Maybe I shouldn’t type this as I’m about to sleep, but I finally remembered what I wanted to write a week ago.

As an Asian living in America, I am well aquatinted with racism. So when I read posts complaining about how “feminine” some ppl made their male Lavellan, it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Hollywood and media has gone to great lengths to emasculate men of color. For example, Asian males are often seen as short, wimpy, and small. Even if Asians are shorter and more slender compared to their European counterparts, it does not make them any less masculine. So simply because male elves are less bulky than humans, dwarves, and qunari, they are not “feminine”. It’s genetics. What makes a man a man is his identity.

Okay, let’s say they weren’t targeting the openly discriminated elves in general. Zevran and Fenris are pretty “manly”. It wasn’t about elven stature but instead how people portray Lavellan. You dislike Lavellan because their creator make him act “feminine”.

I’ve been following a lot of Adaar inquisitors and they are the cutest little cinnamon rolls that pick flowers and coos and ahhs at shiny things. I absolutely love them, but because they are Qunaris with huge hulking muscles, they won’t get slapped with the “too girly for Dorian” label. It smacks of hypocrisy to me.

So because of the way elves are built, they can’t act a certain way either, in order to live up to your standard of what makes a man?

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do you think they will drop the 1st ep of s3 unannounced or will they release a premiere date first

i’d look for a premiere date.

I unintentionally came out to my therapist as trans last Friday and she said she’s going to write me a referral letter for getting surgery, which could actually happen much sooner than I ever expected and lmao, now I have no excuse to not work out


Enzo Busquets’ baptism | 26.08.2016

Yesterday Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets organise their son’s baptism. After celebration at church, their family and friends went to La Cupula Garraf restaurant to eat special dinner. Among invited were Sergio Busquets’ teammates from FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta with partners and children.

A 16yo boy was beaten to death by 5 other guys. All around the same age and it’s certain he has been bullied for a while.

An actor arrested for rape and his mother crying and bowing in his stead saying it was all her fault.

An ex-idol college student girl was stabbed over 20 times by a crazy fan, who had previously written on his Twitter how he was mad at her and wanted her to die.

Yesterday a guy invaded an establishment for disabled people (I’m sorry I’m sure there’s a name for it but my English is poor) and killed 46 people. He claimed in a letter that “disabled people only brought unhappiness to the world”

I don’t even know what to say about these news anymore. First of all when will Japan and other conservative Asian countries truly talk and open up about mental illness? Second, when will people here speak up about all the sexual assaults women go through in Japan? You hardly ever meet any girl in tokyo who had not been groped in the train, stalked in the way back home, or had their underwear stolen. Plus, these news about idols being attacked by “fans” is not anything new. Another thing is how bullying is never addressed here in Japan, even though every single day we see news about students committing suicide and investigations always tracing back to bullying.

I’m just so sick of every thing I’m sorry for the long pointless rant.