Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son

What’s My Line?

What’s My Line?

Words: 696 

Y/N, JDM, Jensen Ackles

Y/N was busy discussing a shot with Norman as Jeff caught her attention. He strolled up behind the other man, no longer in his Negan attire, and leaned against the wall with a cheeky grin until they were finished.

“Hey sweetheart. Think you could help me run lines?” He chucked a finger toward one of the sets of season 8. “I wanna get the scene with dear Father Gabriel just right.”

She glanced at the time before giving him a nod and grabbing her copy of the script. “I don’t have much time though.”

Slowing his pace to match hers, he chuckled as they walked side by side. “We won’t need much time darling.” As they came to the trailer the scene would be shot in, he winked as he went in first to take his place.

Giving him a good minute to get settled, she looked over the script herself. She reached for the door knob and stumbled in, back to the room, and quickly shut the door. Just as instructed for the scene.

When Jeff stepped out of the shadows and stared at her without a word, she gave him a confused frown. “I can let you see my script if you forgot the lines. There isn’t many in this scene…”

She’d began to bite her lip, and he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. It only took him a matter of seconds to cross the space between them and cup her face in his warm hands before kissing her.

It was rushed but sweet and deep all at once, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck, as his hands moved to her hips. When he gripped her tighter, his fingers digging in just a tad too hard, realization hit her.

With all her strength she pushed against his shoulders and forced him away from her. He fell backwards but caught himself on the arm of a lone chair in the otherwise empty room.

“Y/N-“ Hurt was clear in his tone as he reached out to touch her.

“No.” She held up a hand and shut her eyes tightly. “Please don’t Jeff.” Swallowing hard, she took a step toward the door. “I told you that was a one time thing. I can’t do it again.”

“But we are so good together.” He pleaded, hating how emotional she made him.

“Jeff, what if he finds out? I can’t-“ Her voice had risen as she reasoned with him, angry he’d put her in this position, and angry with herself for letting it get to this point to begin with.

“Y/N?” Someone called, just feet away from the trailer door. “Where are you babe?”

Horrified that he might have heard them, she gave Jeff a glare before taking a deep breath. Putting on a smile, she stepped out and greeted her boyfriend.

“Jensen, over here!” She said excitedly, meeting him at the base of the trailer steps. “I know we were suppose to meet at my dressing room, but I had to help run some lines.” Trying to act as if everything was normal, she stood on her tippy toes and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Who were you running lines with?” He asked curiously, an arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her close against him.

Before she could answer Jeff stepped out. “Hello son, it’s been away.”

Laughing, Jensen lit up at seeing his old friend and cast mate. “Hey dad, it’s been awhile. Hope the hunting trip has been going well.” He joked.

After a bit of small talk it was time to go. As Jensen lead her toward the exit, busy telling her about how his day had been and how much he had missed her, Y/N stole a glance behind them.

Jeff was watching them go with a bittersweet smile. He was so happy for Jensen, but it hurt that he could never have what he wanted…

Quickly looking away, she vowed that nothing would happen between her Jeff, ever again.

“I love you, I hate it when we both have busy days.” Jensen sighed.

Leaning her head on his shoulder, she sighed softly in return. “Me too honey.”

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