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Auston Matthews - Baby Shower (Part 1) (Part 2) - Complete

Brady Skjei - Ultimatum (Part 1) (Part 2) - Complete

Brendan Gallagher - Montreal (Part 1) (Part 2) ( 🔥 Part 3) - Complete

Jamie Benn - Make You Hate Me (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) - Complete

Mat Barzal - Invisible (Part 1) (Part 2) - In Progress

Tyler Seguin - Believe Me ( 🔥 Part 1) (Part 2) - Complete

Tyler Seguin - End of a Fairy-tale (Part 1) (Part 2) - Complete

Tyler Seguin - Family (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (🎄 Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) - Complete

William Nylander - I Do… Not (Part 1) (Part 2) - Complete



Adrian Kempe - Blew It (X)

Alex Burrows - Ottawa (X)

Alex Galchenyuk - Whispers (X)

Alex Nylander - Necklaces (X)

Alex Nylaner - Taco Bell (X)

Alex Nylander - Tattoos (X)

Alex Nylander - Why Me? (X)

Alex Wennberg - First Skate (X)

Andre Burakovsky - Birthday (X)

Andre Burakovsky - Home (X)

Andre Burakovsky - Hot Dad (X)

Andre Burakovsky - Nerves (X)

Auston Matthews - Brother (X)

Auston Matthews - My Baby (X)

Auston Matthews - My Girls (X)

Auston Matthews - My Rock (X)

Auston Matthews - Thanks for Being Here (X)

Brady Skjei - Skating (X)

Bo Horvat - The Bachelor (X)

Cam Atkinson - Hungover (X)

Charlie Coyle - Don’t Go (X)

Charlie McAvoy - Good Enough (X)

Colton Parayko - I Don’t Love You (X)

Colton Parayko - “Ran Here?” (X) *My Favorite*

Connor Brown - Meeting the Family (X)

Connor Brown - Shots (X)

Connor McDavid - Unsure (X)

David Pastrnak - Our Kids (X)

David Pastrnak - Promises (X)

Dennis Rasmussen - Deserving (X)

Dylan Larkin - Want You Back (X)

Elias Lindholm - Exhaustion (X)

Elias Lindholm - Not Funny (X)

Evgeni Malkin - Surgery (X)

Frederick Andersen - Bump (X)

Frederick Andersen - Roses (X)

Jack Eichel - Snakes (X)

Jakub Vrana - Cuddles (X)

Jamie Benn - Banana Bread (X)

Jamie Benn - Forgotten (X)

Jason Demers - Official (X)

Jimmy Vesey - Broken (X)

Jonathan Toews - Stay with Me (X)

Jordie Benn - Ashamed (X)

Jordie Benn - I Love You (X)

Jordie Benn - Jealousy (X)

Kasperi Kapanen - The Goal (X)

Leon Draisaitl - Chances (X)

Martin Jones - Reconnected (X)

Matt Tkachuk - Cookies (X)

Matt Tkachuk - Tipsy (X)

Matt Tkachuk - Unsure (X)

Max Domi - Made it Through (X)

Max Domi - Sick Day (X)

Michael Latta - Breakfast (X)

Michael Latta - Surprises (X)

Mikael Granlund - Comfort (X)

Mitch Marner - Shoulder (X)

Mitch Marner - Texts (X)

Mitch Marner - The Prairies (X)

Morgan Rielly - Captain (X)

Morgan Rielly - Storm (X)

Morgan Rielly - Strawberry Pie (X)

Morgan Rielly - Dinner (X)

Nate Mackinnon - Like Father, Like Son (X)

Nico Hischier - Older (X)

Nikita Zeitsev - Moscow (X)

Niklas Kronwall - Would You Mind (X)

Noah Hanifin - You Do? (X)

Patrik Berglund - Ignored (X)

Rich Clune - Stressed (X)

Sean Monahan - Quiet (X)

Sidney Crosby - Looking Out (X)

Sidney Crosby - The Stash (X)

Sidney Crosby - Tinder (X)

Tom Wilson - Are You Okay? (X)

Tom Wilson - Friends (X)

Tom Wilson - Switched (X)

Tom Wilson - Trust Me (X)

Travis Konecny - Bandage (X)

Tuukka Rask - Anything (X)

Tyler Seguin - Rumors (X)

Tyson Jost - Flight (X)

William Nylander - Accusations (X)

William Nylander - Banana Split (X)

William Nylander - Other Guys (X)

William Karlsson - Cheated (X)

Zach Fucale - Dreams (X)

Zach Werenski - Kisses (X)

Zach Werenski - The Best (X)



🔥 - Auston Matthews - Wet (X)

🔥 - Auston Matthews - Worth the Wait (X)

🔥 - Colton Parayko - I Need You (X)

🔥 - Leon Draisaitl - Mine (X)

🔥 - Luke Glendening - Trust (X)

🔥 - Matthew Tkachuk - Bad (X)

🔥 - Morgan Rielly - Miss Me (X)

🔥 - Sidney Crosby - Benefits (X)



💕 - Brady Skjei - Be My Valentine - (X)

💕 - Noah Hanifin - Unconventional (X)

👻 - Brady Skjei - Masquerade (X)

👻 - Colton Parayko - Trick or Treat (X)

👻 - Sean Monahan - Big Bad Wolf (X)

👻 - William Nylander - Jacket (X)

🎄 - Andre Burakovsky - I Already Know - (X)

🎄 - Auston Matthews - Family Time - (X)

🎄 - Brady Skjei - My Gift This Year - (X)

🎄 - Colton Parayko - Frozen - (X)

🎄 - Carter Hart - The Perfect Gift - (X)

🎄 - Connor McDavid - Ice Time - (X)

🎄 - Gabriel Landeskog - First Christmas - (X)

🎄 - Jack Eichel - Kiss Me - (X)

🎄 - James van Riemsdyk - Snowed In - (X)

🎄 - Michael Latta - Merry Christmas, Baby - (X)

🎄 - Morgan Rielly - Christmas Eve - (X)

🎄 - Tyler Seguin - Cookies and Mistletoe - (X)

🎄 - William Karlsson - Christmas Cactus - (X)

🎄 - William Nylander - Snow (X)

🎄 - Zach Hyman - Christmas Market - (X)


Tyler Seguin x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: None?

POV: Second Person

Summary: Tyler gets a bit jealous despite what (Y/n) tells him

Originally posted by puckinginsane

Your name: submit What is this?

To say you were under-dressed for the occasion wasn’t that big of a statement. You had simply overlooked the text Tyler had sent when it said, in all caps, FORMAL WEAR. 

So here you were, sitting at a table in the corner away from everyone in suits and fancy dresses, while looking at your feed on your phone. 

Were you dressed up? No. Would anyone notice? Yes. Did you care? No, it was good enough for you, and with the week you were having, you didn’t mind if you were a bit unprepared for the event. 

Why did you even need to dress up for this? It was just a social gathering. 

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Player: Sidney Crosby – Pittsburgh Penguins


Mentions: Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang

Warnings: Cheating, Angst, Curse Words, Drinking.

Preview: The calls from your mother and Sid’s mother, as well as Catherine and Anna just showing up at your house around lunch with sympathetic looks didn’t help the situation either. You were hurt, embarrassed and angry. But the hours dwindled down all your feelings, now somehow you were calm.

Characters: 1275 words.

Originally posted by ohhhdreamer

You sighed putting your phone down. You rocked your son as your three-year-old daughter ran around the room. Sidney was due home from his road trip any moment now. For once, you didn’t want him home. Not after today. You heard the front door open and your daughter ran for her father.

You stayed in your spot in the living room and continued rocking Noah.

You heard Sidney greet Maisy in the doorway. You could hear the dejection in his voice. He knew you knew.

He walked into the room and looked at you. You could see the hurt in his eyes but you didn’t care. The constant vibration of your phone couldn’t let you forget what he had done. He opened his mouth to talk but you put your hand up.

“Not Now.” Was all you got out.

Sidney just nodded and turned back to Maisy. He followed her to her room, so she could show him her latest artwork.

You weren’t far behind. You walked upstairs and put Noah into his crib, praying for him to stay asleep. You jumped at the beeping phone in your pocket. You left the nursery and walked across the hall into your bedroom. You pulled your phone out, but you already knew what you were going to be met with.

There on your screen, another random person had tagged you in the same picture. A picture of your husband up close and personal with a random girl in a bar. It had been happening all day. Apparently the Pens had gone out to celebrate their latest win and Sid did a little more than celebrate.

