Preference #15 - Telling him you’re pregnant

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Liam: “Babe, I have something to tell you,” you told your boyfriend, a hint of nervousness in your voice. “What is it?” he asked with a worried look. Taking a deep breath, you showed him the pregnancy test kit that you’ve been holding in your hand and his brown eyes grew wide as he studied it. “Now, I know this is unexpected and all but –” you babbled on, but Liam held your hand in his, making you stop. “Unexpected? Yes, but if I were to start a family, I’d want to do it with you,” he said, a big grin forming on his face. “But what will our parents say? I mean, we’re not even engaged and you know how traditional my parents are,” you said, starting to panic. Liam calmed you down by stroking your hands, leaning forward to kiss your forehead. “They will be shocked or surprised at first, but trust me when I say that things will be okay. They’re gonna love our child. I’ll be with you every step of the way, love. Okay?” he said in a calm and soothing voice. You smiled at him, panic slowly melting away with love taking its place. “Okay, baby. I’m so excited,” you said, squealing in happiness when he suddenly picked you up in his arms and he spun you around the room, his joyful laughter echoing throughout the room. You’ve never felt happier.

Niall: You were celebrating Niall’s birthday by cooking up a magnificent feast for him, full of his favourite food. By the time you both finished dessert, he was already leaning back against his chair, rubbing his belly with a satisfied look on his face. “That was absolutely amazing!” he said. You smiled at him, taking out a small rectangular-sized box from one of the kitchen drawers. “I have a present for you!” you said excitedly, putting the box in front of him. “Princess, what else could you possibly give me that’s better than tonight?” he asked, opening the box. “You’ll see…” you said with a gleeful smile on your face. He opened the box to find a handwritten note from you with ‘You’re gonna be a dad!’ on it and underneath it was a pregnancy test kit. Niall quickly looked up, his blue eyes wide and hopeful. “Princess, are you….” “YES!” you answered, laughing when Niall’s face broke into the biggest smile ever. “I – I can’t believe it. I’m gonna be a dad. That is the best gift I could ever ask for,” he said, pulling you into a tight embrace. “I love you so much, princess,” he said softly. “I love you too, baby.”

Zayn: “Zayn, can you please check on the chicken in the oven?” you called out to him just as he arrived home from work, hoping that your husband would catch the bait. “That’s why ovens have timers, (Y/N),” he replied, taking his coat and shows off. “Just check on it, please?” you pleaded, turning over to look at him with pleading eyes from your spot on the couch. He rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his face. “You’re such a lazy bum,” he teased, walking over to you to place a kiss on your cheek. “Yeah, but I’m your lazy bum,” you said back, giggling. Chuckling, he walked over to the oven and you excitedly watched as he bent down and opened it, a confused look on his face. “Babe, there’s nothing but a bun in here,” he said, looking back at you. “What’s in the oven?” you asked, feigning curiosity. “A bun. There’s a bun in the oven,” he said. You looked at him, a big smile on your face as you patted your belly. It finally clicked in Zayn’s face and he rushed over to you. “(Y/N), you’re sure?” he asked, his brown eyes wide with excitement. “Yes! I went to the doctor’s while you were at work,” you replied. Zayn laughed, gently pulling you towards him as he kissed you tenderly.

Harry: You finally finished taping the small piece of paper you carefully cut out with the words ‘I’m pregnant!’ on it, meticulously covering its entire surface with clear tape so that the words won’t be smudged and taping it to the bottom of a bowl. Satisfied with your handiwork, you quickly poured some cereal into it just as Harry walked into the kitchen, a drowsy look on his face. “Good morning, angel. You’re up early… woke up to kiss you but you weren’t there,” he said, his voice still slightly raspy. “Just felt like getting up early,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. You poured some milk over the cereal, stuck a spoon in it, and passed the bowl over to Harry. “Here, I made you some cereal,” you said, sitting down on the table across from him. “Thank you,” he said gratefully, eagerly picking up the spoon and taking a bite out of the sugary goodness. Minutes passed as both you and Harry talked; you felt your heart beating when Harry finally finished his cereal. You knew he loved to drink the milk once the cereal was finished, so you bit your lip in anticipation when he held the bowl in both his hands and brought it to his lips, drinking every last drop. He put the bowl down and wiped his mouth happily, but his green eyes squinted when he noticed your message. Seconds later, his eyes darted back up to you, sparkling with excitement. “(Y/N)…” he said, voice trailing off. You nodded enthusiastically, a big grin on your face. “Oh my gosh…” he said, grabbing your hand from across the table as happy tears formed in both your eyes. It took months of trying, but it was worth it.

Louis: “Hey Louis, are you free on this date?” you asked, showing him the date on your planner that you circled using red ink. He peered at the date, his eyes squinting. “Darling, that’s like nine months away. I can’t possibly tell if I’ll be free around that time,” he said, shrugging. “Are you sure? It’s a very important date…” “Is someone we know getting married?” “No.” “Then? Why are you asking me nine months in advance?”. You crossed your arms across your chest, raising an eyebrow. “It’s still an important date,” you said stubbornly while Louis looked at you curiously. “(Y/N), what could possibly happen in nine months’ time?” he asked, looking even more confused. You purposely laid your hand on your belly, rubbing it gently. Louis’ watched your movements and all of a sudden he looked as if a light bulb just went off in his head. “Wait… (Y/N), are you… pregnant?” he asked cautiously. “Yes, you bloody idiot!” you exclaimed, laughing when Louis’ face lit up with that smile of his that you loved so much. “Why couldn’t you just tell me like any normal person?” he asked, rushing over to you to bring you into a warm embrace while kissing your forehead. “You know me… I like making things challenging for you,” you teased, snuggling into the warmth of his embrace. “Well, I love you for it,” he said, leaning down to kiss you on your lips. “And I love you too,” you replied, feeling nothing but pure love and adoration for the man holding you in his arms.

Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

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#61 "I miss you."

Louis: Phone tag was very common between you and Louis while he was on tour. With the time differences, jet lag, and your clashing schedules, you both barely had a chance to talk anymore.The effects of not talking to you seemed to be taking a toll on Louis because, the boys had noticed, he has been much more irritable and they wanted to fix it as soon as possible. They tried to call you but the encountered the same problem as Louis; time differences, causing them to give up hope of helping their best friend. When Louis had a quick break, he snuck out back to call you again. “Y-Y/n?” Louis said when when he reached your voice mail once again. “It’s me, again. I overheard the boys; they say that, apparently, I’m a mess without you and they want you to come visit me I know, I know, you have such a busy schedule but even if you could come for a day of two, I’d be ecstatic.If you can’t come, I completely understand but I, I miss you baby girl. Next time you call me I swear I’ll answer. I don’t give a fuck if it’s 3 in the morning I just really need to hear your voice again.” Louis sighed, feeling the need to wrap up his message perfectly though he knows how much you love his voice and would love for him to babble on. “I just hope that you miss me as much as I miss you. I love you, sweetheart. Call me when you get this message.”

Liam: You were sitting in the living room, focusing all of your attention on studying. Liam was upstairs, playing some video game since he didn’t want to interrupt or distract you from studying. Finally, Liam had had enough of avoiding you and stumbled down the stairs. “I miss you.” He mumbled, plopping down on the couch next to you. “I’m right here, Li. How can you miss me?” “I feel like I barely get to see you anymore. You’re always out here studying.” Liam reached across your lap and closed at textbook that you were reading.You huffed as he pulled your study materials away from you. “I need to be studying. Finals are next week and I really don’t feel like failing them.” Liam shook his head, a playful, loving smirk on his face as he pulled you to sit on his lap. “You’re the smartest person I know. There’s absolutely no way that you could possibly fail,” He paused to lean forward, his nose brushing against your cheek as he pecked your cheek. “And besides, I’m sure a quick half hour break won’t hurt you. If anything, it will just refresh your mind a bit.” You wanted to deny him but Liam can be very persuasive when he wants to be. “Okay, but you’re gonna carry me upstairs then.” Liam grinned and wrapped his arms around you before standing with you in his arms. “Of course. Only the best for my princess.”

Niall: “Australia is far away.” He mumbled against your shoulder, clutching onto your shirt as if he’d never see you again if he let go. “Yeah, but we’ll be okay. It’ll be just like when you go on tour.” Your fingers threaded through his hair as he shook his head. “But you’ll be the one leaving. I’m not used to living in that house alone; you’re always there with me.” Niall pulled back slightly to allow him to look at you. You heart shattered when you saw his red, puffy eyes and you were suddenly reconsidering leaving London to go study in Australia. “Y/n, I know it’s selfish but I don’t want you to go. I want to stay here with me and I give you anything to make it up to you for passing up the opportunity to go to Australia–anything you want. J-Just tell me.” Just stay strong, you kept repeating in your head. “Ni,” You mumbled, tugging gently on his hair as you attempted to calm both of you. “I cant. I’ve always wanted to do this and I may never get this chance again. It’s no-” “But I’ll give you anything, y/n. Stay here with me…” “I can’t.” You voice cracked, tears now falling down both of your faces. “Niall, there won’t be a day where I won’t miss you but you’re going on tour soon. Either way I’d be alone so why not spend my time productively?” Niall sighed, releasing you from his arms and leaning back against the wall, wiping a few more tears from his face. “You’re never alone, y/n, but I understand how much you want to do this. I just,” He pauses, reaching out towards you,tilting your chin up to look at him and wiping a few of your tears away with his thumb. “I’m going to miss you so fucking much. Just don’t forget how much I love you while you’re there…”

Zayn: You and Zayn had recently gotten into the biggest fight that you’ve ever had and it ended with you walking out, opting to stay with your friend rather than staying with Zayn. For the first few days, Zayn didn’t try to contact you but, lately, he’s seemed to call or text you everyday though you never responded. One day, you finally decided to listen to some of the voice mails that he left you, wanting to see if he was a upset as you were. “Fuck, y/n.” You heard Zayn’s voice through the phone, his voice deeper then you remember. “I’m sorry. It’s late and hopefully that’s why you didn’t answer not because you’re still avoiding me but I just, I gotta tell you this. Y/n, I screwed up, we both know that, but I’m a mess without you. I need you.” You heard him choke out a sob. “Please, I miss you sweetie. I know it’s only been a few weeks but please call me. Please. At least send me a text–fuck text one of the other’s boys for all I care. I just need to know that you’re safe.” He seemed to quiet for a bit, causing you to think the message ended when he began once again. “I love you, y/n. I really do and I miss you being here with me. I know that I can be a fucking dick sometimes but I love you with all my heart. Call me if you get a chance…”

Harry: “You’re amazing.” He sighed through the phone. At this point, you could practically picture his fingers combing through his hair as he spoke up again. “I’ll never understand how you’re always so supportive to me.” “You’re living your dream, Harry. Of course I’m gonna support your decisions.” “But,” He sighed, sorting through what he planned to say in his head. “I feel awful that I’m canceling on you again. This is,what, the 6th time this week?” “But I understand, Harry. Don’t worry about it. I know that we barely see each other any more due to your crazy schedule but when we do see each other, we make the most of it. That’s all that matter.” Harry laughed, feeling his heart beat a bit faster when he realized what you were insinuating. “God, I miss you, y/n. I promise that when I get home, I’ll make it up to you.” “You better, Styles.”

