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In a blink of an eye a national hero can turn into enemy just because he decided to defend his opinion! And this opinion was not directed against any of these newly-haters. He just wanted to appeal to reason! He just wanted some equality for his brothers, to let them live freely in this country!

He is not a traitor, he is not giving up his country! He only wants some justice!



Charles Woodson Speaks TRUTH about the Star Spangled Banner

When I hear that line ‘the land of the free’, that wasn’t talking about me.” ~ Charles Woodson 


These rich white people think that they can buy the silence of the black man just because they pay him millions! No! Money won’t help! He risks his career and huge sums of money for the sake of his brothers!
You can not buy off all the murders and hundreds of years of oppression of black people!

Why do white people get mad at black people having an opinion?

Perhaps because they speak the truth…