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Quiver: Part One

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yay! so i finished it. 

You were hired on a new team Tony Stark put together as the Tech support. However, you weren’t expecting to crush on none other than Bucky Barnes.
(this is Bucky’s look. sorry not sorry hehe)

Notes: FLIRTATIOUS!!! BUCKY!!!! fluff, smut is coming folks. some good smut too. 
if this gets to 200. I will do a part two.

word count: 2,992

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→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 2,517
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: alcohol, language
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: This is an old thing and actually the first thing I wrote after the accident, and I decided to post it again because I kind of hold it close to my heart ? It’s not all going to be texts between the characters, but quite a lot of backstory and stuff the more we get into it. It’ll be told from both Y/N’s POV and Jungkook’s. Please enjoy! :)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


The first time you receive one it’s in the middle of the night.

At first you simply stir in your sleep, turning around as if that will somehow stop the annoying buzzing resounding from under your pillow. When it doesn’t, you grab the cursed device and flip it over in your hands, wondering whom of your stupid friends decided to be an excruciating pain in the ass this late.

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My Bloody Sweetheart (Part 4 (Final))

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Summary: The reader is safe thanks to Dean…she thinks…

My Bloody Sweetheart Masterlist

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,900ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: Demon Dean, you’re something alright…

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Better Than Him Pt. 2

Part 1 

Highly requested, so here’s part 2. Enjoy!


“How. Many. Times. Do. I. Have. To. Tell. You. To. Not. See. Him.” He says between whips to my body. After whipping me those times, he starts walking away from me while he is saying something. I crawl to my jacket which was holding my phone. I quickly dial “1″ on my phone, which I programmed to be Shawn in my phone. But the ringing caused Jordan to turn around. Shawn immediately picked up the phone.

“Y/n?” he worried.

But all I could whisper out was “S-Shawn.” Before I got a kick in the face causing me to black out.

15 minutes after y/n left.

I sit picking up pieces of broken glass from the frame that fell. I knew I shouldn’t have raised my voice at y/n. Who knows what’s going on in her life right now. I should’ve just been there and supported her, but I’m tired of seeing her crying  and have bruises covering her skin all the time. The thing is, Jordan used to be one of my close friends in high school. Until he became friends with the assholes of the school. I never really trusted him, especially when y/n started showing interest in him. Why do I always fuck things up?

Once I’ve thrown away all of the glass, I set the picture of us on the counter. The picture of us was taken at our friend’s New Year’s party, the night that changed everything. All three of us had attended this party. Y/n was with me while, like no surprise, Jordan was flirting with every girl in the room. You could see that Y/n was used to seeing Jordan being that way with many girls, but as soon as she talked to a guy it caused problems. At this point in time, Jordan was fine with me talking to y/n because we were all good friends, or so he thought. Y/n didn’t feel good from drinking, so I took her upstairs away from the crowd so she’d feel more comfortable. It was nice being alone with y/n and not around people who don’t really know me for me. Seeing y/n a little bit drunk was funny, but it had been the first time I’ve seen her genuinely happy. Her smile was my favorite feature about her. 

Flashback to 4 months ago.

“Shawn, I don’t feel so good..” She said as she stumbled walking in her heels.

“Let me go get Jordan and -”

“No, just let him be.” y/n said cutting me off.

“Here let’s go somewhere so you can relax.” Y/n nods in response. She puts an arm over my shoulder and I put a hand on her waist to help her walk. As we pass by the kitchen, I hand y/n a water bottle to hold. We slowly go upstairs until we make it to the guest bedroom. I shut the door behinds, then help y/n sit on the bed and take off her heels.

“You’re the sweetest guy ever, Shawn. I don’t know how you don’t have a girlfriend.” She says as I untie the long lace that’s wrapped around her leg. 

“Eh I have an eye on someone, but they’re in a relationship right now.”

“I’m sure if you tell her your feelings, she would leave him in an instant.” 

I finally slide off the heels on her feet. “If only it were that easy.” I sighed as I sat down next to her.

“Tell me about her. What’s she like?”

“Note to self: y/n gets nosey when she’s drunk.” Y/n lets out a laugh and a little snort, which was adorable.

“Oh shut up. What’s she like?”

I lay back so I’m on my back and looking at the ceiling. Y/n lays down on her stomach and rests her head on her hands so she was still propped up. “She has these amazing big brown eyes, she cares so much about others, but tries to hide it, when she smiles she has this adorable dimple, and… I don’t know. What do you want to know about her?” I lean on my side so I can look at her again.

“Do you see a future with her?”

I move a piece of hair out of her face and tuck it behind her ear. “I have since we were little kids.” At that moment, y/n leans in and kisses me on the lips. This is the feeling I’ve been aching for, for a long time. Her lips are soft and gentle. Y/n gets up and straddles my lap. She continues the kiss as she starts to unbutton my shirt. When my shirt is unbuttoned, she kisses my neck and starts to kiss down to my chest, but I stop her. I flip her over so that I am on top. “Let me take care of you.” she nods in response. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask her.

“I’ve never been more sure in my life.” 

I immediately crash my lips to hers. Out of all the girls I’ve kissed, this one was the most special. There was the spark like how movies have them. I undo the tie that was holding her dress together on the side. Her dress falls opens a little bit, but I move it so I can see her completely. I see a few bruises on her body that are starting to heal. The bruises were on her chest, stomach, and legs. They looked big enough for a fist to have made that mark on her skin. I didn’t ask her about them, instead I leaned down and kissed each of the spots instead. She leans up and brings my face up to her’s so she can kiss me again. I run my hands down her back and undo her bra as she runs her hands through my hair. She then slides my shirt down my shoulders and undoes my belt.

“Shawn, I need you.” she says only inches away from my face. I get up and slide off my pants and boxers. My shoes I had already taken off earlier when I took off y/n’s. I go back and join y/n on the bed. She lays back and I slip off her thong down her legs. She opens her legs so I can see all of her. I go between her legs and line myself up at her entrance. Waiting for a moment, I see her nod in approval. Finally I slide myself inside her and she’s really tight. “You’re so big.” Y/n moans out. My hips move at a slow pace so I can feel all of her and she can feel all of me. I start to kiss her neck as I thrust in and out. She runs her hands down my back creating goosebumps on my skin. Y/n grips the sheets as I go even deeper into her. She lets out a loud moan, but I kiss her quickly so it wouldn’t be heard by others as much. I let out a hiss as y/n scratches down my back. Thrusting faster and faster, y/n wraps her legs around me.

“Y/n, I’m going to cum.” I say unsteadily. 

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.” Immediately I cum inside her and she cums too. I pull out and lay next to her. She lays her head on my shoulder as laying an arm around my stomach. We lay there in silence for a while, taking in what we had just done. I play with her with her long hair and she traces patterns on my skin. 

“Was I okay?” I say breaking the silence.

She leans up and looks at me, “You were the best I’ve had.”

She starts to tear up. “I’m sorry about not telling you about what happened." 

 I wipe away her tears, "We don’t have to talk about it right now, y/n. You can tell me when you’re ready." 

 Another tear falls as she smiles, "This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” She kisses me again. “We should probably get dressed though." 

