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Meanie + Woozi Drabble

1. I am not in love with you.

Wonwoo: Another one night stand for Wonwoo. Your words repeat over and over his head. You told him that things weren’t the same and you just didn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. You’re not the only one to blame, though. Wonwoo felt the same way as you did so why did it hurt so much? He quietly gets out of the stranger’s bed and starts putting on his clothes and acts like it never happened when he leaves the unfamiliar apartment building. But no matter what he does to get you out of his head he always somehow manages to think about you once again. He starts thinking about how the night you left him, you suddenly getting out of bed and telling him you didn’t love him anymore. He realizes it hurts because you left your warm spot next to him and it was you who let that spot grow cold. Wonwoo knows now though, he only thought he felt the same way as you did. His reckless behavior proved how lost he was without you. The new pair of lips that are pressed against his makes him forget about it all though so why does it matter? Why is he pulling away from the lips that are making him feel something?  “You don’t want to do this anymore?” The boy with small, but beautiful brown eyes asks him. One question makes him realize what he’s doing to himself and to his body. “I’m not in love with you.” It seems like Wonwoo learned how to not love from you. But don’t even think for a second that it no longer hurts for him. 

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Cursing softly, Bakura looked down at his feet, “I want to be friends,” He snorted angrily, “Never going to happen. It can’t,” Bakura gave a defeated shrug, “No matter what I do, I’m using him, and no matter what he does, I need to use him.”

Regret settled in Bakura’s eyes, gaze drifting to the middle-distance, “Still, I like to think…in another life, maybe we could have been.”

amazingphil is so awesome! Not only is he funny and adorable, he is also very well educated. He has completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics and then a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and television, and he is going on to obtain a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects at the University of York. I am so proud for putting his education to his good use. If he ever obtains a doctrine in video editing, his name will change to Dr. Phil. He will and always will be epic no matter what he does.

You’re really just going to leave me here? [he calls up from where he sits on the steps. A moment later, he hears a muffled ‘that’s the plan’ from two flights above and the sound of Galvin shutting the door. He sighs and leans back on his arms, closing his eyes and willing himself to get up to his bed, far more comfortable than his current spot. A moment later he hears the door open and shut but the footsteps don’t try and pass him which can only mean one thing, opening his eyes but not bothering to look at her] Mrs. Eriksen. I know you do not believe I live here even though I’ve shown you the inside of my apartment several times, and I am aware that I pay rent to live in said apartment with my brother - yes, rent, I am not paying off a stranger to let me pretend - not this common hallway. I promise I will go upstairs in a minute, but your best option is to simply go around me.

malia said ‘it didn’t matter to me’ not because she does not care if stiles is running around killing people .. she meant that no matter what he does,she will always be by his side and help and support him .. and the fact that she respected his descision to not tell her and never said a word about it is what makes malia so loyal and perfect so if you hate on her after tonight,i will go void on you

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Do think it would be possible for Harry's future wive to become more popular than kate if she has the same personality like princess dana had? Like really good connection with people and stuff like that. Or do you think the RF would try to make her not do so much work so she would not make kate and William look bad?

If Harry’s future wife were to have the same personality as Princess Diana, kind caring and hardy working etc.  that kind of spark in a person, that makes her have a good connection with the people is not something that can be tampered with a PR team if you think about it. Any work for the royal family is commended, she, Harry’s future wife, will have to work on behalf of the firm. 

If Harry’s wife is like Princess Diana, caring and hardworking with a good connection with people, her popularity will rise, at least in my opinion, and I very highly doubt that the RF would try to make it seem like she works less just to boast the heir and his wife on a pedestal. 

Of course there is going to be the heir vs spare mentality in media and the way a story/event is covered, so I think even if she does do more work it would be on a different level than Kate. Like for example they would boast Kate for doing something but then if perhaps Harry’s wife works hard and does something the articles wouldn’t be in the same tone as the way Kate’s event is written. Am I making sense? 

Well if you think about the way Harry works vs. William, Harry has a lot of engagements counted as private that does not make it onto the CC. Meanwhile engagements that are similar to his done by William are counted.

When I read something about William and Harry there is a different undertone in the articles. For example, Harry is still viewed as the Party Prince even though he went through that phase in his life and isn’t like that anymore. So say his future wife comes along the articles will read “the woman who tamed the party prince at last” or something like that. 

I don’t think the BRF will stop her from working, it’s more the media will be propping the heir and his wife up so much that the work done by Harry’s future wife may go unnoticed or credited to Will and Kate.

For example, Invictus games was Harry’s brain child, right? So I read that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were credited for it as well. We saw Harry work hard to make his idea a reality but the media spun it so that way Will and Kate got the credit due some funds coming from the Royal foundation. Yes, I am aware that the Royal Foundation is for “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry” but for them to take credit for the hard work that Harry did to make Invictus Games possible, all the sponsoring and running around he did for 10 months, I feel, is wrong. It’s like Harry did all the hard work and all they did was sign their names on it.

But you see, Harry is still the People’s Prince. Even though the media will paint him in a bad light the people will stand beside him because he earned their respect.

Knowing all this, do you think the people would appreciate The People’s Prince’s Wife to be downplayed in terms of work ethic to boast the heir and his wife?

The answer to that question is NO.

The people will see for themselves rather than basing their opinions on articles that have the heir vs spare mentality.

The royal family will have no issue with his future wife working, it’s the way the media will treat her compared to Kate that will be the real issue- at least that’s how I see it.

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Spock's human traits gives him reeeeeally wild, messy, curly hair and no matter what he does he can't get it to lie flat. It only makes him stick out more, but Kirk loves it so much and ruffles it just to annoy Spock.

i’m actually reading this fic at the moment where spock has super long unruly hair! (it’s Take Refuge In What You Know btw since so many people recc’d it) not quite what you asked for, but here’s messy spock

calum is so annoyingly attractive like u just want him to stop being so attractive but like no matter what he does u still want him to destroy ur ass