Amble - walk leisurely

Careen - move swiftly in one direction

Falter - move hesitatingly; start to lose strength and momentum

Flounder - walk with great difficulty

Limp - walk with difficulty, normally due to injury

Lumber - move heavily or clumsily

Lurch - walk as if unable to control one’s movements; an unsteady tilt or roll

Meander - walk aimlessly or with little purpose

Parade - march in a procession

Prowl - move about in or as if in a predatory manner

Ramble - move about aimlessly or without any destination

Saunter - walk in a slow, or relaxed manner, without hurry or effort

Skulk - move stealthily; keep out of sight

Stagger - walk or move unsteadily, as if to fall

Stalk - walk stiffly

Stride - walk with long steps

Stroll - walk leisurely and with no apparent aim

Strut - to walk with a lofty proud gait

Stumble - miss a step and fall or nearly fall

Swagger - walk with confidence, arrogance or aggressiveness

Totter - move in a feeble, unsteady way

Waddle - walk with short steps and a clumsily swaying motion

Wade - walk through shallow water

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Would you mind explaining how when someone walks into a room, they forget why they walked into that room for in the first place?

No I don’t mind at all. Thanks for asking.

The underlying brain phenomenon responsible for this is what is known as an “event boundary”. Our brains compartmentalize events and tie them to the environment, or room, in which they occurred. By moving from one room to the next, the brain effectively creates a file containing all the information about the first room, and what you did there, and tucks it away. It then starts to focus on the second room. In other words, due to the way the brain is trained to store information, we forget things as soon as the environment changes.


I’m immensely grateful to Otabek for revealing that truth to Yurio: that you can be rivals in competition, but that doesn’t mean you have to be enemies out of it.

I’m afraid Yurio was oblivious to that reality before, because of the intensity of his own career. As he said, he was a young child in a foreign place, among lots of talented and more experienced skaters. Trying his best to not give up, and hiding his vulnerability so he would be able to cope with the shining world around him. Focusing only on his career, because that’s what he was there for.

Otabek hasn’t had an easy path himself. As he said, he struggled to keep up with russian incredibly talented skaters, and then moved from one country to another, trying to improve and make himself a place in that shining world. He probably had to work to his further limits, so he could improve enough in a not so long time (remember that he shared the podium with Victor at Worlds last season, and how Victor said he sensed a certain presence about him).

Otabek is not the most sociable person, we know that. He’s been extremely focused in his career too, just like Yurio, and even if it seems that he has a cordial relationship with the other skaters, he’s usually doing everyday things on his own. Being in so many different places, he probably got used to it

But that doesn’t mean, and this is important, that Otabek sees all the other skaters as his enemies. As his rivals yes, of course —Otabek definitely knows the rivalry feeling. But not as his enemies. And maybe he’s not very social, but if he’s interested in approach someone in particular, then he will do it. That’s why he asked Yurio to be his friend, because he feels close to him.

I think Yurio had already started to discover that your rivals don’t have to be your enemies because of Yuri, because he’s seen how Yuri truly cares about him, and how Yurio himself cares about Yuri, even if he’s not willing to accept it. But Otabek saying it out loud, and asking to be Yurio’s friend… That’s a whole different experience. Otabek is honestly declaring his intentions, without any doubt.

And I’m very grateful. I have no idea how I ended loving Otabek so much in less than an episode, but I proudly accept that he completely won my heart.

Important Little Actions, 1

Hello, all.

Here’s a link to a GoFundMe campaign to help a transgender woman in Ohio seek gender confirmation surgery. They asked me to share this on their behalf.

Every little bit helps. Every little kind thing helps. Every little donation is a concrete act of civilized compassion in a world that fucking well needs it right now.

Donate, even if it’s just a speck. 

If you can’t donate, pass this on. Let’s get it to a wider audience. Let’s move one person’s needle a few notches closer to a positive outcome.