Something is wrong and he notices (1D preference) (request)

Harry: ‘So…’ He began. ‘What’s wrong?’ Harry was sitting in front of you, eyes serious, voice calm. You were both eating diner. You looked at him with a questioning look. ‘Don’t look at me like that, like you don’t know what I’m talking about.’ He said, without even looking at your face. ‘You are not yourself and I want to know why. And don’t come up with excuses. I’m your boyfriend and I want to help you. Even if you don’t like that.’  Damn, he knew you to well… Sometimes it really scared you how much he knew about you. He looked up at you, scanning your face. ‘I’m waiting…’ He said. You sighed, nervously. You didn’t want to bother him with this. ‘Noth-‘ Your started but he interrupted as soon as he noticed where this was going. ‘Don’t say nothing! You know it’s not nothing. Say it. Spit it out. Yell it. Scream it. I don’t care, but please tell me what’s going on…’ And you could hear his frustration and worries he had build up for quite some time. ‘It’s just…’ You began, struggling with the right words. ‘It’s just. I mean… Your fans are great. And most of the time they’re nice. But lately… I don’t know… They-‘ He signed you to stop talking. ‘Please don’t say you googled yourself, Y/N…’ He groaned. And when you didn’t answer he took that as a yes. ‘Babe… Please… Don’t do that! They write shit! About everyone!’ And you knew that… He warned you enough about doing that, but sometimes the temptation was just too high. You had stopped eating and you were looking down at your plate, not wanting to meet his eyes. You heard him sigh when he grabbed your hand over the table and squeezed in it. ‘What do you think about a weekend without internet, without phones, without anything?’ He asked and you looked up confused. He stood up, took your phone and his and left with it. When he came back, he kissed your lips and nose. ‘I shut the internet down. We are going to have a weekend with just the two of us. No other people, in any form, allowed.’

Louis: You had a fight with your best friend and when you came home you were so, so angry. You threw your coat off and dropped your bag somewhere between the living room and the kitchen. You had to make diner before Louis would come home, so you started immediately, hoping it would set your mind off. But it didn’t. You let things fall, you overcooked the vegetables and it only made you more mad. When you took another pan from the shelf, you were a bit too rough and all the pans clattered down. And that’s where you screamed angry and cursed a couple of times. Suddenly your heard someone running down the stairs and you soon saw Louis coming into the kitchen with a worried look on his face. ‘Baby… Are you ok?’ He asked looking at you and all the pans on the floor. ‘What are you doing home?’ You snapped at him, still angry. ‘Uhm… I had a day off… Don’t you remember?’ He asked, still a worried frown. And yes. Now you remembered. You angrily groaned and walked past him. ‘I’m done with cooking. You can call for take-out. I don’t want anything.’ You walked up the stairs to the bedroom and shut the door harshly. You knew you were taking it out on him and it was not fair, but you actually couldn’t bother because you were so angry. You heard a soft knock on the door and Louis came in before you could say it was ok. ‘What’s wrong, babe…’ He asked softly. ‘Nothing.’ You said, laying under the covers of the bed, not looking at him. You heard his laugh. ‘Good joke, Y/N. Good joke. Now tell me what’s wrong so I can make it better.’ He started laughing but ended the sentence in a serious tone. ‘You can’t make it better!’ You almost yelled, still head in the covers. You felt Louis slip into the bed, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight. And somehow it felt good. You didn’t push him away. ‘Y/N… Please… Tell me what’s wrong.’ He whispered into your hair. And you finally let the tears fall you were holding back from the moment you walked out of the apartment of your best friend. ‘I had a fight with Y/B/F/N’ You sniffed into his chest. ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ He asked, kissing your head. And when you didn’t answer, he knew that the only thing that would make you feel better now was him being there and holding you while you cried. And that’s what he did.

Niall: A couple of weeks ago you had a little accident with your car. You bumped into the car in front of you because you couldn’t stop anymore. Nobody was hurt, accept your car and the car in front of you were a little bit scratched. And although it was nothing big, and repairing the car was not that big of a deal because your boyfriend was obviously a member of one direction, it still kind of got to you. It was your first accident after having your driver license and it just didn’t feel good. You noticed yourself having real anxiety driving the car after that, when before the accident you loved driving. Every time a car in front of you stood on his break, you panicked and were scared you couldn’t stop anymore. You didn’t want to bother Niall with it so you just held it to yourself. But when you were driving with Niall to a party, you noticed you had it too when someone else was driving. You were texting your friend when it happened. You looked up from your phone and the first thing you saw where the red stopping lights from the car in front of you and you gasped, grabbing the handle on the door automatically. When you felt Niall stopping the car safely, you relaxed and you looked back at your phone. ‘Babe?’ You heard Niall ask. ‘Mmm-mm?’ You said, not looking away from your phone. ‘Are you ok?’ He asked again. You felt his eyes on you. ‘I’m fine, Niall.’ You felt the car slowly moving forward. You were standing in the traffic. ‘That didn’t look fine, Y/N.’ He stated with a hint of frustration. ‘Look at me please.’ So you did what he asked you to do. ‘Is it because of your accident?’ He guessed. And you shook your head immediately. ‘No… No… It’s not that it’s…’ You were desperately thinking of an excuse but you couldn’t find one. ‘Don’t lie to me please…’ Niall said, moving the car a little bit forward again, following the cars in front of him. ‘I love you, you know that? And it’s because I love you that I know something’s wrong. And not just now, but since the moment you had that accident. And I don’t know why you won’t talk about it too me!’  He said and you could feel he was building this up quite some time. ‘I don’t speak about it because it’s stupid. You can have anxiety after a very bad accident. But it was just something so stupid. And here am I, scared to drive my car or even drive with someone else.’ You said, looking at your hands that were laying in your lap. ‘Baby… It’s not stupid… It’s normal! You had an accident. Your first! It’s like you lose a little bit of trust in yourself… and you have to drive and drive to get that trust back!’ You knew he was right. He was spot on. Suddenly you felt him grabbing your hand and squeezing it. ‘You are a good driver, Y/N. You made a mistake but everyone does! So please… don’t be too hard on yourself.’

Zayn: Your grandmother died several months ago. And although it seemed to everyone that you kind of were on the right path again… you were not. You were just able to hide it a little bit better. You were really close with your grandmother and you missed her with every little piece of your body. Even thinking about a whole further lifetime without her, made you feel sick. You have always been scared of this moment, the moment that you would lose her, and now it was there, it felt even worse than you could ever imagine. Zayn was in LA for a week with One direction so you were home alone. You decided to put on a movie you always saw with your grandmother, in hope you’d feel better. But of course… It made you cry even more. You were halfway through the movie, bawling your eyes out, when you suddenly heard the door open. You quickly wiped the tears away. Practically useless because your eyes were completely swollen because of the crying. Zayn was standing in the door, staring confused at you. He stared from you to the TV and back. And than you saw this expression like it hit him. Like he knew what was going on. So he put his bag down, closed the door and carefully walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tight. ‘We were done in LA sooner than expected. That’s why I’m home already. I’m not even going to ask if you’re ok. I know you’re not.’ He whispered into your hair. You didn’t want to cry with him. You felt like you already cried so much for the past months. When was the crying ever going to stop? You couldn’t say anything. You were scared that the tears would come again if you did. Zayn pulled himself out of the hug, took your shoulders in a grip and he bend down ‘till he was on your height. He looked you straight in the eyes. ‘You can cry, baby girl. You don’t have to be strong for me. I want you to show me how you feel. I want to be there for you.’ And while he was saying that, the tears fell down again. They  kept coming: more and more and more. ‘Oh… baby… I’m so, so sorry you have to go through this.’ He whispered, pulling you back into his chest.

Liam: When you came home you were exhausted. Just a  little shopping trip to the grocery store was so hard with all the paparazzi following you. Liam wasn’t even with you and still they were so annoying. You weren’t famous! Why would they want pictures of you? And it was not only the pictures they took, but also all the mean comments they made: ‘Are you cheating on Liam, Y/N?’, ‘Have you gained weight?’ ‘Is it true that Liam dumped you for a stripper?’ … Sometimes it was hard to be Liam’s girlfriend. You loved him so much, but this made you feel trapped. You rather stayed at home, just so you didn’t have to face them. And when you were out with Liam it was better in some ways. Of course there were more paps, but Liam stood up for you most of the time. They knew that. But if you were alone, they kept going and going. You were too shy to say anything. Liam came how and saw you sitting on the couch, staring at nothing, grocery bags still packed beside you. You didn’t even hear him until he called your name and you jumped up. ‘God… You scared me…’ You said when he walked over to you and kissed your forehead. ‘You ok, babe?’ He said looking into your eyes. Probably finding it weird you were sitting here like that. ‘Yes yes, I’m fine!’ You assured him, taking the grocery bags to the kitchen. ‘Babe, can you do something for me?’ Liam said, letting his feeling go. You nodded while unpacking the bags. ‘I have to work tonight on some songs. Tomorrow we’re going to sit together with the stuff we all wrote so it’s important that it’s done tonight. But I also need to pick up something from the post office, I don’t really have time for it… Can you do it for me, please?’ You couldn’t help but feel your body tense in the moment. Please… Not again… You had your paparazzi moments for the day. Really. Living in London didn’t make it any easier on that. You didn’t like to drive the car in the city because it was always so busy. ‘Yes… I will.’ You said, deciding just to do it without telling Liam anything about the paps. You didn’t want him to worry or something like that. When you had unpacked the bags, you took your coat and handbag. Just when you were about to walk out Liam called your name. ‘Y/N? What’s this?’ He said, walking over to you with his laptop, playing a video of earlier that day. Someone filmed you apparently. You clearly heard the comments of the paparazzi.  ‘Babe… Why didn’t you tell me it was that bad?’ He looked at you with an angry frown. ‘I…’ You started. ‘I didn’t want you to worry. I mean… It’s not THAT bad…’. You were completely lying and he knew it. ‘Babe… THAT-‘ and he pointed to the video. ‘That is bad. They shouldn’t be treating you like that!’ He put his laptop down and took your coat and bag. ‘You are not going to the post office until I find a good security man to walk with you.’  ‘Liam… You don’t have t-‘ He interrupted you right away. ‘Yes I do have to, baby. You don’t like it. I know. You have to tell me that kind of  stuff! I love you… I want you to be okay.’ 

Shut Up

So basically, an anon gave me a full prompt about Niall getting Zayn’s tattoo (but the anon also basically gave me the entire plot so i can’t show the entire thing) :) <3

Niall and Zayn are polar opposites. 

