ahhh yes, a few hours and we’ll get a new episode of got.

can’t wait to see another scene when p.b is badly written, all the people celebrating cuz giòsnò chokes him and stuff, and all the other ugly things
ah yes im so hyped wow like im not bitter at all ha aha yes

every time you see a post saying “boys are worth it/cute/ect’ someone always has to change it to “girls********” and its so fucking annoying, like girls have 10000000 posts already, let the boys who are already self-conscious, have low self esteem, hate themselves, have their fucking post. Men are so hated on this garbage site and some of them need to see something positive towards them without some misandrist changing the wording to *girls

  • you: snape had the most tragic death
  • me, an intellectual: fred weasley had his whole life ahead of him. hedwig was the lost of harry's innocence and childhood, and dobby was a free slave that was murdered by those who thought they were above him. sirius black spent 12 years in prison for a crime he didnt commit, and yet still blamed himself for the deaths of his best friends, and then died after living his time in freedom in a house he hated, barely seeing the one person he loved more than anything in the world. remus and tonks had finally found happiness, and were going to have a child and won't live to see that child grow up. the creevey brothers were underage and shouldnt have been fighting in such a terrible war to begin with but they did anyway. cedric diggory was not meant to be in a war, but he was the bravest of them all, he was kind and good, and he was thrown aside like he was nothing, but spent his last moment standing beside harry potter, ready to face an unknown enemy.

So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

You’ve heard of Lance making Keith laugh and Lance becoming space goo, now get ready for-

Keith saying or doing something that makes Lance laugh hard and it’s not at him (which is a big plus), almost making him cry, and Keith’s Pining Ass is all over the clouds, and then Lance slaps his back saying “haha that was a good one dude” and Keith is dead. Shiro come pick him up. Maybe it’s also the moment when Keith really fell in love of Lance’s laugh. Him starting to make more stupid things in front of Lance does not relate in any way, nope.

Imagine Isak and Sana and Even, all sitting at the table in Evak’s new kitchen. 

When they went to IKEA Even suggested a smaller one, so they could have more space in the kitchen and 

“Baby! We need to be able to dance!”

but Isak lowkey hoped they were going to be the place where all his friends wanted to go to chill. To be the place they all somehow thought of as home. He went so long not knowing where he belonged that he wanted to share this warm and safe place he knew his home with Even would be.

So, he insisted on a bigger table, which as it turns out was a great decision which of course Isak tells Even more than once, because right now there are piles of chemistry text books, notes and technical equipment spread on it. Even is working on some film project with his laptop and Sana is explaining what she wrote to Isak because 

“Sana, you have the worst handwriting for a girl”

which earns him a poke in his ribs with a pencil from Even who didn’t even look up and says 

“That’s sexist”

which of course has him rolling his eyes and Sana just nodding smugly, dimple-smile and all.

And later they will all cozy up on their couch and watch something on their small TV while munching on some pizza

“Veggi for you, Sana, right?”

Isak had asked while dialing the local pizza place, returning the genuine smile that spread over Sana’s face and added

“Mahdi found it when we were unpacking. It’s pretty great!”

And even later than that, 20:41 to be exact, when Sana’s phone alarm rings, Even nudges her with the Arm he has draped over Isak’s shoulders and tells her

“You can pray in our bedroom if you want privacy, we’ll pause the movie”

not to be that person but all of you who are bitter about samuel not debuting i hope you’re angry enough to support the fuck outta his album when it drops and aren’t just being salty for moment and forget about him bc im not having any of that today tomorrow or the day after that. if you angry now you gotta be angry in the long run and ready to give some revenge support. 


