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Koyama talked to a person who had an abusive father

You and I basically experienced the same thing, my father is also like that. When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to protect my mom and told my father “Get out of this house!”. It was me who suggest the divorce, I told mom “You should break up with that kind of man, I know you wouldn’t be happy if you stay with him”. After my parent divorced, I hated my father so much. I didn’t want to talk to him and see him ever again. After that, I found out he was abusive for a reason, so I seeked him out and talked to him, all the things I had wanted to say. I think you should do the same, it will be easier afterwards. Eventually, I am a son, so if my mom is happy it’s enough for me.

Chitrans:  JnsNW_零0零

To grow up in an environment like that and still so kind, so gentle, so noble and compassionate. Kei-chan, you are a really strong man.

U R not alone Translation

Dear me on that day
I’m standing here now
The dream where we’re being laughed at by someone
It’s still reoccurring here now
Sometimes it looks like I’ll lose sight
Sometimes I give up on everything
My impatient wishing caused pain
The coward inside of me was laughing
Nevertheless (Hey) Since I’m not giving up
On tomorrow somewhere, Today again
On these legs (Hey) covered in injuries
I’m managing to stand

For example, as long as my voice reaches, anyone will do
Can you hear me? I’m holding my head high, now I’ll shout
This pledge with everything crammed in
I swear, I’ll never back down and I’ll never be defeated
On this path I decided on my own, I’m betting it all
I’ll do everything it takes so I can smile

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