Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

First and foremost, MICHAELA AIN’T THE ONE UNDER THE SHEET! Let’s all rejoice and give praise. And in the flashforward we saw her adoptive mother, played by Brett Butler. Hopefully this means more Michaela backstory in the next episode. So my favorite scenes are a tie between Michaela going off on Drake, and Michaela telling the others that the people that raised her are trash and that her being there was in spite of them, not because of them. I liked that her southern accent slipped through when she was telling off Drake. I was wondering if it would ever make another appearance, and I feel like that was an appropriate time (though with the stress of what they’ve been through it would’ve made more sense for it to appear sooner). Michaela gets an A++ for stealing Drakes laptop. She’s come along way from getting caught trying to steal Laurel’s notes from her bag. LOL

Holy shit you guys. I’m… actually tearing up?

I am so overwhelmed. There’s 1k notes on my Vex cosplay and I’m??? Honestly just blown away by how nice everyone is being. Hundreds of you have said nice things about my costume, and I actually have no words for how grateful I am? Just. Thank you. Vex and Vax and Critical Role mean a lot to me and I poured so much of my heart into this costume and I never in a hundred years expected for this to be so popular… but I’m extremely touched by the reaction. Really you guys. Thank you.

Some of you were asking: Yes I put it up on Twitter and I think both Laura and Liam have seen it. And by ‘think’ I mean I’ve had friends yelling at me that Laura and Liam liked the tweet and I’ve been yelling continuously in my head about it.

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to @princeofthedeer @magikmutant and most of all to @paintedmaple because they’ve been with me and this costume every step of the way from day one, and I don’t know if it would be half as good without their constant enthusiasm and encouragment.

Frank leaving Bonnie is the exact same as him doing stupid shit in prison. He can’t stand to escape and potentially start a life dealing with his guilt and trying to find happiness, so he destroys every chance he has at it. Which is heartbreaking, because that aside, as unrealistic as it felt, his and Bonnie’s plans were completely doable.

okay it’s late so i’m just going to go ahead and rant for a bit

i fucking hate yaoi fangirls sometimes. i cannot stand them, not one bit. it’s fucking gross how they can twist something wholesome and twist it into something sexual, especially if the two boys in question are siblings or have a mentor/student relationship or a father/son relationship. not fucking everything is about a guy getting mounted so you can jack off to it and then call it “sinful” because it’s gay. can they just keep their grimey hands off of wholesome relationships? like do you not know what a friendship is? do you not know what any other relationship besides a sexual one purely for your consumption is? it’s so annoying, just stop.

i wanna draw some of my ocs but i don’t know who people would want to see more of
and if i did ask people who they want to see more of it’d take me ten hours to draw anything because lately i’m even slower at drawing than usual

also .. like, only two people care about my ocs so……………………….

good morning / good afternoon! tomorrow is The Weekend™ and wouldn’t it be nice to spend the weekend being Stress Free™? so listen- whatever you have to do, write it down on a to-do list, if there is anything on that list that you are going to worry about on saturday and sunday and if you don’t do it on this glorious friday, then take care of it! get it done! you deserve a nice weekend without that gnawing panic in your subconscious telling you that you forgot something. knock it out now so you can have a kickass next two days!

Today was the most spectacular day off I’ve had in a while. Lauren and I got up early and got facials (since I work at Massage Envy, I get one free service per month). It was so amazing and relaxing, and afterwards we got food. For the rest of the day we ate, watched tv, and napped. After dinner we watched Rocky Horror and now she’s asleep and I’m reading Zimbits fic and listening to Red.

I feel so happy and content. 😌