The calls from your mother and Sid’s mother, as well as Catherine and Anna just showing up at your house around lunch with sympathetic looks didn’t help the situation either. You were hurt, embarrassed and angry. But the hours dwindled down all your feelings, now somehow you were calm.

Sidney walked into the bedroom after he had finally gotten Maisy to sleep.

“Y/N…” he started.

“Don’t. There is no sense in even trying Sid. How could you?” you asked calmly.

“I don’t know…”

“Sidney. I would do anything for you. I moved out here, I had your children, I handle everything so you can focus on hockey and how do you repay me? You cheat on me with the first girl you can find at the bar? I can’t even process what has happened.”

“Y/N. I wasn’t thinking, I got drunk and I was missing you…”

“Missing me? That’s how you handle missing me?” you scoffed.

“There is no excuse for this Y/N. I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“All I ever did was love you.” You stated softly sitting on the bed.

“This is the worst thing I have ever done. The darkest thought I ever had. You said you would stand by me through anything. For better or for worse. This is anything Y/N. This is worse.”

You just looked at him, tears pooling in your eyes. You studied the hurt on his face that matched your own.

“Well. Yell, scream, say something. Anything”

“I never thought the worst thing you would ever do, would be to me. I want you to leave.” You finally stated.

“Y/N…” he started again.

“No. This is my home. This is our children’s home. I will not have their lives disturbed any more than they already are. I want you to pack a bag and I want you to leave. We will figure something out with the kids until I figure out what I want to do next. The ball is in my court now Sidney.

Sidney just nodded heading to the closet to pack his things. You walked down to the kitchen and finally let the tears escape that you had been holding in all day. You poured yourself a glass of wine and gripped onto the kitchen counter. You allowed the sobs to rip through you as you listened to the front door open and shut.

You wanted to get out as much as you could before morning, you had to be fine before then. You finished half the wine bottle and you were simply dry heaving now. You wiped the tears from your eyes and headed upstairs to your bedroom. You laid in bed and when you felt the empty side to your right and the slight scent of Sidney, a new wave of tears you didn’t know you had hit you.

Before you knew it, you were standing over your bed and your sheets were scrambled all over your room. You rubbed your hands over your face. You kicked the sheets into the corner and sighed. You laid back down on your now sheet less bed. You cuddled into one of your pillows and cried once again, until you fell asleep.

You were awakened by a tiny finger pushing your face.

“Mommy, Where’s Daddy?” your daughter was asking and you felt the lump in your throat.

“He had to go back on another trip for Hockey Baby.” You answered quickly, hoping she would buy it. She nodded and jumped down from your bed.

“Can we watch the games?” She asked.

“Of course baby.” You mentally thanked the heavens for DVR.

“Mommy were you crying? Do you need ice cream?” She asked, quirking her eyebrows.

You forgot how much Maisy noticed, it was hard to get much past her.

“I just miss daddy is all.” You smiled slightly getting out of bed and heading for the nursey.

Noah was up and stirring but he was a calm baby. You picked him up with a smile and Noah gurgled back up to you. You headed downstairs, your daughter in tow.

You were almost halfway through breakfast when you heard the front door open. You weren’t ready for another round with Sid. You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding in when the Malkins and Letangs walked into the kitchen.

“Uncle Geno!” Maisy ran from her place at the table and up to Geno who immediately scooped her up.

“My little printsessa” he quipped sending you a look.

You cleaned up the table as Kris walked over and rubbing your back.

“I am fine everyone.” You answered before anyone could start. As long as the kids were in the room you knew you were safe from the conversation. You knew it was coming. You three had become the great couples of the team. Well were the great couples.

Maisy had run off with Alex and Noah was now asleep in his rocker, Nikita asleep as well in his car seat.

You turned from washing the last of the dishes and found four looks of sympathy.

“I don’t know how much I want to talk about this guys. I haven’t decided what I even am going to do yet. I figured he would have been staying with one of you guys.”

“I no let him, I disappointed in Captain.” Geno replied.

“Catherine wouldn’t even let him in the front door,” Kris added.

The girls were just nodding in agreement.

“I really appreciate the support guys but I just want to figure this out myself.”

Everyone nodded giving you your privacy. Well as much as they could with the whole world watching this scandal play out.

You really did have no idea what you were going to do next.

Was your marriage worth saving? Or was it just too late for you and Sidney?

anonymous asked:

HC: Getting engagged with T. Seguin?

Originally posted by seabsieboys

  • oh boy
  • segs would go all out
  • like book out the arena and propose to you after you skate around for a while
  • he’d prob train gerry to bring you the ring
  • and like if you weren’t already going to say yes then that would do it 
  • you’d be crying and he’d be starting to cry in the middle of his speech as well
  • and then the two of you are standing there in the middle of this ice rink, crying, with a white lab with a box in his mouth
  • and when he asks you to marry him you cant get ther words out fast enough
  • You jump and slip a little when you come back down but thats okay cause hes there to catch you 
  • just like he will be for the rest of your lives
  • (im sorry that was really cheesy)

★ Request: You guys dislike each other (kind of have mutual friends, and you’re not really his usual type), but he sees you at a gathering/concert being bothered so he steps in and kisses you to get them off your case, and maybe realizes hes really into

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: I loved this prompt and I’m really happy with the way it came out. I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated. :) (Also, I’m a bum and I wasn’t happy with how the next part of the Family series was, so I’m editing it now. It won’t be posted tonight, but it will be up soooon!)

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You laughed, watching as Katie danced gleefully around the room, trying to finish getting ready before Jamie arrived. He was on his way to pick the two of you up for Katie’s birthday; the three of you were driving to meet up with some friends in Arlington for a concert. The doorbell rang as Katie finished putting in her last earring. She turned to you, her eyes widening as she bit her lip nervously.

“What?” you laughed, curious as to what could have turned her mood so quickly.

“Tyler is coming.” she said quickly, slipping on her jacket as the doorbell rang.

You heart dropped. “What the fuck!” you shouted at her, practically falling out of the chair you were sitting on as you sprang to your feet, chasing her down the hallway; grabbing her arm just before it reached the doorknob, you spun her around to face you.

“Don’t be mad.” she said desperately, her eyes pleading with you. “They’re already here, I can’t uninvite one of you at this point.”

“If you had told me from the beginning I just wouldn’t have come.” you retorted, trying to keep your voice down so the boys standing on the other side of the door wouldn’t hear.

“I know! Which is why I didn’t tell you. I wanted you both to come, so I may have omitted him from the list of invitees I mentioned to you…” she mumbled, quickly continuing when she noticed your jaw clenching. “(Y/N), I know the two of you don’t get along, but you just have to survive the 20-minute drive from Dallas to Arlington. Your tickets are on completely opposite ends of the row. Once we’re there, you can pretend he doesn’t exist.”

“I still don’t understand why you hang out with that asshole.” you muttered.

“He’s not an asshole.” she sighed. “I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but I’m dating his best friend. Just chill the fuck out and don’t be a bitch.” she implored. “Please, just for tonight. For my birthday? You and Tyler getting along can be my present!”

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Player: Leon Draisaitl – Edmonton Oilers


Thank you so much! This is 100 percent one of my favorite imagines I have ever done. Definitely Top 3! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Mentions: None

Warnings: Trouble Conceiving.

Preview: A few weeks had passed and the baby making campaign was in full force. He had enlisted a few of the boys to help him try and brainwash you. He even tried to use Misha in his never-ending tirade. You could only roll your eyes when Misha stumbled into the kitchen wearing a shirt that read “Big Brother”

Characters: 1743 words.

Originally posted by mcdraii

You were sitting in the fresh Edmonton air, trying to enjoy the rare weekday lunch with your husband. It was not often you and Leon were able to go for lunch. Between his insane hockey schedule and your equally insane toddler, going out to eat was rarely an option.

You watched as something caught Leon’s eye. You followed his gaze to see him watching a woman walking down the sidewalk, her arms carrying bags from the neighboring baby boutique.

“I saw that.” You quipped as you were wrestling your fidgeting son.

“Huh” Leon looked at you confused, playing dumb.

“I saw you looking at her.” You replied.

“Babe, I really wasn’t…”

“Well, I saw the way you looked at her bump” you giggled.

 “She looked as if she could be due any day, she was glowing.”

“Look at you swooning over pregnancy.” You chuckled once more placing a kiss on your son’s cheek.

“Let’s have another baby.” Leon suddenly responded.

“Have you lost your mind?” You looked at him puzzlingly.

“We make such cute babies, Y/N. And Misha is getting so big now, I want another little one. Plus, you were just so beautiful pregnant.”