I laugh, "Yeah we probably should.” We both get up and get dressed. She helps me button up my top and I help her with her dress. I want to ask her if we’re going to talk about it, but I know it’s too soon to ask so I don’t. Y/n goes over by the door and was about to open it. “Wait,” I say making her stop what she was doing. I kiss her one last time since I don’t know when I’ll be able to again. She let’s go of the door knob and wraps both arms around my neck and kisses me back for a while. Until the door opens with the last person we were wanting to see. Y/n gets pulled away from me and I get pushed in another direction. 

“Stay away from my girlfriend.” Jordan scoffs in my face, then backs away. “I should’ve known you’d do this at some point. You were always jealous of what I had." 

"Jordan, it’s not like that.” Y/n moves towards Jordan, but he turns around and slaps her. 

“Shut up, bitch. My own girlfriend can’t even keep her legs closed. There’s plenty of girls who would rather be in your spot." 

"Hey!” I shout and pull back his arm, “You don’t ever lay a hand on a girl.” Jordan then punches me in the face, causing my nose to bleed. 

“She’s my girlfriend. Not yours.” He turns back to y/n and grabs her arm. “And as for you, we’re leaving." 

End of flashback.

I zone back into where I was by my phone buzzing on the counter. Not looking at the number who called my phone I answer it anyways. A loud yell in the background of the phone call is heard. I pull the phone away for a second to read the caller ID and it says “Y/n Y/l/n”. 

“Y/n?” I said worriedly.

“S-shawn..” y/n said in a whisper then you could heard a scream in pain before everything went silent.

“Hello?” I say, but it was still silent. “Hello?” louder into the phone this time. Finally, I hear breathing into the phone. “Y/n, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“Oh she’s okay.” Jordan says through the phone. I can just picture his nasty evil smile in the tone he was talking in.

“You touch her again and -” 

“And if I do?”

“If you do, you’ll wish you did”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” then the line goes dead.

I quickly dial my friend Geoff’s number. Hoping that he picks up the phone, but he doesn’t. It goes to his voicemail, “Hey it’s Geoff, leave a message and I promise to call you right back!”

“Hey Geoff, it’s Shawn. I need help. Y/n’s hurt.” leaving the voicemail, then I call him again. “Come on, come on! Pick up!” And finally he does just that.

“Hey man! What’s up?” cheerily Geoff says.

“Where are you?”

“At home, why?”

“I’m coming to pick you up.” I say while running around looking for my keys “Y/n’s hurt and I need help. Jordan has y/n and she just called me and -”

“What are you waiting for? Get your ass over here!”

“Be there in 5.” I hung up and shoved my phone into my pocket. Before I go outside, I grab the baseball bat in my closet. I throw the baseball bat into the backseat and hop in the front seat. I put my keys in the ignition, making the engine roar back to life. Pulling out of the garage, I sit in the driveway for a few seconds to see the garage door shut. Racing down the street I think about how I’m going to hurt Jordan like he’s hurt y/n for months. I speed through every red light so I can hurry and pick up Geoff. Luckily he lives really close to where I do. I pull up in his drive way and lay my hand on the horn for a while. Geoff comes out with a duffle bag and Samantha follows shortly behind him. Geoff turns around and kisses her then heads over to the passenger side to put his stuff in the back seat and sit down up front. Samantha knocks on my window signaling to roll it down. 

“Promise me that you will beat the shit out of him and get y/n out of there.” She says as soon as I rolled the window down.

“He’s going to get everything he did to y/n done to him tonight.”

Samantha ruffles my hair and then steps back. “Well what are you waiting for? Go get her! And for you,” she points at Geoff. “You better come home to me in one piece. I don’t want to lose the love of my life either.”

I pull out of his driveway and race to y/n’s house. “What did you bring in that bag?”

“Just a few things that will hurt him. Focus on your driving we don’t know how long we have.” 

A few minutes later, we arrive at y/n’s house. We both quickly jump out of the car and grab from the backseat. I grab my baseball bat and I see Geoff pull a gun out of his bag. “Woah, I said hurt him not kill him.”

Geoff shrugs, “We got to be prepared for the worst. We don’t know what he’ll do, besides we don’t even know what he has on him.”

After grabbing all of our equipment, we go up to the front door. Instead of breaking down the door, I unlock it with a key y/n gave me a while ago. By unlocking the door it reduces the chances of Jordan hearing us. 

“Step back, let me go first.” Geoff steps in front of me, holding out his gun so he’s ready to shoot anything in his way. I grip my bat as hard as I can so I’m prepared. We check everywhere upstairs: y/n’s bedroom, the living room, and even the kitchen, but she wasn’t there. That only left the basement. We both go to the stairway and walk down the stairs.

“Ahh! Here he is! And he even brought a guest!” Jordan is standing behind y/n with a gun held to her head. Y/n is kneeling on the ground in just her underwear and bra. Blood covers her body, her face is swollen with blood and tears covering her face. “Isn’t that nice, y/n?” He puts his head near her and she doesn’t respond. “I said isn’t that nice?!” As he pushes the gun further into her temple. Finally, she nods in response.

“Isn’t this a nice gatheri-” but Geoff cuts him off by shooting him in the shoulder. When Jordan is shot, y/n get’s up and runs over in our directions. She kicked the gun in our direction at the same time so it wasn’t in reach for Jordan.  Jordan gets up and runs towards us. I step in front of y/n to guard her. He tries to reach me, but I swing my metal bat at him. When I swung at him I heard a snap in his arm. I stand there in shock for a second, not believing what I had just done. A sharp pain to my face knocked me back into reality. After Jordan punched my face, I swung at him in the ribs causing him to fall again. This time I keep swinging and swinging at him, not caring what happened I just wanted him to know how it felt when he did things like this to y/n.

“Shawn stop. I got this. You get her out of here and to the hospital.” I drop the bat to the ground and kick him in the side one last time before going by y/n. I pick up y/n so I’m carrying her bridal style and carry her upstairs. Before heading out to the car, I grab y/n’s jacket so she at least has something to wear. She stands on her feet and I carefully help her put on her jacket. The jacket is long and ends at her knees, so it will provide her some warmth with her lack of clothing. I pick her up again and carry her out to the car. She adjusts in the passenger seat so she’s a little more comfortable. I do up her seatbelt, then I get in the driver’s seat and head towards the hospital.

“I’m so sorry about this.”

“Shh. Please. I don’t want to talk about this right now.” Y/n phases in and out.

“Okay, just please stay awake until we get there.” The rest of the ride on the way down there was silent. Minutes later we arrive to the hospital. I park by the emergency room and get out of the car then pick up y/n and run with her into the emergency room. 

“Help! I need help! She’s been hurt! Someone please help!”

A nurse goes to the intercom, “Paging any doctor to the emergency room.” All of this happens too fast, people come wheeling a gurney to us and tell me to lay her down on the gurney. After I lay her down, they immediately rush her down the hall. “Will she be okay?”

“They’ll do everything they can to help her.”

An hour later.

