[update] Kishimoto’s assistant interview, the truth about the ending revealed

Q: Why did Kishimoto choose to end the manga the way he did?

‘’To be honest, i am not very sure. For the longest time he talked about Naruto and Sakura being the end-game but suddenly changed his mind. He always intented to make all the characters happy, so if this is what he went for then it should be accepted (or could be acknowledge we are not sure here).’’

Q: What can we expect from Boruto?

‘’There is a bigger project in work a long side the anime series that i can not reveale yet. Kishimoto really wants us to break free from the old Naruto series and introduce new ideas.’‘

Q: Naruto’s family is getting a lot of attention (from the anime) but the fans are hoping for the Uchiha family too.

‘’Yes, we have understood that and we’re currently working on an entire arc dedicated to them. Sarada will find herself and understand the true meaning of family.’‘