listen guys niall crashing zayn’s recording session in his underwear making zayn do the crinkle face smile and giggle and getting him to sing along while he’s dancing around in his underwear i love it niall makes zayn so comfortable niall does so much for him by just being who he is zayn and niall are made for each other and i’m so in love

Hey guys, I think I’m going to start writing imagines and preferences so let know if you like this one or have any ideas*

You’re shy:

Harry: Harry didn’t mind your shyness. He actually thought it was quiet cute. The way your cheeks blushed that perfect rose color, or the way your hair curtained over your face when you tried to hide your embarrassment. You were cute, and he would constantly tease you just to get these actions he adored so much out of you. He also loved that when it was just the two of you, all of a sudden there was different side of you who would come out just for him. A side of you no one really experienced except him. A y/n that would drop random innuendos, laugh until her sides ached, and talk on and on about life’s mysteries and the many “what ifs” in the world.  This was his y/n, and he was glad he didn’t have to share this one thing with the world.

Liam: Being a natural born leader, Liam was more of a social guy. He liked parties, award shows, and hanging out a clubs. But because of your natural born shyness, you weren’t as thrilled about these things as he was. Many thought this was odd. Most of the time Liam would show up alone or with friends to these gathering, leaving many to wonder where you were and if you two were even still together. But what they didn’t understand is you two understood each other. You weren’t as open to people as Liam was, and he understood that, so he made sure to not put you into any situation you weren’t comfortable with. And you knew that Liam liked going out, so you didn’t pester him about staying home. Though once in a while, you would occasionally accompany Liam to a show, bar, or party because you knew he liked having you there with him. Then in return, Liam would dedicate a couple days or a weekend, for day’s home with you cooking, cuddling, and watching movies. Many people thought it was odd, but it was you two. Liam and Y/n.

 Zayn: Zayn and you were quiet alike. More on the reserved side, making you two seem kind of like a mystery. Not many people knew about what you guys did, or how your relationship was like, they were always trying to figure you two out. And you guys found this amusing. Occasionally, you guys would read the tabloids together and laugh about the ridiculous rumors the fans and paparazzi started.  It kind of became one of your guy’s traditions every month to see what the most outrageous rumor they would come up with. What you actually found amusing was everyone painted you guys out as this complicated and crazy couple, but in reality, you guys were boring. Your favorite thing to do was sleep for crying out loud! So was Zayn’s. Maybe once awhile you two would go out and see a movie, but that was as crazy as it got. Days with Zayn were basically sleeping in till 12’oclock, waking up and having brunch together, watching TV, maybe reading a new book, painting, talking a little about future plans, and then just waiting until the night time so you guys could sleep again. Simplicity is what described you two. 

Niall: Niall was so bubbly and constantly trying to get you out of your shell. Bragging to people about how smart you were, or your latest accomplishments in life. You dreaded having to talk to people but you did it for him not wanting to hold him back. And it was good for you that he pushed you. It gave you a balance of interaction with others and helped you conquer your fears of talking. Sometimes you would talk so much he would actually have to shut you up with a kiss. Everyone thought it was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. For instance, you were a major book worm, so whenever you were telling somebody about the latest book you were reading, going into too much detail and spoiling it. He would tilt your head back up to his and shush you with a kiss. This cause you to lose your train of thought and sit quietly embarrassed. But everyone would just laugh and Niall would chuckle quietly into your hair, you blushing furiously. Niall was your balance in life and you couldn’t have asked for someone better.

Louis: Everyone has known Louis as this loud, funny, and energetic guy. Always cracking jokes, pulling pranks, and talking up a storm, which is why everyone was surprised when you two started going out. You see, your personality was the total opposite of Louis’s. Y/N Y/LN, talked soft and gentle, was always quietly just enjoying the party, and never getting into trouble. No one ever thought you two would end up together; however, they couldn’t see you guys ending up with anyone else. Louis loved showing PDA and you were shyer about it but because you loved Louis you made an effort to display little acts. Louis’s favorite was your butterfly kisses. Even though it was just the flutter of your eye lashes against his cheek, he made it seem like you handed him the world. And sometimes when you two were out and about and people would come up and try to start a conversation, Louis would politely decline knowing you had a hard time meeting knew people. You two were made for each other.

All I want to know is...

…why Louis’ face exploded with fondness when Harry just so much as yawned

Louis, please. We know you you think he has the prettiest molars but don’t freak Niall out, thanks.

