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Ooo, top 5 chocolates/sweets?

omg this is such a good idea??

idk what people have outside the uk so ill include lil pictures

5) Galaxy Ripple

These are fuckin expensive considering theyre like 80% air

4) Mikado

i think people call these pocky outside the UK? at least i think its the same stuff lol. i could east an entire box of these in three minutes and that is not a joke

3) Nutella

fuck u this counts. also i dont need to explain shit because everyone knows what nutella is

2) Creme eggs

these are basically a heart attack in egg form and i love them

1) mother fuckin Kinder bars

fuck whoever says these are for kids, my grown ass will eat these until i either die or i exhaust my country of its supply


Little Mix - Glory Days (Official Track List) 

1. Shout Out To My Ex 

2. Touch 

3. F.U

4. Oops (feat. Charlie Puth) 

5. You Gotta Not 

6. Down & Dirty 

7. Power 

8. Your Love 

9. Nobody Like You 

10. No More Sad Songs 

11. Private Show 

12. Nothing Else Matters

Deluxe Edition

13. Beep Beep 

14. Freak 

15. Touch (Acoustic) 

Florence Kasumba added to Black Panther! (x)

Marvel have announced that Florence Kasumba will be reprising her role from Captain America: Civil War, where she played T’challa’s security chief, in Black Panther. 

The press release reveals that her character’s name is Ayo and she is, as many speculated when Civil War came out, a member of the Dora Milaje.

Black Panther will be released on 16th February 2018.