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How did Magnus get a child??

It’s kind of a long story. Let me try to summarize. 

Simon Lewis found a Blueberry and panicked, he ran to Magnus for help, accidently walking in on Malec doing it, then Malec took take of the Blueberry for a bit but everyone assumed they were keeping it so they figured why the hell not and then they got engaged. 

Other very important details

- Jace was laying on the floor for half this story
- Alec is a bamf and ambassador for interspecies relations
- Magnus is very confused by what happened
- Raphael/Ragnor is a canon ship now
- Robert holding a timer to see when he got to hold the Blueberry again
- The Sizzy was strong

In short, read BORN TO ENDLESS NIGHTS. It’s magnificent.

ahhhh I’m so nervous about tomorrow because I’m working at a small branch library but my usual colleague is off sick so…

  1. I have to help do the craft activities with the children and I CAN’T HANDLE CHILDREN OH GOD
  2. I have to spend all day alone with another colleague of mine who is nice and all but who intimidates the crap out of me

Zeus Talk Battle

Something shocking that happened recently?

Rough translation, correct me if I’m wrong m(__)m:

Basically, Nino paid the bill for everyone (cast & staff of Assassination Classroom, about 30 people) when they went out for yakiniku, and get this, HE WASN’T EVEN THERE. He couldn’t go but he paid for everyone, so all of them were shocked.

Sho’s reaction? “THAT’S A HUGE PROBLEM!” (LMAO, but same, Sho, same)

“Nino’s hobby is saving up, and he’s known to be stingy. Something such as treating his kouhai never happens.”

Oh my, Mara tagged me a few months ago and I didn’t notice (I’m going to double check my tag after this!! Sorry if I spam with all of these tagging things in the next few days! Q//v//Q”)

The rules:

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How tall smol are you?

I’m 5’2”! So smol smol, but I feel rather normal sized since I usually befriend humanoids who are about the same size as me or an inch taller! I have some tall friends too, but I know for a fact that they’re tall so I don’t think much about it ovo”Also i’m super proud about being smol?? And by that I mean really proud! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

What color and style is your hair?

I have black straight hair which is probably damaged beyond repair but it’s long and shiny so nobody suspects anything shhhHHH (◑◡◑ * ) Also my hair is butt length and I have literally been asked how I go to the washroom without my hair going into the toilet, yes ( ・ ̫・) ;;; Also my hair has officially trapped three people in it’s grasp

One of my friends wanted to touch it so they did and got trapped in it, I tried to help them but it was futile so we just let it be and walked together. Another friend walked up to us, asked what we were doing, tried to help and ultimately failed. Two people trapped. Another friend victim walked by and tried to help and also got stuck. That was the day I walked around with three people attached to my head ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

What color are your eyes?

My eyes are brown, and my soul is filled with potatoes and tree bark ꒰ ︠•௰•꒱ु♡

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I wear glasses! ( ^∇^ ) I don’t wear them full time though O: I only wear them in public or when I want to watch a movie! ε-(´・`) My eyes used to hurt a lot after wearing glasses but luckily now my eyes are okay with them ; v ;

Do you wear braces?

nope (ෆ ͒•∘̬• ͒)◞

What is your fashion style?

“okay but will anybody notice i’m wearing this shirt again?”


“please don’t notice my limited amount of clothes”

“those few months i only had around 5 shirts, which isn’t too bad except laundry comes back 2 weeks later"



The subject “you” is generally very easy to remember
when conjugating verbs ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

When were you born?

The REAL question is how long I’m going to linger and lurk around this earth as a floaty ghost thing and haunt people, and by people i mean dogs. I’m going to play with dogs and nobody can stop me because I’m a floaty ghost thing

How old are you?

-counts the amount of plushies I own-
Three dogs, five bears, two aliens, and one unicorn

Where are you from/live?

I was born in Canada and live in a house that used to be surrounded by dirt (according to my parents) and the city continued growing at a massive rate and now our house is worth a million dollars (wHOA) Also I live in a largely Chinese populated community and it took me a painstakingly long time to realize this and the very noticeable fact that almost everybody I met was Chinese (I just found out about different cultures so I started asking everybody about what culture they were from and almost everybody told me Chinese. I was so amazed by this I started telling others about my amazing discovery and what a huge coincidence this was)

Do you have siblings?

