so uh here’s a old drawing i did of cup and bends about a month ago its not really good i’m only a little 13 year old anyways ;-;. but here take this little fanart of bendarang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and a edgy ass cup, i’m sorry for trashing your wonderful blog with my trash.

art by askbendyandinky

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Cup, lay off the drugs

and Bendy, get real!

seriously tho, great job, love it!

Wanna know why this is my favorite picture of Ethan??

1. He’s wearing a tank top
2. He looks so incredibly done
3. He also has this little like grin going on like he knows something that you don’t
4. “Oh really?”
5. Perfect response when someone asks you something but you’re feeling sneaky and don’t wanna answer
6. Every time you zoom in and in and in and in on his face, the expression seems to get more comical.

That’s all.


Technology just gets better 😎😎😎
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