NFL Draft


On Tuesday, May 6, our Broncos reporter, Mike Klis, offered his top 10 best draft picks in franchise history. So now it’s time for the worst 10 picks. (We know, we know. Someone’s gotta be in the bottom 10 though.) 


#1 Ted Gregory, DT, Syracuse, 1988

First round, No. 26 overall: Listed at 6-foot-1, Gregory was really closer to 5-9, according to a shocked coach Dan Reeves. Gregory hurt his knee in training camp and was traded to New Orleans without ever playing a game for the Broncos. (Glen Martin/ The Denver Post)


#9 Bobby Anderson, RB, Colorado, 1970 First round, No. 11 overall: Hate to put the local hero on this list, but in four seasons with the Broncos, Anderson rushed for 368, 533, 319 and 61 yards. (The Denver Post Archive)

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