It’s really fucking annoying when guys act like girls aren’t allowed to like sports, or that the only reason we watch sports is to impress them. So many dumb tweets on twitter like “oh so girls like football now?” “Girls please don’t watch or talk about football” or my favorite, “girls who act like they like football<.” Like the fuck, I’m not sitting here watching sports to get your dick hard, I’m doing it because I like it. Fuck off

Please fire me. I work in customer service at a hotel and this is one of our busy seasons right now due to different team sports that have tourneys in the area. Our sales department knowingly oversells the hotel to get their commission rates higher thus earn more money. When guests check in and we don’t have rooms for them we get blamed for the problem and sales gets off scott free. Not only due we get yelled at by pissed off guests we also get yelled at by upper management.