★ Request: I saw that your requests were open until midnight and where I live it’s just 11:30 pm so hopefully you can write this but if not it’s cool. But can you do an Nico Hischier imagine where your older than he is. Thank you.

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: My imagine schedule is off. I’m trying to catch up. Sorry. :(

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You were exhausted, but you couldn’t fall asleep; you had been staring at the ceiling for hours. Your boyfriend Nico had fallen asleep hours ago; his head had barely hit the pillow after coming home from his game and he was out. Glancing to your right you looked at him sleeping peacefully, his bare chest rising and falling slowly. You reached over softly, brushing a fallen strand of hair out of his eyes.

He reacted to your touch, shuffling closer to you with a heavy sigh. “Baby?” he murmured. “You okay?” he asked softly.

“Sorry, Nico. I didn’t mean to wake you. Go back to sleep.” you whispered, immediately feeling guilty for waking him up after such an exhausting game.

“Don’t be sorry.” he said, his eyes fluttering open. He looked over your shoulder, glancing at the digital clock on your bedside table; 3:00am. “Why are you still up?” he asked, propping himself up on his elbow, just inches from where your head laid on the pillow.

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FUNNY STORY so I made a valentine for a friend a while ago and said friend posted it on twitter and tagged Cam, without telling me. he found it and RTed it and not even half an hour later I get a message from him and his fiancée telling me how much they love my art, and would I do a piece for them? you bet your ass I said yes - Gasson Hall at Boston College, acrylic on canvas, 12hrs total work time. they arranged to have me come down after the game at Verizon yesterday so I could give it to him. I was nervous as hell and this man who is clearly older sees me and smiles and says “oh! you must be scout! hi there, I’m Mr. Atkinson, Cam’s dad! nat [fiancée] told me you’d be here!” and he just picks up a conversation with me like it’s nothing. luckily my mom knows more New England lore than I do. Cam comes up and looks for us and the first thing he does is grin and go “hi!!” and then apologize for not being able to grab me a stick from the game before they packed them up. we talk for a while about college and the pride tape thing and the scooter gang and he’s just marveling at the painting the entire time, I was about ready to die, ok. i mentioned I didn’t own an NHL jersey yet and he’s like UM we need to fix that send us your address! it was so cute. he made sure to give me a hug and was like “we need to get a picture together!” and WOW I was exceptionally anxious but Cam Atkinson is the sweetest human being and everything worked out and now my art is going on the wall of their house!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT


i’m pretty new to the hockey tumblr scene and i’m looking for fun blogs to follow?

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They’re here.

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