At first glance, most people would be taken aback to see the two together, holding hands as they walk down the street or snogging before they parted ways on the tube. Zayn was all tall, dark, and handsome. Add some tattoos and a sexy, even stubble line along with the quiet, emotionless persona, he was the “bad boy” type to the tee. Niall, on the other hand, was all bright blonde hair, too lazy to re-dye the brown roots underneath with a loud and bubbly personality. He was the type to spend 30 minutes on his hair, but 2 on his outfit. Unbelievably skinny legs, unbelievably blue eyes. The two alone proved that whoever said “opposites attract” was completely and irrevocably right. 

Niall really really loves his boyfriend. 

They had been together for a year and 7 months and known each other for 2 years and 5 months prior to getting together and there was never any thought of the words “break up”. There had always been a sort of feral attraction between the two, even when Niall was dating a boy named Josh and Zayn a girl named Perrie, the two could hardly keep their hands off of each other. The demise of both relationships occurred when the two partners had decided they had enough of watching Zayn and Niall tip-toe around each other. Also, for Josh and Perrie to continue watching the two cuddle, hearing Zayn call Niall “babe” more than he did Perrie, or watching Niall as Niall watched Zayn take off his shirt– that wasn’t helping either.  

When they finally did get together, Zayn and Niall were already halfway in love. Sure, Zayn didn’t always voice his affection for Niall as much as the blonde would hope, and sometimes Niall would get too loud for Zayn, but they hardly ever had disagreements. They were the type of couple who never fought, and when they got close, they’d just cuddle or song it out until one of them agrees to see the others’ side. Overly affectionate and practically obsessed with each other, Niall was ready to take the next step. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. Not only were they a turn on, but they graced his arms and his chest so perfectly and each of them had such meaning that it could easily bring tears to his eyes. 

It made him want to get one to show Zayn exactly how much he loved him.

He remembers the day that Zayn had gotten the first tattoo dedicated to Niall (there were many). He was shy and embarrassed and Niall loved every second of that stupid crinkly-eyed smile that was written all over his boyfriend’s face. “Do you remember?” He asked, as if Niall wouldn’t. Niall couldn’t even get out any words, just nodding with elated tears in his eyes. 

Niall wanted to see that same look on Zayn’s face, when the blonde gets to show off his new marking. 

Niall knew it would be a risk to get the exact same font, word, and location as Zayn’s first tattoo dedicated to Niall, but he felt it was the only thing meaningful enough for him to get permanently stained onto his body. 

The tattoo had come out beautiful. Niall didn’t regret a minute as he stared at the new black stain, surrounded by red, inked on his collarbone. 

Harry had rolled his eyes lovingly, playfully asking if Niall knew that a tattoo was forever. Niall had just punched him in the arm. 

Now, Niall was in slight panic mode. Even though he knew Zayn would love it, that Zayn wouldn’t ever say anything bad, especially because of how meaningful the tattoo was to their relationship, he was still terrified. Zayn walks into the flat, calling out for Niall as soon as he does so. Giddy and nervous at the same time, Niall stands to greet his boyfriend. 

“Hey baby,” Zayn greets softly, grabbing Niall close and kissing his cheek gently. Niall is basically buzzing at this point and Zayn notices, squinting his eyes at the smaller boy. “What’s up?” 

Niall excitedly pulls Zayn towards the window, where the lighting will be best and plays with the hem of his shirt. “Do you remember that first tattoo you ever got for me?”  Niall asks timidly and Zayn’s smiles at the memory. 

“Of course I do.” He says, touching his collarbone subconsciously. 

“Well, I really have been thinking about this for a while now.. and I decided that I wanted to do something as sweet as that was for me, but for you.” Niall says, trying to word it correctly but some words feeling strange as Zayn’s face screws up. 

Niall pulls his shirt off, looking down at the reddened, but healing flesh of his collarbone, the elegant “Friday” written across it neatly. 

He’s so busy grinning at his own tattoo that he doesn’t even notice the smile slipping off of Zayn’s confused face. Zayn immediately drops his hands away from Niall, and that makes the boy look up. Niall’s exuberant smile then drops as he takes in the disappointed and somewhat angry look on his boyfriend’s face. “Um…” Niall says, voice nervous. “Surprise?” He tries, smiling lightly at his boyfriend, who’s eyes are trained on the tattoo scarred on his collarbone. 

“Oh my god…” Zayn mutters to himself, looking up at the ceiling and pinching the bridge of his nose in what looks to be complete frustration. Niall’s heart drops to his stomach along with every good feeling he had previously had about the tattoo. He hadn’t at all expected Zayn to react like this. 

There’s a deafening silence between the two for a couple of beats until- “What the fuck did you do?” Zayn snarls, making Niall step backwards timidly.

“I– I thought you would like it…” Niall protested softly but Zayn ignored it. 

“I don’t know what in the world would’ve made you want to do this, oh my god.” Zayn says, anger in his voice as he glares at the blonde.

Niall is dumbfounded for a moment before he speaks up, confused and upset by his boyfriend’s reaction. “Because I love you?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed. “Because I wanted to show you how much I love you and that we’re bonded and–” 

“That’s fuckin’ stupid, Niall.” Zayn spits, not even looking at Niall anymore as he stalks to the couch, huffing as he sits. Niall’s lower lip begins to wobble dramatically and he silently digs his fingernails into his palm, attempting to stop himself from breaking out into sobbing. 

“I don’t know why you’re acting this way, Zayn.” Niall says, his voice low so it doesn’t break.

Zayn doesn’t respond for a long moment, staring blankly at the television that isn’t even on. “You shouldn’t have done that.” He says with such disgust that the Irish boy’s heart is breaking. ‘is this us breaking up?’ 

“W-what? Why would you say that Zayn?” Niall asks, his voice louder, and he doesn’t even car when his voice cracks. 

The dark haired man still refuses to meet Niall’s eyes and he shrugs, getting up and stalking to the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. 

Niall flinches as the door is slammed and drops to the ground next to the window. The tattoo is aching, pulsing to the sound of his heartbeat, making Niall wince and rub it softly. He hated every feeling of regret that was seeping into his mind. He didn’t want to regret this. He didn’t want to wince and cry every time he saw the tattoo. He didn’t want to break up with Zayn.

Niall knows he’s crying pathetically on the ground but he’s just so confused. After a few minutes of sniffling and gathering himself, he knocks on the bedroom door, trying to get Zayn’s attention. He tries opening the door after there’s no answer, but it’s locked. Their bedroom door had never been locked before (except for when they were in there together). Once again, Niall’s heart stutters. He tries hollering through the door, begging for Zayn’s attention and answers, but he has to just convince himself that the older man is sleeping. 

But he knows that Zayn is a light sleeper. 

Niall wakes up to the sound of their bedroom door opening. He was previously asleep on top of his own arms, resting against the kitchen island. He gulps visibly as Zayn enters the room, looking even better than he did before, hair quiffed and leather jacket on. Niall knows that that means the older boy is probably going to the bar. It’s just, usually Niall is invited as well. 

“Zayn?” Niall prods, following the man as he walks straight past the kitchen. 

There is no response, not even an inkling that he heard the blonde and all Niall can think is ‘why is he the one who gets to give the silent treatment?

“Zayn!” Niall demands, finally loosing his temper and clutching Zayn’s arm, forcing the man from opening the door to their flat. 

Zayn won’t even meet Niall’s eyes. His amber eyes are hard and cold and they look like they do when some guy at the club flirts with Niall, or when someone calls the couple ‘fags’ as they hold hands. It’s a look that Niall has never seen directed solely at himself. 

He hates it.

“Where are you going?” Niall asks before mentally punching himself, “I mean.. like, why aren’t you  talking to me? Why do you hate the tattoo so much?” Niall asks softly. 

Zayn doesn’t respond, meeting Niall’s eyes with hot anger before jerking his arm away and slamming the door shut behind him, literally leaving Niall behind in his dust. The tears come back, resurfacing from before and Niall barely refrains from falling to the floor again. Trying to put on a brave face, Niall strides into the bedroom and grabs his tiny traveling suitcase and gathers a bunch of his favorite clothes. His mind and his heart hurts as he comes to the realization that half of “his” favorite clothes were actually Zayn’s.

He closes his eyes with a heavy sigh, and packs them anyway. 

He pulls on a large hoodie that also was originally Zayn’s and his pillow. Picking up a couple of knick-knacks that he knew were his own, he leaves the house in a teary rage and begins the walk to Harrys. 

* * * *

When he gets there, Harry isn’t home, but he gets the spare key hidden in the flower pot easily, and shoves all of his things down next to the couch. Without even turning on a light, he crawls into Harry’s bed and falls to sleep just after sending one text. 

To: Haz
m at ur house so don’t freak wen u get home.

* * * *

Harry gets home within fifteen minutes, crawling in clumsily, waking Niall up in an instant. He cuddles into Harry’s warmth, sniffling lightly as Harry coos at him. “What’s goin on, Ni-bear?” Harry asks, all motherly and kind. 

Niall swipes the tears that are already falling from his eyes as he mutters. “Zayn hated it.”

“Zayn hated wh- wait..” Harry says, realization kicking in. “What? I’m so confused.” He says, and Niall feels like slapping him. (Okay not really, but everything is so sucky right now and Niall can’t help but be frustrated). “I was just out with him and he seemed fine. Drank a bit too much but-”

“Wait, what?” Niall says, sitting up hurriedly. “You went out with Zayn… without me?” 

Harry’s eyes narrow as he sits up slowly. “Well, I mean, Liam sent out a text to you, Zee, Lou, and me to see if we wanted to go get drinks.” 

Niall’s eyes narrow as well. “I didn’t get one.”

“Liam just texted Zayn and told him to invite you? Zayn told us that you weren’t feeling well.” Harry’s face screws up in confusion as he takes in the angry look on my face. “Are you saying he didn’t tell you? Why?” Harry asks. 

“Because…” Niall says softly, tears returning to his eyes. “He doesn’t like it.”

“Like what, Ni?” Harry asks, hugging Niall closely. 

The blonde simply points to his itching tattoo, not able to say the words without breaking down completely. 

Niall can tell that Harry is trying to hide his reaction, but the gasp of pity is so loud, the people across the hall probably heard it too. “Ni…”

“He basically told me he hated it and that I shouldn’t have done it.” Niall whimpers, tears freely streaming down his red cheeks. “He said it was fucking stupid and then he wouldn’t talk to me at all. He locked himself in the bedroom and then a few hours later left for the bar after ignoring me again.” Niall explained and he could see Harry’s eyes burning with anger. Harry’s phone buzzes suddenly and Harry looks to Niall for permission before picking it up and clenching his jaw. “What is it?” Niall asks gently, and he looks up at the irish boy guiltily. 

“N-nothing.” He tries but Niall knows better. 

“Harry.” He warns. 