I finished giving my statement to a police officer a few minutes ago and now I’m pacing around the waiting room with a coffee in my hand. One of the nurses put a few stitches in my lip because Jordan got it pretty well. I see Geoff and Samantha come walking up to me in the waiting room. They both come up can give me a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” Samantha says

“How’s y/n doing?” wonders Geoff.

“I don’t know, they haven’t said anything to me yet. How’s the bastard?” I say before taking a sip of my coffee.

“I called Samantha over to come and get me, and we called the police and they’re taking care of what should happen to him.”

“An officer just got done talking to me, too.”

“Shawn Mendes?” A doctor says, causing me to snap in his direction. I walk over to him.

“That’s me. Is y/n okay?”

“Y/n is going to be alright, but there’s a little complication..”

The Girl Across the Hall

Request: hi, i don’t know if you take requests but if you do could i request one where reader and peter live in the same building and peter has secretely been in love from the beggining have a nice dayyy x

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: none unless you count cute and dorky peter!

Notes: for future reference – yes, I DO TAKE REQUESTS! also this was like my fav imagine to write lol let me know what ya think!

Part Two

This had to have been the fourth time this month that Peter had waited after school longer than usual just so he could casually bump into you on the way into both of your guys’ apartment building. Peter had thrown longing stares at you from across the hallway since you moved in three years ago – those stares going completely unnoticed, or so he thought.

He would talk to you, but every time he had gained just an ounce of courage to do so, he’d find himself remembering the one time he did try that two years ago. Aunt May had encouraged him to do it – feeling bad for the poor boy who had just stuck to admiring from afar a whole year. May had gotten one of your letters in the mail “on accident” and asked Peter if he could run it to your door. He blushed profusely before mumbling a simple ‘yeah, sure thing May’ and tripping over his own two feet the short distance to your door.

He stood outside your door for about fifteen seconds trying to compose himself – his hands were sweating, his heart was racing and he kept rehearsing the words he’d say to you so he wouldn’t mess them up. By the time his fist came up to the door it was too late for him to register that your door was already opening, causing Peter’s knuckled to knock on the person who opened the door rather than coming into contact with the door itself.

His face twisted into one of horror as he registered that the person opening the door was you, and it took him even longer to realize his fist was still on your forehead. His hand retreated quickly as he heard you laughing. He was sure now that it was innocent and you were probably just trying to not make Peter feel as bad as he had already felt, but at the time Peter took your laughter as a sign of you thinking how pathetic he was. He dropped your mail on the ground and rushed back to his apartment door, ignoring the incessant shout of his name, in turn he ignored the loud and sharp feeling of his heart hammering against his chest when he realized one thing: you knew his name.

Now here he was, two years after that incident, admiring you from afar again. Even while he bumped into you while entering the apartment building, he hadn’t tried to exchange any words with you. He opened the door for you to walk in ahead of him, he would return your smile, and he’d ride the elevator with you in quiet, sneaking glances at you when he could – not knowing you had been looking up at him quite a few times, too.

He couldn’t even remember why he was so infatuated with you. He remembers when it happened, though. It was Thursday night – pizza night in the Parker residence. He had just gotten back from picking up dinner when he rounded the corner too fast and collided with a body. The pizza almost flying out of his hands, but luckily another pair came to the rescue. Peter had looked up to thank whoever the person was but came up dry when his eyes landed on the most intoxicating looking girl he had ever seen. Her smile was wide as she laughed light-heartedly at the incident. He tried to laugh or smile back, anything to indicate that there was a soul inside of his body, still.

“Sorry – hey! You live next door! Um, Parker… Peter! Right?” You got no response so you continued, “I was just on my way to pick up a pizza! Is Thursday your pizza night, too?” This time he managed to nod at you, earning him another, the way he described it, angelic smile. “Well, I’ll see you around, Peter! I like your sweater by the way. Maroon’s my favorite color.”

And right then, he swore he could’ve bought out his closet and painted his whole entire life with that color if it meant that he would become your favorite anything.

“Peter?” He snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at you next him in the elevator, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Um, yes?” His voice came out higher than usual, causing him to scold himself internally and wanting nothing more than to punch himself in the face.

“You’re good in science, right?”

His knees almost went week with the shy look you had given him. Your eyes looked up at him through your lashes as your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, the grip on your books tightening as you brought them closer to your chest. The elevator doors opened on the floor you both wanted to get off on. Peter held the door open for you as you both walked out, nodding in the process as to answer your previous question.

“Cool, I, uh, I just – oh, never mind.” Peter saw the faint color of red that colored your face as you walked away, but before you could get too far, and without him thinking, his hand reached out to grab your arm, spinning you back around to face him. Although, since Peter was, well, himself, he didn’t quite measure his own strength, causing you both to stumble into each other. One of his arms found its way around your waist, preventing you from falling, as his other arm extended against the wall to prevent himself from burying you under his weight.
He looked at the minimal space between both of your bodies before his eyes flew up to meet yours – you were already looking at him. You both made no sign of moving, too invested in the color of each other’s eyes. Peter finally managed to get a grip on reality and registered the semi-awkward stance you both were in – that, and his arm was getting tired from supporting himself against the wall. He reluctantly stepped away from you and brought his arm up to scratch the back of his neck.

“Um, what did you need with science?”

You brought your hand up to soothe out your hair before smiling softly at him. “I guess I just wanted to know if you could come over some time and help me out. You know, like, uh, tutor me?”

“Yes!” His voice came out rushed, his eyes widening as he noticed how creepy he sounded. “I mean, yes. Of course, no problem.”

You laughed at him, reaching up to kiss his cheek. “You’re a life-saver, Peter! Okay, cool. Want to come over tonight? Around six?”

“Y-Yeah, that’s fine. That’s cool, yeah, okay.”

You smiled widely at him again. “Alright, Parker. It’s a date!” You leaned in to kiss his scarlet colored cheek again before making a beeline for your door and closing it quickly.

That was it. That was all it took for Peter to realize he wasn’t infatuated with you. He was completely, helplessly, and most importantly, pathetically in love with you.

I'm sorry for the drama, but I finally have to address this guys

I’ve been super patient and understanding with this particular 15-16 yo young woman, but today I’ve had enough of her lies. The reason why I say her age is because I know that when you’re young, you may say things that you don’t understand or mean, but I think she’s old enough to know that words have consequences, especially online.

I am addressing the account mahnoorjahan.

I’ve blocked mahnoorjahan because this isn’t an isolated incident, but basically, she constantly talks about me and receives asks about me from anons. The reason I know is because I have followers who see them and they show it to me saying, “look at this person talking about you.” My usual reply is, “just ignore her, I barely know that blog.”

When I started my blog in February, she was one of the first blogs I followed. We had one chat about fan IG accounts and how they screenshotted some of my work and posted it without any credit. The chat was really friendly and she seemed really nice and we became mutuals.

That was when it all went downhill. She started to become the anti blog that she is now and always reblogged posts to start fights, and constantly had drama on her ask box. I unfollowed her because that’s not what I want on my dash.