“I definitely was not feeling beautiful Leon.” You laughed as Misha had finally succeeded at escaping from your grasp. He toddled around the table to his father who delightedly scooped him up.

“Seriously Y/N, I want to have more little babies with you.” He smiled as he pushed Misha’s hair from his eyes.

You watched your son and husband for a moment. You had to admit, you and Leon did make adorable babies.

“We’ll see Leon.”

Leon looked up and smiled at you. You could tell by his eyes he was already hatching a million and one plans to convince you.

A few weeks had passed and the baby making campaign was in full force. He had enlisted a few of the boys to help him try and brainwash you. He even tried to use Misha in his never-ending tirade. You could only roll your eyes when Misha stumbled into the kitchen wearing a shirt that read “Big Brother”

 You were sitting at the kitchen counter, enjoying a bagel. Leon was still at practice and Misha was spending time with his grandparents. You were enjoying the silence but only for a moment. You couldn’t deny that you loved the slightly organized chaos that came with your rambunctious son. You adored the love and noise that came with having Misha in the house. He was so worth every morning spent clutching the toilet and the sleepless nights being unable to get comfortable. Maybe it would be worth it again for another little Leon following around his older brother.

 You were pulled from your thoughts hearing the door open and close.

“Y/N? You home my love?” you heard Leon call from the front room.

“Kitchen” you responded as you continued to enjoy your bagel.

You felt his strong arms wrap around you and a quick kiss to your temple. He then turned to the fridge to grab food for himself. “Misha still with my parents?”

“Mhmm” you nodded. He smirked at you drinking one of his post-practice shakes.

“I didn’t take my birth control this morning.” You stated simply taking another bite of your bagel.

You enjoyed watching Leon almost sputter out his shake, his eyes widening.

“You mean you want to try? 

“I mean you make a hard case” you smile and suddenly you were being swept from your stool.

“Hey! What about my bagel?” you giggled as Leon ran up the stairs with you in his arms.

“Bagel… Later…. Baby…. Now.” He responded between placing kisses to your lips.

You walked into the bathroom with a groan. Leon glanced at you from the sink.

“We just started trying babe.” He said reading your mind

You just nodded, you couldn’t help feeling deflated 

“Plus that just means we get to keep trying” He wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You chuckled as you went to start getting Misha ready for the day.

Your days were filled with trying for baby number two when you could fit it in between toddler naps and hockey games. Each time came with no success, and it was weighing you down. You had no issues when you decided to have Misha. You had begun to track your ovulation and were trying foods you read helped with conception.

And now here you were after your last run of baby making, laying on the bed both feet in the air against the headboard, reading another article on yoga positions to help fertility.

Leon walked into the room from taking his shower, he looked at you as if you were insane. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m lifting my hips to try and coax your little Leon’s to my uterus.”

He huffed as cleaned up his suit that was strewed across the room.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked

“Dammit Y/N, this isn’t fun anymore.” He shouts obviously frustrated.

“What’s not going to be fun is if you wake up your son.”

“I can’t do this anymore.” He says quieter but no less angry.

“Do what? Have another baby?” you question.

“I want nothing more than another baby with you but not on some crazy obulation schedule that you basically have posted on the fridge.”

“It’s Ovulation Hun.”

“I don’t care what the damn word is! And can you please get out of the stupid position! I’m trying to have a conversation with you!”

You turn to get down and sit up just as Misha wails from his bedroom. You sigh as you head for the door. “I’m going to go try and get our son back to sleep.” You scoff.

You heard a loud thump and shatter as you walked down the hallway.

After a tiring hour of pacing the room with a crying toddler on your hip, you finally had gotten Misha back to sleep.

You walked back into the bedroom and Leon was in bed watching game highlights on a sports channel. “Is he back asleep?” he asked, eyes not leaving the TV.



You crawl into bed and sit on your knees next to him. He steals a quick glance at you but continues to watch the TV still pouting. You finally just speak up.

“I just feel like I have failed you. We keep trying to have a baby and it is just not happening. I have been so obsessed with trying to make this work that I didn’t realize how you were feeling. I’m so sorry Leon, I just want to give you another baby so badly.”

Leon quickly sat up to face you, wiping the tears from your cheeks 

“Babe you are not failing me in the least. I know we didn’t struggle with Misha but it will happen. I just want you to stop putting so much pressure on this. You are stressing about this when we should just enjoy the time we have with just Misha and the process of making more little babies with your very handsome husband.”

You chuckle at the last part and share a kiss with said handsome husband. You spent the rest of the evening purposefully asking questions you knew the answers to about his game highlights.

You were sitting in the backyard with Kelly Talbot. You watched as the twins chased your clumsy toddler around with their dogs.

“How’s trying to expand your roster going? Cam told me that Leon couldn’t stop talking about it.” Kelly asked sipping her mimosa. You were having your ritual of getting brunch with your fellow Oiler mommy while the boys were on road trips.

“We’ve been trying but no luck. It caused a bit of a rough spot but we got past it. We are just going with the flow for now. It will happen when it happens.”

You smile as you reached for the first sip of your mimosa. As soon as the smell got in range of your nose, you could feel your breakfast making its way back up your throat. You leaned over the trash can and lost the contents of your stomach.

“Maybe Happen is soon then later” Kelly snickers rubbing your back. 

You looked at her as you wiped your mouth. “Pharmacy Run?”

“Let’s get the kids in the car!” she smiles with a snap of fingers

5 pregnancy tests later, you were definitely pregnant.  You were beyond thrilled. The first thing you wanted to do was tell Leon. You reached for your phone but decided against it. Leon had figured out you were pregnant with Misha before you could surprise him with some cute announcement. You started to put the plan in motion.

Leon was due any moment now and you were waiting in the living room, trying to look as causal and nonsuspicious as you could. You continued to check on Misha making sure everything was in place.

You heard the garage door opening and you couldn’t help but squeal in excitement. You composed yourself and headed to the door to greet him.

“Hey Babe” he smiled as he walked in the door putting his bag down and giving you a quick kiss. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too and so did a certain little one.” You smirked at your own hidden meaning.

“You currently have a very impatient toddler who demanded a bedtime story from his papa waiting upstairs for you.”

“Well Let’s not keep him waiting any longer.” Leon smiled heading up the stairs. You followed close behind.

Leon opened the door to Misha’s room to find him sitting in his bed trying to read a story.

“What’s on the menu tonight little man?” he questioned taking the book from your giggling toddler.

Leon read the title and almost fell over. What to Do When Mommy is Having a Baby.

He whipped around to you. “Are you..”

“I’m thinking we go for a goalie this time around, expand our roster.”

Leon swept you up and spun you around, much to Misha’s delight. He placed a kiss to your lips as he sat you down.

“No goalies, maybe a right winger.” He smiled and you couldn’t have been happier.

I Wish You Would- Andre Burakovsky

Requested: yes. Did you seriously just tell me that? Ew! Why did you tell me that?

Words: 2k

Warnings: cursing, anger, steamyish

A/N: i’m sorry this took so bloody long and that i posted it our of order. thank you requester for your patience, ily.

“You look kinda hot girl” Andre said with an exaggerated drawl and raised eyebrows “with that little tutu”

“It’s an apron Andre” you replied, ignoring your reddening face.

Why did he have to say things like that, the little shit. Honesty hour- you loved it but also there was that worry in the back of your mind about how you were going to handle it when he met a girl. Because truthfully you were such a slut for him and he was such a damn tease, a flirt. Anyone with half a brain could see how he treated everyone the same and yet his little comments needled their way into your heart and wasn’t that just like him; pinballing through life, charming, lovable, clueless and leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

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★ Request: Not Requested

★ Warnings:SMUT. If you are under 18, turn away now. (Or don’t. I’m not your mom. I can’t tell you how to live your life. Just know that this is like, super smutty so proceed with caution, eh?)

★ Note: Sorry this is late! Between work, an AHL game, and all these playoff games, I got super distracted. I hope it was worth the wait! Comments, questions, concerns? Let me know, I love talking to you guys.

★ Links: Master ListCurrent RequestsImagine Schedule

You pulled the hood of his gray sweatshirt over your head, picking up the pace as you moved quickly down the sidewalk; the scent of his cologne stuck to the fabric. Auston had suggested walking to the movie theater, explaining that it would give the two of you more time to get to know each other; as the gray clouds moved across the sky you realized the storm was going to hit sooner than expected. Auston came to a stop at the crosswalk, turning around as he waited for you to catch up. The traffic light changed as you reached his side; lacing his fingers through yours, he guided you across the street.