If you can donate, do so and pass it on anyway. Make me proud of giving this thing some wings, and perhaps I could be convinced to have more kittens show up at strategic points in my narratives.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Implied smut, nothing graphic or described. Lots of fluff

AN: Requested by @autopistaaningunaparte: Congrats! ☺️ Hi there, sweetie! Congratulations for your new milestone!! 😁 I’m kind of obsessed with this song (Ro James - Permission), I don’t know if you would accept this kind of request, but lately I’ve been thinking about a Dean x reader request in which they’ve been hitting on each other for a long time, but none of them seems to make a move, until one night, one of them (whoever you want) decide to make a move and suddenly this song pops up while that happens? :) I don’t know, it can be this or whatever you feel comfortable writing, it’s up to you 😊If you don’t take this kind of request, maybe a Dean x request super fluffy? Thank you so much in advance 💜 PS: love your new theme!

(I hope you like what I was able to do with your request! Thanks to @jalove-wecallhimdean​ for being an amazing beta as always.)

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Originally posted by deangirl

You and Dean had been dancing around one another for years now. Flirty comments, lingering looks and touches, and behavior that bordered on couple like. Nothing had ever happened between the two of you though, both too afraid of what it would do to your friendship if things were to go south. It also didn’t help that Dean liked the one-nighter lifestyle. He liked the simplicity of a random girl with no expectations. You on the other hand had grown out of that phase a long time ago. You only took someone home when the urge was unbearable and the itch had to be scratched.

Dean and you were at the bunker by yourselves for a change. Sam had gone to help Jody keep Claire from going off on her own hunt by herself, which left you and Dean with no case to work on currently. You had come to the conclusion that if nothing was going to happen between the two of you then you were going to move on and do your own thing, no longer worried about who Dean was sleeping with for the night. You knew it had nothing to do with you, but it still knocked your self esteem down a couple of notches every time he’d rather go home with a random.

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Last Real Indians #NoDAPL Aid
Support 'Last Real Indians #NoDAPL Aid' by donating or sharing today!

The fight to protect the water and land in Standing Rock IS NOT OVER. Anybody who is telling you that has been misinformed. Energy Transfer Partners fully intends to build the Dakota Access Pipeline on the same path as always. As the weather there has turned to blizzard conditions, the people there need our help. They have many supplies that have been donated, but need to be able to distribute items, and buy more emergency supplies.

Today, people donated $263,342 to the indigenous people of Standing Rock. With that, they will immediately purchase at least one pickup truck, at least one moving truck, a flatbed trailer, and at least one 15 passenger van. Other essential supplies will still be needed in the months ahead, however, so donations are still needed.

This call for donations is part of the Injustice Boycott.

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Wanna try writing Thace and Keith interacting? The circumstances are entirely up to you.

oooooo okie dokie!! this is gonna be fun and also kind of hard bc we’ve never been actually introduced to thace before.

Keith was trapped.

He had to admit it. He was awfully, truly, terribly trapped. There was a thick metal wall behind him and rows and rows and rows of guns and soldiers ahead of him. One single move and he’d be dead.

As if he already wasn’t.

His entire body was hyped up on adrenaline and the remains of the fight, he was breathing heavy, sweat in his eyes and blood in his mouth like copper.

Someone grunted.

He raised his bayard.

All hell broke loose and his instincts flared, letting him drop like a stone to the ground as purple rang out above him, some flashes hitting the wall, only one hitting him, grazing his arm with a flare of pain.

“Get up.” Someone said from to the side of him. He turned, bayard aimed, but it was deflected. A Galra stood, only recognizable by the purple skin below the hood. He tried again, only for arm to be forced behind him and bayard knocked out of his hand.

“Stop fighting.” The galra said and Keith panicked, kicking and squirming and opened his mouth to scream, but only then did he realized they’d backed up into a hall void of anyone, still smoking from some battle.

The ship shook and his arm screamed in pain.

The grip on it loosened and he yanked it away, whirling and punching, fist meeting air.

“Stop!’ The galra said, dodging another frantic hit. Keith was still on instinct mode, punching and realized after about three hits that the Galra was not fighting back.

“Fight me!” He demanded, and the galra laughed.

Took the hood off.

“No.” He said, because it was a he, and he seemed older. Keith stared, then noticed the bayard in his hand.

“Give it back.” Keith demanded, and the solider chuckled.

“Will you stab me?” He asked.

“Maybe.” Keith answered. Yes, he would.

“No then.” The alien answered and Keith lunged forward, as if he was grabbing for it. Instead, he unsheathed his knife and aimed for the heart. A hand gripped his wrist, an inch from hitting the Galra.