The tall boy sighs, shaking his head. “It was just Liam, asking if… asking if you and Zayn were having problems because… I guess Zayn is talking about you back at the bar, i dunno.” Harry blurts, looking immensely sorry for his blonde friend. 

Niall doesn’t respond immediately, just looking down at the Zebra patterned duvet sadly. “Talking about me?” Niall asks softly, feeling as if he was in high school all over again, learning that his “friends” weren’t actually friends at all.

Harry shrugged. “What do you want me to say?” He asks timidly, fiddling with his phone nervously. 

“Can we just- can I tell them later and not deal with this right now? My head hurts from crying so much and I just… I can’t do this right now, alright, Haz?” Niall says, rubbing his eyes tiredly and Harry nods in agreement. 

“Yeah, Ni, I’ll just say ‘idk’, is that good?” Harry says, and Niall nods.

They spend the night cuddling with Harry whispering idiotic jokes in Niall’s ear, trying his best to make his friend laugh or at least smile before bed. 

* * * *

Three days later and Zayn still hasn’t contacted Niall. The blonde was baffled. He had at least expected his (ex?) boyfriend to call and apologize or at least explain the overreaction that had occurred. 

He had done nothing except puttering around Harry’s flat with red-rimmed eyes and a crushed sprit. Harry had tried and failed to cheer up the depressed blonde, but Niall couldn’t do much other than give the curly haired lad a small, forced smile. 

Niall was just now putting on a clean t-shirt, letting out a quiet whimper as he recognizes that it’s Zayn’s. He’s about to leave the bedroom he had isolated himself in when he hears slow, whispering voices coming from the living area of Harry’s flat. Spy mode activated, Niall silently sneaks into the hallway where he can easily hear the hushed conversation. 

“Harry, I know you’re holding back.” Louis is saying, a little bit of anger on the edge of his voice. 

Liam makes a noise of agreement. “Yeah, mate. We’ve been at Zayn and Niall’s flat with Zee and he’s been absolutely awful. He’s barely even talking and when he does, it’s rude and uncalled for. Not to mention the fact that Niall isn’t ever there.” He rants, and Niall can picture his friend pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. 

“Yeah, bro, I haven’t even seen Niall since, like, last week.” Louis says, sounding annoyed by the fact. 

“So we definitely know something is going on. And we know you know about it.” Liam adds.

“How do you come to that conclusion?” Harry voices, sounding doubtfully confused. Niall wants to scoff out loud at Harry’s terrible acting skills. 

Before either of the boys could respond, Niall decides to make his presence known. 

“It’s alright, Haz, you don’t have to lie for me anymore.” I say guiltily as I walk out from the hallway. Harry lets out a loud sigh, collapsing back into the couch, muttering a low ‘thank god’. 

Liam and Louis on the other hand look dumfounded. “What.” Liam states, eyes narrowing in complete confusion. 

“Look.” Niall sighs. “I’m sorry I haven’t talked to y’all but Haz said you were with Zayn and..” Niall exhales heavily as tears come to his eyes. Both Louis and Liam jump to their friend’s side instantly cooing at him sorrowfully. 

“No, no, dude it’s fine just breathe, it’s okay.” Louis says as Liam rubs his back lightly. 

“It’s just– I–” Niall stutters

Harry interrupts his embarrassing sputtering, “NI, just show them.” 

Niall inhales shakily. He hadn’t looked at the monstrous, awful tattoo since Zayn had rejected it. He eyes Harry for a minute before pulling down the collar of his shirt, looking at the ceiling in shame as Liam and Louis gasp in shock. 

None of them had ever expected for Niall to get a tattoo, and they couldn’t understand why this would cause a tiff between the couple. 

“Wha… what?” Louis asks, trying to stop himself from touching the new ink on his friend’s skin.

“He didn’t like it.” Niall whispers and the room goes silent. 

Liam and Louis’ jaws are on the ground and Harry’s face is just angry.

“No.” Is all Louis says and everyone’s head whips around to look at the blue eyed man. 

“Excuse me?” Niall says, his voice a bit dangerous. 

“No. You’re coming with me right now.” Louis says before dragging the blonde out the flat door, forcing him through the door despite his desperate yells.

* * * *

Niall knows exactly where Louis is taking him. And sure, he could’ve easily told Louis off and jerked his arm away– but a part of him wanted to see Zayn. In fact, most of him wanted to see Zayn- to force his (ex) boyfriend to face him. That didn’t stop his shaking hands as Louis knocks on the door. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Nall mutters quietly and then Zayn is opening the door and Niall’s preparing himself to die but– Zayn looks awful. 

And Niall is allowed to say that because he’s in love with the man, but- Zayn’s eyes are bloodshot and red rimmed and his clothes are wrinkled and his beard is overgrown– he looks like a disheveled mess and honestly it makes Niall feel a lot better about himself. 

“Shit.” Zayn murmurs as he makes eye contact with Niall and Louis rolls his eyes, shoving Niall in what used to be their flat, and yelling- “Talk it out, idiots!”

The door slams behind them and Niall is faced with the huge abomination that used to be their clean and organized living room.  “Um-”

“I- I’m sorry, I would’ve cleaned if I knew you were coming.” Zayn says nervously, picking up empty beer bottles off the floor and rushing to throw them in the recycling bin. 

“It’s okay.” Niall says lowly and Zayn stops cleaning so vigorously. “Can we just- can we talk?”

Zayn nods eagerly, cleaning off a small section that is barely large enough for both of them, but it’s obvious that both of them need the proximity to be calm. 

“I just.. I guess I don’t understand.” Niall says, hurt clear in his voice and Zayn’s eyes break.

“I know. God, I hate myself so much for how much I’ve hurt us. Especially you. I can’t really explain it without sounding like a complete idiot…” Zayn sighs. “I just– let me–” Before he finishes his sentence he rips off his shirt and okay– Niall was not ready for that. 

Before Niall can protest, Zayn stops, grabbing the blondes hand pleadingly. “Look, you know which ones were meant for you.” He says, and yes, of course Niall does, he could never forget every time that Zayn would showcase them to him. “You– I’m so bad with words compared to you.” He admits and Niall knows that Zayn thinks that but- “And this is how I can make you feel the same way that you make me feel all the time.” He says softly and Niall closes his eyes, heart pouring against his chest painfully. 

“Zayn, you make me feel amazing just by smiling at me. I don’t know why you think I need incentive to stay with you other than the fact that you’re an amazing boyfriend and I’m in love with you.” Niall says, feeling as if he just dropped a bomb by the way Zayn’s looking at him, completely awed. 

“Ni…” He says, moving in much closer than Niall’s yet comfortable. 

“No, Zayn. You still haven’t told me why you reacted the way you did… I thought you were going to love.. it…” Niall says, upset and Zayn shakes his head. 

The dark haired man just clenches his jaw. “I don’t know, Ni, I felt like.. like I’m the quiet idiot that can’t even tell his boyfriend that I love him without these… these tattoos. And I got so pissed off that I made you feel obligated to stain your perfect body just because I can’t love you right.” Zayn says and Niall hated the tears that he saw pooling in the other man’s eyes. 

“You…” Niall begins, his face breaking into a huge, rueful smile. “You’re a fucking idiot Zayn Malik.” He says, his words turning into a long, hard laugh, which makes Zayn’s upset face turn confused. 

“I know.” He agrees, still looking depressed so  Niall rolls his eyes and grabs his face and kisses him forcefully, making Zayn immediately respond. They kiss for a few minutes, sitting cross-legged as they cradled one another’s faces, making up for lost time. “Wh-what?” Zayn asks, dazed, as Niall pulls away.

“I got this tattoo because I wanted it. I wanted to show everyone our connection and love. Not because I felt I owed it to you. I love you, Zayn. The reason you get your tattoos? Same reason I got mine.” Niall says, rolling his eyes and Zayn’s eyebrows furrow.

“I’m an idiot.” He says and Niall lets out a small laugh, agreeing wholeheartedly. “Ni, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you in any way.” He says, and Niall can already sense the guilt in his voices. 

“Shut up, alright?” Niall suggests and Zayn raises his eyebrows, an amused look on his face as he brings Niall up and into his arms. 

Zayn chuckles, “I think that is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone ask me to shut up.”

Niall rolls his eyes once more. “Shut up before I make you.” He warns playfully, turning in Zayn’s arms to narrow his eyes at the dark skinned boy. 

“Make me.” Zayn mouths, crinkle eyed smile in full effect. 

You can guess what happens next.

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Mr. & Mrs. Styles Part Two

A/N: I wrote this on my phone and I’m also using my phone to post it. I can’t really edit things right now but when I get hold of a laptop I’ll fix the format and some of the grammar but for now, please bear with me.

Part One

“So you’re currently in quite a lot of magazine headlines lately,” Ellen began to say, “and they all had to do with your previous interview and a certain member of One Direction.” Ellen gave a knowing look and smile while the screen behind us featured a picture of me and Harry from my Instagram post.

I looked at the picture behind us and I grinned in response. “Yeah, there were quite a lot of issue and response regarding the interview,” I replied, nodding and agreeing to Ellen.

“Well, obviously what everyone wants to know is whether you and Harry are dating,” Ellen said, not asking a question but implying she wants an answer about the issue.

“A lot of people have been asking me about that, yeah. They’re all interested and eager to know what’s happening,” I ignored the implied question and just confirmed her statement.

“I’ll go straight to the point then since we’ve dancing around the topic. Are you and Harry Styles dating?” Ellen, done with implying her question, finally asked.

I smiled at her question. “Harry and I,” I began to say before pausing for a few seconds and looked at the audience, grinning, “are good friends.”

The audience let out a groan, disagreeing with my response, and didn’t believe my answer. Ellen immediately questioned my answer, “Are you lying? There’s no way you guys aren’t dating.”
I shook my head and replied, “As surprising it may be for everyone but Harry and I aren’t together.”

“Maybe we should add a ‘yet’ to that,” Ellen teased and I laughed in response, my smile beaming.

“You look happier though,” Ellen commented before adding, “and everyone thinks it’s because someone is making you happy. Honestly, I would love it if you guys are together. You guys look good together.”

“You think so?” I asked and Ellen nodded in reply. “I think so, too,” I added teasingly, which caused the audience to react loudly in agreement.

Ellen laughed at my response and asked, “What’s stopping you guys then?”

“The question is how can you guys be so sure that we feel that way towards each other?” I countered. 

“Do you?” Ellen immediately fired back and I replied, “You tell me, Ellen, after all you guys assumed that we are already together.”

“Well, from what I saw from pictures and interviews, you guys seemed comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company so I’m assuming that you guys must at least like each other a lot to be in that kind of friendship,” she explained and I smiled at her response.

“Plus have you seen how Harry acts every time an interviewer asks about you? His face just brightens up ten fold,” Ellen added, “Just like how your face lights up when I mention his name.”

My eyes widened to her last revelation. Ellen laughed and said, “You didn’t expect that one, did you?” I shook my head and replied, “I never heard of that but I guess I do.”