Today, someone sent me this screenshot:

From what I gather, the anon who posted this clearly doesn’t like me (LOL super obvious), but they also know that mahnoorjahan doesn’t like me either. Therefore, they rant to mahnoorjahan about the Instagram HC. You can find that post here. By reading that post, you can understand the drama which unfolded, and yes, I shouldn’t have been so brash and upset about it to @valamerys but the drama has passed and we haven’t gotten into any trouble since. I am not the one continuously making drama by rehashing things that occurred months ago and adding onto the reblogs this comment:

And because she’s mentioned it, I have sincerely apologised about the Chaol post (here) and have moved on as there is nothing else I can do but learn from my mistakes. I rarely “throw tantrums over everything.”

So, I’m addressing this incident because mahnoorjahan has been saying clear lies about me. If you go through all my history, you will know that there was no “petty bitch fight over petty bitch fight.” If you’ve been following me since February, you will know that I am genuinely nice to people. And yes, I do have hypersexualised content on my blog. It’s no lie and there’s nothing wrong with that to me. If you don’t want to see that content, you don’t have to follow me. However a lot of you have said that you follow me because of this content. SJMs books themselves contain mature content so it’s not like I am making these posts about a G rated series.

I’m also addressing this because I’ve had enough of her reblogging other people’s posts and being quite rude, expressing anti opinions on non-controversial posts. We work hard on creating content for this fandom and it feels shitty reading awful comments. Most of you might not do or say anything because you’re scared of backlash and honestly I am too but someone needs to acknowledge that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. If any of you have fallen victim to this person (as I know many of you have since I’ve talked to a lot of you), I just want to say that I’m here for you and please don’t believe everything you read online. Come straight to the source, and ask people, before making your judgments.

I don’t want this to get too ugly, but I just wanted to say my side of the story that mahnoorjahan has been saying about me, and to clarify with you guys that what she says about me is not true.


++mobile masterlist +b&b masterpost

parts; (one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six

summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 3,594

warnings: none that i know of

author’s note: i like this series so far!!! but tbh this part felt so rushed im creasing at my badd grammar but anyways i feel like i made y/n into an asshole lol uhhhhh enjoy??!!?? (i still dont know how to end these things)

A good night’s sleep is what usually prevented you from short temper. When your management told you that you could have a five-month break from touring to write your songs for the next album, you were ecstatic. Especially since this meant you could sleep as long as you want on most days of the week.

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I Get Off

Pairing: Spencer X Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Summary: Slightly smutty, one-shot based off of the lyrics to the Halestorm song I Get Off.

Word Count: 1,523

(Y/H/L) is your hair length

(Y/H/C) is your hair color


“You don’t know that I know you watch me every night, and I just can’t resist the urge to stand here in the light. Your greedy eyes upon me, and then I come undone. I could close the curtain, but this is too much fun.”

Spencer had moved to a new house closer to the BAU about a month ago. Only after a week of living there he had gone to his room to go to sleep, he saw through the window that his next door neighbor was a beautiful woman. Not meaning to, he was watching her change.

She was seriously beautiful. She had (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair. From what he could see she had a nice ass, nice looking breasts, and just all around a great body. He felt a slight twitch in his pajama pants as he absentmindedly watched, that pulled his attention from the woman next door. He could have sworn she noticed him looking, so he quickly turned off the lights, closed the curtains, and went to bed.

What was wrong with him? You don’t just stand there watching your next door neighbor change! He scolded himself until he went to sleep. Soon enough it became almost a usual occurrence that he would find the beautiful woman next door changing. Sometimes it was a little different. Sometimes he could slightly hear music coming from her bedroom and noticed her dancing seductively, stripping every now and then.

Did she know that he liked to watch her? He didn’t think so. What kind of woman would be okay with that? He needed to stop himself. One Friday he walked into his room and noticed a different scene across the way. This time she was naked and playing with herself. A groan escaped his mouth. His member started to grow hard.

He didn’t notice as his hand absentmindedly slipped into his pajama pants. He shouldn’t be doing this, but he couldn’t help himself. He slowly ran his hand along his growing length. Though it was so wrong, it felt so right. His hand wrapped around his member and slowly ran his hand up and down his length.

As he continued to watch her playing with herself, her movements sped up. Her mouth was in a perfect ‘o’ shape. He could only assume she was moaning out in pleasure. His movements sped up to match hers. For a moment he could have sworn she looked at him with a smirk, but as soon as it could have happened she was focused into her own movements and pleasure once more. It was as if it didn’t happen.

Simultaneously, they sped up their actions until they reached their ends. Spencer couldn’t believe that just happened. He couldn’t believe he had just done that. Quickly, he closed his curtains and went to sleep.

“There’s so much left unspoken between the two of us. It’s so much more exciting to look when you can’t touch. You could say I’m different, maybe I’m a freak, but I know how to twist you to bring you to your knees.”

A few months had passed. Spencer would find his neighbor doing something in front of the window anytime he was home and in his room. No matter what he couldn’t help but touch himself when watching her. She was just so beautiful. He hoped she never actually saw him, because he knew that would be super awkward. However, he also couldn’t help but think she knew he watched; or that he would pleasure himself while watching her.

He had been a little too obviously happy at work and ended up confiding in Morgan about his neighbor. However, instead of saying the truth he said it was just in his dreams. He told Morgan that he found himself dreaming about his beautiful neighbor and then just woke up happy. Morgan, of course, joked about how he should probably meet the woman he’s having wet dreams about. Morgan also suggested Reid talk to Garcia to get some information on his neighbor. Reid was too nervous to talk to Garcia about it, so he never did.

When he got home that night, he had a burst of confidence to go over and really talk to his neighbor. He looked in the mirror and made sure he looked okay. Only then did he walk over and knocked on the door. When the door opened he saw his neighbor standing there. She was wearing short shorts, that her butt cheeks fell out of, and a sports bra. The sight of her caused his member to start to harden. He cursed under his breath and smiled at her.

“Hi, my name is Spencer. I’ve seen you around a few times and thought I would finally introduce myself. You’re incredibly beautiful.” He blushed and looked down as he couldn’t stop the last comment from coming out. When he looked back up, she was smirking. “W-What?”

“Come here.” She said, beckoning him closer with her finger. He slowly stepped closer to her. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “I know you watch me every night. You won’t wanna miss it tonight.” With that she carefully pushed him away and closed the door. His mouth was open in shock. She knew he was watching?

He stumbled back into his house shocked. His mind raced. Why would she do that? The thoughts wouldn’t stop coming. Why would she tell him to watch tonight? How long had she known that he would watch her? He was tempted to just close his curtains and not take a peek. Then he remembered how she sounded and how she looked.

His length had grown hard and made it feel uncomfortable wearing pants. His member begged him to see what she had to offer tonight. She was definitely different. Spencer wouldn’t call her a freak, just different. He wasn’t used to meeting women like her. He tried to calm down his desire, but that didn’t work. Instead, he walked to his room and stripped out of his clothes to change into his pajamas.

He was distracted when grabbing pajama pants as his neighbor stepped into view of the window. He knew he should look away, but he couldn’t help himself. She strutted into view only wearing some sexy lingerie. Spencer’s breath caught in his throat. He didn’t even know this woman’s name. He went to pull his pajama pants on, but saw her shake her head. With that, he dropped them.

