Here are drawings I was doing for a shirt print officially teamed up with the game “Lethal League”, which is where this character is from.
These go in order of what was requested of me through the development until I eventually stopped due to school and depression.

The first are thumbnails which were used to chose a pose for the shirt design.
#7 On the second page ended up being the favorite, I slowly threw out color ideas because I had a limited palette, but they ended up wanting something with more simplicity and following the true colors of the piece.

SADLY It was never completed and nor was I paid, and it’s been quite a few months, SO… I think it’s alright to post these.


The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

  • Judith
  • Third World Love
  • Avanim

Judith by Third World Love from avanim (2004, NMC Music Ltd.) album.

track#3 … Israel cood guys.. I wish them here in Korea for jarasum international jazz festival next year. what would you say..?

Avishai Cohen: trumpet, effects, vocals

Yonatan Avishai: piano, rhodes, vocals

Daniel Freedman: drums, percussion, vocals

Omer Avital: upright bass, electric bass, oud, vocals