“Oh shit.” he muttered as the first drop of rain landed on his cheek; you both glanced up at the darkening sky. “Where should we hide out?” he asked, his eyes scanning the streets as he tried to determine the best place for the two of you to wait out the rain. “There’s a coffee shop at the end of the block.” he suggested as a light drizzle began to fall from the sky. 

“The storm is supposed to last for hours. If we go to a coffee shop we’ll be stuck there all day.” you said, your breath becoming heavier as you tried to keep up with his long strides. 

“My place is about 3 blocks away.” he offered, nervously. The two of you had gone out on a few dates over the past month; always chatting at restaurants, hiking together outside the city, stealing kisses like middle schoolers in the back of the movie theater. You had never truly spent time together in private. You had really enjoyed getting to know Auston over that time and were more than ready to spend more time together; alone.

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Just Watch pt 2

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, slight language, major cheese!

POV: Third Person

Summary: A sleepy and woozy (Y/n) leads to Auston confessing some things

NOTE: Here’s part one!

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It had been a couple of weeks after (Y/n)’s breakup, and nothing much had changed. She still went over to Mitch and Auston’s from time to time, still fought with the latter of the two boys, still cried a lot and still did everything she could to erase her memories of her past relationship. 

It wasn’t working though. 

No matter what she did, she didn’t feel right. Sleeping in her own bed was hard, instant feelings of regret washing over her whenever she got under the covers. The emptiness next to her, a constant reminder of what had happened. She was losing sleep as well as her mind. 

That’s when Marns asked her to spend a few nights, try and get some rest and try to relax. 

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Hockey Has Its Perk’s {Sidney Crosby}

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“Sid” I waved my hand beckoning Sid from where he was previously stretching on the ice “I have to tell you what they’ve been saying behind your back” I spoke as my head gestured to the team who watched us with curious eyes as to why I would call their captain out mid-practice.

He stared at me “They’ve been talking about me?” Sidney lip’s turned into a slight pout I nodded my head “They’ve been saying…” I left the sentence hanging in the air slightly.

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Body Like A Back Road- Sidney Crosby

words: 1967

a/n: mandatory prerequisite- you must listen to Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hunt before reading. if you don’t then it won’t be nearly as fun since that’s all i listened to as i wrote this. also the normal fictional liberties have been taken so please for the sake of a horribly cheesy story just let it flow. feedback is so very appreciated. also a massive thanks and shout-out to my girl @hattywatch for encouraging the Sidney loving part of me to just write it. this is also a response to @babrielandeskog‘s  question about plus size imagines. which i think we need more of. that is all.

“I hate you” you said wrinkling your nose up at him. he just grinned that insufferable smile, which was more of a smirk. you wanted to punch him.

“why? I’m lovely” he said as he gently steered you through the crowd to follow Taylor and her boyfriend. His hand was low on your back, just barely touching which was fine because- and it was a dumb thought and you hated yourself for thinking it- but there was probably an extra padding of skin there that he wasn’t used to encountering in the women in his life.

“lovely my ass” You muttered. You were getting within earshot of Tay and had to rein it in. it wasn’t exactly polite or nice to let your best friend know you hated her brother with every fiber of your being. It also wasn’t polite to admit you hated him as a defense. It was called being proactive.

“Let’s eat!” Taylor said, a grin on her face as she presented the food court with a bow like she was personally responsible for it. She might have been, girl was powerful.

“I’m getting an elephant ear” you announce to no one in particular and head for the cart.

“What’s an elephant ear?”

You turned and frowned at Sidney who was following you.

“You can’t be serious”

“I’m not, I’m Sidney.”

“Sidney” you rolled your eyes and the corner of his mouth lifted, sending something spinning in your belly that you were absolutely not going to think about, “I need you to be honest with me”


“Have you ever had an elephant ear?”

“I’m assuming it’s not an actual elephant ear… Well I wouldn’t be surprised, this is America.” He grinned, his eyes bright on yours as you looked at him unamused.

“How very Canadian of you. Pfft, you don’t deserve one at this point” you started walking again, pushing up on tiptoes to lean into the window of the vaguely elephant shaped food truck. You felt his eyes on you and normally, it would be intimidating. But this was your terf, and besides you hated him so it didn’t matter what he thought of you. Also you were feeling it tonight. If it mattered. Which it didn’t. Who would care what a frustratingly handsome professional athlete thought about them?

Like, you knew Taylor and you knew her parents and they were so nice. So genuine and real and it would be really easy to forget that their son was a famous hockey player. Except he was Sidney Crosby. The Sidney Crosby. Also he was usually surrounded by a gaggle of beautiful thin women. Which activated the whole fight or flight response and 10 times out of 10 you chose flight.

“Get me one” he said in a low voice as you opened your mouth to order. You grinned up at the boy manning the register. He was cute and it was easy to get the charm flowing when there was no real possibility of getting hurt. He reacted to you instantly, his eyes warming up, a grin tugging at his mouth.

“Hi” you said


“Can I get 2 elephant ears please?”

“Anything for you gorgeous”

“Thank you” you sparkled up at him and he blushed. You leaned back down off your tiptoes and looked self-consciously at Sidney who was watching you with a slight frown.

“Sheez, let the kid work” he said.

“I was being nice”

“You were flirting. That” he gestured with a vague wave at you “is a lot to deal with.”

You felt your cheeks turn hot. Was that a compliment or an insult?

“No I wasn’t. Plus he’s cute. And I kind of have a thing for summer boys”

“Summer boys?”

“Yea… All… like tan and hard working, here for the summer then leaving when fall comes.”

“So technically I’m a summer boy” he raised an eyebrow with a pleased smirk. You scoffed.

“You are definitely not a summer boy.”

The Real Summer Boy leaned out the window, hands full of napkins and some sort of food-grade tissue paper wrapped around warm pastries. You took them from him with a grin and his gaze lingered, long enough to make the heat crawl across your face.

“Come back before you leave” he said in a teasing voice with very serious eyes.

“I might”

He nodded at you, quickly distracted by another customer. You handed one of the pastries to Sidney who was not at all hiding his disgust at the little interaction that just took place. You ignored it. Real Summer Boy was hot and tonight, so were you. In tight leggings that managed to make your thick thighs look curvy  instead of just thick, and an ‘activewear’ thin jacket thingy that really was just loungewear marketed as productivity. It wasn’t entirely your fault that the jacket had shifted a little as you had leaned up into the window, and you’d failed to readjust. Your mom was in your head giving you the eye and trying to subtlety tell you to pull your shirt up. But she wasn’t here. And it made you feel brave, a little reckless, made the blood race through your veins making you feel awake and alive. So you left your jacket tugged too low, the freckles on your chest and the swell of your boobs exposed.

Being near Sidney made you very aware of the curve and swell and thickness of your body but usually you chalked it up to the fact that his usual entourage consisted of women who would fit in one of your pant legs. So, like, hello insecurities. It was different tonight, feeling a little hot and a little dangerous and you wanted to see where it would take you.

“Why am I not a summer boy?” He asked, following you to an empty table tucked in the corner of the barn.

“You don’t work during the summer.”

“I work out”

You laughed as you slid onto the bench and leaned forward, stretching your legs out long and crossing them at the ankles under the table. He sat across from you, knees bracketing your feet.

“I mean like work for a living. Like a blue collar, manual labor type of job.”

“I do manual labor” he was looking slightly annoyed and if you were being honest, it was absolutely delightful. You grinned again feeling a little ornery.

“Are you jealous Sid?” Your cheeks burned red as the words came out of your mouth but you didn’t back down, looking him straight in the eye.

“No I’m just saying” he mumbled, looking at his elephant ear with flushed cheeks “how do i eat this?”

You let him change the subject, high on a little buzz of satisfaction and cockiness.

“Well you pick it up like this” you exaggerate your movements and talk slowly but he’s actually listening, like you’re teaching him a real skill. “And then- you just take a bite. Go for it.” you take a bite, sighing when the sweet taste hits your tongue. It tastes like breezy summer nights and sunburns and the good kind of exhaustion that comes after a busy day in the sun.

You look up and see that Sidney’s brown eyes are still on you, locked on your lips and it starts to feel not so innocent, the way that you’re eating. Your face burns hot again and you feel little out of your depth here, unsure how things turned hot and unsure how to make them cool again.

“Are you gonna try it?” you ask, your voice coming out embarrassingly husky. He jerks his gaze to yours, and his heated brown eyes are flecked with gold.

“Here goes” he says softly, his raspy voice sending flickers of heat to your belly. It feels weird and intimate to watch him so you look down and take another bite of your own.

“Oh shit that’s good” he says in surprise. It breaks the tension and you laugh with relief.

