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Scenario where Nic, Worick, and Alex's s/o (diff scenarios) are killed?

I have set myself up for tragedy. —Kai 

NIC: He’d taken his eyes off you for just one second, just a single second as his blade ran through the body of another. He’d been unable to hear the scream that had tore past your lips, and all that remained was the image of your body collapsing to the floor, the light slowly leaving your eyes. 

His vision went red. He’d never moved with such ferocity, his sword separating heads from shoulders, limbs from torsos, evil from the lives it clung to. By the time he was done, the walls were painted with his handiwork. 

He returned to you, his heart racing, his legs trembling. His vision blurred, although whether it was from his previous overdose on Upper or not, he wasn’t sure. Nic shook you, tried speaking your name, tried grabbing your attention, but nothing worked. Finally, he screamed. 

WORICK: Thousands of images flashed behind Worick’s eyelids, but the only thing he could understand was the enormous pool of blood. The gun in his back pocket felt hot and itched to be used. 

He caught a long look at the fleeing man, and although he wanted nothing more than to fire his gun after the slowly shrinking form, you were of more importance. His steps toward you were short, small, hesitant. Was he really ready to see you in this light? 

Worick flipped you over, felt the fading heat of your skin, and pressed your fingers to his lips. “I’m so sorry—” The rest of his words were caught in his throat, unable to escape. Your name passed his lips. “Sorry… I’m so sorry… So, so sorry—” 

ALEX: The scream was trapped in her throat. Her vision blurred over, fading in and out of focus. She could see your form on the floor, limp, your limbs left at awkward angles. “_______!” Your name filled the air with unwanted weight. 

A rattling noise filled the air as your chest rose slightly. “______!” The brunette rushed over to you. “No, no, ______! Stay with me, baby.” You smiled faintly, watching as Alex’s face came into view. 

“I love you, Alex,” you murmured. “Don’t look so sad—” You coughed. It was getting darker now. Darker and darker—and all you could hear was screaming. 


giving a keynote address @ T.G.I.F
Trans, Gender Nonconforming, Intersex Freedom
rally and picnic in Chicago
July 28, 2013

Links Hall’s 2014/15 Curatorial and Artistic Residents Links Hall’s programming committee is pleased to announce the selection of Nic Kay, Chih- Hsien Lin, Christine Shallenburg and The Impossible! Collective (Eli Halpern, Kurt Preston, Jajah Wu, and Sam Vilensky) as our 2014/15 LinkUP Residents! 

NIC Kay 
is a performer, teacher, and visual artist born and raised in the Bronx, New York. They are a founding member of 3rd Language - a Queer art collective based in Chicago. Kay was the Education Associate at About Face Theatre for two years and their visual and performance works have been seen on the streets and in galleries and on stages in both New York and Chicago.


Lil Blk

A one person experimental theatre piece, actualizes the rage born from my bifurcated social experience as a young, black, queer and gender non-conforming person, and strives to share the desolation that results from being both invisible/visible and praised/dismissed. Shaped with movements influenced by New York gay/queer ballroom culture, live punk performance, butoh and praise dance, Lil Blk begins with an attempt to organize a non-competitive Vogue ball and makes use of a non-linear timeline to encourage a departure from uncomplicated and motionless archetypes of the black performer-performance and queer identity.