The News At Bedtime

Around the Christmas period I always get a hankering to listen to this again, so decided to help spread the joy! The News At Bedtime is a satirical radio series written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 over Christmas back in 2009.

Cribbing from Wikipedia: “The series is a spoof of news programmes, in particular shows such as The Today Programme, set in “Nurseryland”, a place in which all nursery rhymes and children’s stories are real. The News at Bedtime stars Jack Dee and Peter Capaldi as the main newsreaders, John Tweedledum and Jim Tweedledee.” You also get several other familiar voices popping up such as The Thick of It alumni Chris Addison and Alexander McQueen.

Cribbing from “This is serious broadcasting: The News at Bedtime addresses the zeitgeist issues of today and once upon a time from Nurseryland; Humpty Dumpty’s great fall, the worrying story of Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk and the celebrity wedding of the owl to the pussycat, to name but three.”

There are seven episodes, each around 14 minutes long, plus they did a short animated segment here, which is brilliant. I strongly recommend you give it a listen, and to do so you can download it from Mediafire here [x]. Enjoy!