“You should expand your horizons a little more often” you say with a smile and for some reason it brings the heat right back with it.

He’s got his arms crossed and resting on the table and he dips his head and looks up at you. He’s smiling all soft and you’re feeling warm and gooey, like you might just slide off the bench into a puddle.

“I should” he agrees and you can’t tear your gaze away and the moment stretches and stretches. His eyes are heavy and lazily taking you in, he’s gone all quiet and his breathing has slowed. The way that guys do when they start getting all hot and bothered. On the other hand, everything inside you has sped up, racing heart and blood and it’s hard to breathe.

“We should go find Taylor” you say, sliding out from the table and grabbing the garbage from the table.

You turn away from him as you head for a trash can, taking deep breaths and trying to shake it off. You turn around after you throw away the garbage and step back in surprise because he followed you.

“Come here” he says and grabs your hand.

You feel your eyes go wide, heart picking up again. His hand is big and warm and calloused and he’s tugging you out of the barn and the sun has set while you were inside and the shadows are long, the crowds are thinning. He pulls you behind the small brick utility shed, into the shadows. There’s no way you can talk and you’re not really sure if this is happening and if it is then is it even what you think it is? There’s a lot going on in your brain and then he’s crowding you against the wall, pressing his hips to yours and you can’t even be self-conscious because it takes your breath away. His big hands are cupping your face and sliding into your hair and you feel your jaw drop just a little. He takes the opportunity to kiss you, not even starting chaste, going in all hot and silky, licking into your mouth. He tastes like cinnamon and sugar, and it has your chest aching and your stomach twisting.  

One hand slides down your neck and then down your side, and you can feel him trace the curve of your waist, coming to a stop on your hip. He splays his hand over your hip, digging in hard and there’s a lot of… curve there but he’s holding tight like it’s all too much for him. Its… it’s intoxicating is what it is and you wind your hands around his neck, pulling him down into you. He pulls back after a moment and you’re kind of tangled together, one of his thighs between yours, hands all over. You just stare at each other, heat and tension jumping between you. Then he grins, all confident and pleased and cocky and you groan and close your eyes.

“What?” he asks.

“I’m just waiting for you to say something that kills the buzz”

He laughs, low and warm like honey and you peek at him.

“I like you” he says.

“Really? I’m glad you told me. The whole tongue down my throat wasn’t exactly clear enough for me.”

He laughs again, bright this time and just grins at you.

“I um, i like you too” you finally say awkwardly, not able to hold his gaze. You squint at something over his shoulder until he nudges your face back to his.

“I’m glad you told me” he starts, his eyes mocking “the whole tongue d-”

“Oh shut up” you shove at him and he leans back in to press you against the wall again and press a quick, dizzying kiss to your lips.

★ Request: You can’t go home for Christmas, so Tyler invites you to his house for the holiday and the two of you wind up under the mistletoe. (Paraphrased, I lost the actual request. My bad!)

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: 🎄 I LOVED this request. I got really carried away, and it’s way longer than the other Christmas imagines I’ve posted for the holidays. Oops. I really hope you guys like it. Feed back is always appreciated. :) This is the last of the Christmas imagines. I’m getting caught up on the rest of my requests, I’ll be back with a new imagine on January 8th. Merry Christmas, y’all!

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The house looked beautiful; even Tyler had to admit it, though reluctantly. He hated giving his sister’s too much credit; it went to their heads. When his sisters had arrived a few days ago, they insisted his house needed to be spruced up since he was hosting the family at his house in Dallas this year. His parents wanted to get out of the cold, so instead of Tyler flying home, the family was coming to him.

His sisters had come to town early and his parents would be flying in tomorrow. Candace claimed the house needed to be ready for Paul and Jackie when they arrived. Truthfully, he wouldn’t have bothered with the extra decorations if it hadn’t been for the fact you would be spending Christmas Eve with his family.

When you had called and told him the blizzard hitting your hometown was cancelling all flights, he had hated hearing how upset you were. Immediately he had invited you to spend Christmas with him, not thinking that it meant you would also be spending Christmas with his family; who you hadn’t met before. He was thrilled to spending the holiday with you, but he hated that it was at the expense of not being able to spend the holiday with your own family. You loved Christmas, so he was determined to make it special for you, even if that meant listening to Cassidy and Candace and letting them turn his house into a winter wonderland.

He grabbed the last box of ornaments from attic, carrying the box down two flights of stairs and into the living room where his sisters were finishing up the last of their decorating magic.

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Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars



Mentions: Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp, Antoine Roussel 

Warnings: A swear word maybe? I don’t remember.

Preview: The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

Characters: 1760 Words.

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After the little run-in with Tyler, you were being bombarded from every angle. The text messages never seemed to come to a halt. You had even considered changing numbers.

And every morning like clockwork, Tyler or one of the boys were waiting for you in front of your office. You had thought about coming in earlier to ignore your morning pests, but you already didn’t get enough sleep.

You grabbed your bag from the car and started to make your way to the office. You tried to mentally guess who would be waiting for you today. You tried to blend in with the crowd on the busy sidewalk but your baby bump lent you no favors.

“Y/N!” You heard Antoine call out in a singsong voice. You groaned making your way to the side of the building where he and Jamie were waiting.

“Coffee?” Jamie asked pushing a coffee your way.

“Cant.” You quipped pushing it back.

He just nodded putting the coffee back down by his side.

“How are you feeling today, Cherie?” Antoine questioned putting a hand on your stomach. You quickly swatted his hand and gave him a look to dare him to try it again.

“I am fine, a little tired but that’s something I should get used to.” You noted.

“You would be less tired if you had help, from someone like I don’t know…. The baby’s father.” Jamie tried.

You sighed. “When am I ever going to get rid of you.” You turned towards the entrance to your building.

“At least tell us what you are having,” Antoine called after you.

“It’s a boy.” You headed inside the building leaving away from your routine frustration.

The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

You looked up from your place at your desk to the vibrations coming from your phone.

Katie: I saved you from the Dallas Idiots, meaning you owe me lunch.

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your response.

Y/N: When & Where?

The reply came quickly.

Katie: Meet at my place next Sunday? 11 o’clock?

You quirked your eyebrows expecting a restaurant during the week but you were glad she hadn’t already started to talk about Tyler.

Y/N: Sounds good. See you then.

You placed your phone back down and got back to work.

You should have been suspicious when no one showed up for the rest of the week.

You walked up to Katie’s front door and knocked. You hopped the maternity dress you had bought earlier in the week was dressy enough for the place Katie had planned.

You should have known better. You should have seen the surprise coming. When the door opened, there stood all the Dallas Stars WAGS you had become close with over the years.

“Surprise!” Katie cheered.

“What in the world is happening?” You questioned as she pulled you inside.

“It’s your baby shower. I know you haven’t had one, and every new mom needs one.”

“You didn’t have to do this you know.”

“I wanted to, plus Tyler asked me to”

“Tyler asked you to do this?” You couldn’t believe that a guy like Tyler had requested Katie to throw you a baby shower.

“The kid’s book theme was his idea, he said you had always loved kids’ books and that it was the one thing you were always excited to do with your own.” She nodded towards the pile of brand new kids’ books by the gifts table.

“He said that?” you questioned so softly you weren’t sure Katie heard.

“He did, we tried to make sure not to get any doubles, Tyler has a nursery filled with them.” She noted leading you further into the party.

“Nursery?” You couldn’t believe Tyler had a nursery. You hadn’t even thought about it.

To be honest you hadn’t even bought more than a few items. Here you were almost seven months pregnant and suddenly you couldn’t feel less prepared. You couldn’t hold the sob back. Katie snapped her head towards you.

“Y/N, are you crying?” She questioned quickly.

You tried to get some words out but you couldn’t find them, you settled for a nod. She led you to a back bedroom and she sits on the bed, motioning for you to follow.

You sit down and wipe the tears that had escaped from your eyelids.

“What’s going through your mind honey?” she asked rubbing your hands.

“I’m not even remotely do this Katie. I don’t even have a room in my apartment to put a nursery. I think I have one outfit? I don’t even know what a baby needs.”

“Y/N. You don’t have to do this alone. You have an entire hockey team wanting to stand behind you. I know you don’t know about Tyler as a boyfriend, but you should give him a chance to be a father. If I have to listen to one more newborn fact, I may never have children.”

You nod allowing a smile to play across your features. “You’re right. I don’t know where we stand as a couple, but I need to include him in this. Maybe he can teach me something.” You chuckled using the tissue she handed you to wipe your face.

“I will go talk to him when I leave here.” You stated standing up and composing yourself.

