ppl always say how green scotland is but i’ve never really noticed until i went up to the highlands and was surrounded by these landscapes .. my country really is green lol


i’ve thought alot about this and decided that after the PLL finale episode, i would not be using this blog anymore. its not just leaving this blog, but tumblr as a whole. i’m going to be really busy for the next 8 months or so, and i wouldn’t be able to keep up with this blog; not like there is much to keep up anyway. i wanted to leave this platform as a whole so that i can really focus on my last year of studies before i graduate!

i’ve had an amazing (almost) 3 years here, meeting/chatting with you guys is definitely the best thing that’s happened about this very frustrating show. i decided to continue watching pll (after contemplating many times to stop) because i want to be able to continue blogging till the end. don’t worry, this blog will not be deleted, just on a really long hiatus (1d can relate)

ANYWAY, of course i wouldn’t leave you guys without saying a proper goodbye! if we are mutuals, you can most definitely ask for my social media thru DM (although i only have instagram lmao). maybe after 8 months, i MIGHT come back for another show to obsess over perhaps? (edit: i just remembered Life Sentence which sounds legit so once in a while if i have the time i will come and snoop through)

so, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great time and relationships made throughout the years!

see ya guys TOMORROW (tonight for yall!)

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how come it’s when you should shower and you know EAT SOMETHING ELSE THAN COFFEE AND CRACKERS when you get the most amazing drive to Get Shit Done™ 

in other news, my sorted out wardrobe fit into two fucking bags. two. i own four chain mail -looking glittery tops and latex goth leggings but little else. the true minimalist lifestyle. 

still need to do some paperwork, sort my office stuff (as in, old bills etc), sort and pack my electronics and art stuff and cosmetics, OH GOD WHY DO I OWN THIS MANY DISHES, how the fuuuuuuck am i going to pack the bazillion paintings and mirrors and stuff, how the FUCK am i going to pack felicia —

and why do i own a bazillion pieces of huge furniture, fuck

I’d like to believe that the reason that the Amazons have the most EXTRA fighting style in existence is because they’re a warrior people with no war to fight so instead of just doing basic training like normal people, Antiope is like, “And now I’m going to teach you how to BACKFLIP off of a MOVING HORSE,” because they have to fill their time somehow. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

She was a pit stop, a road block, a life lesson. One I wasn’t meant to build a home in. She was a town you visit and think about, but not the town you raise your children in. She’s the town that will suffocate you if you don’t leave. The one others look at and go “why do they stay?“
I reluctantly pushed the gas pedal forward, crying when I saw it in the rear view mirror. I desperately tried to circle around and find that town again - but it was blown off the map. That town no longer exists and I’m so thankful that when I searched for it, only remembering the good times I had there - forgetting the rocky foundation, the sinkhole in the middle - it stayed hidden from me. That town taught me lessons, it showed me what I can feel. It also showed me hate, anger, depression, and my worth. That town was a pit stop - not a home.

I’ll continue to push the gas pedal forward.