things i noticed whilst watching newsies live again today

- during seize the day when Jeremy Jordan and Ben Fankhauser run offstage bc they can’t dance

- how during king of new york ben f. is shoved to the back where you cant see him and when you do see him he is very visibly counting along to the music


- at the end of Watch What Happens (Reprise) when Les says ‘and I gotta date!’ and Davey steals his hat, Jack hits Les with his own hat, Les steals back his hat and promptly hits Jack on the chest with it

- I want to applaud the costume department for giving Katherine’s dress a little hook so she could hook the skirt to her belt for the dance solo

- how Ethan (Les) is also shoved to the back during king of new york

- when Tommy Boy is doing the pirouettes at the end of the song he does the focusing thing where you keep your eyes on one spot as long as you can and then spin your head real quick and get sight of the spot again to avoid getting dizzy and its really cool to watch because you wouldn’t notice unless you knew the trick and the above shot shows that his head is turning much slower than his body

- when jack says ‘keep your shirt on!’ to the kid in front of him just before the world will know and the kid starts pulling at his shirt as if saying something like ‘oh you want me to keep my shirt on, eh? what if I just take it off?’

- the same kid leaping clear to the other side of the stage when Les yells “LET THE MAN WORK IT OUT!”

- at the end of the world will know when they get thrown out of Pulitzer’s office and Davey is lying on the ground holding his hip like an old man

- on a similar note; Les yelling at that guard dude? inspirational? i love one (1) boy??

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My family’s constant biggest mistake is leaving me home alone with an iPod full of Broadway soundtracks, Disney songs, and YouTube karaoke videos

“is this what cardiac arrest feels like?”


+ you didn’t exactly have a formal meeting
+ let me explain
+ you were a photographer for the world
+ and you worked with katherine occasionally
+ so when she decided to write a story for the newsies she took you with her
+ and she mentioned your name with hers before she went on off of her tangent
+ and davey thought you were really pretty
+ but no one really knew davey yet so it didn’t occur to them that he was acting odd
+ except for les
+ that kid tho
+ he picked up on it immediately and once you and katherine left, he took it upon himself to tell the rest of the guys
+ and from that moment on
+ it
+ was
+ hell
+ “(Y/N)’s here”
+ and davey would jump, making crutchie laugh
+ “are you and jack going to go on double dates?”
+ “when’s the wedding?”
+ even jack was getting annoyed
+ but it stopped them from poking fun at his crush on katherine so he let it happen
+ but the guys know bro code and don’t make a fuss when you’re around
+ except for race making kissing faces when standing behind you
+ and when they find out that davey can sing it just gets worse
+ even jack can’t help himself sometimes
+ “you gonna serenade her, dave?”
+ his face would go beet red every time
+ but we know the newsies would be  u b e r  supportive
+ and they all secretly shipped it
+ some not so secretly - mush talked about it all the time
+ so romeo would refrain from flirting
+ and race would too
+ but you’re not stupid
+ it’s obvious this jewish boy got a hardcore crush
+ which you think is super cute
+ just like him
+ and the more you think about him the more you notice how fast your heart is beating and the warmer your face gets
+ so both of you resolve separately to not make a fuss about it
+ but you guys obviously become good friends anyways
+ you guys are both in the same boat financially so you have a lot of similarities when it comes to your childhood and such
+ so you two bond over books or favorite places
+ and after the newsies get their picture above the fold he compliments your photography skills
+ and he’s all blushy about it
+ but you guys are outside and the rest of the gang is hanging out inside jacobi’s deli
+ so it’s just you guys and the moon
+ you smile and his heart skips a beat
+ and everything’s perfect
+ and then you play yourself
+ “it helps that you’re good looking”
+ dead silence
+ davey is  s h o o k
+ like, no one told him how to reply to this
+ tommy boy tried to give him tips on how to flirt but
+ how does one reply?!?!!
+ and you’re slowly dying inside too
+ because
+ w h a t
+ you’re both blushing and looking at the ground
+ “you’re really pretty too”
+ his words were so delayed and quiet you almost through you imagined them
+ but nope
+ because he’s nervously smiling at you and it’s so cute
+ and you tackle him in a hug
+ and maybe a kiss
and all of the newsies burst out of the door, cheering