I have a little sister and one day they’re gonna be taller than me and I’m going to laugh and make really bad tall jokes

What kind of student are you?                                                                          

I try my best but my best usually doesn’t meet the quota ; v ; I-I’m not very good health-wise so doing work is a big struggle and very painful a lot of the time, and other times doing work is .. not possible. (To be honest I try my best to the point where it’s very dangerous, especially since I value education over health) I’m usually very very behind in my studies because of this ; w ; At this point I just, as my parents often say, “do as much as I can” which is very very little and I am incredibly ashamed

Do you even like school?


What are your favourite subjects?                                                                      

I-I like art o//v//o” Um I go to an art school now so I guess that isn’t a very good answer now >< I really like my core class, Illustrative Concepts? It’s helped me grow a lot and is a super encouraging and supportive class ; o ; I also really like English class this year!! Our last lecture was about disabilities and I’m so happy we’re speaking about these topics ; o ; (We spoke about languages, cultures, identity, etc. It’s just, really really nice)(Especially with the whole “everybody’s perspective is valid and super cool so please speak your mind” vibe, though it probably doesn’t seem like that to others. I think I tend to romanticize things q//q)

What are your favourite TV shows?                                                                    

I’m just smiling at this question o v o
Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Moral Orel
I’m not going to say anymore or else I don’t think I can stop ovo”””"

What are your favourite characters?

Wirt, yeah um, yeah Wirt would be my favourite ; v ;

What are your favourite books?

Oyasumi Punpun by Inio Asano (manga)
Upright Beasts by Lincoln Michel (short stories)
The Dead Fish Museum by Charles D’Ambrosio (short stories)
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (memoir)
Go Go Monster by Taiyō Matsumoto (manga)
(i was hallucinating while reading this and it was quite an experience)

What are your favourite pastimes?

Crying over cartoons, doing artsy fartsy things, and editing!!

Do you have any regrets?                                                                            


What is your dream job?

I want to become a professional artsy fartsy

Would you like to get married one day?

Yes? Though to be honest only because in this society if you get married you live with them and I really want to live with somebody else ;u; I’m not sure where I stand with relationships? There’s a good possibility that I’m aromantic

Would you like to have kids one day?

If I am able to take care of them in the future then yes!! I’ll adopt at least two children, one kid and one teenager and I’m going to love them very very much

If you are a girl, are you a girly girl, regular or tomboy?

I-I like how this question implies that there is no other gender than female

Do you like shopping?

Yes but only when i’m alone ;v; I don’t feel very comfortable shopping with others. I also get a lot of anxiety from shopping (If you see somebody walking back and forth between aisles for extremely lengthy periods of time that’s probably me) but it makes me super happy when I buy things! I feel accomplished ovo)9

What countries have you visited so far?

America is the only country I’ve visited so far (( O ^ O ;; Apparently my parents went to every single country/place they wanted to go to before giving birth to me. So when I was little I’d say things like, “I want to go to France!!” in which they’d reply back, “Oh yeah France was nice.” and not care about going again since they’ve already went there once and checked it off of their quota -intense staring- o v o Actually we were supposed to go to a whole ton of countries as a family but my papa is ill. Sometimes when he feels okay we go outside to eat and if he still feels okay we go to the mall and walk around c:

What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?

I usually don’t dream, and in the slight rare occasions I have nightmares it’s okay and not that scary because life is much scarier

Do you have any enemies?

Yes quite a few actually

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

“Do you want to go on a date?”
“Sure! What do you want to do? We could watch movies or something!”
“Movies are great!”
“Can I bring my friend along?”
“It’s a date”
“When is the date anyways?”

i’d really really love to date somebody but i honestly don’t think i’d get the memo

also i might be ace or a lesbian? (i’m agender so I um don’t know if .. that’d um make sense >///<)(I love how autocorrect changes “agender” to “agenda” because it makes me feel like the internet thinks I have my life together)

Do you believe in miracles?

