Highlights- Beau Bennett

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Ok I kinda bash the Devils a little here but I LOVE THEM OK? So no slight intended it’s just… no one seems to like the Devils. Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: An imagine with beau Bennett where you see each other again after 10 years. thank youuuu; and for the beau bennet imagine: like you dated in highschool and then you see eachother again and hit it off


              The New Jersey Devils. Ugh.

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Credit to the hockey news.

Here’s the current playoff possibility for each team and possible match up.

i’m so damn proud to be part of the hockey fandom. like there are first games, last games, first goals, last time playing in an arena, first time playing in an arena, trades, retirement and no matter what team you support or who you support you will feel with the fans going through it and that unites us all in the sport of hockey. so many things have changed in the last 100 years but one thing that’ll always be here is hockey and the love that 2 nations share for it. it is absolutely unbelievable just taking a step back and thinking about your team fighting for the stanley cup and being in that atmosphere with hundreds of other fans and fans watching from around the world who share that feeling with you it’s so overwhelming and emotional with the love you have for your team and your city. once you’re in you’re never out. never give up on hockey because hockey won’t give up on you. no matter when you join or who you join, you’ll always be welcome.


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.

Something Better

Taylor Hall x Reader

Team: New Jersey Devils

Warnings: CHEESE

POV: Second

Can you do a Taylor Hall one where he catches you watching the Oilers playoff games and he gets upset, but it ends all fluffy? Thank you so much!

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You were sat on the edge of the couch, watching as the clock bled down to the last seconds of the game, Edmonton securing their second win in the series. 

“Still not over the fact your boyfriend won’t make it to the playoffs?” 

Your head whipped around and you saw Taylor leaning against the wall, arms crossed and a slightly pained look on his face. 

“Taylor,” You sighed, a warning tone somewhere in the back of your throat. “It’s not like that.”

“Sure it is,” He took a deep breath, fully entering the lounge and sitting down next to you. “They’re doing so much better without me,” He frowned, watching as the highlights of the game began to play. 

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