This book mentions how some Christian saints had powers to teleport, powers to walk on water, powers to multiply objects like money or food, powers to bilocate and powers to levitate. I do teach how to possibly get these powers so do see my blog for more information. I believe absolutely anyone can get these powers if they know what to do as I believe I do and I am trying to show as many people as I can what to do to get these powers. You can buy this book from [ at ]. I did really speak with demons also so I did see the proof that there is a heaven and I did learn how to get to heaven also. Do see my blog!


Here is a strange geological event that I started to post in July, then opted for a different post. Now it just seems in line with all of this crazy weather and geological events. Giant stones the size of GOLF BALLS batters Spain leaving sheep dead and cars wrecked. Terrifying footage, filmed by locals, shows the enormous stones falling from the sky as the weather takes a dramatic turn for the worse. #Geostorm #Nibiru or Bad Experiments or both. #4biddenknowledge

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Different links for thought. 

200,000 Year Old Annunaki Cities Discovered in Africa

Annunaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST WATCH)

The True History of the Anunnaki; Explains Why they came to Earth and What they were after

Anunnaki & Nibiru - Everything you need to know

Michael Tellinger : Annunaki, Gold, Human DNA, Slave Species Awakening 2012

nibiru and 2012

what sis??

i thought we were gonna die in 2012 what ever happened to that

ok but also

what if

we did really die in 2012


were so shOOK that our souls refused to die and lived on as if nothing happened??

but anyway, yall reachin with this nibiru shit i mean i suck ass at astronomy but like ????

what are the chances that a fucking planet collides with earth and wipes out humanity 

lol trump’s prob already boarding his spaceship ready to take off to venus

prob wont happen 


if it does

yall can wake up from the dead and reply to this saying “i told you so” 

but until then

During the hour of the great Zhwatan, I had a vision. I was an old Russian midget who made a deal with the devil. I would give him the harvested souls of innocent people and he would give me sour cream. I then awoke… and I realised it was a nothing but my fecund mind. I walked a mile on the surface of the dusty blue planet thinking of Zorg’s fetid tentacle and watched as my cosmic stars aligned to their azimuth. It was in that pure moment I heard the voice of the Goddess like sweet nectar to my ears whisper… Minge
—  Celestial Minge - The Russian Midget