-pulls out list-
here we go

breathed underwater, objects appearing out of thin air (when needed), x-ray vision (it was a weird week lemme tell you), floating objects, travelling back and forth in time, hearing people’s prayers, doing a backflip in midair on the [baby] swings, experiencing multiple realities at the same time, etc

also i think i sort of, called an entire herd of birds once and they started coming towards me so my family got into the car and drove away (the stopped following after a while)



  1. No Angels by Bastille (MAX YOU ARE 100% TO BLAME FOR THIS)
  2. Langtree’s Lament (I love this song so much)
  3. All the World’s A Dream by Pat McHale ( ; v ; )
  4. Brothers On a Hotel Bed (This song will forever be attached to my “calm calamity” playlist)
  5. Nocturne no. 11 by Frederic Chopin (I spelt Frédéric wrong in the song info and I’M SCREAMING)
  6. House of Memories by Panic! at the Disco (What is this sonG OH I KNOW THIS)
  7. Good Luck by Pat McHale (This is my ringtone and it makes me laugh)(please listen to it and know that this is my phone ringtone)
  8. Langtree’s Lament (aGAIN ??)
  9. I Do Adore by mysterious cute voice (this song will forever remind me of lesbians and I am not sorry)
  10. Potatoes and Molasses (Once I sang/typed this song with somebody on Skype and despite only knowing them for the duration of our singing I somehow became a part of their (???) group)(I-I don’t understand the group so I just .. stay quiet ; v ;”)
  12. The Woodsman’s Theme (This is a terrible song, I’m not crying you are)
  13. Radio by One Ring Zero (I love the sound and vibe of this song??)
  14. Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye (I’ve listened to this song so many times I think I hate it but at the same time I DON’T and this it remains in my music list)
  15. Heartbeat by Scouting for Girls (ONE OF THE ONLY POP LOVE SONGS I REALLY LIKE)
  16. I Can Fix It (No, no I can’t)
  17. Accidentally in Love (Okay but how does the band feel about automatically being connected to Shrek forevermore??)
  18. Potatoes and Molasses (THE SAD VERSION)
  19. Where Are We? (It’s beautiful)(otgw has such a beautiful soundtrack)
  20. Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again by La Dispute (MUSICAL SLAM POETRY, MUSICAL SLAM POETRY)
  21. All Good People by Delta Rae (Please check out this band)
  22. Wonderful Mistake of Nature
  23. A Place to Wait Out This Rain (it’s all otgw i’m sorry)
  24. Tart Apple Jam by Louie Zong (It’s just snapping and boop de doop noises)
  25. Bremen by PigPen (Oooh where are we going said the Brown Dog to the Hen. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been men)
  26. The Innkeeper’s Warning (ooOOOH BETTER BEWARE)
  27. Rearrange by Stealing Sheep (This song is really nostalgic at this point)
  28. Bloodstream by Stateless (full stop)
  29. Blue Skies by Blue October (I had a Blue October phrase and I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over this)
  30. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? by Arctic Monkeys (I REFUSE THIS TO BE THE 30TH SONG)
  31. another otgw song
  32. Daisy by Brand New (VERY GOOD END, BAD END, GOOD END)(I love this song so much I love this song so much)

TLDR: That’s a sharp outfit, Chan. Careful! You could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea. Because, it’s so sharp. 

I tag: (You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to by the way >//< I-I have a few other tagging things that I still haven’t done yet so um I’ll probably be tagging the same humanoids so please tell me if you don’t want to be tagged so i won’t spam you ; u ; )


usernames are very hard to remember/find ; v ;
i-i’m going to stop there >/////< ;;;;

I crack myself up so hard

Steve turns in his seat and lounges back, half against the door, a wide grin on his face. “You just can’t keep your hands off me, can you?”

Oh great, now Steve’s getting a big head. Danny tries to scowl and deflate it for him, but his lips are doing a stupid smiling thing instead. “That’s not it at all,” Danny lies.

“Uh-huh,” Steve says, clearly not falling for it. He leans forward, starting the car and pulling out into traffic. “Now Daniel,” he says, his voice teasing, “it’s very important that you keep your hands to yourself while I’m driving. Do you think you can resist the temptation provided by all this?” He uses his free hand to gesture in the general direction of his body.

