every tumblr astrology post ever
  • Aries- aaarrg so!! angry!!
  • Taururs- food
  • Gemini- talking alot shut uppp
  • Cancer- complaining crying shutt upp
  • Leo- mirrors and hair
  • Virgo- cleaning
  • Libra- doormats!!! needyy!!
  • Scorpio- murder and graveyards and blood
  • Sagittarius- carefree party dance woop woop
  • Capricorn- work
  • Aquarius- woah so different woah so unique also aliens
  • Pisces- crying

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I hope all you nigger loving bitches drop dead

I was going to ignore this but GOD FORBID two people of different skin color love each other we are happy as fuck and im sorry that you’re THIS bitter that you need to come into my inbox anonymously and pull these words out of your ass and then tell me to die. I hope one day you learn to love yourself white menimist. I hope you accept your micro penis aswell.

… theres nothing that makes me sadder than the bitterness on bucky’s face when everyone is cheering for steve after he saves them. the bitterness that fhe little guy from brooklyn who only bucky used to see the brightness in is now getting the attention from all these people who never would’ve looked twice at him before the bitterness that after spending his entire life trying to keep him safe steve has gone and gotten himself into something neither of them can protect him from the bitterness that this little guy who bucky has always seen was perfect has gone and changed himself so much and hes still the same stubborn punk bucky had to save from countless back alley fights the bitterness that nobody will ever mean to bucky as much as steve does the bitterness that this guy right here IS IT for him and there’s no way bucky will ever get to keep him especially not now

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You seen very spoiled and rich. You're going to 3+ 1989 concerts plus flying different places to see them. I'd be lucky to even go to 1 and you just post about it all the time and brag like its nothing.

1) im not flying anywhere??
2) im paying for them myself
3) how does sending me hate for supporting Taylor make everything okay? im sorry your bitter and it’s not my fault. I have a job and I make my own money. I spend it how I want to.

galadriel may have been unforgivably sidelined during the dol guldur scenes but damn if her sea witch looks weren’t devastatingly on point


request; Can you draw the Mekakushi Dan as babies, with Shin and Ayano as their guardians (maybe Takane and Haruka too?)

ahh THIS IS AN OLD REQUEST BUT I DID IT AHAHA have the mekameka school with guardians ayano, shintaro, takane and haruka. bonus pic with their mean pet snake kuroha.


these files were named “boyd x having friends tbh” and “screams let’s talk about boyd’s little smile and chuckle when stiles gets up” and that tells you everything you need to know about this gifset  

Buffy is arguably one of the best show ever yet so few have actually watched it. I mean, sure theres the whole fandom but if there was a fandom pie chart, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be the biggest. those would be like supernatural and doctor who and whatnot. and sure, those are great shows for the most part. but BUFFY man. seven seasons of gold. 

thinking about the realities of bucky barnes’ life is like carving ur heart out with a spoon

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Ugh regarding the Jaime shit... I just don't know where to go from here. Like, I can keep saying he's my favorite character and pretend that scene never happened, but it DID happen, so that would still be being a fan of a rapist ya know? The TV show character, bottom line, IS a rapist. Or I can say he's no longer my favorite character and well... it's just so grossly out of character and so fucked up, didn't even make sense, so I don't feel okay saying I hate him now either. Yaknow?!!

Yea i feel the same:(:( I mean…. Jaime Lannister will always be my favorite character cause book-Jaime is the true Jaime Lannister and Game of Thrones is, after all, only a flop adaptation, but….. it doesn’t really make me feel any better?

I can’t support him anymore on the show. I won’t be able to take his scenes seriously, I won’t even know what the fuck i’ll be looking at. What he did is inexcusable and it will cast a shadow on everything he does and everyone he interacts with, especially Cersei and Brienne, since this messes up their stories just as much. It’s like you say, he is a rapist, and there’s no way back from that. There’s nothing that can be done to fix this. It completely fucks up a HUGE PART of the original story.

And what for? No reason at all.

They don’t even seem to realize what they’re doing. Even GRRM has felt the need to apologize for that horrible scene and yet D&D haven’t said a word so far. All we got is an interview with the director who shows us he doesn’t even know the difference between consensual sex and rape. Who manages to talk about that scene as if Jaime was the victim there. Who says it’s one of his favorite scenes he has ever done.

And that same guy directs almost half of the episodes this season….

No wonder we are upset and feel betrayed. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE TO TRUST OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS WITH!!! A lot of changes they made seem to be because they glorify sex and violence and because they seem to care more about boobs and some gross dudes having something to jerk off to on sunday nights than that they care about the actual story and it’s characters. But they not only misinterpret our favorite characters and skip important story/character arcs, they also show to be ignorant of subject matter that should be treated carefully and with respect. A lot of changes they made reek of misogyny and discrimination. It’s disgusting.

I think we all tried really hard to enjoy this show despite all that, but that rape-scene and especially how they handled it afterwards goes AGAINST EVERYTHING I STAND FOR AND BELIEVE IN or want to be associated with. it certainly took away all joy and hope i still had left for this show.

I wish this whole thing was as simple as being angry at my favorite character for a fictional deed he did, but unfortunately the problem is bigger is than that.

So where do we go from here? I have no fucking clue.  I wish i could stop watching, i wish i could stop posting about it cause they don’t even fucking deserve the advertising but if there’s one thing i’m certain of is that we shouldn’t be hating the characters. LOVE THE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most important reasons why the books are brilliant is that it’s almost impossible to hate ANY of the characters, and it’s grrm’s story and grrm’s characters that make me keep watching Game of Thrones even if that flop adaptation is wrong about them.

We shouldn’t give D&D the power to destroy our love for the characters. Our favorite characters are better than that. WE are better than that.