So you know how the curse of Achilles makes you really sleepy and even Chiron tells Percy that when Achilles wasn’t fighting he was sleeping? Like that must mean lots of sleeping percy after tlo so consider this:

  • annabeth leaning against a tree, drawing blueprints and percy falling asleep on her shoulder accidentally and her staying there till he wakes up
  • percy going to the beach laying down for one sec and falling asleep with the sounds of the wave (and waking up w/ an awkward tan) 
  • sally finding percy asleep on the couch even though it’s early and throwing a blanket over him 
  • annabeth coming over to study and percy just laying his head on her lap and falling asleep for the entirety of it 
  • percy constantly denying he’s sleepy in between a yawn
  • percy taking a seat after sword fighting to cool off only to be found sleeping with his head bent and drool coming out of his mouth 
  • annabeth studying the soft lines of his face when he falls asleep on him b/c he looks so peaceful and adorable
  • percy literally falling asleep during every movie night w/ annabeth ever 
  • bedhead hair forever
  • paul giving percy a pass to sleep in his class b/c he knows why 
  • percy falling asleep in the strawberry fields only to realize someone’s drawn something on his face 
  • puffy sleep filled eyes
  • waking up confused and like oh shit sorry annabeth 
  • adamantly claiming to everyone he’s not sleepy at all only to have his eyes half closed and in a perpetual state of dozing
  • sleepy percy 
some things i genuinely appreciated about The Raven King
  • when ronan openly called gansey “dad”, thought that was a nice touch good job maggie keeping it Kinky & Classy TM
  • metal bees. just metal fujcjing bees everywhere man . nice
  • that one part where two boys kiss and decide to adopt a screaming hoofed dream creation and raise it as their Child
  • gay
  • i know i couldnt actually see her but blue looked really really cute in that weird hoodie dress thing , u go babe
  • henry cheng taking out the Trash wearing nothing but a madonna shirt then getting kidnapped & brought to a grocery store at 11pm,,,,, #relatable content
  • gansey fangirling so hard when blue kissed him that he Actually Died,,,, lmao what a dork amirite ladies
  • having to rush to google translate any time one of those nerds said something in Gay Latin lol im fine i Love Death 
  • “Thanks, Parrish. I like your face, too.” (WHAT KIND OF G AY ASS RAVEN FLUFF )

in conclusion thought it was great 8/10 would bang :)

the only time i get to see him in the homestuck upd8 and its at the end. i  really h ope hes happy. this actually kinda makes me sad but im happy hes alive and im seein him.


If I were to ask myself a year ago whether this would be happening, I would not believe it. It’s really exciting. It’s also a little intimidating. I’m just starting to work so naturally everything is an ebb and flow, like a roller coaster, up and down. So it’s a good thing to be here right now. 

you know what!! im tired of lance whose only connection to latinx culture is saying dios mio every 3 sentences

  • give me lance who’s terrified that he’s going to forget spanish so he talks to himself in spanish all the time god knows if i was stuck in space with two aliens and a bunch of gringos i’d be scared of it too
  • give me lance who sings in spanish to himself all the time, when he’s falling asleep, when he’s piloting, when he’s wandering around the castle, when he’s serving himself some food goo, whether it’s mainstream pop or childhood lullabies
  • lance who curses loudly in spanish when he stubs his toe
  • lance who, yes, occasionally gets tired of the Gringos™
  • lance putting on mini versions of his holidays in the castle of lions and talking everyone through the celebration
  • lance who draws his country’s flag, writes down his country’s national anthem because he doesn’t want to forget them
  • lance who sees flowers that remind him of home and picks them and tries to keep them alive as long as possible
  • lance who craves food from his homeland but no one knows how to make it
  • give me lance with a significant tie to his culture that isn’t just for exotification or sexualization of latinx culture

every time you see a post saying “boys are worth it/cute/ect’ someone always has to change it to “girls********” and its so fucking annoying, like girls have 10000000 posts already, let the boys who are already self-conscious, have low self esteem, hate themselves, have their fucking post. Men are so hated on this garbage site and some of them need to see something positive towards them without some misandrist changing the wording to *girls


wow how unexpected