“be good to her…”

“aaron minyard is the worst fox” sounds fake but ok

oh i’m sorry, you don’t believe me? well bud here have some reasons the other foxes are problematic™


  • literally carries knives around which would be fine if he didn’t regularly pull them out and threaten people with them.
  • regularly shoves and hits nicky. sure, you and i both now there’s reasons that he is the way he is, but it doesnt excuse his violence. 
  • there’s also the taking people to a club and drugging them because he doesn’t immediately trust them thing. 
  • the whole “you can’t date anyone and if you do i’ll want them dead” deal
  • regularly attacks people both on meds and sober need i honestly list the specific events
    • fuck it lets list some
    • attacking katelyn in the library, choking out allison, choking out kevin, i could go on
  • cool_motive_still_murder.gif


  • has definitely killed people on the run (cool_motive_still_murder.gif)
  • “i called you a fucking cripple” bruh
  • neil literally stone cold curving everyone who isnt on the exy team
    • if you can go on and on about how aloof and cold aaron then logically this here is up for judgement too
  • thought allison deserved whatever she got from andrew after she hit aaron
  • to him the only way to get back at riko was murder
    • i hate riko too sharon but do i really have to say again what jake peralta said so well


  • kissing assaulting neil to drug him
  • flirting with other guys despite having a boyfriend
    • i know he has a List™ but neil, matt, and guys at the club aren’t on it
  • genuinely believed andrew was better off manic and high than sober
  • all the predatory jokes (i.e. getting neil drunk enough to “swing”)


  • the probably countless times he’s screamed at the others in practice for not being up to his standard
  • im paraphrasing but he tells neil he shouldnt come out about his relationship with andrew because it will jeopardize his career sooo
  • “what about the line up” dear god
    • “it wasn’t a major loss” dear. god.
  • the general insults out of practice. dude’s literally an asshole.
  • andrew choking the explanation out of him after neil disappears implies kevin wasnt going to tell them that neil had literally just been hauled away to be tortured and killed


  • murdered a guy and doesn’t regret it
  • also sidenote i doubt Renee would be all that happy you goblins think Aaron is irredeemable


  • slapping aaron
    • bucko if you think someone giving you attitude is grounds to dish out a bitch slap pls reevaluate yourself
  • the way she talks to the monsters is super nasty like. she’s not friends with them yea i get it but damn some of the comments and insults? allison girl calm down they’re people too
  • on that point treating people like animals just because you don’t understand them is Not Good so jot that down


  • punches kevin like 7 times c’mon dude

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist: this is in no way a post encouraging you to hate any of these characters. This is simply to show the lapse in logic surrounding hatred of Aaron. It’s highly biased to hate on Aaron for saying shitty things and being aloof or insulting when we only see him the the narrow and unreliable perspective of Neil - we only know what he knows and sees and how he feels about it while reading. You don’t have to like Aaron. You don’t have to love him. He doesn’t have to be your favorite character. Just consider that hating on him doesn’t make sense when other character do much of the same things he is condemned for, as well as having their own flaws. Aaron has a checkered past tragic as any of the other foxes, so he doesn’t deserve the vast amounts of hate so many are so quick to dish out (and fans of his are even less deserving of hateful messages and the like they often receive).

All the foxes are flawed, are problematic, do bad or questionable things. Aaron isn’t the only one who says or does shitty things, so hating on him doesn’t make sense. Stop sending hate to people who like Aaron. Reconsider how you see him. Have a grand day, i guess, too.

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

So you know how the curse of Achilles makes you really sleepy and even Chiron tells Percy that when Achilles wasn’t fighting he was sleeping? Like that must mean lots of sleeping percy after tlo so consider this:

  • annabeth leaning against a tree, drawing blueprints and percy falling asleep on her shoulder accidentally and her staying there till he wakes up
  • percy going to the beach laying down for one sec and falling asleep with the sounds of the wave (and waking up w/ an awkward tan) 
  • sally finding percy asleep on the couch even though it’s early and throwing a blanket over him 
  • annabeth coming over to study and percy just laying his head on her lap and falling asleep for the entirety of it 
  • percy constantly denying he’s sleepy in between a yawn
  • percy taking a seat after sword fighting to cool off only to be found sleeping with his head bent and drool coming out of his mouth 
  • annabeth studying the soft lines of his face when he falls asleep on him b/c he looks so peaceful and adorable
  • percy literally falling asleep during every movie night w/ annabeth ever 
  • bedhead hair forever
  • paul giving percy a pass to sleep in his class b/c he knows why 
  • percy falling asleep in the strawberry fields only to realize someone’s drawn something on his face 
  • puffy sleep filled eyes
  • waking up confused and like oh shit sorry annabeth 
  • adamantly claiming to everyone he’s not sleepy at all only to have his eyes half closed and in a perpetual state of dozing
  • sleepy percy