was amazing..i told you guys..that Harry is different than wells..he really cares about those kids..gosh ..the amount of emotions in this episode gaaahd

okay so..what i liked about this episode :

1- Team flash..Team flash ANDDD Team flash..i mean..that’s what i wished for in my first post ever..i wanted more of team flash
and it happened..i missed seeing  my babies being together ..only the three of them ..even  Dani wrote on her twitter “ Team Flash is back tonight! ”
clearly i’m not the only one who miss them ..i loved their scenes ..especially the best hacker in the world scene..i mean seeing my snowbarry standing next to each other and having the same thought you know when they said “ Felicity smoak ” this  gives me life

2- anyone else noticed that Caitlin is back to her old self when Jay’s not around ?!! finally i can feel her ..damn it just send Jay to his earth already ..

3- when Barry changed Harry’s heart and let him open up to him ..when he hugged him..god that was so precious also when he told him “ because we’re a team ” they’re going together to save his daughter ..i really love this side of Barry..

4- the west family scenes..oh my gosh Iris..why you were standing there’s dangerous for the god sake..!! but this had to happen in order to let Wally have a reason to stop getting involved in dangerous things

this episode really made me remember the good times in season 1 ..i don’t know why ..

and i can’t wait for next week..have you seen the promo..


oh my gosh she is sooooooooo HOT ..!! i can’t breath oh lord..

- snowbarry having a goodbye hug is the best next thing in the promo after KillerFrost
- Cisco and Barry taking a selfie ..that was beautiful i love these two
- Barry meeting his doppelganger ..and probably locked him somewhere and steal his outfit
- Barry meeting KillerFrost who said “ hey, handsome” ahhhhhhhhh..her voice and her outfit and make up she looks so hot i can’t handle this..and that lollipop..damn it that was hot ..
- have you seen Barry’s face when he saw her ..!! SPEECHLESS
- Cisco seems terrified in the promo..
- i think that Deathstorm will kill Barry from earth-2 OR Iris from earth-2
- i hope that once Caitlin made a cure for Jay and he gets his speed back ..he leaves to earth-2 ..his earth needs him..who’s gonna protect those people  from killerfrost and deathstorm ..!! when the gang get back to earth-1 he really should go

..i’m glad that everyone think that  Dani killed it as killerfrost ..i love her voice and the way she talks like a boss..I can’t wait for next week..i think that i’m gonna cry when i see her..

and the best line for this episode goes to Cisco when he said “ What is wrong with you two. That’s not friendship “


For the past two years, I’ve been fangirling over EXO through a laptop screen…

in 11 days, I’m actually going to see them IN PERSON. LIVE. 



Aqours #3

Alright so i’m back with the third part of my Aqours opinion post or whatever it can be called xD Let’s get it started with the third years!

Okay so first we have Ruby’s older sister, Dia Kurosawa! for me she kind of reminds me of both Eli and Umi at the same time but i guess i would go for Eli here? I mean she’s also a student council president so no wonder she’s supposed to be a prideful perfectionist, kind of like Eli. I think she’ll be kind of like Riko and will become used to being a school idol after some time or she’ll have a weak spot for Mari (SHIP! SHIP!) kind of like Eli had for Nozomi and will mostly show her good and caring side with her AND probably with Ruby, after all they’re sisters. I don’t think i expect anything in particular from her, she seems like an interesting character just like this xD

Next is Kanan Matsuura (their names…i swear…i want to write her name as Kanaan so much for some reason….) For me she’s the Umi type of a character, calm and mature, watching over the other members so nothing bad will happen to them and everyone is happy. I she somehow also reminds me a bit of Nozomi, probably because she lives only with her grandfather (well Nozomi still had it worse…) but anyway i expect her to be the “brain” of the group i guess, the one who always thinks about what to do etc. i don’t know why, maybe it’s just because of how i also think of Umi as such a character? Maybe she’ll also be a bit socially awkward and she’ll probably have problems because of the troublemakers from the group like Chika (seriously, watch the trailer, R.I.P Kanan xD) And other than that she’s probably my fav third year because she seems to need a hug xD (not really but i swear she’ll be like Umi, always getting in trouble because of the others, whoops xD)

The last Aqours girl i’ll be talking about is Mari Ohara! When it comes to who she reminds me of i really can’t choose anyone special like in Dia or Chika’s case but i guess it would be Nozomi (please be like Nozomi and Eli when it comes to shippinggg) Because of how she seems to be cheerful and always ready for new experiences. I think she’ll support the group in her own way and i really want to hear her talk in Italian (because REASONS XD) other than that i wonder if she’ll be kind of rich like Maki? I mean her father DOES manage a hotel chain right? This makes me think she’ may seem a bit spoiled at times? That’s just what i think because Maki doesn’t really have the aura of a spoiled person so maybe this won’t affect Mari? Well i guess we’ll have to see in the anime, right? 

Anyway, that’s it for today’s posts (unless i think of something else) i hope you enjoyed and see you later!

Rewatching early season 1 is so fun and heart warming when you know how important these characters are gonna be for each other two years later

Things I'm Looking forward to

@thesirenserenity and her Your Lie in April Miraculous Ladybug AU




@awkwardnarturtle And THE UNDERTALE AU. (AGAIN I’M GOING TO SOB)



Tumblr is a constant of me getting really horny and then 3 seconds later crying from the cuteness of a puppy or animal video, and then 3 seconds after that I’m horny again, etc. The cycle just repeats itself the whole time I’m ever on here.