And when you think things can’t get worse, you have Harry planning their wedding in front of his inner eye…

He’s so foonney. Why is he so foonney? … I want to marry him, he’s so so foonney

Eww, get a grip.

“I think…I think he should wear a black tux. Or…ummm…like….eggshell white?”

Can someone get them a room please, it’s so painful my teeth are literally aching

Preference #71

You get your wisdom teeth pulled

Harry: "Harry!“ you mumbled giddily, turning your head to face him. He chuckled lightly, his hand resting on your thigh as he drove you to his flat. You had just paid a more dreaded visit to your dentist due to your aching wisdom teeth, and of course, Harry had to tag along. "Harry!” you whispered again, laughing. “What?” “I love you so much," you spoke quietly, your fingers reaching out to brush his cheek. He laughed, clearly amused with your current state. "I love you too, babe. How’s your mouth?” “I can’t feel a thing,” you giggled, playing with his curls. “We’ll see about that in a few hours,” he glanced over at you, offering a crooked smile. 

Zayn: "You need to rinse them, [Y/N]!“ Zayn huffed, offering a cup of saltwater. You shook your head stubbornly, crossing your arms. His hand grasped your chin softly, attempting to open your mouth, but you were keeping it sealed shut. "It’s not going to hurt you, babe. It’s to make it feel better. Trust me,” he knelt down next to you, his eyes soft. You sighed, taking the small cup from his hand. “I don’t even get why I have to do this. It’s so gross,” you grumbled to yourself, marching to the bathroom with the cup. Zayn followed with a smirk. “Well, would you prefer an infection?” he taunted. You shook your head, swishing the liquid around in your mouth.

Liam: "It hurts,“ you whined loudly, cupping your jaw in your hands protectively. "I know. It’s going to hurt for awhile babe,” Liam explained with a frown, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Want me to make you some soup?” “Would you?” you looked up at him, giving your best attempts to smile. He nodded, offering a wink. “Of course,” he kissed your forehead, standing from the couch to go to the kitchen. Cuddling into the soft pillows, you closed your eyes and tried to block out the pain as you waited. Almost ten minutes later, Liam came back with a bowl of warm soup in one hand and water in the other, but you were fast asleep on the couch. 

Louis: "Here,“ he passed you a glass of water and two pain killers. You took them from his hands as he cuddled up next to you, wrapping his arms around you. Downing the pain killers with water, you leaned into him, letting out occasional groans. "Shh, it’s okay babe. The phone nurse said the pain will wear off soon,” your boyfriend hushed you, brushing the hair from your face. “But I got them pulled how many days ago?” you replied quietly. “It takes time.” You nodded, cuddling up to him. “Thank you Louis,” you whispered to him. “For what?” “For everything. You’re amazing,” you kissed his lips softly before lying down for a nap with Louis. 

Niall: “I got ice cream, all your favorite kinds, popsicles and some jello. I also got soup for later and a few rentals from that movie place you like,” Niall rambled on while piling movies on the bed along with a few Ben & Jerry ice cream tubs. “You’re the best,” you spoke groggily, smiling up at him before wincing in pain. “Awe. Come ‘ere princess,” he cooed, plopping on the bed next to you and cuddling up to you. “For the next week or so, your wish is my command. But it’s always like that, eh?” he said, lifting a brow. You giggled lightly, nodding and giving him a small kiss. “Here.” He handed you a spoon and some ice cream as he put in the first movie. 


I want to read a ziall fic where Zayn & Perrie are having their wedding and all the boys are there and just when Zayn’s about to say “i do”

Niall gets up so suddenly and just leaves the chapel and zayn stares at him until he walks out the door and instead of continuing the wedding,
he runs off to niall and niall is walking away quickly with tears welling up in his eyes then he hears the familiar voice of someone calling his name

And starts running away bc he loves zayn so much and now hes getting married and as he starts running, zayn runs after him calling out his name but niall doesn’t stop until zayn grabs his arm and turns him around to face him to see that niall is sobbing. 

And niall angrily says “what the hell do you want from me” and zayns just like “what happened? Why are you crying?” And niall responds by “just leave me alone, go have your wedding. I’m going home” but zayn says “i cant if your not there” and crashes his lips onto nialls and they kiss for a long time.

When they release, niall’s confused and ask “why did u do that u have perrie” but then zayn gets down on one knee with a red velvet box in his hands and niall is so confused until zayn says “i did this all for u. I just wanted to make sure u did have feeling for me”

And niall is just smirking and says “thats a little fucked up” but his smile can’t go away and zayn starts to smile as well bc niall is his sunshine and he doesnt like it when hes sad.

