Hockey Is Back!

To celebrate, here are all my team mascots.  Some old ones. Some new ones. Some revamped ones. I’m happy with the majority, but a few I may rework in the future.  These have been featured (by divisions) on TSN’s blog, BarDown, so maybe you’ve come across them there.  Enjoy! 


Blank Space feat. Jaromir Jagr

So it’s gonna be forever

Or I’m gonna go to the Flames

Tell me when my contract’s over

If my goals were worth the pain

Got a long list of ex-teammates

They’ll tell you I’m insane

‘Cause I know you love the players

But I love the game

Normal Person:“What’s your favorite season?”

Me:*stares intensely at them for a second*

Me: “Hockey season”

I love watching hockey.

But I also love the sound.

The sound of skates slicing across the ice, the sound of two sticks slapping together, the sound of the boards shaking with the force of a hit.

I love the crispness of the announcers voices and the emotions of the fans.

And I love that the sound lets you feel the energy of the greatest game on earth.


NHL - AHL Affiliates

Not just anybody can be a hockey fan, this breed of human is cut from a rare cloth.
One who can endure 82 games of the highest highs and lowest lows
This is complete dedication to a sport and a life style that we love
The rest of the world rejoices at the arrival of summer but not us
Its arrival means a lonely 4 months without ice
But every October when our men of winter return so does the fire in our hearts
The return of hockey makes it burn like surface of the sun
The only fire that will never melt ice

Home opener for the Colorado Avalanche (2014)

Here’s to waiting for October