“Stop.” Keith hissed, yanking back. “Stop it and fight.”

“I will not fight you.” The man said, eyes calculating and….worried? 

“Why not?” Keith asked, circling, trying to find an opening to grab his bayard from. Nothing.

“You know the symbol on your knife.” He replied and Keith grimaced.

“Stop.” He said, ducking in and missing the bayard by and inch.

“Keith.” The galra said. “I am Thace.”

Thace, Thace, Thace. The name reverberated in his head. Keith almost tripped, then kept circling. Other footsteps echoed down the hall, growing closer and the ship shook. Probably Hunk. He needed to get out.

“I’m your father.” Thace said, and Keith really did trip. He went sprawling, then rolled to the side and pressed his hand to the wall, calling out in his mind for Red. Panicked, he lifted himself to his feet.

“Liar.” He said, then the Red Lion crashed through the wall of the ship and he was swooped up, leaving his supposed father behind. People - aliens - anyone could lie.

When they got back, though, the med pod scans. they couldn’t lie.

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Jon x Dany

  1. Angst - no matter how high he rises, people will still whisper that he’s a bastard, and that alone makes him somehow unworthy of her.
  2. AU - he’d thought that if robb, and arya, and sam hadn’t been drift compatible, he’d never find someone who was, and yet there she was and when they were locked in they moved as one.
  3. Crack - “get it, girl,” doreah whispers from the seven heavens, popping some popcorn into her mouth as she probably should look away from dany using some of the moves she’d taught her.
  4. Future fic - when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east… she knew it was just some sort of afterglow, but all the same, after such a long night, dany knew that curses were made to be broken.
  5. First Time - he’s gentle with her, and though dany’s taken pleasure in a man before, it’s the first time that her taking pleasure seemed to be his goal.
  6. Fluff - jon loves christmas music, because every time the word snow comes up in a song, it puts a dumb grin on his face, and dany–who’d never really cared for christmas–finds herself looking into decorating her apartment for the first time.
  7. Humor - in the moments after sam’s pronouncemen, jon sits there stunned, but also somehow not surprised that of all his bastard’s poor luck, he’d gone and married his aunt.
  8. Hurt/Comfort - it’s like her brothers manage to take everything from her–viserys her freedom and now that she’s well and truly in love, it turns out jon was rhaegar’s all along.
  9. Smut - dany’s skin is fire against his, so hot is her blood flowing, so cool is the winter air around them, and lets her warmth spread through him as she rocks her hips against his, as the world goes still around them.
  10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) - how the words “your grace” feel so different coming from his lips, as though she is indeed a creature of grace, as though he might truly be hers.
Imagine Daniel botching a magic trick

Originally posted by luthorspeachtea

“Ok, watch the cards carefully and pick one. Don’t tell me, just keep it in you head.”

Daniel shuffles the cards in his hands, flashing the faces at you quickly. You manage to spot one though, the seven of hearts.

“Got one?” Daniel asks, and you nod. Awkwardly, he shuffles the cards one more time, almost dropping them in the process. He slides one out from the middle and shows it to you. “Is it the two of spades?”

You shake your head no, surprised. Daniel had always been good at magic and this was one of his signature moves. He never messed it up.

Daniel tries again, this time drawing a four of clubs. You shake your head again, prompting Daniel to pick a new card. Finally, he shoves the cards out of sight. “What was it?” he asks, dejected.

“The seven of hearts,” you reply as you start walking alongside Daniel. “What went wrong?”

“I was just nervous,” he admits.

“Nervous?” you ask. “Daniel, that’s always been your favorite trick.”

He just shakes his head.

“What were you nervous about?” you try, and Daniel stops suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Well,” he starts, and pauses almost immediately. “I was going to ask you out.”

“On a date?”

“Yeah, well I mean whatever.”

“Oh Daniel! I’d love to go on a date with you,” you exclaim. His face breaks out into a grin and he wraps you up in his arms.

He lets go of you suddenly, smiling as he pulls his deck of cards out again. “Try again?”

You grin and go along with it, this time spotting a two of hearts.

And in the end, Daniel gets it right.

requested by @naty-neko :)

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Hanaiwa: setting up a christmas tree??