And thats when he says “will you niall james horan marry me”

And niall is so red from happiness and says “i do” and all of a sudden he hears cheers and everyone (his family, zayn’s, friends, the boys) they come out of nowhere and run toward them as zayn slips the ring on nialls finger and they kiss and niall is just the happiest person in the whole world bc he’s going to be with the person he loves, forever.

LA Sunrises.

Here is a Harry imagine that I am currently punching myself in the face for writing because I want this so bad. Oh god could you just…I WANT HARRY TO WRAP HIS ARMS AROUND ME AND LOVE ME. lol here ya go babes <3 enjoy .


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I watched as he plucked a few chords on the new guitar he had gotten from Niall for Christmas. A sleek Koa wood beauty that he seemed to adore. His initials engraved in the fret along with designs of vines and a rose much like the one he had on his arm. The sun shined through the balcony door, overlooking th city of Los Angeles on a winter morning, though it didn’t feel like one. Harry sat on the floor of his LA home in nothing but his tight black jeans, his hair was free from hair ties or his ridiculously dorky hats and a peaceful smile on his lips as he seemed deep in thought. Harry had a love for LA that not many understood, always questioning why he didn’t spend his too few breaks with his family back in England. But it was early mornings like these when I saw Harry at his most relaxed and calm state, when the stress of tour was long gone and he didn’t have to worry about the things that were required of him, being in a internationally famous boy band. Not that he wasn’t grateful for the life he was blessed with, rather he longed for the moments when he could just sit back and watch sunrises and stay at his home with not a care in the world. I pulled the sheets from the bed tightly around me as I softly padded down the stairs towards the living room where he sat. Wrapping my arms around him from behind and leaning my head against the warm skin on his back.

“Why are you up so early, love?” he murmured softly, setting his guitar down, chuckling at the state I was in; extremely tired and groggy.

“You weren’t in bed, came to check if you were okay,” I sighed, burying my face in his neck, relishing in the way he smelled, in the way his warm hands pulled me around and towards his chest, planting soft kisses on my forehead as he settled me on his lap.

“I’m sorry. I was just writing a song. You hungry?” I shook my head, not wanting to move from the comfortable position I was in. He gently raked his fingers through my hair, chuckling as I moaned lightly, leaning into his hand.

“Do you have to go out today?”

“No, I’ll stay here with you. Later we can go swimming and I can take you out to eat, sound like a plan?” Harry asked softly, the rasp in his voice making my heart race. The way his words rolled off his tongue thickly and slowly, always seemed to enchant people, making them hang on to his every word, and I was no exception.

“And we can get some cookie dough ice-cream?” I asked hopefully, pulling away to look him in the eyes. A mesmerizing light green in the sun, his eyelashes casting shadows across his cheeks. His lips were slightly chapped from having sat in the sun.

“We can get some ice cream, though I swear you’re going to get sick from that,” He rolled his eyes, smiling widely.

“If I get sick, if I die because of cookie dough, I will have done so happily, because cookie dough is amazing so shut up,” I pouted, my hair falling all over my face and shoulders as I looked up at him. He laughed at that, pulling me once again towards his chest as he turned to look out the balcony, his hair tickling my neck. It was mornings like these where I was lucky to have met Harry, to have fallen in love with him. Never in a million years would I have known I would get so lucky, and would laugh when I thought about my 17 year old self who spent nights wondering if she would ever find someone who loved her for who she was. Would spend every waking moment to try and force happiness and friendships because she was so lonely. It was mornings like these when I thought about how far I have come and just how much Harry meant to me. He wasn’t the reason I started becoming happy, wasn’t the reason I stopped hating myself or started working towards a better future. But he was someone I shared it with and there was no one else I would have rather chosen. He was my reminder, my reminder of how I made it out of my dark times, alive and blessed. Whether it was in LA, London or in my hometown, there was no where else I’d rather be than by Harry’s side.

“What are you thinking about?” He mumbled, smiling against my shoulder.

“Just how happy I am. How much I love you, dork”

“Oh yeah? Well you must be a dork for loving a dork like me.” He teased, slightly tickling my sides. I yelped, trying to squirm away but he merely placed my back on his lap . “I love you, babe. You and all your pieces and your flaws and fears, no one else I’d want to wake up to in the morning,” he said softly after we both had calmed down. His fingers intertwined with mine as we watched LA come to life for another day.