The Sea at Sundown

Summary: Davey’s the oldest son of the chief of the merfolk, (Y/N) is the only child of the king and queen of a nautical kingdom 

Author’s Note: I was so excited to write this you have no idea

Tag List: @robot-anon @stargirl-murphy @lil-sheep-anon @diamond-anon @spade-anon @avocado-anon @amodestnewsie @hellakinkyconnor

* * * * *

Davey was the eldest son of the chief of the merfolk, though that didn’t mean much since there were only two of them, him and Les. He had a cobalt blue tail, like his father, while his little brother had a chestnut brown one like his mother. 

Growing up, he had always been fascinated by humans; their histories, their cultures, everything. His parents never discouraged his curiosity, but they forbid him from interacting with a human. They knew of their selfish nature and worried what would happen should he be found. 

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If I were selling these painting, do you think that you would pay no less that $30 or $35? When deciding a price, I have to take into consideration the price of the materials I had to buy to create them, but also the time I takes me to paint them, and the shipping cost. Though, I also have to take into consideration how much people are willing to pay for them. What do you guys think? What would you pay?


“this entire day has been really cliché, which i’m guessing you were going for”

requested: yes

pairing: ben cook x reader

word count: 1,433

warnings: none

summary: you’ve always gotten into the christmas spirit. your boyfriend, however, doesn’t seem to share your excitement; you’re determined it fix that

i’m so sorry for not posting in forever! i’ve been busy with the holiday spectacular at my school and reviewing for finals and all kinds of things. once finals are over i’ll have a week before winter winds starts, so i’ll try to post something either then or before then. this isn’t edited, like practically everything, so sorry for any mistakes. i’m so so so sorry, again

hope you enjoy. :)


Clichés are something you’ve always been a fan of. Romantic clichés included. There’s the boy meeting a girl in a coffee shop. And who could forget running into each other, literally, followed by a series of meeting up randomly? And around Christmas, clichés are more than welcome.

Hot chocolate by the fire after a day out in the cold. Being kind to strangers to repay a kindness from a stranger. People being nice simply because it’s the Christmas season. If you had to pick a time of year to live constantly, you’d pick now. The effects of Christmas cheer didn’t just affect those around you, but yourself as well. You could always find yourself in a good mood as Christmas neared.

It seemed, however, that your boyfriend of four months doesn’t share your excitement over all things Christmas. He isn’t a Scrooge, but he is considerably less interested in Christmas than you. On the topic of clichés, he’s certainly not their biggest fan. The tropes you’re in love with are things he thinks are overused and predictable. You know they are, but that dons’t make you not love the idea of them. With considerable help from Josh, who always claims to be the one to bring you an Ben together, you devised the perfect plan to get him into the spirit.

“Ben,” you say, walking into his bedroom casually.

He looks up from his laptop and smiles upon seeing you, “Y/N, when did you get here?”

“Just now, Dan let me in,” you answer. “Are you doing anything today?”

He gives you a sorry look, “Josh and I are going out today for present shopping, sorry.”

“He canceled, didn’t he?” you ask, sitting beside him on his bed.

He looks at you confusedly and reaches for his phone on his nightstand, “No, not that I know of. We’re still …”

He stops talking after seeing a notification from Josh and opening it. He reads over it quickly then looks up at you.

“You’re planning something, aren’t you?”

“When am I not?” you respond with a smile. You grab his hand and pull him off the bed, “Now, come on, we’ve got things to do.”

“What things?” he asks, following you dutifully down the hallway to the front door of the apartment.

“You’ll see,” you tell him. Finding yourself on the snow covered streets of New York a few minutes later, you lead Ben by the hand to your first location.

He looks up at the large store you’re leading him into, “A toy store?”


“What are we doing here?”

“We’re going to be children, now, come on.”

You hug the stuffed bear you fell in love with at the toy store close to your chest. Your arms are tucked inside your coat so you can feel it’s plush material. The store was oddly empty for being so close to Christmas. However, this turned out to be beneficial because you got Ben to goof around with you in the store. But you two fled the scene when a wheel broke off a cheap, plastic skateboard. He glances over at you, but you continue looking forward. Your cheeks are rosy from the cold and your eyes are sparkling with happiness.

