Funhaus - NHL Jersey - MockUp by Teagan-Sheriti 

So I said I was going to make a Jersey collection for some of the sub brands of Rooster Teeth and here is the second of many more. FUNHAUS edition yay so before the number for each member main mean something but really I ran out of clever ideas.
Bruce Greene numbers mean GS from Gay Sex cause I get the vibe he wants to with Adam lol
James Willems numbers mean Raz from his favorite video game.
Adam Kovic numbers mean BF or Bitch Face  
Lawrence Sonntag numbers stands for his twitter account name SirrLarr or SL for short.
Spoole numbers mean HL or High Life
Sorry to Matt and Joel fans I just couldn’t think of anything for them.
Next up will be The Know or RvB not sure yet

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Yo where’s the best place to get a cheap Jamie Benn jersey? Yes I watched the segment on TSN about fake jerseys and I’m aware of this but I don’t really wanna fork out $250 for a real jersey when I’m gonna wear it quite a bit. I will be buying official jerseys for when we get our Seguin and Benn to get signed but right now I just want a cheap replica.