“You probably won’t have too, I told them not to crash this baby shower but we both know they all are.”

You both shared a laugh and joined the other girls in the main room. She placed the pretty blue flower crown on your head. “Let’s Celebrate Baby Mama.”

You had played a few games and you had caught up with some of the girls. That’s when Katie’s prediction had proved itself correct. In walked Tyler, Jamie, Antoine, and Patrick. They all dawned their best-shocked expressions.

“Oh, no was this today?” Jamie tried.

You watched Katie roll her eyes. “Don’t even try it.”

They all looked at her sheepishly, making their way inside. You offered them small smiles. Tyler kept his distance. He knew this party was meant for you and he didn’t want to ruin it.

You made small talk with the others and continued with the party.

“Let’s do gifts!” Katie exclaimed with a clap.

You nodded and followed her towards the couches and chairs. She sat you in the middle on the ottoman. You glanced towards the space left next to you.

“Tyler? Do you want to help?” you asked

You watched Tyler shockingly glance up from his place at the food table.

“Yeah… I would love to.” He made his way over to you and sat down next to you, giving you as much space as he could.

You looked at the huge pile of gifts that sat in front of you. You decided to dive in and you and Tyler began opening presents. Halfway through the pile, you became more comfortable and had slipped the flower crown onto Tyler. Tyler was opening a gift when the baby started kicking. You grabbed Tyler’s hand and placed it on your stomach. You couldn’t help it as your heart melted watching the expression of pride and joy grow on his face.

“There’s a baby in there…” he said softly.

“I’m quite aware you, he doesn’t let me forget it. Little power forward in there.” You giggled.

The baby continued to be active so opening gifts turned into a baby feeling session. Everyone crowded around you, taking turns feeling your belly ending the moment between you and Tyler. You sent him a sympathetic look as you watched him walk outside. You followed where he headed the moment you could escape. Everyone got the hint not to follow.

You found him sitting on the patio with his head in his hands.


His head snapped up and you could see the tear streaks and somehow it stung.

“I was just collecting myself out here.” He tried.

“It’s okay you can be honest with me, Tyler.” You sat down next to him.

“I haven’t been around for your whole pregnancy and that’s my fault. I screwed us up. I ruined everything. But feeling the baby in your belly, it just made everything so real. I put together a nursery, I have read every book I can find, and I think he has more clothes than me now but it didn’t set in till I just felt him. I am going to be a dad and I am begging you Y/N. I know you haven’t forgiven me and I want nothing more than to be with you but please at least let me help you with this. Let me be a part of this.” He had grabbed your hands and looked towards you expectantly.  

“I talked to Katie earlier and I realized I do need help. I need lots of help, and the only person I should be asking is you. I don’t know if we will ever be a couple again but no matter what we are going to be parents.”

“I will prove it to you every single day, I promise you. And if somewhere along the lines you forgive me, I’ll prove that too.”

You once again allow yourself to smile. “Don’t push it, Seguin. Now please tell me you have pictures of that nursery.”  

He stumbled to pull out his phone. “I actually was going to send them to you but I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“But you and the rest of your team waiting outside my job didn’t do that?”

“Yeah, that was a little much.” He handed you the phone and the pictures took your breath away. The nursery was a gorgeous mixture of Green and yellow hues. Hockey hints here and there but still looked modern.

“You did really good Ty.” You quip, handing him back his phone.

“I hoped you would like it.”

“Well maybe once the baby comes, we can come and stay with you. I think that would be a much better fit then sharing a room with me.”

Tyler’s smile grew bigger. “I would love that.”

“Just until I… We figure something out”

“Yeah. Of course. Till we figure something out. He stated with a smirk putting the flower crown back upon his head and walked

Accidental Meetings- Brady Skjei

I have a few disclaimers before you read- there’s been a movement recently in the fan fic world that every mature man has no problem loving a woman regardless of her size. And I agree 100,000%. That being said, the female character in this fic is a reflection of me and based on a similar-ish experience I had. And this was cathartic and I’m posting it here because if anyone else has experienced anything at all like this, you’re not alone and you’re worth every bit of love you don’t think you deserve.

warnings: cursing

We were walking into the cinema. Brady was in front of me and he had both our tickets. He showed the attendant our tickets before she let us into the lobby, and Brady headed straight for the concession stand.

“popcorn.” he said over his shoulder to me.

“and candy. And pop. And a pretzel.” I said because he could never make up his mind and just bought everything that sounded good. He grinned. I waited for him at the end of the counter, leaning against the counter and scrolling through Instagram on my phone. I heard my name. I looked up and cursed inwardly. It was Stephen. My ex. Who had cheated on me with the girl standing beside him. She looked at me without any emotion, her eyes scanning me from head to toe. I wanted to kick both of them.

“oh hey” I said casually.

“are you here alone?” asked Stephen, his gaze pitying. I wanted to throw up on him. How I had ever thought he was attractive was beyond me. I was over him, thankful we were no longer together. But that didn’t mean I didn’t hate him with every fiber of my being for cheating on me and giving me a complex.

“nope.” I said a fake smile on my face, my tone clearly indicating this sweet little catch up was done. He swiveled around, looking for someone.

“I don’t see your sister” he said, turning back to me. I gave him a dead stare.

“I’m not here with her.”

“who are you with?”

“That’s really not any of your busine-” I was interrupted as Brady came up beside me, his arms full of food.

“what’s up?” Brady said, looking at Stephen and his girlfriend with clueless curiosity.

“Brady this is Stephen and… I’m sorry I forgot your name” I said to the girlfriend. Brady’s eyes dawned with realization when I said Stephens name.

“Tiffany.” She said glaring at me.

“Ah, right. Sorry. This is Brady.”

“From the New York Rangers?” Stephen asked, his face shocked.

“uh yea, that’s me.” Brady replied.

“why are you here with her?” Tiffany asked, her nose wrinkled.

Stephen elbowed her as he dug in his pockets for a pen and a piece of paper. I wasn’t even offended. It was such a blatant attempt at condescension I just rolled my eyes.

“We’re going to be late for the movie.” I said to Brady, ignoring both Stephen and Tiffany. He was looking at Tiffany with thinly veiled disgust.

“We’re together.” He said. I stared at him in shock. Thankfully Stephen and Tiffany were as well so they didn’t see my expression. He handed me the popcorn to free an arm and tucked it around me waist, pulling me close. I was torn between wanting to play along and being offended that Brady thought I needed a pretend boyfriend to one-up my garbage can of an ex. Then Brady kissed my cheek and I quickly decided it was best for all parties involved if I played along. I leaned into him, knowing it wasn’t real. But the feel of him was real. My racing heart was real. The way we seemed to fit like pieces of a puzzle was real. the goosebumps that broke out as he drummed his fingers on my waist, those were definitely real.

“how long have you been together?” Stephen asked.

“about a year now.” Brady lied. Stephen’s eyebrows shot up. We had broken up barely a year ago. I had to admit that felt good. Stephen’s cheeks flooded with color and I knew he was thinking of the what he had said to me that night I had stopped by his place to find him and Tiffany tangled on the couch together making out.

“look I’m sorry. I wanted to know what it was like to be with a…. normal girl.” I had stared at him, so shocked I couldn’t even speak. We had only been dating for about 3 months. And I had been on my way over to end things with him. which, as it turns out, wasn’t super necessary. But whatever. I had called him an asshole and left. I didn’t care enough to tell him I was normal, being bigger than the girl on his couch didn’t make me not normal. I hated to admit it but that experience had shaken my confidence.

“lets go babe” Brady murmured against my forehead, bringing me back to the present. I looked up and smiled softly at him. a real smile. He was so good and so kind, it made my chest hurt. I wanted to trace that scar on his jaw with my lips. but I let him lead us away from Stephen and Tiffany and towards the theater. His arm dropped as we walked and I ignored the fact that I was disappointed.

“I think they’re following us” I muttered under my breath. Brady turned back to look.

“yes they are.”


We sat near the back of theater, in the middle of the row. Stephen and Tiffany sat 2 rows behind us. Those two rows were empty. The whole theater was pretty empty. Brady draped his arm on the back of my seat. He traced his fingers over my shoulder and it was making me weirdly emotional.

“you don’t have to keep doing this Brady. And you didn’t have to say we were together. I mean I appreciate it but I don’t care what he thinks of me. he’s a loser.”

“I didn’t do it for you.” he replied, glancing at me.

“what doe-”

“shhh, its starting” he said with a playful smile.

