Well, whenever I look at the sunflowers, it always makes me happy.

And… I feel lonely too you know…

(( Advice from the mun: 

Have a journal and write down your feelings and thoughts. It can help you to understand your feelings of loneliness better~

You can talk to your close one… 

Ummm… Improve your hobbies and stuffs or read a book or study

Take a nice nap~ ))

-M!A 1/5-

I haven’t posted a number fact for such a long time, but I am now back ^_^  So, today is number 7 and I just wanted to share some nice facts about it. 

1. It is the fourth prime number and a Mersenne prime.
2. Seven is the lowest natural number that cannot be represented as the sum of the squares of three integers.
3. 7 is the only dimension, besides the familiar 3, in which a vector cross product can be defined ( I think it is extremely interesting) ^_^ 

8th grade new and first bow tie
  • Me:-is walking with my new bow tie in school with a water gallon to empty and fill-
  • Group of guys:
  • Guy #1:hey nice bow tie
  • Me:-feels happ-
  • Guy #1:bet you stole it
  • All guys:-start laughing-
  • Me:-ducks head and runs into teacher lounge steamed up-why do they always have to fuckin be like that?!-empty a out gallon and fills it up-
  • I HATE THEM SO FUCKIN MUCH FOR SAYING THAT if I could I would twist there arms and put it behind there backs like I did with a kid in 6th grade for bullying me.
  • • It was Liams Birthday so he spent a lot of time reading signs and he was just so happy.
  • •Louis made a big deal about Nialls haircut (even though I don't think he got one.)
  • •Liam kept singing 'Steal My Girl' throughout the show cause it got stuck in his head.
  • •Harry pranced around the stage like a fairy.
  • •Harry spent 5 minutes talking to a newlywed couple who had their first dance to 'Little Things.'
  • •Liam said he thought we were the loudest crowd he had ever heard.
  • •Niall and Liam previewed a song off the new album.
  • Niall and Liam booty bumped so hard that Niall fell over. •Niall danced like a leprechaun during 'Act My Age'
  • •Louis found a water gun and sprayed all the other boys. •They had a silly string war.

there was this boy in my history class at college that i was majorly crushin on but i like never spoke to him and now i’m at glasgow to see a pal and he lives next door! wtf what r the chances!!!! so yea i finally got to kiss him last night

but i was so drunk i don’t even remember and now i’m sad and embarrassed  :-(