“You look like a penguin,” he says, turning his head back forward.

“Good,” you say, adding a little bounce to your step. He smiles as you walk in front of him. He follows you as you turn, going down into the subway. After about fifteen minutes of riding around on the subway, you stand and Ben follows you out of the car. Another four minutes of walking, Ben sees where you’re leading him.

“Ice skating,” he states.

You nod, “Have you been before?”

“No,” he answers.

“That’s okay,” you assure him after paying for two pairs of ice skates. “I ice skated all the time back home, I can help you.”

Standing on unsteady feet, Ben watches you as you step onto the ice smoothly. The piece of plastic that separates the ice rink from the ground Ben stands on is chewed up from the blades on the bottom of the skates continually sliding over it. You spin around and face him. He bravely steps onto the ice, scuttles a few feet forward, then immediately face plants onto the ice. You snort before cutting yourself off and going to help him to his feet.

Several hours later, after an hour of ice skating, lunch at a festive little café, and several other fun activities, you and Ben find yourselves in the midst of friends after a busy Christmas party. Sky, the owner of the apartment, sits in an armchair with DeMarius half on one of the arms and half in his lap. Josh is asleep and taking up half the small couch and Dan is lazily sipping a hot drink and watching the movie playing on the TV. Ben sits on the ground in front of the couch, watching the movie before hearing a clunk of a mug in the kitchen and you curse quietly.

“Language, y/n,” Dan calls to the kitchen.

“Screw off, DeLuca,” is your response. You make a soft noise of pain. Ben stands and walks to the kitchen, finding you standing beside the stove, your back to him. Three mugs are lined up beside the toaster, but one is on its side with its contents, looking to just be water, spilled on and over the counter. You’re holding your right hand out of the way and mopping up the liquid with a hand towel with your left.

“You okay?” he asks, walking closer so he stand beside you.

You glance over at him, “Yeah, I burned my hand with the kettle then knocked the mug over. God, I’m clumsy-”

You cut yourself off with a hiss of pain when Ben takes your right hand gently.

“Sorry,” he says quickly. He tugs your elbow and you follow him to the sink. He turns the handle and places your hand under the tap. With your hand still gently held in his, the water runs over your hand onto his own, but he doesn’t seem to mind. After a minute or two, he turns the water off and looks at your hand. The skin between the bottom joints of your thumb and first finger is red, but it shouldn’t leave a mark.

You look up from your hand before he does, “Thanks.”

He looks up as well, seeing you already looking at him. You’re closer than either of you realized. His breath hits your face, and you’re glad for the candy cane you ate earlier if yours is doing the same. You’re both extremely close to the other, and while it isn’t necessarily unenjoyable, it’s very awkward. Heat spreads across your face.

“Do you know where the bathroom is?” you ask as a way to break the silence.

He clears his throat and takes a step back, moving his hand to lead you by your wrist instead of your tender hand.

“Yeah, it’s right through-”

He’s cut off when his face hits something dangling from the archway he was leading you through. You run into him then feel the same thing hit the side of your head. You duck to one side of it then he moves to the other. You finally get a good look at what it is, a green leaved plant with white berries hanging from a red ribbon attached with Scotch tape to the top of the archway.

“Mistletoe,” you say. You speak quietly, as you have this entire time because of the boys in the other room. Before you hadn’t wanted to disrupt their movie, but currently it seems like if you were to speak louder than a whisper the moment would break and end. Ben moves around the low hanging plant so he’s in front of you, the two of you sharing the doorway. He reaches up and gently cups your jaw, tilting your head so he can look at you.

“Today’s been really cliché, which I’m betting you were going for,” he says. You give a minuscule nod in response. “So, thanks, I guess. It’s been fun.”

He doesn’t move any closer, so you take the initiative to lean forward and press your lips to his. It’s soft and slow and has no ulterior motive. You smile into the kiss, moving so you can wrap your arms around him.

