“are you excited for mass effect 4?”

“but its set in a new time period”

“its going to feature a new hero”

“its not going to be called mass effect”

“shepard wont be in it”

“or any of shepard’s companions”

“the devs talk really positively about it”
24 Signs She’s A Slut

For masculine men

22. Describes herself as a feminist or with any of its jargon (“pansexual,” “demi-sexual,” “cis-gendered”). You may not be able to stand a feminist long enough to bang her yourself but, in trying to prove she can do everything a man can do, she likely fucks with impunity.

holy god tumblr take the reins and murder this fedora party shitstain of a website holy fucking shitting christ I can’t believe a website this fucking horrifying exists oh wait yes I can but seriously you guys need to stop this right now 

p.s. there is absolutely no way any of these writers have ever touched a female in a sexual way it is just not humanly possible