“Well I wish everything works out between you guys but for now, we’ll take a break and then play a game,” Ellen ended the topic and we chatted during the break.


@(Y/I/N): This is what you get for falling asleep on me. *A selfie with Harry sleeping with his mouth slightly open beside me while I stuck my tongue out towards the camera*

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@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles you want me to post a more embarrassing one then?

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@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles I’ll post it if you fall asleep on me again or the next time you make fun of me, Mr. Styles.

@Harry_Styles: @(Y/T/N) Noted, Mrs. Styles. x

@1dZainMalik27: @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N) are flirting again and they’re using their pet names #Mr&MrsStyles

@LiamPayno387: It’s pretty obvious that these two are going out and I totally ship it! #Mr&MrsStyles

@(Y/N)love43: They’ve been spending a lot of time together and they seem to enjoy each other’s company so #Mr&MrsStyles I ship it.

@Ziam1d12: #Mr&MrsStyles is trending! So are they together or what?


“Get a room!” Louis, who just entered the room, yelled towards me and Harry. Harry and I were seated in a couch at the backstage of their concert, just talking. They’re waiting for the time for them to perform. Lou called Harry since it’s his turn for makeup and hairstyle.

“I’ll be right back,” Harry said before kissing my cheek. “I’ll wait for you,” I replied, smiling at him. He waved goodbye before he left the room.

Right after Harry left, Zayn sat beside me. “So are you going to tell me anything about what’s happening between you and Harry,” he asked, facing me. Zayn and I became friends when he approached me after one performance. Eventually we became close and we share things with each other and I was not surprised that he’s asking me about me and Harry.

I looked back at Zayn and replied, “I honestly don’t know.” I scrunched my face in annoyance.

“You guys haven’t talked about it at all?” He asked and I shook my head in agreement, “None at all. I don’t even know if he’s interested that way. I mean I know he’s a fan of me and likes me but does he like me ‘cause he idolize me or because he actually has feelings for me, you know?” I let out a sigh and leaned on Zayn, “Do you know anything?”

“I know he does like you and I doubt it’s only because he idolize you but also because he does feel something for you. I’m not Harry though so don’t take my words for it. I would prefer that you guys talk about and settle things out,” he suggested as he hugged me, giving me support.

I just nodded and hoped for the best. Zayn left the topic alone and rather, began taking selfies together.

@(Y/I/N): Look at this guy. How can he still be good looking when he’s supposedly making an ugly face?

@Zaynegirl32: @(Y/T/N) @zaynmalik you guys look so cute and still gorgeous wit those ugly face.

@MrsHoran342: I’m so jealous of @(Y/T/N) right now. She’s so close to all the boys.

@the(Y/N)girl: Stop hating cause she took a selfie with her close friend. Stop jumping into conclusions and start assuming things.

@Malik93wife: Is @(Y/T/N) tryin to steal my man now? Stick to @Harry_Styles.


I was browsing through at the comments and mentions and every now and then, I would scoff and roll my eyes. I didn’t realize Harry was back from his makeup and hairstyling when I said, “What the fuck?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Someone asked and I looked up, startled, and found Harry looking at me, worried. He then sat beside me and took my phone from me.

@theulitimate1dgirl: @(Y/T/N) bitch, you better back off my boys. I don’t care who you are but you’re ugly and fat

“What the fuck?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows, anger visible in his eyes. “It’s nothing to be bothered about, Harry. I just got caught off guard with the comment since most of them were pretty nice,” I explained, trying to soothe his anger. I took his face with both of my hands and forced him to look at me, “It’s seriously okay, Harry. Don’t beat yourself to it.”

“I know but that was still rude, especially when you’re not doing anything wrong. That’s just mean,” he began to say, anger still lingering in his tone.

I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his left cheek, “I’m fine, you’re fine and we’re fine.” His gaze softened and he nodded, “I’m still sorry about it though. Our fans shouldn’t say those things to you.”

“I’m used to it, Harry. It’s nothing new, really. I just overreacted a little bit about it,” I smiled at him and he smiled back before he engulfed me in a hug.

I hugged back, snuggling to his chest and said, “You’re so comfortable, Haz. I can stay here all day and all night.”

“I would love to stay here and cuddle with you longer but we’re about to go on stage,” Harry whispered to my ear as he noticed the boys were leaving but not before giving him a sign that they have to go.

“I know. Have a great performance out there, okay?” I replied, still not letting go of him. “As long as you’re there I’ll do my best tonight,” Harry let go, causing me to let go as well. We stood up and we walked towards the entrance of the stage, holding hands, where the boys were waiting.

The boys saw our hands together but didn’t comment about it for now. Harry and I parted ways but not before I wished them luck and hugged all of them.


“Wow, look at all these people! You guys have been amazing so far and I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you guys have given us. On behalf of the boys and myself, We’re One Direction and thank you so much for coming out to see us,” Liam finished his gratitude speech by blowing a kiss to the fans.

“So Liam,” Louis began to say as he approached Liam and encircled his arm around Liam’s neck. “Yes, Tommo?” Liam replied. “I’m just wondering why one of our members was late coming out before our performance tonight,” Louis said with a teasing tone before he turned to face the rest of the boys.

Niall laughed while Zayn smirked, looking at Harry’s direction. Liam then responded to Louis, “I think he was distracted earlier. Lou was surprised too ‘cause he didn’t give too much trouble earlier when she was fixing him.”

Niall added, “That’s cause he wanted to go back to his distraction as soon as possible, lads. We all know how eager he was when he learned his distraction is coming.”

“Stop using distraction and just use her name,” Zayn snapped back at them.

Harry just covered his face with his hands while shaking his head, embarrassed by what the boys were saying while you were there watching them.

The fans went crazy with the boy’s revelation and wouldn’t stop screaming.

“So Haz, would you give us some explanation then?” Louis turned directly at Harry.

“First of all, I was not distracted nor have a distraction. I had some company before the show and had to join you guys last minute because I was enjoying my time with the said company,” Harry explained, trying to be clear that there’s nothing to talk much about it.

“First you guys call her a distraction and now a company. I wonder what’s next?” Zayn joked and Liam replied, “Can we say her name?”

“I don’t know, Liam. I think it’s safer if we don’t but I think we all know who we’re talking about here, right everyone?” Louis asked the fans and everyone yelled “Yeah.”

“See, I told you guys they know about it,” Louis said while Harry retorted, “So what’s the next song, Louis?”

“Eager to move on to the next topic aren’t we, Harold?” Louis teased Harry while the rest of the boys laughed at them. Harry glared at Louis and Louis faked a surrender and said, “Fine, the next song is Kiss You.”


@NiallOfficial: How cute is this? *A picture of you and Harry hugging earlier at the backstage.

@LouTesdale: @NiallOfficial that’s just the cutest thing! I wish I was there when that happened.

@1dafZainM: @NiallOfficial is that @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N)? Omg. Does this mean they’re officially together?

@MrsStyles0827: I’m somewhat sad he calls someone else my username. #Mr&MrsStyles

@(Y/T/N): @NiallOfficial Of course, we cute.

@MrsHoran342: Is it just me or #Mr&MrsStyles is always trending?

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial That’s a beautiful picture xH

E!: Are Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) getting too cozy?

Billboard: Two big names in pop music together?

TMZ: Breaking News: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are dating!

Sugarscape: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are totally dating and we’re excited for it!

One Direction member, Niall Horan, recently posted an Instagram picture of Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) in a rather intimate hug. It was a couple of months back when the boys revealed that they have a crush on the said popstar and actress and that Harry is the one who has the biggest crush. One Direction and (Y/N) then appeared together in Chatty Man with Alan Carr where things between Harry and (Y/N) started to spice up. After the two interview, many said that the two clicked and started spending as much time as possible together. The two were often seen out together and (Y/N) even posted a couple of their selfies together on Instagram.

In the most recent concert of One Direction, when Niall’s picture was taken, (Y/N) attended the concert for support and during the concert, the rest of the boys teased their bandmate Harry about (Y/N). The boys revealed that Harry was almost late to the stage because he was preoccupied with (Y/N). Harry defended that he was just merely enjoying his time with (Y/N) while throughout this conversation between the boys, they never mentioned (Y/N)’s name but did imply that they were talking about her. 

These events led to even more people questioning whether or not they are going out after (Y/N) denied the accusation a couple of days back in her interview with Ellen Degeneres. The fans from both sides were split into two. Some supports the couple while others were unsure or dislikes the idea.

All we know here in Sugarscape is that they’re the cutest couple and we support them wholeheartedly.


Friday, July 23rd 2011 8:22 p.m. The date and time when a group of amazingly talented boys were put into a group that would take the world by storm. Yes, five years ago the band One Direction was formed. I don’t even know how to start this. I don’t even know how to explain all the emotions coursing through my veins right now or how I’m feeling. I’ll start with the boys as individuals. I guess that seems easiest.

Louis Tomlinson- I start with you first because I fell in love with you the minute you popped up on my screen and I watched those video diaries. I absolutely loved that personality of your’s that was goofy and carefree. How the whole thing was like a fun roller-coaster and that you were having the time of your life. I loved how innocent you were, how alive. You’ve grown from that good little eighteen year old boy to a stunning 23 year old man. I loved how you are a sassy bitch and won’t take shit from anyone. How you aren’t afraid to say how you’re feeling at any given moment. I love how you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and if it’s the way you feel it’s the way you feel. I hope no matter how old you get you’ll still have that young 18 year old boy in you. I love you Louis. Thank you, thank you for showing me it’s alright to act younger than you really are and just have fun because life is short. 155204

Harry Styles- My adorable little son. I literally watched as a little boy soon turned into a grown man that towered over his band mates. The youngest but the tallest now. Sixteen when you went on x-factor for the seventh season. Not knowing were you would end up or what would happen only knowing that singing was all that you saw yourself doing at that age. Saying that I’m proud would be and understatement. You’ve dealt with so much shit over the years. Rumors of you being as ‘womanizer’ and having affairs with woman… Shaking my head. We know the real you Harry don’t worry. I’ll always know the real you. Thank you for showing me that there is good in everyone and that you should treat everyone with kindness. 165998

Liam Payne- I love you. Don’t you ever forget boy. Even if you don’t know me or won’t remember who I am know that I love you. I love knowing that even when this fandom has been through the dirts of hell and back that you will always be there to try and cheer us up. Most of all I loved how much you have grown from that shy sixteen year old boy. I want you to know how fucking proud of you I am. Please don’t forget that your story, how you came back to x-factor for a second time and have been bullied by people at your school and have now over comed it and is now selling out stadiums inspires me. Please never forget how much I love you my little Lima Bean. Thank you for showing me that with determination your dreams can come true. 61898

Niall Horan- Oh my little leprechaun. What should I say about you. Thank you. For cheering me up with that amazing smile of yours. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to laugh at ridiculous times. Thank you thank you, thank you so fucking much. I love you so much Nialler it hurts. Thanks you. I love that you can’t just laugh and it will put the biggest fucking smile on my face. You’ve grown so much Niall from that sixteen year old who auditioned for x-factor. I’m so so so proud of you I’m proud of all of you! And five years Im still not over your freaking adorable butt chin. Omg don’t even get me started I will literally have a whole post appreciating your butt chin. 232677

And… Zayn Malik- I miss you. But I give you luck in whatever you are doing. You were here at the start so you’ll always be in my heart. You were there when the whole thing started from the bottom and now the whole team may not be here but you’ll always be in my heart Zayn. Always. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me that it doesn’t matter how shy you are that its okay to think about yourself from time to time. Remember I will always love you. I will always love you and I mean it. You were the one that said this wouldn’t be the last of One Direction and it wasn’t you kept that promise. Thanks bro. 165616

One Direction- You five boys mean the world to me. You are the most amazing people and I am so fucking glad that I chose idols like you. You mean the world to me and nothing will change that. Always remember Friday, July 23 2010 8:22 p.m.

