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Morning Wood: Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott, first round draft pick by the Cowboys yesterday, is a running back out of Ohio State who can 100% get all of this.  The internet is trynna throw him shade over his outfit yesterday where he folded up his button down into a crop top, but ol’ boy used to rock the old school cropped football jersey on the field until they were retired by the NCAA.  (It was a dark day for me personally).

Aside from that – WE NEED MORE BOYS IN CROP TOPS.  As far as matters of style go, there are three surefire ways a boy can catch my attention on the street:  1) grey sweatpants 2) a dress 3) a crop top.  My body is ready for all of that, and I’m totally ok with Ezekiel never covering up his bellybutton again ever in life.

Plus his eyebrows.  And dimples.  And beard.  And now bank account?.  I’m so glad I don’t have a vagina because I swear no man would be safe.

Wait.  No man is safe from me anyway.  Let me find out what his schedule is…


Quick fanalysis after our Night 1 of the draft (rounds 2 & 3):

–Pats getting hosed out of #30 overall sucks because there were a lot of guys primed to be Pats at that spot (Myles Jack & Sterling SHepherd come to mind, among many) #SuckItGoodell

–Picks made in rounds 2 & 3 addressed immediate depth concerns (CB, OL, DT) and added a lot of versatility, and this Cyrus Jones kid screams Patriot, from solid secondary work, to having 4 return TDs in 2015, to the obvious Saban to Belichick connection. Plus the D-line guy, Valentine? Versatile, sure. But also a big Brady fan, which always is a plus (

–Grabbing Brissett was this draft’s hoodie of a headscratcher pick at first, but sounds like he’s Garoppolo insurance for 2016 and a quality project who could allow Pats to spin Jimmy G in 2017 should he play as we all expect him to this season, becoming the bigtime backup in 2017 and beyond, because Tom Brady is going to play and live forever.

–With selections of Thuney and Brissett it’s official; NC State is the new Rutgers.

–On Day 2 (their Day 3) Pats can still snag a great RB in 4th round (Kenneth Dixon, Devontae Booker, Alex Collins, Jonathan Williams) and then take fliers with their 500 6th rd picks

–And Kevin Faulk is the MVP of the 2016 Patriots draft, and deserves your vote for the Patriots Hall of Fame (think he’s kind of a lock now).

All in all a solid start - snag a great RB and I’ll give this draft an A. Many quality additions made to a team that had a boss offseason and already was ONE PLAY AWAY FROM GOING TO ANOTHER SUPER BOWL. Plus as of now, hosejob that it is and all, the Pats will have Tom Brady for 75% of the regular season, which is 100% better than every other team.

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By Rich Hill

I’m psyched to watch OUR Day 1 of the draft. The rest of the league’s Day 1 got bad TV ratings in Boston. NICE WORK, PATS PALS. Wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Lotta talent still on the board, and with 4 of the next 66 picks the Pats are primed to add depth, competition and stability to the few holes they have, primarily on the OL, DL, RB and the secondary. Which of course means Beliuchick will probably take a safety,a QB, some guy from Rutgers and then trade a pick.