He grabbed the chair from his desk and sat in the view of the window as she did. Tonight was definitely different. She put a finger to her lips to say “shh” before walking away quickly. She returned with various sex toys. He had never seen her use those. He knew tonight would be great just as she promised.

What you don’t know, what you can’t see, is what I do for you I do for me. I get off on you, getting off on me, give you what you want, but nothing is for free. It’s a give and take, kind of love we make, when the line is crossed, I get off. I get off.”

Spencer spent the night getting off on how his neighbor was pleasuring herself. They would look at each other from their windows, just moaning out. Neither of them could hear the other, but Spencer imagined how she sounded and that just made him go a little more crazy.

After they were done, they both closed their curtains and went to sleep. The next morning Spencer woke up and went to work. Morgan, JJ, and Prentiss were talking to someone. Reid walked up to the group with a smile. The group opened and he was surprised to see who they were talking to.

“Oh, hello, Dr. Reid.” She said with a hint of a smirk.

“You two know each other?” Prentiss asked as Morgan gave Spencer a look.

“Oh, he’s my next door neighbor. He finally introduced himself yesterday.” She said. His pants began to feel a little tighter and he cursed himself for the nightly activities.

“What are,” he paused and cleared his throat before speaking again. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t hear? I’m the newest member of your team.” She said with a smile. Spencer quickly walked away to the bathroom.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” He whispered to himself. Once in the bathroom, he tried to compose himself.

“So let me guess, (Y/N) is the neighbor you’ve been dreaming about.” Morgan said with a smirk.

“Yeah…why did she join the team?” Spencer asked softly.

“Same reason we did, kid. Are you gonna be okay with this?” Morgan asked, cautiously.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Spencer said then walked back out towards his desk. He was stopped by her on the way. Her body hid her movements, but her hand slid over his crotch and she leaned in to whisper in his ear again.

“As much fun as it is getting off on you getting off on me, why don’t you come over some night?” With that she walked away to Hotch’s office.

Mary Jane {M.C}

“Clifford!” I sighed out in annoyance and letting your arms swing nervously at your sides, after knocking repeatedly on his front door, he still hadn’t opened the door.

I almost starting banging on his front door at this point, before a disheveled blonde swung the door open, his stubble just about as unruly as his hair, I let out a sigh of relief that he was home, shoving past him I didn’t care that he was just in a t-shirt and boxers.

“Nice to see you too Y/N” I could feel the sarcasm dripping from his tone as he shut the door, I already made my way towards his stash.

My anxiety had become increasingly worse, and I found my only true relief when I was smoking a blunt, to my parents fighting or to school work, everything felt overwhelming, it was no wonder I had become friends with Michael Clifford, the worst pot head ever.

Sometimes I wondered how he got that name around the school, he was pretty chill, he was extremely nice, well at least to me, but if you broke his trust he probably wouldn’t even glance as he dropped you.

Shuffling through several different zip lock bags I only found Sativa, the one that made your head feel light but I wanted indica, it made your whole body feel light but lazy.

“Mike where’s-”

“Looking for this?” I turned around to see Michael laid back on the couch with a bag labeled Indica, a sly smirk on his lips, I rolled my eyes and practically jumped on him for it.

“I hid it from some of my buddies, you go through it like a squirrel on crack.” He chuckled, my greedy hands already finding some paper to roll it with, Michael was pretty nice to me, he gave me a discount and was pretty generous when I didn’t have the money at the moment, but I always paid him back, I think that’s one of the only true reasons he liked me better than some of his other customers or friends.

I licked the top part of the paper, already having a straight line of the delicious drug, I was a pro at rolling when eight months ago I wouldn’t get caught dead with Marijuana, being the good girl I was, but soon enough my mom made me drop my anxiety meds claiming I was ‘getting better’ when I was basically drowning without it, Michael found me at my worst in the middle of an anxiety attack at a party, his warm eyes looking at me in worry, saying Mary Jane helped and it can be ingested in several different ways with oils, vape etc.

“I’ve never seen someone roll one faster, roll me one while you’re at it.” I laughed shaking my head, even though he was my dealer he was shit at rolling a blunt.

“Your parents still fighting?” He asked not making eye contact as he pulled out his lighter tossing it in my direction, as I lit up in a matter of seconds, letting in a strong inhale, and then long exhale a smile coming to my lips as I sat back on the couch with Michael.

“Yeah.” I nodded, it was a kind of tough subject with me but I didn’t care that he brought it up knowing he just cared.

“You can always stay with me if it gets really bad you know.” as he lit his own, my eyes widening in surprise at his generosity, he was a boarding school kid, his parents sending him to America for high school and eventually college, giving him money whenever he asked, and getting his own little condo/house with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

“I think their getting a divorce anyway,” I said solemnly, it would be for the best, better than hearing them fight over every little thing, it was pointless, and had made me develop trust issues, knowing that my future marriage could end that way, seeing as  fifty percent of marriages end in divorce anyway.

“I’m sorry about that, want to order pizza?” He chirped I laughed shaking my head at how past he could change the subject as I felt my body begin to feel lighter, the heavy feeling in my chest gone and replaced with hunger.

“Yeah, as long as it’s Hawaiian.” I winked, knowing he hated it, and it was something we could argue for hours over, stupid little things, but I think that’s what made you compatible in a way.

“Don’t start with me Y/L/N” He said and with one shove of his foot I was off the couch and on the floor, Giggles escaping my lips along with a long stream of smoke, the smell of marijuana on my breath making me laugh more, him simply shaking his head at my antics, as he started to get out his phone to order pizza, which we finally just agreed on a simple Large cheese.

“Michael! Michael Michael..” I said a lot going back to the couch, and sitting down on his lap, startling him as he seemed to be going through memes on his Instagram account.

“What Y/N?” He asked tilting his head, as I straddled his waist.

“Watch.” I grinned, Inhaling from the blunt, while closing my eyes, and holding it there for a second, then I formed my lips into an 'O’ shape, letting a smoke ring form, as Michael Inhaled my second-hand smoke, a smirk on his lips, the only thing between us being the smoke.

“That was hot.” I laughed.

“You wanna know what else it hot?” he smirked mischievously.

I paused for a second not knowing what he was getting at, “What?” I said above a whisper, but only for us to hear, even though no one else was here.

He leaned in his lips attaching to mine, as he smelled of the drug that brought us together, with one quick move he moves my back to the couch so that he was hovering over me, my legs still wrapped around his waist, but I couldn’t help to agree that this was hot.

Over the amount of time of knowing Michael, I thought he never saw me as anything else than a friend, but I’d be okay with being friends and benefits, all my worries being let go with Mary Jane, and Michael’s lips.

His hands slid up my shirt as he slowed himself down but I encouraged it on by pulling off my own shirt, his eyes roaming over my bare chest as I simply forgot to put on a bra this morning, and I could tell he was more than happy about it, his rough fingertips immediately playing with my hard nipples, as I moaned into his mouth, As my boobs began to feel tender at his rough touch.

Michael’s hands were everywhere I wanted them to be, groping, squeezing and playing around with my body, our blunts long were forgotten when we just had each other to get intoxicated.