(Sorry for spelling and grammar if this doesn’t quite make sense.)

Preference#63: He's Getting Married to Someone Else (part 3)

****Authors Note: This is the last and final part! I hope you guys enjoy it! Send in reactions and feedback.

Harry: You mind was racing a million thoughts a second and words were not forming. You knew your time was running out and your chance of finding true love was growing slim. “(Y/N) please,” Harry said, holding tightly onto your hands. “If you don’t say something now, then I will leave you and everything we had behind, no matter how much I don’t want to.” He said, continuing to pressure you softly. “Whenever I thought of my happy ending, I always thought of it with you,” You whispered, avoiding his eyes. “But I’m no one special Harry. I’m just another wide-eyed girl who is greatly in love with you.” You finally met his eyes and were alarmed at how close they were. The dark green eyes inched closer and closer until Harry’s lips were finally hovering over yours. “You’re entire life you have always said how unworthy you are of me,” he whispered, his hands moving from your hands to your face. “But I have never been so deeply and desperately in love with someone as I am with you.” He said. Finally your lips touched and in a moment of desperation and need, you two completely indulged in each other. Hands wandered and lips moved in sync and the two of you molded together. The kiss was long and full of emotion and when the two of you released, you were both gasping for air. “Harry,” you breathed. He shook his head, “Yeah,” He gasped. “Will you run away with you?” He let out a deep throaty chuckle. He leaned again and placed a small peck on your lips again. He held your hands into his, “Where do you want to go?”

Louis: Your words never seemed to falter you, except for now. Your tongue was tied and mouth was as cry as the desert. You blinked twice trying to collect your thoughts, and your emotions. You never thought you would be here, not at all. You never imagined your life the way it is today. But your imagination is exactly what it is, fake and made-up. “Truth is,” you whispered. “You make me feel all sorts of ways. But you’ve told me many times that you love me, and you’ve also left me many times. I’m not sure if I can believe you this time.” You said slowly. He took your hands and brought them to his lips, “I know. I used to think that I loved myself too much to love someone else but then I realized I can not love anyone as much as I love you.” His words were soft, barely above a whisper but they sunk into your mind and absorbed into your veins. Again you felt yourself fall for his words but this time it was different. There was not a nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you this was a mistake. You believed him and his next words reassured you. “I had all the answers but then you came here today and changed all the questions,” he said lightly. “I should not be asking whether I’ve always been the one for you because I know I always have been. I should ask you, are you ready to let me back into your life despite the amounts that I have hurt you?” he said. You sighed, “Of course you’ve always been the one for me,” you said. “I could never forget the ways you made me feel.” You sniffled. You shook your head and laughed at yourself. ‘Get the words out,’ you thought. “I love you Louis,” you said. “And I’m ready to be part of your life again.” Then time went slowly. He did not say anything just sparked a smile bright enough to light up your entire body. He spun you around and once you two embraced each other, set you on the ground. He gently placed a kiss to your lips, sealing them with full promises.

Liam: You felt your heart sink. You pushed the aching feeling aside because you were not going to leave not when you were so close. “But you’re not going to happy Liam,” you yelled. “Not with her!” He roughly approached you, “And what?” he said throwing his hands up. “Will I be happy with you?” And there it was. Another cut through your very delicate heart. His sarcastic tone sliced perfectly. “That’s for you to decide, and for us to find out.” You said placing a hand over your mouth, trying to control your emotions. “(Y/N),” he groaned. He ran a rough hand through his hair. “We are poison for each other. I need to move on.” You let out an equally rough sigh, “And you think the only way to move on from me, is to marry her?” you said, completely ridiculed. “Well (Y/N), I have literally tried everything else. I tried dating other women, I tried drinking the pain away, I’ve literally tried everything but it was all temporary. I needed something permanent.” He grunted. “Liam you are just ensuring your life being permanently painful.” You said. “Well (Y/N),” he sighed. “I’m sorry that you don’t agree with my decision but you can’t convince me to stop this wedding.” You rolled your eyes, “Fine Liam,” you heart sank. You did not have any will to continue. “You can walk down that aisle, and pretend your happy and smile at her, but I know you will only be happy, a feeling so genuine, with me. You may say that you don’t love me but I will always love you.” You turned and raced for the door. You were humiliated and couldn’t show your face much longer but before any tears could fall, you felt him grab your hand and whip you around. He strongly placed a kiss to your lips and molded your bodies together. When you released he looked you dead in the eyes, “Some loves, you just can not get over.” He said. Then you knew you had convinced him.

Zayn: His silence was deafening. You felt the walls around you closing in suffocating you from the outside in. You felt a few tears trickling down your face. Your own words kept repeating in your mind but his silence was a void of space consuming your mind. As the stillness became unbearable, you had to hear something, even if it was your own voice. “Zayn,” you said, just above a whisper. “Please say something. Anything.” You whimpered. The again, the void of silence filled the air and the room was enclosing in again. You could not handle it anymore. It was as if he was breaking your heart all over again just slower this time, with deeper cuts. You shook your head, “I,” you swallowed. “I can’t do this.” You said throwing your hands up in defeat. You walk away and it finally dawned to you exactly what you were losing. Four years of friendship, an on and off love relationship, and worst of all the only man that made you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You turn on your heel and walk steadily to the door. You open and shut it softly behind you. Once you were on the other side, all your feelings consumed you. You felt the tears roll down your face like a never ending waterfall and you ran down the hallway. You need fresh air, immediately. Once you reached outside, the cold brisk hair hit along with the heart break. “Why,” you gasped. “How did this happen.” You said swiping the hair off your face. You rub your hands on your dress, trying to get the tears off. You felt someone tug on your hand and spin your around. You crashed into each other, your lips connecting. He felt your tears against his cheek and immediately felt guilty for not saying anything soon. “I’m so sorry,” he gasped. “But there is just some loves you will never get over. I will never get over you.” He murmured, cupping your face. He shook his head, “I love you so, so much.” He whispered. You shook your head too, “I love you too Zayn.” You said, and pressed his lips to yours again.

Niall: His words were echoing in your mind. “Why-” you stammered. “Why would you change your mind?” you needed closure. You needed closure since the first time you let each other go. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair, “I just want someone (Y/N).” he whispered. You looked down, “Do you want her?” you stuttered. “(Y/N), I want someone who I can entirely be myself around, someone who I can be completely crazy or completely serious. Someone who doesn’t make me choose between her or my friends.” He said the last part slowly. “She made you decide between me or her,” you said slowly. “And you chose her.” You murmured biting down on your bottom lip to refrain you from letting out a sob. “I just wanted someone to love,” he choked. “I thought she loved me but she didn’t. She loved the fame, the glamour, everything I wasn’t.” he shook his head. “And I fell for it.” He said. “Niall, you can’t blame yourself. She took advantage of you.” He sadly chuckled, “You know, I would always choose you.” He said. “I will always love you.” He whispered. You approached him and cupped his face, wiping away the two tears that fell, “And I’ve always loved you.” You say. You lean in, approaching your lips closer and closer to his. Since he did not back away, you leaned in fully and kissed him softly. Suddenly, all the tables turned. He cupped your face and kissed your harder. His hands moved down to your hips and pulled your body closer to him. When you released, you both gasped for air. “I love you.” You whispered softly. He smiled, “I love you too baby.” He chuckled.

Preference #29 His Favorite Place To Kiss You

Harry: Your lips…

Harry is very cheeky and he’s always giving you kisses to your lips no matter who’s around. But there’s nothing he loves more than to kiss you behind closed doors, after a long hard day at the studio. So he’d walk over to the bed, riding himself of his shirt, and straddle your lap. He’d lean in and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in days. The way you melt against him, as soon as his lips meet yours makes him smile knowing he has that effect on you.


Liam: Your stomach…

Liam is known to the world and the One Direction fans as the innocent one. But that isn’t even close to the truth especially when it comes time for some alone time you’ve both been dreaming about all day. With you laying underneath him in only your bra and panties, he’ll hover over you leaving a trail of kisses down your stomach making you whimper. He loves the soft whimpers leaving your lips which is why kissing your stomach is one of the reasons it’s his favorite place to kiss you. And it’s in that moment where you thank your lucky stars that you’re the only one who sees this side of the ‘innocent’ one.


Louis: Your neck…

Louis is the king of teasing. Nobody is better at it than him and he makes sure you know it. So when you’re sitting across from him at a party and your phone goes off, you knew it was him. You pull out your phone and make sure no one is around before you his text. You gasped when you read the details of what he was going to do you later that night. When you looked up you near moaned as he made his way towards. Before you could even say a word his lips were against your neck, like they always were when he was in the mood. He always told you it made him feel in control with his lips pressed to your neck. When he was finished he looked up at you, his blue eyes almost black and whispered a simple word in your ear knowing you were in for it, “Mine.”



Niall: Your forehead…

Niall loves feeling like he’s always protecting you, whether it’s from fans sending you hate or the paps chasing you down the street. He also loves to make you feel loved at all times. So when Harry and his new bride asked all the couples to join the on the dance floor one last time before leaving, he pulled you into his arms and swayed with you. With your hand against his chest, he pressed his lips against your forehead. You looked up at him with a smile on your face and said, ‘I love you Niall, thank you for loving me.’ He said nothing back to you but the smile on his face said it all. He knows a simple kiss to your forehead lets you know just how he feels.


Zayn: Your nose…

Much like Liam, Zayn is known for being something his is, but only a little bit of the time, the bad boy. But you see a playful side that not everyone gets to see. He loves to be spontaneous and do small things for you to make you smile. So when he set up a picnic at the park near by your house your heart surged with love. After all the eating and laughing was done you laid down on your back, closed your eyes and enjoyed the sun. Little did you know Zayn was sneaking up on you and before you knew it he placed a small kiss to your nose making you giggle. The way you laughed in turn made his heart surge. Kisses like that became more and more constant because of the way you giggled. He loved being playful with you and you were lucky to have this side of him all to yourself.

