🎀 The Nostalgic For The Present Tour starts tonight 🎀 Who has their tickets? You can still pick them up here!

As if that wasn’t already exciting enough, Sia’s releasing the deluxe edition of This Is Acting next month on October 21st! It’ll include three previously unreleased tracks, The Greatest (with & without Kendrick Lamar), a remix of Move Your Body by Alan Walker & more.

1 Bird Set Free                                          
2 Alive                                                          
3 One Million Bullets                                    
4 Move Your Body                                    
5 Unstoppable                                            
6 Cheap Thrills                                          
7 Reaper                                                    
8 House On Fire                                        
9 Footprints                                                            
10 Sweet Design                                          
11 Broken Glass                                          
12 Space Between  

13 Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul)                
14 The Greatest (feat. Kendrick Lamar)                  
15 Confetti                                                    
16 Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix)  
17 Midnight Decisions                                
18 Jesus Wept                                                        
19 The Greatest

“Just one song, then I’ll move on
Give me one last dance”

One Last Dance // R5

anonymous asked:

What are you & Sam getting another tattoo?

Idk if you meant when or what but we want to get one when we move to San Fran
And I’m probably gonna get something to fill my sleeve. Idk what Sam’s wants though

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I don't actually think Muja (the nurse) is at fault for being a rival, or a pedo, as the official wikia says "Senpai is attracted to sexy and hot nurses, so their relationship might grow as a result of these interactions." so I'm pretty sure Senpai is the one that made the move on Muja. Doesn't make it any less of pedophilia or absolutely disgusting though.

yeah i know exactly what you mean :/


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MMM nut pls write the leggings and spooning shit bb pls omg

I’ll write two whole separate fics on this, but here’s a nice teaser for now.

The two of you had been trying to get over a head cold for the past week. What better way to accomplish that then lay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing?
You turn to your side, facing away from Ian and close your eyes. Soon you are jolted awake by the feeling of something prodding against your leggings.
You realize Ian’s hands are gripping your hips and he’s rutting his hard cock against your clothed ass. He moans quietly into your shoulder, moving one hand up to grope you through your thin Tshirt.
You whimper his name as you feel the head of his cock poke your hole through the sheer fabric. He almost cums right on the spot.

forest // twenty one pilots


get to know me meme; 20/20 animated movies: howl’s moving castle (2004)
“You who swallowed a falling star, oh heartless man, your heart shall soon belong to me.”