I let my legs let go of his waist as his hands trailed down to my shorts, my wet panties more than willing to go to the floor, my mind purely on Michael and only Michael.

He slid my shorts off along with my panties, His head also dipping down to kiss my wet pussy, I shivered in pleasure, wanting him to do more, he came back up to kiss me but my hands tangled in his hair pushing him back down towards my heat.

Michael Chuckled, his tongue licking a clean stripe up my heat, as I let out a whimper, his finger rubbed gently at my clit, in a sweet but tortuous circle.

I had one hand clutching the couch cushion the other gripping his beautiful locks as I felt like I was in Heaven, his mouth sucking up any juice that ever existed, his tongue going faster in different motion I was too unfocused to ever describe my thighs shaking as he held my thighs open so he could get more room.

My eyes held closed as I felt myself let go in his mouth, my body shaking in complete euphoria, yet another release thanks to Michael Clifford.

I looked down at the beautiful blonde who was smirking up at me, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You taste beautiful sweetheart.” He kissed my lips with his marijuana breath along with my sweet taste on his lips, “I’d hope so.” I grinned, my stressful life falling away in the grasp of Michael.

The doorbell rang, as I threw on Michael’s t-shirt over my bare body where I took it off somewhere in the middle of our escapade, knowing our cheese pizza was waiting on us.

“Your turn next.” I winked at Michael, a sly smirk on his lips as I opened the door with the money in my hand.

I’ve never done Marijuana so I’m just going off of nothing really.

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Q: What made you get serious with the gym, and why did you stick with it this time?

February 2016, I was depressed. There was a breakup. It was messy, I was suffering because of it. Months passed, and things weren’t getting better… In fact, they were getting worse. Therapy wasn’t helping. I began pushing my friends away. My weight dropped. At 155 pounds, a friend said I looked emaciated. This was a low point.

And then, a suggestion from a few different people all around the same time.

“Have you tried exercise?”

What? No. I mean, I’ve been active in one way or another throughout my life, but I’ve never gone to the gym more than once a week, like, ever. But then I thought about it. Why not exercise?

At this point I had been chatting with @deadlifts-and-derrida for some time, and asked for his thoughts on a beginner routine. He was gracious enough to give me something easy. 3 days of weightlifting to start, no more than 45 minutes per day.

At first, I hated it. I dreaded signing up. Getting up early sucked. I hated walking in, not knowing anyone, feeling small and ugly compared to everyone else. I hated showering in public. But, at the end of the workout… I… kinda felt pretty good! So I did it again. A few weeks passed and I was feeling better. My depression hadn’t gone away, but the breakup was on my mind less often. Progress! A couple months passed and I asked for a new routine, something a bit more challenging. @deadlifts-and-derrida delivered. I kept it up, and really started to like it. It clicked.

Then, a couple interesting things happened. First, I became a “regular.” The trainers would say hello and ask me how my day was. Other gym-goers would make eye contact and nod. Nothing flirty, just nice. I felt like these people were becoming my friends. The second thing, the thing that really sealed the deal for me…

“Oh my god, your arms.”

…The comments from everyone.

Over the course of a few months, I gained a significant amount of weight while keeping my body fat low. People noticed. I ATE IT UP. The more comments I got, the more motivated I was to work harder. I grew even bigger. “You’re going to need new clothes.” I did. Ten months ago I swam in small shirts. I fit snugly in mediums now.

So, as they say, it gets better. I didn’t think I’d ever be one of those people who goes to the gym and finds enjoyment in it, but it’s become the foundation of my day. Every day. Because of the gym, I am almost 30 pounds heavier with low body fat. I am more confident. My depression is still around, but I feel like I am in control of it. In general, I feel so much happier. I owe a lot of this to @deadlifts-and-derrida for not only helping me, but pushing me on the days when I dragged my feet a bit.

“I’m scared”
“I’m embarrassed”
“The gym is way too intimidating”
“I won’t know what to do”
“Everyone will think I’m too ______________”
“I can’t get up that early.” or “I don’t have any energy after work”
“I’m too lazy”

These were all things I said to myself. The hardest part was motivating myself to go.

…But once you go, and learn to respect the iron, it will change your life.

It ended up being a really beautiful day! I actually took this picture to show how crazy my hair looked after I took it down from having it in a bun for dance…but in the picture it doesn’t look so bad. 🤷‍♀️

Dance was fun–I’m not used to such a small class; there was nowhere to hide! (I’m definitely a back-of-the-class girl.) But, the teacher gave me a really nice compliment about my posture and “lines” while dancing. 😁And, before class my friend and I had absolutely delicious sushi and discussed All the Ugly and Wonderful Things in our own mini book club. I didn’t know that today would be her first sushi in America (since moving here from South Africa several months ago), so I’m glad I picked a good place!

I backed out of happy hour–I still had laundry and grocery shopping to do and I am socialed out. We’re going on Wednesday instead. I’m currently trying to read more of Dark Money. It is interesting…but it’s like a very depressing dystopian novel (only it’s non-fiction) in which all the characters are dreadfully unlikeable. 😳😐😞 I’m only 100 pages in. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and reading a chapter before or after I read my other books.

I belong here in his arms

I’m in relationship around two months and a week , for now everything is fantastically good. He is older then me 5 years but love doesn’t ask for age, does it?

First time in my “love life” I feel that I’m completely falling in love with this boy. Come on guys! I finally feel it. Maybe it won’t be long relationship but I know that I’m going to remember this one till I die. Better person I haven’t met yet. Full of love and support, and he is here anytime I need it. Ask you truly how are you. You can hear it in his voice that it’s not just question for no reason, you can hear that he is asking because he wants to know truly. First time in my life I’m feeling that connection! He can make me laugh in a second, isn’t it nice? And also I told him, huh, let me say everything important, because I just felt that he need to know, that he will understand and support me… 

Well, I want to tell you how we actually met. Long story but I’m going to make short one. There is site, you probably know  it’s called “PlanetRomeo”. I can’t tell you for sure but i think  first time we talked there it was like year and half from now. Long time ago. We have had been chatting for like 2 months but no one has sent photo or something, just chatting about normal stuffs like books or movies. But unfortunately, he deleted profile like I did, and right now I don’t know why we done it. But it doesn’t matter now.  After few months I made new profile and he was there, I was so exited and again we started chatting. Same, about movies, books, life and then, I fucking don’t know why everything repeated. I was sad but still I was happy at least I heard him again.
Again, after few mounts I was on Romeo again, and he was too. This time he made first step and asked me for my number… I was completely sure and free to send him my number.
In September 2016 I gave him my number. We was chatting but nothing special. Just to hear how he is, how university is going.You could see that is just normal friendship.. and so on…

On 27th of Dec. we finally met. Kinda cool meeting. I was in his flat, we were talking about life, our daily routines . He told me how he is not for any relationship, just friendship. I was totally cool with that, why not? He’s really cool and relaxed guy with nice humor, I saw we are going to be great friends.