I had no idea what movie we watched. I could feel Stephen’s eyes boring into the back of my head throughout the entire movie. Brady’s hands proved to be even more distracting then I initially thought until I was so hot and keyed up it was hard to sit still. And I kept thinking about his little comment before the movie started. What did that mean? Was he really insinuating he did it because he wanted to?

At one point halfway through, he had leaned over to whisper some nonsensical comment about the movie. His breath had been hot on my ear, his lips so close that he kept accidently brushing them against my ear. It had sent shivers spilling over my skin and I had pretended not to notice. His hand never left my shoulder and as the movie had droned on, his fingers had occasionally trailed to my neck. I was ready to either jump him or punch him by the time the credits rolled. I had jumped up, ready to go and he frowned at me and told me we had to stay in case there was a scene after the credits. I sat back down with a sigh and had to bite my lip to stop myself from groaning out of frustration when he threw his arm back over my shoulders, locking my fingers in his.

Stephen and Tiffany left the theater, both staring at us and not doing anything to try to hide it. when they walked out of sight, I slumped back against my seat with relief.

“okay they’re gone now” I hissed at Brady when he didn’t let go of my hand. His eyes flickered over to me and he was unsuccessfully holding back a smile. I glanced around. We were the only ones left in the theater.

“I don’t think there’s any more scenes Brady.” He laughed.

“are you in a hurry?”

“well no. I just- its over, and what the hell are we doing?”

“how was the movie?” he asked smirking.

“it was fine. Let’s go.”

“what was your favorite part?”


“yeah.” He let go of my hand and crossed his arms to watch me with his chin slightly tilted and smirk on his lips.

“uh I don’t know that once scene when they were-” it felt like my brain had just come out of the blender and now I was trying to use it before it settled back into the form necessary for proper thought function. “- honestly I have no fucking idea what we just watched.” I said, shrugging and shaking my head.

Brady tipped his head back and laughed and maybe it was the constant touching throughout the movie or the pretending to be dating but he had never looked so beautiful. His dark eyes, his lips, even his damn eyebrows.

“then my plan worked” he said, turning sideways in his seat to face me. I swallowed hard at his intense gaze.

“what plan?”

“I thought you were well educated” he muttered, leaning closer then he ever had before.

“what’s going on?” I asked, my voice hardly more than a whisper.

“this” he whispered before he kissed me. his lips slotted against mine, warm and firm. I was in shock for about a half second, and then I stopped thinking when his tongue slid against mine. the seats were annoying and not exactly conducive for proper seduction and the armrest was jabbing into my hip but I had never been kissed so thoroughly in my entire life.

I broke away from him and pulled back to stare at him. his cheeks were flushed and his eyes were dark. My stomach clenched.

“we should leave” I said. He didn’t say anything, just took a deep breath and tried to steady his uneven breathing and nodded. He stood up and put out a hand to help me stand. Then he didn’t let go. He laced his fingers through mine and we walked in silence to my car.

★ Request: Hiiiii! Do you think you would be able to do something about Tyler Seguin being a single dad and you’re dating him? Something with you trying to get along with his son? THank you so much!

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: This prompt was cute af. Hope you enjoyed it!

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You were lounging on the sofa with Tyler, a movie playing softly on the television. Snuggled into his chest; his arms were fastened securely around your waist, his chin resting on the top of your head. It was getting late and you’d have to leave soon, but you were enjoying your time alone with Tyler. You heard the patter of small footsteps coming down the hallway; turning your heads you saw Tyler’s son, Charlie, appeared in the doorway dragging a worn fleece blanket behind him.

“Daddy, I had a nightmare.” he sniffled; the lashes covering his bright brown eyes were damp with tears. Gosh, did that little boy look like his daddy.

“It’s alright, Charlie.” he said as he slipped his arms from your waist and stood up. “I’ll be right back.” he whispered to you, placing a soft kiss to your forehead.

You watched as Tyler knelt down next to his son and spoke comforting words to him in a hushed voice before scooping him up in his arms and carrying him back to his room. You loved watching the two of them together.

Tyler and Charlie’s mother hadn’t planned on having a baby. After the birth she had left Tyler with sole custody and hadn’t been in touch since. In the four years since then, Tyler had taken it upon himself to be the best parent possible; growing up a lot himself during that time. He didn’t like letting people into the safe and sheltered world he had created for Charlie; unwilling to expose his son to other people who may or may not stick around. You had been dating for a little under a year, and you had managed to earn Tyler’s trust and he let you in. Sort of. Although you had spent time with Charlie, Tyler didn’t let you get too close. You knew how protective Tyler was and you didn’t want to push anything on him.

You stood up with a yawn and began gathering your things as Tyler came sauntering back into the living room and flopped down on the sofa.

“Hey babe, I’m going to head home.” you said, picking your bag off the floor. As you turned to face him he sighed loudly, rubbing his hands down his face. “Tyler, what’s wrong?” you asked, sitting beside him, rubbing a hand across his broad shoulders.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do with Charlie when we go on our trip next week. His normal sitter is on vacation; my parents and sisters are really busy right now, they can’t fly in.” he said tiredly. “I hate leaving him with new sitters; he doesn’t do well with people he doesn’t know; especially with the nightmares he’s been having recently.” he explained, closing his eyes in frustration.

“He knows me, I could watch him.” you stated simply. You suddenly realized what you had said and your mouth dropped open, surprised at your own words.

Tyler’s eyes flew open and he stared at you, his eyes studying your face. You couldn’t read his expression and it worried you. Did he think you were trying to force yourself into their lives? Didn’t he trust you enough to leave his child in your care?

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t want to make you feel like I’m intruding—” you began nervously.

“No, no, no.” Tyler said, cutting you off. He sat up straighter and placed a hand gently on your knee. “Do you really want to watch him? I don’t want you to feel like you have to. I know you’re busy with work and everything else going on in your life right now.”

“I really do, Tyler. I’ll switch my schedule to work around his pre-school hours. You’ll only be gone for a little over a week. I’d like to get to know Charlie better.” you said, offering him a small smile. “If you’ll let me.” you added quickly.

“You want to get to know Charlie better?” Tyler asked.

“Of course I do. I love you Tyler, and Charlie is a huge part of your life. We’ve been together for almost a year, and I plan on sticking around; I think it’d be good for us to know each other better.” you said, praying Tyler would understand how much you wanted him to fully let you into their lives.

Tyler bit his lower lip; once again he stared at you. Before any worrisome thoughts could cross your mind, Tyler wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest; one hand caressing your back, the other wound through your hair, keeping you close to him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” he murmured into your hair.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: None

POV: Second

Hi i love your blog so much! can you do now with Auston where his gf is extremely stressed about assignments and he helps her calm down thank you

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

To say you were stressed was an understatement.

You felt like you were losing your mind.

Every paper you were given, every article you read, every question you answered, every thesis you formed, slowly aided in your depleting sanity. Your hand was cramped from writing, your wrists were sore from not using the proper posture when typing, and your head was spinning from all the words, numbers, and symbols you had to read.

Auston had to suffer by watching you stress. He hated seeing you pace around the room, pick at your nails, sigh deeply as your ran your hands through your hair, trying your best not to cry. 

He wanted to help. 

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Little bit of the Green Eyed Monster- Freddie Andersen

Request: Could u write a frederik andersen imagine where ur Mitch’s age and best friends and all the younger guys on the team keep hitting on u and Fred gets really jealous? Thanks !!

Warnings: A few swear words

I was chatting with Steph after a good Saturday night win against the Senators as we waited for the guys to come out. I was reading a text on my phone when it was snatched out of my hand and dangled above my head. I followed the arm to the smirking face of my best friend and pain in the ass, Mitch Marner. We had friends since birth, our mom were best friends and we had the same birthday. When Mitch had made it onto the Maple Leafs I had moved to downtown Toronto with him so I could go to the University of Toronto for nursing and to make sure Mitch was able to function as a human living on his own. In his first season on the team it felt like he always had his teammates over and I hit it off with the tall Danish goalie. So at the end of the first season Steph moved into the apartment and I moved in with my boyfriend, Freddie. That however didn’t stop Mitch from annoying me almost everyday.

“Mitch, give me my phone back. I was texting your mom about the surprise party for my parents’ anniversary.”

“Nah, you can talk to her later. It is Saturday night, we just killed the Sens, and we are going out to celebrate.” And with that he threw my phone to William, who as soon as I got close, tossed it to Zach.

“You can have your phone back after a dance with me tonight.” With that I was pushed out of the room, right into Freddie’s chest as everyone piled out of the arena and into cars to go to whatever club had been decided on. Freddie and I had already decided that we would only stay for a short time to appease our friends before going back to our apartment and relaxing.

