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Professor Layton Secret Santa!

Originally posted by bonusmission

One of my favorite things from the Professor Layton fandom in the past used to be the Secret Santas we arranged over Livejournal. It was such a sweet, kind and overall cozy event that brought us all together in such a lovely way. For years I have been missing it, and I would love to see it return, so why not try to arrange it on my own? (With some help from @puketriton of course. (´・ω・`)) 

All you have to do is fill out this form, and we will match you up with someone who fits your Christmas wish! ♥

Last day to submit your form is November 20th, and participants can expect their prompts a few days later, so you’ll have plenty of time before Christmas to finish them! 

And don’t worry, everyone are welcome to join and show off your love for Layton! (*‘∀‘) 

(Also If you would be up to fill up spots as backup gifters, please send me an ask here on Tumblr since silly me forgot to add that to the form itself.) 

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