“You’re a jerk,” Danny says, but he can’t help laughing at Steve’s whole schtick. “When we get home tonight, you’re going to get it." 

"Is that a threat?” Steve asks with a chuckle. “Are you threatening me with domestic violence?”

“Worse,” Danny insists.

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Hi! I really admire your art! And if you don't mind me does one develop their personal art style? Do you have any advice about perfecting your art skills and so forth? I'm a senior in high school and planning on applying to art school, but I'm horribly afraid that I won't get in and extremely conscious about my art!

Hi! Thank you a lot and sorry for late reply! 

Okay, so a thing about artstyle - I think I can just tell what my teacher in university who teaches drawing and makes money selling his art told me - it all comes with experience and time. For some it takes less time, for some more, but this is how life works and it doesn’t define your value as an artist! By the way, my teacher also told me that he had his “own style” only when he was 30 y.o.  

Basically your artstyle is just a fusion of everything you like and it reflects your interests and preferences a lot. So the only actual working advice on developing your artstyle - develop yourself, observe, look for other artists who you like (and like not only on tumblr, for example try finding a favorite artist in each art movement), try to absorb things you like in their drawings in your art (like for example colors in impressionism). 

Also if you’re applying in art school I think it would be a good idea to know at least the basics of academic drawing, perspective and composition, because it will be useful in your school for sure. Improving also comes a lot from drawing different things and drawing them differently, basically - leaving your comfort zone WHICH IS HELLA HARD I know but this is still one of the best things for improvement. And lastly, believe in yourself more! I think you will do great!! FIGHTING! Hope I helped you a little lmao.

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Sure hide behind your "humour" all you do is give me the reason there, you are irrelevant and have only one or 2 people who care about you on here, let's see if you ever get to the aubernutter oatsnjen level, of course you won't because you don't fit in this community.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to be like those 2 popular bloggers since we are all different individuals in different levels of “success” with this social network and that’s okay so I don’t see your problem? 

Questioning Thunderbirds

When it comes to media I am nitpicky as fuck and honestly Thunderbirds is no exception cause a lot in it pisses me off for just being incorrect but there is one detail that seriously bugs me in every incarnation of the show.

Why the fuck do the boys get presented as being without any mental illness at all?

You cannot possibly convince me for any reason (and don’t give me any of the ‘medicine advances in the future’ bullshit) that all of them are completely okay.

Not only did their mother die when they were really young, Jeff just disappears in TAG, and with a job like that where (off-screen) they’ve probably seen hundreds of people die or be horribly injured, including each other.

How can not even one of them have remotely no problems in the aftermath at all? I mean logically I’d say that it would be Scott if it was only one of them, because he’s had the most responsibility AND he was in USAF, but then again Gordon had the hydrofoil crash and he was in hospital for ages afterwards (was it 3 or 4 months in that book?)

Honestly, I think if Thunderbirds was targeted at adults (and family is an entirely different demographic) then there would be at least something, right? I mean, people seem to think that Iron Man is for kids, but in the third movie it is very clear that New York took a toll on him.

This isn’t just me getting sick on the constant use of Todorov’s theory, I actually think it’s important that it gets shown.

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Dean and Sam not actively telling Claire to drop being hunter just felt so OOC. I mean Dean has told grown men who have been seasoned hunters to quit because they aren't made for the life. But an 18 y/o girl, gets a lot less resistance about it. The show wants Claire to be a hunter, so she will be one. But to have Sam and Dean basically endorse it, felt really OOC. That was probably my biggest issue w/ the episode.

I get where you’re coming from here, so I can understand if that’s a block for you in fully enjoying the episode.

I wasn’t bothered with it myself though, because I felt it was less OOC and more CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

See, as I understand it, one of Sam and Dean’s biggest problems is what I call their ‘extremist attitude’ - by which I mean, they often default into thinking in black and white terms. You’re either human or you’re a monster. You’re either a good person or you’re irredeemable ‘poison.’ You’re either a hunter or you’re not.

