Honest question (20+ years old) No judgement. Safe zone.

How many women let some guy basically do whatever they wanted to them as young girls because they had low self esteem and just thought they should be grateful someone thinks their worth something? I’m just making sure it wasn’t just me.


Today we will be hosting a “Twitter Storm” to try to boost visibility for India Clarke, and to strengthen the demand for justice for her stolen life. Above are images we are trying to push out during the Twitter storm to promote the vigil we will be holding tomorrow night (Friday). 

 –We ask that people encourage their friends, allies, and organizations to tweet about India Clarke between 5PM-6PM tonight. 

–We ask that people use the hashtag #IndiaClare and #SayHerName. –We ask that people try to incorporate the link to Friday’s vigil in all tweets (shortened):   

Thank you for helping to uplift India’s name, and please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns you may have.