The NFL has made it official that they will now recognize same sex couples on their kiss cam so that everybody can celebrate love

The NFL showcased its first same-sex couple in a kiss cam last year. And in an ad for Love Has No Labels, a campaign created in partnership with the Ad Council and R/GA, it announced its efforts to zoom in on a greater variety of people.

Gifs: Ad Council



Trump takes credit for Colin Kaepernick’s uncertain NFL future

  • At a campaign rally Monday in Louisville, Kentucky, Trump declined to comment on James Comey’s confirmation that his campaign is being investigate for ties to Russia.
  • But Trump did feel the public was insufficiently aware of his dislike for NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick.
  • Trump bragged that NFL owners have declined to pick up the frequent Trump critic so they don’t “get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.” Read more (3/20/17 9:55 PM)