Hanamaki hums, eyes trailing down Iwaizumi’s body as he drags the Christmas tree into the house. It’s a real one, for once, not one of those fake ones you buy at a store. He takes the opportunity to watch Iwaizumi’s muscles flex, dragging the tree all the way into the living room, where he places it in the corner they had cleared out before leaving.

“You know,” Iwaizumi says, stretching his arms over his head so he can pop his back. Hanamaki stares at the sliver of skin that’s exposed, basically drooling. He never gets tired of Iwaizumi’s body. “It would’ve gone much faster if you stopped staring at me like I’m some prey you’re about to pounce on.”

Hanamaki snorts. “No promises, Hajime.”

He rolls his eyes at the reply, moving to one of the boxes lying abandoned in the corner. He pulls it to the tree, opening it so that it reveals multiple ornaments. He takes out a random blue one, moving to place it on the tree.

“No!” Hanamaki says, grabbing his wrist. “There needs to be a pattern.”

Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow. “A…pattern?”

“Yes! Let’s make a rainbow.”

“I don’t think we have all the colors, though.”

“Oh, we do, trust me. I restocked just for this opportunity.”

Iwaizumi chuckles, rolling his eyes and mumbling something about his ridiculous boyfriend. Hanamaki decides to ignore that comment, and grabs the box he knows is full of his new ornaments.

They silently set to work, placing the different patterned and colored ornaments around the tree. It doesn’t take too long, seeing as they make a good team and work well together. Once they finish that, Hanamaki graciously let’s Iwaizumi pick out the white fairy lights to wrap around the tree.

Hanamaki grabs the star, smiling at Iwaizumi. “Must suck being–”


“–so short, huh?”

Iwaizumi grits his teeth. “Fuck you.”

“Maybe later,” Hanamaki says, sticking his tongue out. Before Iwaizumi can stop him, he takes the star and swiftly places it on the top of the tree. Stepping back, he places his hands on his hips and stares at their creation. Iwaizumi stands next to him, also taking a moment to stare at it.

“So,” Hanamaki clears his throat, “do you think it would be cool for you to fill out that promise right here under the Christmas tree? You could say it’s a present.”

“What promise?”

“The fucking promise.”

Iwaizumi’s cheeks dust a light pink, and he awkwardly coughs. “Sure, why not?”

“Wait, re–?”

He never gets to finish as Iwaizumi tugs him down by the collar of his shirt, crushing their lips together.

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98 with the kids

hope this is okay! :)

“Remember when we were dating and you ______”

Moving from one apartment in Manhattan to another with two small children was nothing short of stressful for both Jasmine and Anthony, Maddox and Aria just old enough to be able to help out a small amount. They had been put in charge of boxing up their toys and other things in the living room, both Jasmine and Anthony confident that there was nothing they could break or nothing they could hurt themselves with.

“Daddy, what is this?” Aria questions as Anthony walks back into the room in search for another box, Maddox standing by his sisters side. Aria’s holding a large book in her hand, Anthony pushing his hair away from his face as he walked over, carefully taking the book from the 8 year old.

“Oh my God, where did you find this?” Anthony questions, Jasmine walking by a minute later, only slightly annoyed that the rest of her family had stopped the progress they had been making.

“What is this?” Jasmine asked, her eyes widening when she notices what’s in her husband’s hands. “It’s our photo album from before we were married,” She whispers, Anthony nodding.

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"Aaaaaaaaaaaace~" Mali just laid in Ace's lap without a care in the world, face down on the warm lap.

Ace just stared down at this action, “…I’m not going to beat the pillow until it’s soft… make one wrong move and you could possibly drown.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me..” 

She stood there, in dark, alone, and inf front of her car with her keys locked inside. One wrong move, and the doors were closed forever. Lydia felt sickness bubble up in the pit of her stomach as she was helpless—hopeless; the woman was good breaking into things as long as they were virtual rather than..real. 

Panic beginning to take over her hands she was soon trying to rip the doors open which led to the car screaming and Lydia screaming back something among the lines of ‘you are not supposed to do that!!’, and then her face pressed to the side of the car with her trying not to straight up cry, but tearing up a little instead. Finally, she took her coat off and pressed it flat against the window with one hand, another formed into a fist held in air ready to hit. “Okay,” breathed she preparing herself, “You can do this. It’s just like in the movies.”