NFC East


Testosterone Thursday!

Even If He Is Now A Dirty Bird, Connor Barwin Still Gets My Testosterone Pumping!

Connor Is A Great Athlete Ally, Who Is Very Supportive Of LGBT Causes!

A True Sports Stud…

Now If He Can Only Get Away From Those Dirty Birds!!!


Cowboy Packing Heat

Don’t Think That Romo Packs That Much Heat!

Nice Package, Stud!


Never…Ever…Skip Leg Day!

Steve Weatherford Knows The Secret To Grayson Glutes. And Your Legs Are The Key To Success On The Pitch!

Woof, Baby!


Phenomenally Blessed

Steve Weatherford Escaped Serious Injury Or Even Worse In The Early Morning ours Yesterday, After His Car Hydroplaned On The New Jersey Turnpike And Was Then Hit By Another Hydroplaning Car.

Godspeed, Baby!