“All hail king Louis,” Niall says reverently.

That one sentence from the latest chapter of Four’s Company by vampire_angel_z is the sole reason I drew this.  Gawd, I love the dynamic between these two in the story, they are so adorable.

Also why I tried to draw them much more softer than their alpha counter parts.  I hope it came through.

Niall would totally make Louis his own paper crown.  And toss the tiara at Edward’s face.  I can just see it happening.


Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

It was never going to be the same.

Niall hated this. Knee jumping up and down nervously, biting at his nails like he used to when he was a teenager, Niall really really hated this. How could they even do this without Zayn? How could they even try to continue on being a band if Zayn wasn’t there. 

Niall knew that Zayn was better off, back at home in his small, cozy studio apartment looking over beautiful London. Niall knew that Zayn was better off there, paintbrush or pencil in hand, ready to sketch the buildings surrounding the sunset that particular evening. Niall knew that. It didn’t make it any easier. 

Harry was sat next to him, heavy arm wound around his shoulders. They all knew Niall was taking it the hardest. After all, it was Niall who first ever said that One Direction couldn’t have possibly worked without one of them. And Zayn was gone. 

Niall shook his head at his own thoughts.

Zayn was not gone. Zayn was with them all the time. Constantly texting or skyping one another on the tour bus, cheering them on via snapchat at award shows. Zayn was always with them. 

The boys understood. They understood that Zayn just enjoyed the silence and calmness of a small, quaint life rather than the bustling and busy one they were living. Of course they understood. They got upset and hated it sometimes too. But for Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall, It just never overpowered their love of the concerts and fame. 

Zayn never particularly liked that kind of stuff, and the boys respected that so much. It was hard to put into words how much they respected and understood his desicion. And honestly, they were so glad that Zayn finally put his happiness in front of everything else for once in his life. 

Zayn deserved that. 

The boys knew that their first concert would be the hardest. Niall especially. 

The blonde wiped the last tears off his face, clambering up as their assistant gave them the “five minute” sign. He shook his head, trying his best to feel better about the entire situation. He was on his way to the docking station when he felt the buzz in his back pocket. 

From: Zaynie

“I know tonight’s been a tad hard on you. But, hey, I’m with you alright? Always. Come home soon, baby xxx”

Niall smiled blindingly through his tears. Nodding his head as if the tanned boy could see him. He wiped his tears for the last time and grabbed his guitar. 

No, tonight was not going to be the same. It would never be the same without Zayn. But with the other boys by his side and Zayn’s undying support waiting for him back home, they would make it. Niall was sure of it. 

They might not be One Direction without Zayn, but they’ll always be our lovely, talented boys. Tons, tons, tons of support towards them, forever and always. 

I honestly feel so much better right now. I hope this makes you guys feel as good as it made me feel. I just can imagine this happening in real life, you know? :) 

Prompts are open! I take any Niall centered relationship and i will ALWAYS include Zayn. 

#134 - "I Need You..."

Harry: Is what you whisper on the phone when he’s away. It’s late for you, early for him. The time difference making it difficult to communicate. “I’m scared and lonely Harry… I don’t think I can be alone much longer…” “Baby I’m home in a week. I know this is hard but I need to stay strong for me. Please… I’ll be home sooner than you think.”

Liam: Is what he mumbled under the piles of blankets set up on the bed. He had come down with a flu and hadn’t really moved in the last two days. Pushing past the idea that you too could possibly get ill, you slightly pulled back the covers and allowed him to cuddle into you, keeping your child-like boyfriend happy and safe until the nasty bug passed.

Niall: You say during the Skype call, his face falling. “I need you Niall… I miss you so much…” He nods, agreeing with your words. “I know love… But just think… It’s only a few more days before I’m back home with you in my arms. I need you too, but we need to get through this final stretch and trust me. It’ll be so worth it.

Zayn: Is what you tell him when he’s about to walk out the door in a fury. Turning around, you notice his features soften. "Please don’t leave Zayn… I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have accused you of cheating. I should’ve believed you, not the stupid tabloids. Please Zayn… Don’t go… I… I need you…”

Louis: Is what he chokes out as you rush to get home to him from work. He was a wreck after the phone call came in that his grandmother had passed. “Baby I’m ten minutes away. I’m coming.” You needed to get home to him as soon as you could. “Please (Y/N). I don’t want to be alone… I need you.”

He Says Something He Doesn't Mean (Part 3)

Parts 1-2!

     Harry: You sighed and ran a hand through your tangled hair before nodding and walking back over to Harry who accepted you with open arms, literally.

      “You’re seriously going with him? After what you just told me?” Jack cried, you nodded,

      “I’m sorry Jack…I love him, and I don’t think anything can ever change that. He may have done wrong…but it doesn’t change the fact that we have history together.” Jack rolled his eyes before storming out.

       "I really am sorry,“ Harry mumbled against your shoulder. You nodded,

     "I know. I forgive you, but don’t ever call me that again, or I’ll rip your tongue out,” you threatened. He sighed and hugged you tighter,

       "I love you, no matter what,“ he smiled. You knew you had made the right decision.

       Zayn: You sighed and took another sip of your wine, you sat at your friends house whilst they watched a movie and played games. You made it clear that you weren’t in the mood for games or just in general to be social so they left you alone in the kitchen.

      "C'mon (Y/N) it’ll be fun!” Your friend encouraged as they brought out Just Dance, you shook your head,

     "No you go ahead, I’ll watch,“ she sighed and shrugged, "Ok if you say so,” she smiled.

      Ten minutes into the game the doorbell rang, “I’ll get it!” you offered as the girls played their game, too focused to notice you.  

       "Hell- Zayn? What are you doing here?“ you asked as he stood there with roses and pleading eyes.

     ”(Y/N)…I-I needed to see you. I’m sorry, I just-I never meant to compare you to Perrie, because you aren’t her. And I’m sorry, I fell in love with you because you aren’t her and because you’re so independent and I guess I’m just not used to that yet. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for ever bringing her up around you, especially in that way. I was an asshole, I hope you can forgive me,“ he smiled softly and extended the roses towards you. 

      "I…I um- just never do that again ok? I love you Zayn….but I’m not you maid,” you accepted the roses and sighed. 

       "Thank-you so much,“ he pulled you into his chest before planting kisses all along your face, making you giggle and pull away before kissing his lips chastely, 

      "Now if it’s alright with your friends, I’d like to take you home,” he smirked as he looked over your shoulder to your friends who were videotaping the whole thing. 

        Niall: You touched down in your hometown and sighed, although you had left thinking it was for the best, you couldn’t help but miss Niall. Throughout the plane ride you went through old texts that you and Niall had sent each other, you smiled, laughed and sighed remembering the old times you had together. 

       Seeing your mum at the parking lot she looked confused, 

      “Where’s Niall?” she asked afar releasing you from your hug, you didn’t want to lie…but you didn’t even know what had happened fully. 

      “He’s home,” well…it’s wasn’t a lie. She nodded, deciding not to press it any further before driving to the hospital. 

      “Do you love her?” you heard the voice of your ex boyfriend talking to someone as you stood outside the door to his hospital bedroom. 

      “More than anything in the world, more than life,” Niall sighed, you gasped…how did he get there? More importantly…why was he here? 

     "Well then your best bet is to give her some distance…I’m not saying break up with her but give her some time to forgive you, just apologize. I’m sure she loves you too, you just need to work on your wording.“ he explained to Niall,  

       "I just…wouldn’t know what to say,” he responded, 

    “Practice on me,” you ex replied. 

      “Well…(Y/N), I…i’m sorry I was such an insensitive prick. You don’t deserve that, because I love you and you’re worth so much more than being called what I called you. If I could buy you a billion roses to tell you how much you mean to me I would, I can’t imagine myself without you by my side. You keep me grounded, you’re my rock. I guess what I’m trying to say is…I love you, and no matter what issues come between us, I will never stop loving you." 

      You were inside the room standing behind Niall before you knew it, your ex looking between the two of you, 

      "Niall…” you whispered, he stood up and turned around to face you.  

    “(Y/N)..listen, I’m sorry I’m here I just didn’t know who else to turn to and I missed you I-” you pulled him into your arms and cried into his shirt. 

    “I love you, I missed you too…I won’t leave like that again.” he stroked your hair and nodded. 

      “Don’t please…and if you do, I’ll always be chasing after you.” you looked up and he pressed a kiss against your forehead before you heard a fake cough coming from the bed. 

      “Ahem…as cute as this is, I need to be reunited with my best friend.” You smiled and walked over to you ex before hugging him tightly.  

     Louis: The next morning you woke up to the smell of eggs and bagels, you smiled until you realized that when you walked down the stairs it would not be Lou who was waiting for you but Zayn. 

         "Hey (Y/N), sleep well?“ he asked, you shook your head, you never slept well without Lou beside you, it was a habit you guessed. 

       "Well I made food if you-” the doorbell rang, you assumed it was Niall, he always came over for breakfast, until you realized yet again, that this was not your house. 

     "Look mate I said give it time, she-“ you rounded the corner to see Lou standing there in a quiet, but heated conversation with Louis. Louis’ eyes landed on you and he pushed past Zayn in an instant. 

      "You were right,” you opened your mouth to say something back but he continued, 

      “You were absolutely right. I’m an idiot. A huge idiot, I don’t deserve you-” you cut him off. 

      “Lou stop! I know you were wrong ok, yes you were an idiot…but never say that you don’t deserve me. We’re poison the two of us, but together we’re antidote as well. I love you alright? I don’t think I ever really thought of leaving you forever to be honest. I know I probably sound pathetic, but if you’re willing to…to never break my heart again, and never see (Y/BF/N) again, then I’m willing to give you another chance, because the truth is- I don’t think I can even function without you in my life." 

        He ran up to you, grabbing you by the thighs and lifting you before spinning you around. 

       "I love you so much,” he repeated before setting you back down. “So…do you forgive me?” he asked, you nodded. 

       "But I’ll never forget it Lou, so don’t let it happen again.“ you sighed, before he took your chin in between his fingers. 

      "I don’t know what I was thinking…letting a girl like you slip through my fingers. You’re the one for me, I promise.” he smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek. Zayn smiled, 

    “I guess my work here is done…now get out,” you laughed, before letting Lou take you home where the two of you took a long, well-needed nap together. 

       Liam: You sighed, flipped through the channels again until you decided it was best just to turn the TV off, leaving you to your thoughts. 

       Moments later the sound of a guitar and singing resounded from the street, you raised an eyebrow and made your way over to the balcony. 

      “Liam?!” you exclaimed as you saw him standing on the sidewalk with Niall accompanying him with a guitar. 

      ‘I’m half a man at best…with half an arrow in my chest,’ you couldn’t help the small smile that spread across your lips. 

      “I’m a horrible boyfriend, I dunno how anybody could ever want to be with me…especially after what I said (Y/N). There is one thing I know though…I know that I love you, and I know that..that if I could take it all back I would. You’re perfect the way you are, and I wish you would come home with me.” Liam yelled from the sidewalk. 