The craziest thing about these extremes being that Sam and Dean OFTEN throughout the show come across and acknowledge exceptions eg. Lenore the ‘good’ vampire and later Benny ofc are ‘monsters’ who also show humanity, as is Cas, Gordon is a human who is monstrous, as are the boys themselves at times etc.etc. 

And yet in general one or both of them always seems to swing back to an ‘either/or’ outlook eventually - eg. Dean and Sam trying to give up hunting / ignore the supernatural while with Lisa and Amelia; Sam and Dean both thinking that in order for Sam to be with Amelia he would have to give up hunting AND, apparently, Dean and so on.

BUT NOW - now we have Claire, who is talking very loudly and clearly about how she WANTS TO BE A HUNTER, and is equally proving herself, while green, not entirely incapable of hunting. She out of all of them DID correctly note a supernatural force was behind the string of missing people in the episode after all - so I don’t really feel that she is ‘not made for the life.’

But instead of giving Claire an ultimatum, essentially, and telling her that she has to choose between hunting and family/’normalcy’ (which would risk her then choosing hunting, let’s be real), Sam and Dean tell her to be careful not to let hunting become her whole life. To make sure she takes the time to enjoy and appreciate other stuff, like family and education, as well.

And to me that was a step forward for the boys. It was them acknowledging that hunting doesn’t have to BE your life, it can just be PART of your life.

PLUS, considering Claire’s persistence when it came to hunting, there was an element of - she’s gonna do it anyway no matter what we say, so the best we can do is make sure she does it responsibly. You know? Reminded me a bit of Jo and how eventually Ellen agreed to hunt with her, despite her disapproval of Jo hunting, because Jo kept running off to hunt regardless.

So… yeah, I rather think saying the boys ‘endorsed’ the hunting life and Claire hunting is overstating it a bit. It read more to me as them saying - ‘IF you’re going to, well okay we can’t stop you, BUT you should take time to experience other things and think hard about x, y and z first before committing.’

Even when Anakin fired up his lightsaber the younglings don’t move, they don’t look more frightened than before, because they trust him. They trust this knight to help them and ask him what they’re going to do, so fucking brave. They barely react when the lightsaber flares on because how could they foresee what’s about to happen?

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If I haven't told you this before I am now. I love you so much, though you had every right to be angry at me, make a big deal of the situation I got involved in, you decided not to and you remained by my side. I want to take this time to say I admire you for being such an amazing man in everything you do. You're not only a fantastic father, but you're a great husband and you're ridiculously brilliant at your job. Most of all, you're now a wonderful grandpa. Thanks for never giving up on me.

Words can’t even describe how emotional your words made me feel. Damn, I’ve always been honest with you. You’re definitely a handful, but I love you so much. My god, you could stab me with a knife and my love for you wouldn’t change. You’re my baby. I’m about to frame this–Actually, I’m going to make a t-shirt out of this. I swear. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so damn proud of you because you have handled yourself better than I expected. You made your mistakes and you’re growing from them. Now you’re engaged with a beautiful baby girl, I couldn’t be happier. I have never cried so much in my entire life when you gave birth to your princess. I never saw you smiling so hard. I always promised myself to be there for you. I have never wanted nothing more but your happiness. You have such a beautiful smile and you should wear it more often. I’ll never give up on you. No matter what. On another note, are there mugs designed with messages on them? I want a t-shirt and a mug! I love you, Amira. Thanks for making me so damn happy.

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I HATE TO BE ONE OF 'THOSE' PEOPLE but omg how did you get the episode of The Originals to GIF already? A torrent or something? pls excuse me I'm awful but horribly curious

No worries!! I never torrent anymore because I’ve had some nasty run ins with my internet provider because of it, but I do download. For this specific episode I used this link, which I got from (formerly known as It’s a really amazing download link database and has almost any episode from anything up in twenty minutes from airing in mp4, mkv, etc. This specific download took under five minutes for me.

Just be sure to click out of popup ads!

oh hey!! i’m getting my hair cut soonish but like. i kind of want to grow out one side of my hair and pre much shave the other (you know like that one fo4 undercut yooou know) BUT do u think it would suit me??? my face tag is just /face tag pls advise