biqueuerious  asked:

been thinkin about ender rye. mainly about the kings at the round table w/o Ryan and they discuss: "it's gone too far" "we're supposed to all have equal footing here, he has this now we're powerless against him" "but Ryan's our friend-" "he WAS our friend. That's. Not. Ryan." And the eye not only sees them, it hears them. And twists their concerns and fears into something much more sinister. To send it's host, the mad king, over the edge... to kill them all. Discourse in the kingdom. Thoughts??

shit on my dick i love this

Ryan stays the fuck at his kingdom because the ender eye already tells him enough he’s going to lose control, he’s going to hurt them, so he wants to distance himself, right? right. so he’s staying away from the table in order to keep his friends safe, but with the eye, he can see and hear everything. 

the ender eye already fuels his unprecedented aggression, but to take the words of his friends, twist them into something more dark, makes it seem like they’re planning against him instead of wanting to help? that’s going to add fuel to an unruly fire. 

all i know is that eye is not going to stop until everyone else is dead