      “Liam Payne…you are an idiot.” his smile faltered. 

     "But I guess, that’s why I love you, come on up…we’ll talk this out.“ you smiled before closing the window and waiting for Liam to come up to your room. 

     I suck at endings -.- I hope you enjoyed lovelies! xx

444. Don't give up on us (Part Two) (Requested)
  • Harry: "I saw you...and her." You finally blurted out. Harry didn't hesitate, he was quick to explain the situation, telling you how she was an old friend and completely shitfaced and being the gentlemen Harry was he offered her a safe ride home. You should've trusted him, you didn't want to react this way but it was hard to keep it together all the time, according to the press Harry had a new girl every week. "Love, I know it's not easy to deal with all this. I just hope that you know I would never ever do anything to hurt you. I don't want anyone else, I just want you (Y/N). Promise me if you ever feel like this again you'll give me a chance, give us a chance."
  • Liam: You tried your best to stand your ground but as soon as you heard the crack in Liam's voice and his tiny sniffles your stubborn exterior melted away. "I-I... It's not you babe. I'm so sorry, I know all I ever do is make excuses and that's not okay. You don't deserve any of this, you deserve to be treated like a princess and if you give me the chance I'm going treat you like that again. I'm gonna call you everyday no matter what because I want to, I need to hear your voice. I'm gonna send you flowers every Wednesday cause I know how much you hate them. Just please give me the chance to make it better."
  • Louis: "I'm so sorry that I've ever made you feel like you had to give up anything for me. You support everything I do a hundred percent and the idea that I'm not doing the same for you, it's....I'm gutted. I was being selfish when I asked you to come to me, I just want you all to myself and I forget that I have to share you sometimes. I'm so so sorry love, please tell me what I can do, I'll do anything." Louis always knew exactly what to say after a fight, and as much as you hated that about him you loved it all the same because deep down you knew he meant everything he said. If you knew Louis, which you did, he was going to do whatever it took.
  • Niall: "Who said it?" He sounds angry now. "Tell me who said something to make you feel like this cause I'm gonna do something bout it, I don't know what but I will." You were quiet, searching for the right words but Niall continued to rant. "(Y/N) you have to know that you are one of the best things to ever happen to me. You are the most beautiful person, inside and out. If anything I'm not good enough for you. You deserve so much more attention than I can give you sometimes and that kills me." You were really a mess now, talking between your sobs. "Niall. No that's not true." He cleared his throat to fight off the tears, "Princess just please. Come see me. Let me show you how beautiful you are."
  • Zayn: His hands stayed in place, cupping your cheeks, wiping away any new tears. You meant to continue you packing, but the touch of his skin against yours was just too much. He tilted your face up and looked you deep in the eyes. "I love you (Y/N). I don't have an excuse for the way I've been acting lately but I can promise you I'm gonna stop. Saying sorry isn't good enough so I'm not gonna even bother saying it. I need you to give me a chance, let me make it up to you. Let me show you how sorry I am, how much I love you, how much I want you, how much I need you. Just please don't go.
  • Written by: Anna

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hey :) so i see that you ship ziall a lot and i want to know why? like what made you start to believe in them? me as a ziam shipper, i don't really look into other ships. but i'm curious on why apperently more people start to believe in ziall :) is it just the looks they give each other or are there also touches that i havent seen yet?

i’m so glad you asked!

come, come, take a journey with me

okay, so speaking for myself at the very beginning of my one direction experience, i was sort of into niam more for lack of knowing anything else and it was cute and cuddly and room 317 and all that jazz but then

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Z I A L L (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

alternatively, the ziall master post to end all masterposts

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You Surprise Him On Tour (1D)

Liam (His P.O.V): It’d been three months since I’d last seen (Y/N). Each day I missed her more and more. I just need to see her and hear her voice in person but that wouldn’t be able to happen for a while. Today we didn’t have a show and in a way I was glad. I don’t think I would’ve been able to put all my effort into it. The boys and I spent the day exploring the city and then we went to a restaurant for diner. We spent the rest of the evening just chatting and having a laugh until the restaurant had to close. Once we’d left we all went straight back to our hotel room to get some sleep before tomorrows show. As I opened the door I soon noticed a suitcase that wasn’t mind but I recognised who’s it was. When I walked further into the room I soon saw who the suitcase belonged to. My pluse began to rise and I ran straight over to her pulling her into a tight hug. “What are you doing here (Y/N)?” I asked while burrying my head in her neck. “I managed to get some time off work so I rang paul and we sorted everything out! I wanted to surprise you!” She explained. 

Harry: “Thank you for coming (Y/N). He’s not been himself for a while now and I think seeing you will really help” Liam told you as he led you to Harry’s room. “It’s okay. I’d do anything to help him. You all know that.” You said as we passed a few doors before we reached the one we were looking for. “Here it is.” Liam said as he stopped outside Harry’s room before continuing to say “Last time I went in he was on his own becuase he didn’t want to see anyone else.” “Okay. I’ll try and cheer him up” You said to Liam as you began to open the door. I’d only took a few steps in before I heard Harry say “Go away whoever it is. I don’t want to do anything apart from lie here.” For a couple of seconds you stood there debating what to say or do next. “Okay, I’ll go then and spend some time with the other boys” You replied while slowly making your way back out of the room. Almost straight away you heard Harry move out of the bed in attempt to see if it was you. Just before you closed the door Harry called your name. Swiftly, you turned around and saw him standing there looking at you with the same he always gave you. “I don’t want you to go away (Y/N). I want you to stay right here”  He said as he opened his arms. 

Zayn: The show was almost over and in around 5 minutes you’d be able to catch up with Zayn. You hadn’t seen him for 3 months and this waiting was driving you insane. All you wanted to do was run up and give him a massive hug and stay in his arms for ages. So far Zayn hadn’t seen you. Lou had wanted to keep your visit a surprise so whenever the boys came off stage you hid and then when they were back on stage you were able to watch them from backstage. The last time you saw Zayn perform was when they were in London. Any moment now Zayn would come off that stage and be completely surprised. No one apart from Lou and Paul knew you were coming so this was going to be interesting. The boys had just finished saying ‘thank you’ and one by one they ran off the stage. Zayn came of near the end and when you saw him you ran straight up to him. He was a bit shocked at first but when you placed both your hands either side of his face to pull him into a kiss he gladyly went with it. Zayn pulled away slightly just to say “I don’t know why or how you got here but I don’t really care. I’m just so happy you’re here.”  He then returned his lips to yours. 

Niall (His P.O.V): “I’m going straight to sleep boys. The crowd was amazing tonight but I’m really tired now” I said while yawning at the end. “Okay, see you in the morning!” Liam replied. As I walked away I heard the boys whispering and laughing quietly but I brushed it off. I was too tired to care. Each night I’ve been getting less sleep because I’ve been talking to (Y/N) more and more. I hate seeing her sad and alone especially when I’m thousands of miles away.  I just want to be there and help her through her days when she thinks nothing’s going right. Before I climbed into my bunk I got changed and then I went to the small bathroom on the tour bus. Once I’d done I made my way to my bunk and then climbed in. I wrapped the duvet around me and checked my phone one last time before I went to sleep. I’d spoke to (Y/N) this morning and if I rang now I wouldn’t get an answer as she was probably already asleep. Gently, I placed my phone down and tried to get to sleep. Just as I started to drift off I heard someone more my curtain to one side and then they began whispering my name. Instantly I recognised the voice and I rolled over to find myself looking at who I thought it was. (Y/N). I moved over so she could get in beside me. There was no need for me to say anything because she knew what I was doing. (Y/N) climbed in beside me. As soon as she was beside me I pulled her close and wrapped the duvet around us. “I’ve missed you so much. I love you (Y/N)” I murmered and then kissed her temple. 

 Louis: Throughout the night you kept your eyes focused on Louis. You weren’t too far away from the stage so there was a chance Louis could see you. All the other boys knew you were there and they kept trying to make Louis look over in your direction but so far he hadn’t noticed you. The boys only had a few more songs left to sing and during that time Louis had to notice you. While they sang ‘You and I’ Louis came over to the side of the stage you were facing. His eyes drifted from person to person until they fell on you. For seconds he stood there just staring at you. All the other boys seemed to have realised they Louis had finally seen you as they were all smiling at each other as if they had just completed a mission. From where you were stood you could see that Louis didn’t really know how to react. He just continued to stand opposite you and eventually he mouth “I love you”. You mouth “I love you” back with a big smile across your face. “That song was dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N). I missed you so much babe” Louis announced when the song had finished.

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#106 - His Wedding Vows


(Y/N), from the first time I laid my eyes on you, I felt a spark I have never felt before. You… you’ve just made my life such a better place and as I stand here in front of you, about to become your husband, I can’t stop thinking about how I must be the luckiest man in the whole world to be here. I love you with my everything and you’re always going to have me. In the best and worst times, I will always be yours.



I can’t put into writing how much I love you (Y/N). Nothing can compare to the feelings I have for you. I remember every last detail from our first date, up to this very important moment. And now as I’m looking at you, I realize that no matter what life throws at us, I want to be with your through everything. And I know, that together, we can prove the strength of our love to each other, in every situation. I love you to infinity and beyond, and I’ll never stop.



I’ve never been good at putting my feelings down on paper (Y/N). But, what I say comes straight from my heart. I’m standing in front of you today, about to become your husband, and as fast as my heart is beating, I just can’t explain how excited I am to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the most kind, beautiful women I have ever met, and no matter what happens, I will be by your side. You’ll never have to be alone, and this is a promise I made and will continue holding onto until I die.



(Y/N), my perfect angel. You are my everything. I can’t even begin to explain to all our guests how much I love you. But I do. With every bone in my body, I love you. I this honestly feels like a dream right now, but it’s not. This is really happening. And I couldn’t be happier. We’ve had some rough spots, but we were able to get through them and continue with our relationship. We’re about to become husband and wife and I know that I am yours for as long as we both live.



I stand here before you, a man in love with a woman. (Y/N), we met four years ago, but it seems like we just met yesterday. Every day is a new day with you. I wake up and see your beautiful face every morning and that single-handedly makes me the luckiest man on this planet. We’ve had so many adventures and there will be so much more in our happy future. I’ve never stopped loving you (Y/N), and I promise you right now, that this love will last forever.

Picture Preference #218 - He Tweets About You Two Pulling A Prank Backstage


@Harry_Styles: So this is what happens when @Y/T/N and I are together backstage xD


@Louis_Tomlinson: @Y/T/N and I pulled a prank to Niall!!!!! Loved it :D


@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N just painted Zayn’s nails!!!!! Can’t stop laughing :D


@Real_Liam_Payne: Had so much fun with @Y/T/N today :D Look what we did :P


@zaynmalik: @Y/T/N had fun painting Liam’s face before the show :D So much fun!!!!!!

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