In the following days we used to see each other. Still he was repeating that he is not for anything, in first moment I was totally okay with that and I was for friendship too, but somehow I didn’t feel that way. So I decided to touch him, after I did it I definitely felt “that” something… But he repeated again how he is not for relationship, and I back off… Last time we’ve seen in 2016 was 30th of Dec he said we will stay in touch but after NY eve. Again, I was okay with everything…

Although, he immediately texted me next day. But was it friendship message? In that time I was getting ready for NY Eve. I was in hurry so we didn’t chat long..

I sent him a message at 00:00. What happened next left me in some kind of shock. Around 3 AM  we agreed to meet up in couple of minutes so I stand up get my jacket and get out of friend’s house. I haven’t even thought what am I doing? Or what am I going to do… I just felt I need to hug him…
Isn’t it obvious?  We met. Talk. We realized that we can try. And finally I kissed him. Ah that kiss, short but fucking beautiful. Outside. Some one could see us but how cares?

I fell hard. Beautiful person. Charismatic. Full of charm. No one is perfect, we all have flaws. However, what we need most to accept from the other person as much are flaws. I think I’m ready this time. I am ready to sacrifice everything necessary for this person.  

Help Me Fly Again

hold me by the heart and daehwi for anon; warnings for anxiety

listen to hold me by the heart

Didn’t know how to take flight

Wings broken couldn’t seem to bend

Somehow you came and like the wind

Picked me up for good

“Hey, how’d it go?” Daehwi smiled cheerfully at you, holding out a cup of tea from a nearby coffee shop. You accepted it gratefully, using the other hand to take Daehwi’s. 

“It was okay,” you nodded, taking a quick sip of your tea, “we drew today, which was fun, and kind of relaxing.”

“That’s nice,” Daehwi gently swung your clasped hands back and forth, the two of you setting down the street that led to your home. Three months ago, you had been struggling with anxiety, and it got so bad that you failed a class because you hadn’t talked to the teacher about not being able to present a project in front of the class. Now that you’d started talking with a therapist, things had been getting better. It had taken you a couple of tries with a few different therapists to find someone who fit with you, but Daehwi and your parents had been supporting you the entire time, assuring you and supporting you through it all. Things were better– not fixed, but better. 

“Hey, do you wanna grab some food on the way home?” Daehwi asked, nudging you with his shoulder. You glanced over at your boyfriend, smiling as warmth spread through your body, partially from the tea, but also from something a little more magical. 

“What were you thinking?” You replied, snuggling a bit closer to him as he started thinking out loud.

“I thought it might be nice to cook something to eat?” Daehwi shrugged, “maybe pasta?”

“Ooh, yeah!” You grinned widely at the thought of cooking your favorite food with one of your favorite people. “Should we make the tomato sauce from scratch?” 

“Let’s do it,” Daehwi giggled with excitement, and you smiled at his cheerful reaction. The two of you continued down the street, intertwined hands swinging between you, knowing that whatever challenged faced you, you’d get through it together. 

disclaimer: i’m not promoting the “romantics” of anxiety, nor am i saying that dating a person can solve mental problems– neither of these things are true. the “message” of this fic is to cope w anxiety with a method that works for YOU, with the SUPPORT of the people around you. therapy is a way that has worked for me, and so i’m using MY method in this fic

Ok so today I finally saw Call Me by Your Name and I have so many things to say (and I’ll try to be as spoiler-free as possible):

First, the movie has TONS of references to the sociopolitical situation of 80s Italy and Italian pop culture in general, and it’s funny bc nobody said anything about it when I first read all the reviews!!!!! it was such a HUGE surprise!! if you’re Italian the movie is going to have a whole different feel, and it’s what Guadagnino&Fasano (the film editor) meant to do! I’m mad they didn’t ask anything else on the matter! what an awful waste

Also, as many people have already said, it was a surprise. A nice surprise, because it was slightly different from the book BUT it left me with the same feelings as the book did many months ago. Believe me when I say it’s beautiful, sensual and hilarious. I have no idea why people were complaining about the scarce nudity in the sex scenes, the movie does not shy away from anything (if it does, it stays true to the rest of the movie).

Another thing: it’s true 80s trash and I LOVED it. From the music to the clothes to the furniture to Elio’s Invicta backpack to basically Anything! If you lived the 80s or simply like the aesthetics of it you’re going to adore this movie. Aaaand this is all I’m saying bc I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s really worth the wait, but I can’t wait for it to come out on dvd.

The Dove and the Peacock | Joshua vs Junhui

Genre: fluff/angst, meta (abstract concept), a little bit of everything its just a wild ride

Pairing: Reader x Joshua vs Junhui

Word count: 8.4k (this is the longest fully written scenario I’ve ever written omg)

Synopsis: All she had to do was choose between the dove or the peacock. Easy enough, right?

A/N: This was originally written for the same friend I did ZA!Hwiyoung for!! This is written in a completely different writing style than what I usually do (I wanted to try something new), but it still has “me” elements, if that makes sense LOL. This concept is a little abstract and difficult to understand, but I hope you still enjoy reading and pls give me feedback! THIS IS SO LONG I CANT BELIEVE ITS FREAKING 8.4K HOLY CRAP SLKFFL IT SUCKS IM SORRY BUT HAPPY READING FROM YOUR FAV MOM!!!!

Just choose one.

Blank, empty walls surrounded her body, if one would even call it that. She floated around mindlessly, a soul having left her body. She didn’t feel tied down as she did earlier, a weight having lifted off of her. Her limbs freely moved as much as her thoughts wildly ran. Her eyes glazed over the sight in front of her with serenity that would expectedly send one into hysteria.

A hundred – that’s how many birds occupied the empty space, particularly doves and peacocks.

“There’s far too many,” she whispered. She took in every corner of the room, every feather, every color. Where would she even start?

As if reading her mind, the voice cried out again.

You’ll know.

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I looked around the room we were escorted to when we arrived at the doctor’s office and shook my head. I couldn’t believe this was supposed to be a place someone came to get treatment.

We weren’t even in a real waiting room it was like more like a small office.

“What’s up with all the security?” I questioned

She rolled her eyes “I don’t know, talk to my dad about it. I don’t know why he’s being like this” she huffed

I shook my head. I knew the man was a senator but this was a bit too much, or maybe he didn’t want people to know that his twenty-year-old daughter was pregnant.

If that’s the case, he was lame as fuck. I didn’t even bother to bringing the idea up to Cyn because I wasn’t sure how her emotions were today and I didn’t want this to be something that would ruin her mood.

“You know…” she began “You didn’t have to take off of work just so you could come with me, you know” Cyn said

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just my fave disjointed snippets of percabeth in house of hades...

Annabeth’s only comfort was Percy. Every so often he would glance over and smile, or squeeze her hand. He had to be just as scared and miserable as she was, and she loved him for trying to make her feel better.

Her legs wobbled so badly, Percy cursed himself for not calling a rest earlier.  They sat together on a ledge next to a roaring fiery waterfall. Percy put his arm around Annabeth, and she leaned against him, shaking from exhaustion.  

At least he had Annabeth. They would find a way out of Tartarus. They had to. He didn’t think much of fates and prophecies, but he did believe in one thing: Annabeth and he were supposed to be together. They hadn’t survived so much just to get killed now.  "Things could’ve been worse,“ Percy didn’t see how, but he tried to sound upbeat.  Annabeth snuggled against him. Her hair smelled of smoke, and if he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine they were at the campfire at Camp Half-Blood.