Once we were all into the club and had taken over a large portion of VIP section, Auston walked over to me with a shot and wouldn’t leave me alone until alone until I took the shot. A few of the guys chuckled at my face as the alcohol burned going down my throat. Freddie gave me a gentle smile as I went to sit next to him, we didn’t get to really talk since meeting back up after his game. As soon as I got comfortable next to him I was pulled out of my seat by Mitch, who along with some of his other teammates down to the dance floor. “Don’t forget your dance with Zach if you want your phone back.” Rolling my eyes at him I moved towards Zach just as a new song started.

After the song ended he handed me back my phone, tucking it in my back pocket I continued to dance with my friends. At one point I tried to get Freddie to come down and dance with me, but he shook his head no. As I tried to leave the dance floor Auston pulled me against him, leaning in so I could hear him speak over the music. “Dance with me Liz?”

“One dance and then I’m done, I’m ready to go home and spend time with my boyfriend when we actually have some free time.” He nodded and we danced until the current song ended.

“Just a heads up, we don’t have practice tomorrow. We were told to relax and not come in for anything. Go spend time with your boyfriend, I know he was excited to spend some time with you before our next road trip.” Smiling at Auston, I hugged him before saying goodbye to everyone on the dance floor and heading back up to where I felt Freddie, except he wasn’t there. Sydney and Matt were sitting a table over from where we were sitting.

“Did you guys see where Freddie went?”

“Yeah, he just left a minute or two ago. He said he wasn’t feeling well and he would see you at home. Do you need a ride?”

“No, I’ll just get an Uber to the apartment. See ya guys.” Saying a few more goodbyes before heading outside to wait for my ride. On the ride home I tried to figure out what would have cause Freddie to feel sick and hoped it was just some tiredness and he wasn’t coming down with something. Thanking my driver and paying them I hurried inside so I wasn’t out in the cold too long, glad that the elevator was on the ground floor already. When I got into the apartment I didn’t see any sign of Freddie, so I pulled off my boots before moving down the hall.

I finally found him asleep in the guest room, where one of us would usually go if we were sick so we wouldn’t get the other one sick. I closed the door quietly and moved through the apartment before getting into bed. It was hard falling asleep without Freddie in the bed with me when he was still in the apartment. I finally fell asleep, waking up when I heard movement around 8 in the morning out in the hallway.

Moving out I saw Freddie dress like he was going to practice, which Auston said they weren’t practicing today and they were supposed to relax. “Where are you going?”

“The rink.” Freddie didn’t even turn to look at me as he answered, just worked on pulling on his shoes now that he knew I was up.

“Auston told me you guys are off today and were told to relax and not come in.”

“Did he? What else did you guys talk about on the dance floor?” Freddie sounded mad, something that was rare for him and most of the time when I heard it, it was after a bad loss.

“What is your problem? I’m guess you weren’t sick last night, so you actively left me at a nightclub. And this morning you are lying about where you are going, and are pissed at me for I don’t know why. If I did something just tell me, help me understand.”

“I’ll be back in a few hours.” I stood there in the hallway of our apartment shocked and confused as Freddie moved quickly out of the apartment. The sound of the front door closing broke me out of my trance, I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. I tried going back to sleep since it was so early in the morning but the silence of the apartment bothered more than it ever had so I got dressed and left the apartment as soon as I could. Taking my school bag I wandered the surprisingly busy Sunday morning streets until I found a coffee shop that had a decent amount of traffic in it.

Ordering a hot chocolate, knowing caffeine would not help the pounding of my heart, I found a table in the back and pulled out a textbook. If I was going to have a bad Sunday I was at least going to be productive. Keeping my head down I enjoyed the buzz of the coffee shop as I went over my notes and textbook, preparing for a midweek test. I honestly had no clue how much time had passed until my phone lit up since I had it on silent. “Hello?”

“Finally! I’ve been calling you for an hour now. Where are you?” Pulling the phone away from my ear, I saw I had close to a dozen missed calls and more than double that in texts. I also realized that it was 4 in the afternoon, I thought maybe an hour or so had gone by. “Liz? Are you still there?”

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t know how late it was. Why have you been trying to call me for an hour?”

“Everyone is looking for you. Where are you?”

“I’m at a coffee shop. Why is everyone looking for me?”

“Freddie didn’t know where you were and you weren’t answering his calls, he got worried and called around to some of the guys on the team. He sounded really worried.”

“Sorry I worried everyone, I’m gonna head home now.” I hung up with Mitch and packed up my bag. Heading home I wonder what kind of mood Freddie would be in when I got home, worried about where I was or withdrawn like this morning.

As I got to the apartment and opened the door I saw Freddie pacing the living room, talking to someone on the phone. He looked up as I closed the door, pulling off my shoes and leaving them on the mat. “She’s home, thanks man.” He came rushing up to me, pulling me into a hug as he let out a super deep breath. “I was really worried about you, when I got back at 10 I thought you were just out because I was an ass this morning and then when I didn’t heard from you by like 2 I got worried.”

“I’m sorry that I worried you, I guess I just got really into studying and lost track of time.”

“It’s all my fault, I was an ass this morning and you didn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of that.”

“Can you just explain to me what caused all of that?” Freddie nods before leading me to the couch, sitting down before pulling me onto his lap so I rested against his chest. I tucked my head into his shoulder, the spot I always went to when we cuddle like that. “What’s going on?”

“Do you have feelings for Mitch?” It took me a second to understand what Freddie meant by that question but when I got the meaning I was even more confused.

“First, I would never be into someone who is in a relationship with someone else. Or when I am in a relationship. Second, Mitch is basically my brother. I have never and will never have any sort of feelings for him except as my brother. Growing up with him, seeing him as I have would basically prevent any romantic feelings from ever happening. Why are you asking that?”

“Because he and all the other guys that are younger on the team are always flirting with you. And last night you just kept dancing with all of them…”

“Because you wouldn’t come dance with me, all I wanted to do was dance with you.”

“Even though we have been dating for almost a year now, I still sometimes feel awkward with the 8 year age difference between us.”

“All of the guys my age are a little too immature for me. Mitch has been saying since we turned 13 I was born as an old lady, I don’t need to go out and party every chance I get. I like that you love spending time at home just as much as me, our movie nights when we just relax into each other are the perfect nights to me.”

“But all the flirting, they are much better at it than me.”

“I like your version of flirting, it’s more my speed. Do you remember what you did to get my attention last season?” That brought a smile to his face, before he kissed my forehead.

“I sent you a danish poem and then sent you a flower everyday with one word translated until you were able to read the poem.”

“That is what I love about you, you don’t do the expected and you love me for who I am. Anyone who flirts with me has no chance of winning me over because I am head over heels in love with you.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry for last night and this morning, I should have just told you how I was feeling.”

“Yes you should have, don’t ever leave me at a nightclub ever again.” He chuckles as that as we enjoy a calm night in before normal life needed our attention again.

★ Request: Not Requested

★ Warnings: SMUT! ALL THE SMUT!

★ Note: I was bored and this popped into my filthy mind. Apologies, children. I do have some non-smutty imagines coming out in the near future if this isn’t your speed. Lemme know what you think!

★ Parts: ( 🔥 Part 1) (Part 2)

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You shouldn’t have come to Texas, you realized that now as you sat at the kitchen counter, watching Tyler prepare dinner for the two of you. You thought the distance between Texas and home would give your feelings a chance to cool down; you couldn’t have been more wrong. When Tyler greeted you at the airport, much to your chagrin, you realized he was just as friendly, just as enjoyable, and just as perfect as he had always been. Listening to kitschy, antiquated anecdotes had never been your thing, but “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Yeah, that’s what you were experiencing.  

“When did you learn how to cook?” you asked incredulously, watching him deftly chop through a small pile of basil leaves. “That’s like, Iron Chef level skill.” you said.

“I guess I’ve learned a lot in the past few years.” he said with a smirk, rolling his eyes at your comment. “In Boston, I had to learn to feed myself, you know?” He scraped the greens up with the edge of his knife, depositing them in the pan that sizzled beside him on the stove.

“Is this how you get all the girls, Ty? Make them something delicious to seduce them?” you joked, your own heart dropping as you thought about him doing this with other girls. Lots of other girls.

The smirk dropped from his face as he turned, grabbing the salt and pepper shakers from the cabinet behind him. “First, you haven’t tried anything yet. You have no idea if it’s delicious or not.” he said, turning back to the stove, grinding some pepper into the pan. He glanced up at you before continuing. “And I’ve never cooked for a girl before.” he said, his brown eyes holding your gaze. “You’re my first.”

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