taggy thing

I was tagged by the lovely @bistucky (everyone should go follow them their blog is a+++ and they’re super nice)

1) Spell your name with song titles!

Monster - Imagine Dragons

Ease - Troye Sivan

I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

2) Why did you choose your URL?

I feel like it’s pretty obvious at this point lmao

3) What is your middle name?

Don’t have one #thatchinesefeelwhen

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

A nymph?? An angel? Idk man there’s too many choices and I’m bad at making decisions

5) Favourite colour?

Pastel blue and purple

6) Song you like right now?

I’m loving Lost Boy and Blue by Troye Sivan and there’s probably more but I can’t think of any right now

7) Top 4 fandoms?

Rupaul’s Drag Race (that counts right), Les Mis, Harry Potter, and Marvel

8) Tag 9 people!

@j-jinkies, @ferreandhiscat, @softazelma, @clarencethedinosaur, @a-pale-ghost, @kidmeat, @phoneticalpersephone, @pluviakid, and @lavender-png

anonymous asked:

At this party I was drunk&a guy (he wasn't drunk) made me do stuff with him that I didn't wanna do&now he's going round telling people that I'm easy&will do anything when I'm drunk&that my instagram is really slutty, but he's always nice to my face:(

1. that guy is a fucking asshole oh my god….also, that’s sexual assault right there
2. use this to ur advantage!! tell ppl that he does rlly fucked up shit during the sexy time!! like he needs 2 listen to country music to be turned on, or he meows like a cat when he orgasms, or his dick is legit 3 inches long, or he kept reciting lines from high school musical or some shit like that. dont let the him win.

let me know how it goes xx