One of your favorite clichés is a kiss under the mistletoe, but you’ve never been in a devoted enough relationship during Christmas to do it yourself. Thinking back, you’re glad you didn’t waste it on anyone else except Ben.

sprace au where race is a cheerleader, and spot is his football player bf.

jack: so, spot. what’s it like to date a cheerleader?

spot, flipping through a magazine and popping gum: very supportive.


I refuse to trash this, even if it belongs there.

Hey Lovely,

I hope this letter finds ya well. Miss Medda’s lettin me paint a new background for her, member the other one I’s did? She said people really liked it. Maybe I’s could start makin money offa it. You think people would buy my stuff? I know what you’d say if you’s was here. You’d smack my arm and laugh saying, “Jack ya numbskulled or somethin’? Course people would buy ya stuff.” Then I’d shrug and you’d pull me in for a kiss…

I miss ya kisses. I miss ya. I’ll see ya soon though. I promise. I love ya.

Your ‘Picasso’

- Jack Kelly

An actual conversation I had today…

Me: *puts in earbuds*

Friend: Are you listening to your musicals again??

Me: *kinda confused* Again? No!

Friend: You were literally playing the entire Newsies soundtrack the other day!

Me: …. This is true. *slowly puts ear buds back in*

Holiday Happiness

Davey x reader about staying with his family for the holidays

Will post a part two at some point.

“Davey!” The quick shout erupted quickly from the school door as Les had began to run towards his older brother. “You’re home!” The small boy looked at you after embracing his brother. “Who’s she?”

“This is y/n, she’s going to stay with us for the holidays this year.” Davey explained, crouched down to be eye level with his short brother. Davey had come back to his home in New York for the holiday break during his sophomore year of college. You two had become close friends after being out in the same class last year. You didn’t have anywhere to stay for the holidays because your parents decided to go on a trip to Europe thinking you would just stay at college. Now Davey didn’t want you to be alone for the holidays so he invited you to stay with him and his family, totally not because he was head over heels for you.

“Is she that girl you were talking about, the really pretty one?!” Davey had mistakenly told Les about his overwhelming crush on you, and of course Les just couldn’t keep his little mouth shut about it.

“I.. she. I didnt.. Um I just.. uh” Davey became so flustered that he was unable to form a single coherent sentence. “Um I- she.” Davey cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck, his becoming redder than you ever imagined it could. “Um. No Les. I- I um don’t know what he’s talking about.”

You chuckled lightly and ruffled Les’ curly hair, “Making up stories are you?” You did have a crush on Davey as well and did notice he blushes quite often around you and was very flustered, yet you did what most tend to do when they have a crush. You just brushed it off as commonplace things, he blushed when you were talking to him because he felt hot. Sure, you two held hands sometimes, but he held hands with everyone right? He did not, but you were none the wiser.

You three had begun to walk the short distance to his families apartment and it had started to snow. Les sped slightly ahead and you and Davey walked side by side silently. You’re hands had become laced together after you brushed hands and you felt the warmth seeping from Davey’s warm hands into your frigid ones. “I-um Sorry about what Les said earlier. I honestly don’t know what he was talking about, if I had a crush he would be the last person I told.”

“And who would be the first?” You asked cocking your eyebrow up and looking at him.

“You, probably.” He said casually making a silly face is response to yours. You both giggled and looked ahead at the many buildings alongside the crowded sidewalk, Les still in sight.

“So, do you have a crush on anyone?” You said and nudged him slightly.


“Who! Why didn’t you tell me? Are you going to ask her out? Do I know her?” You suddenly fired several questions at him quickly, making him jump at your burst of excitement. He should of gotten used to it, but he hadn’t.

“Look, I have a plan to ask her out. I will tell you who it is after I follow through it, and I didn’t tell you because I never came up in conversation.” At the point in which he had finished his face was burning red and you had arrived at your final destination.

Les opened the door and run inside to his room. Davey welcomed you in and took your coat, hanging it up on a nearby rack.


Everything is the same, except Spongebob, Pearl, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward are hUGE THEATER NERDS

-Spongebob’s favorite is Come From Away

-Patrick’s favorite is Hamilton

-Sandy is the biggest Fansie ever

-Pearl cries daily to Dear Evan Hansen

-Squidward says his favorite is Phantom but deep down he is secretly tHE BIGGEST RENTHEAD EVER