Sometimes, I’ll just be going about my day and it’s just an average Tuesday and then sometimes – this feeling hits me out of nowhere.

This super heavy feeling in my chest that makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

And sometimes, when that feeling hits me, it feels like you’re with me and I can breathe again.

And in that moment, I will laugh because I remember something funny you did or how easily and unconditionally you made me feel love – especially today, in a world that doesn’t seem to love easily. A world that doesn’t seem to love at all.

And somehow, even if just in that moment, it seems like I’ll be okay again.
Maybe not today.
But someday.
Someday I’ll be okay again.

The world around us may have changed, but we haven’t.

And then sometimes, I remember you’re gone… but then, I’ll remember your smile.

And then I smile.

—  I miss you. I miss you so much.
#69: Dogs Don't Judge: Shorts 5.0

I would much rather watch my friend’s dog for a week, than have that same friend spend 24 hours in my home. As long as they leave a leash and the feeding schedule, I promise the dogs and I will have a great time. I will even assign a unique voice for the dog, as I’ll have someone else to ask “who’s a good dog” and “do you want to go out”. With a houseguest, I’m responsible for cleaning up beforehand, ensuring the guests comfort and simply being “on” for the duration of a visit. With pet sitting, I can simply be my weird self because dogs don’t judge.

The Art of Not Judging Others

by Lalah Delia

May we all journey in mindfulness and compassion for others who have not yet reached ‘a certain level’ of awakening and transformation. If we always assume that everyone is doing the best that they can from ‘their’ life experiences and supporting them where they are, we can begin being more present to them without judgment/s. We can offer them thoughts from our own experience/s while understanding that their journey is their journey. By doing so, we provide the respective space for them deal with, encounter, engage and tackle their own life/issues without any spiritual, emotional and/or energetic manipulation; coming from our part.
Superiority complexes are dangerous, no matter where they occur.
Compassion and mindfulness are high spiritual tools and disciplines, that can change the world in a high vibrational way starting with You….Me….We.
Showing compassion instead of judging is an art.

Journey forward in light, mindfulness & power.

| Vibrate Higher Daily