Whenever Percy felt like giving up, he reached over and took Annabeth’s hand, just to remember there was warmth in the world.  He tried to think of good things to keep his spirits up—the lake at Camp Half-Blood, the time he’d kissed Annabeth underwater. He tried to imagine the two of them in New Rome together, walking through the hills and holding hands. Annabeth laced her fingers through his. In the light of his bronze sword, her face was so beautiful.  "We’re together,” she reminded him. “We’ll get through this.”  He’d been so worried about lifting her spirits, and here she was reassuring him.  "Yeah,“ he agreed. "Piece of cake." 

She’d lost track of how long she and Percy had been falling—hours? A day? It felt like an eternity. They had been holding hands ever since they dropped into the chasm. Now Percy pulled her close, hugging her tight as they tumbled through absolute darkness.  Annabeth wrapped her arms around Percy and tried not to sob. She’d never expected her life to be easy. Most demigods died young at the hands of terrible monsters. That was the way it had been since ancient times. The Greeks invented tragedy. They knew the great heroes didn’t get happy endings.  Still, this wasn’t fair. [..] Just when she’d succeeded, when things had been looking up and she’d been reunited with Percy, they had plunged to their deaths.  Even the gods couldn’t devise a fate so twisted. […] Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy’s ear. "I love you.”  She wasn’t sure he could hear her—but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words. 

He wove between the trees, leading Annabeth at a full sprint despite her blindness. Percy realized how much she trusted him to get her out of this.

Now Percy was in Tartarus, dying form gorgon’s blood plus a dozen another agonizing curses, while he watched his girlfriend stumble around, helpless and blind and believing she’d abandoned her. He clutched his sword. His skin started to steam. White smoke curled off his forearms. I won’t die like this, he thought.  Not only because it was painful and insultingly lame, but because Annabeth needed him. Once he was dead, the demons would turn their attention to her. He couldn’t leave her alone.

She saw Percy, and series of expressions flashed across her face—relief, joy, shock, and horror. “What’s wrong with him?” she cried. “What happened?” She cradled his shoulders and wept into his scalp.  Percy wanted to tell her it was okay, but of course it wasn’t. He couldn’t even feel his body anymore.  Annabeth took his face in her hands. She kissed him and tried to wipe the dust and sweat from his eyes.

“My friend is dying. Can you cure him or not?” Her voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her—a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.

“Annabeth!” Percy pulled her back just as her foot hit the edge of a drop-off. She almost pitched forward into who-knew-what, but Percy grabbed her and wrapped her in his arms. “It’s okay,” he promised. She pressed her face into his shirt and kept her eyes closed tight. She was trembling, but not just from fear. Percy’s embrace was so warm and comforting she wanted to stay there forever safe and protected…but that wasn’t reality. She couldn’t afford to relax. She couldn’t lean on Percy any more than she had to. He needed her, too.

The cement settled in Percy’s stomach. He had always suspected how this would end. He would have to stay behind. […] Percy would hold the elevator button and make sure Annabeth got to safety.  Somehow, he had to convince her to go without him. As long as she was safe and the Doors disappeared, he could die knowing he’d done something right. “Percy…?” Annabeth stared at him, a suspicious edge in her voice.  She was too smart. If he met her eyes, she would see exactly what he was thinking.

“Get in the elevator. I’ll hold the button.“  "Yeah, right!” She smacked a carnivorous horse in the snout with the butt of her sword and sent the monster stampeding through the crowd. “You promised me, Seaweed Brain. We would not get separated. Ever again!” “You’re impossible!” “Love you too!”

For years, he had worried about Annabeth dying. When you’re a demigod that goes with the territory. Most half-bloods don’t live long. You always knew the next monster you fought could be your last. But seeing Annabeth like this was too painful. He’d rather stand in the River Phlegethon, or get attacked my aria, or be trampled by giants.

She decided she’d rather die in some less memorable way–maybe falling down the stairs, or going peacefully in her sleep at the age eighty, after a nice quiet life with Percy. Yes, that sounded good.

Despite being beat-up, sooty, and dressed like a homeless person, she looked great to Percy.  So what if they were in Tartarus? So what if they stood a slim chance of surviving. Percy was so glad that they were together, he had the ridiculous urge to smile.  

"Percy, wake me for second watch. Don’t be a hero.” He gave her that smirk she’d come to love. “Who, me?”  He kissed her, his lips parched and feverishly warm. “Sleep." 

“Maybe a little sleep,” she agreed. Bob scooped her up like a rag doll. She didn’t protest. He set her next to Percy on the giant’s bed, and she closed her eyes. Annabeth woke staring at the shadows dancing across the hut’s ceiling. She hadn’t had a single dream. That was so unusual, she wasn’t sure if she’d actually woken up. As she lay there, Percy snoring next to her and Small Bob purring on her belly […] Percy sat bolt upright. “What? What—where—what?” “It’s okay.” Annabeth took his arm. When he registered that they were together in a giant’s bed with a skeleton cat, he looked more confused than ever. 

She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. "Tell me about New Rome,” she demanded. “What were your plans for us?”  "New Rome…for us…“  "Yeah, Seaweed Brain. You said we could have a future there! Tell me!” Annabeth had never wanted to leave Camp Half-Blood. It was the only real home she’d ever known. But days ago, on the Argo II, Percy had told her that he imagined a future for the two of them among the Roman demigods. In their city of New Rome, veterans of the legion could settle down safely, go to college, get married, even have kids.  "Architecture,“ Percy murmured. The fog started to clear from his eyes. 

"But next time,” she said, “I want to go somewhere different on a date.”  "Paris was nice,“ he recalled.  She managed a smile. Months ago, before Percy got amnesia; they’d had dinner in Paris one night, compliments of Hermes. That seemed like another lifetime.  "I’d settle for New Rome,” she offered. “As long as you’re there with me.” Man, Annabeth was awesome. For a moment, Percy actually remembered what it was like to feel happy. He had an amazing girlfriend. They could have a future together.

[…]Percy felt as hopeless as the spirits in the River Cocytus. So what if he was a hero? So what if he did something brave? Evil was always here, regenerating, bubbling under the surface. Percy was no more than a minor annoyance to these immortal beings. They just had to outwait him. Someday, Percy’s sons or daughters might have to face them all over again. Sons and daughters. The thought jarred him. As quickly as hopelessness had overtaken him, it disappeared. He glanced at Annabeth. She still looked like a misty corpse, but he imagined her true appearanceher gray eyes full of determination, her blond hair pulled back in a bandana, her face weary and streaked with grime, but as beautiful as ever. […] There was still hope. He and Annabeth had come this far. The Doors of Death were almost within reach. Sons and daughters. A ridiculous thought. An awesome thought. Right there in the middle of Tartarus, Percy grinned.

You’re not dying on me, Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth said. “Remember? Never separated again. And after we get home…”  "What?“ Percy asked.  She kissed him. "Ask me again, once we defeat Gaea.”  He smiled, happy to have something to look forward to. “Whatever you say.”