Target introduces gender-neutral bedding and home goods for kids
In the past year, Target has taken some major and important steps towards gender neutrality.

Target has been known for unnecessarily gendering their toys and other products, and when they were called out for it recently, they eliminated “boy toys” and “girl toys” signs from their toy sections. Now, they’re doing the same with children’s bedding and housewares. 

The store is introducing a new line of gender-neutral bedding called Pillowfort. It features adorable kid-friendly designs that are free from aggressive pinks and blues and other markers of gendered items that find their way into kids’ rooms.

These changes aren’t just important, they’re adorable, and we might have to snag a few of these things for our own bedrooms. The patterns and themes include anything from woodland creatures to sea animals to tropical treehouses, made with all kids in mind, which is a huge change from how things used to be.

“It was an aisle of pink, fairy princesses, ponies and flowers,” Julie Guggemos, Target’s Senior Vice President of design and product development, told the Star-Tribune. “And for the boys it was rockets and dinosaurs. Well, you know what? Girls like rockets and basketball. And boys like ponies.”

Because pillows have no gender. Hell yeah. 


Einstein’s famous prediction about gravitational waves may be coming true

One of the biggest mysteries in modern physics may have just been solved. The scientific community is abuzz with rumors that physicists have finally detected gravitational waves, fluctuations in the curvature of space-time that move at the speed of light throughout the galaxy. Noted physicist Albert Einstein first predicted them in 1916, theorizing they might explain how mass affects the very fabric of space-time. The discovery of the gravitational waves would be one of the biggest discoveries in physics in history

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New York Times says “Obama administration has been remarkably scandal-free”

Well, let’s see here…  There’s only been Solyndra, Fast and Furious, New Black Panther’s voter intimidation, Benghazi, IRS targeting, spying on the Associated Press and Fox News and Sharyl Attkisson, wild GSA parties, violations of the Hatch Act, unconstitutional wars, unconstitutional executive amnesty, Secret Service prostitution, the Pigford agricultural slush fund, repeated FOIA violations, VA hospital negligence, repeated national security leaks, the Hillary Clinton email debacle, Jonathan Gruber’s Obamacare scheme, and probably ten or twenty more that I just can’t think of right now. Other than that, yeah, this Obama administration has been squeaky clean!

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This is apparently a scan of the Infinite Eyecon (Mugen Eyecon) that allows Takeru to access his ultimate form Infinite Soul. The scan itself seems to have been taken from the toy catalogue, cut out, and then pasted onto an orange background. Because of this, I’ll put it under the rumours tag as well until we get another source or image that can confirm that this is the Infinite Eyecon.

Diana Gabaldon discusses about season 2, season 3 and Book 9 (SPOILERS!):

I can live with changes from the books because I always have the books to go back to.  However, I am more worried that the TV series will want to show us something like Murtagh’s death at Culloden.  What happened is still a mystery in the books.  Jamie only remembers bits. While I know Diana is not bound by the TV show, I also don’t want the TV version to become the “truth” because they showed it first.  I hope that makes sense.
- Rita

Dear Rita–    um…without going into details, that particular thing won’t happen. Or at least I have good reason to think not.

Hmmm,  that’s rather cryptic.  It could mean that he lives on for season 3. 
- Karen

Dear Karen–
No, it means I know what happened at Culloden, and shared a piece of Book Nine with them that…er…casts light on that.

Since Culloden does not take place in DIA could that mean Season 3 has been green lighted?
- Julia

Dear Julia–
No; it means that some things that happen in the leadup to Culloden should be considered _in case_ there should be a third season–because you wouldn’t want to film a misleading scenario and _then_ find out you shouldn’t have done it that way… <g>

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Why does no one remember what a poor sport Peyton Manning was when he lost?

That’s a rhetorical question.  We already know.

In Super Bowl 44, Peyton Manning left the field with time still on the clock because he was so disgusted at his team’s loss.  General tone of the reactions from the press and public:

Yahoo Sports’ Chris Chase – “Peyton Manning didn’t shake hands with New Orleans Saints players after his Indianapolis Colts lost 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV. Apparently some think this is a sign of poor sportsmanship from the NFL’s greatest player. It’s not.

Walking off the field without congratulating Drew Brees may go against our misguided notion of what sportsmanship should be, but it wasn’t at all disrespectful or bitter. It shows how much Peyton Manning wanted to win the game. And who can argue about that?”

In Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton congratulated Peyton Manning on the field after the game, but walked out of a press conference.  General tone of the reactions from the press and public:

Glen Beck – "Cam has obviously not learned how to lose with grace. I wish I could show my children how to behave after a loss but unfortunately I can’t.This is not the behavior of someone who lost the game. This is the behavior of a loser.”

And let’s not forget former Bronco Romanowski:

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FOX Renew/Cancel standings, week 20: 'Lucifer' is, at the moment, likely to be renewed

When “Lucifer” premiered to a solid 2.4 rating two weeks ago, the assumption was that “The X-Files”* gave it an artificial boost and it would drop off sharply soon.

(*For the record, the Bear isn’t tracking “The X-Files” as renewal depends as much on logistics as it does ratings.)

Then episode 2 held up pretty well, scoring a 2.0 and retaining its lead-in at just about the same rate. It’s still early yet, and in three weeks’ time “Lucifer” will have a smaller lead-in when “The X-Files” goes away. But for now, the show’s looking like a good bet to return.


Bravely Second: End Layer - Introducing… Magnolia Arch

Someone please put Marcobot out of his misery.

Marco Rubio’s hard drive has officially reached full capacity.  Not only is he repeating memorized soundbytes…now he’s repeating himself in the same sentence.

THE LOOK on that man’s face as he realizes what’s just happened.  I can’t believe the Republicans have been trying to make fetch happen for the past three years.  Y’all, the man got cottonmouth during a 4-minute speech in front of a camera.

Did everybody forget about his response to Obama’s State of the Union address three years ago?

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