American spells are silent.
American spells are silent- one of the only people to use verbal spells in the WHOLE movie was Newt. The British guy.
American spells are silent- their country was colonized by Puritans. America, from the time of its colonization, persecuted witches. They taught silent spells so they didn’t draw attention to wizardkind.


“I Don’t Know Why” (Music Video)

Made this delicious overnight iced tummy Tea!!

2 green Tea bags
2 inch fresh ginger, peeled and grated
3 cups water
3 lemon slices

Boil the three cups of water and grate the ginger into it, then add the 2 green tea bags and let steep for five minutes all together. Toss the tea bags, and drain through a tight net strainer to get all of the ginger out, then put in a jar and add the lemon slices. Let chill over night. Open it up, add some ice cubes, and enjoy the next day :,)


much better.

OMFG Wonder Woman is Amazeballs

This is it - this is my new favorite movie. Everything I ever watch ever will be judged on this scale. Whenever I re-watch old favorites, they will forever fall short of this sheer masterpiece of awesome. Holy shit. I have no one to gush to right now, so I’m just going to do it here, because if I don’t I will explode. There will be spoiler-y stuff, so beware.

Okay, first - this movie made me cry FIVE TIMES. I have never cried so much during a movie in my whole life. Like, I don’t cry IRL, so I get a lot of that out during movies and books and songs and especially touching commercials, but it’s usually a one-off deal. FIVE. TIMES.

  1. When the Amazons are first getting ready to fight the Germans with guns on the beach because I KNOW HOW THAT ENDS, OKAY, but they were still all badass and you can bet your life that they will now be fucking preparing for bullets and next time things’ll be different. Just as I had gotten myself calmed down and cheering their awesome fighting…
  3. When Diana makes the charge across ‘No Man’s Land’ because OMFG, that was moving as fuck and I don’t care that I’ve seen men do it tons of times, this was fucking WONDER WOMAN and she did it because it was RIGHT and she and a rag tag group of men just did the impossible and I had so many emotions that I just can’t even express them properly. I sobbed and cheered and it was amazing.
  4. When the gas was fired on the village and Diana goes and finds all the villagers she was just celebrating with like, a day before all dead. The confusion and anguish over why such a thing happened that Gal Gadot was able to portray broke my heart.
  5. STEVE WHHHHHYYYYYY and then all the way until the end of the damned movie.

It’s been 20 minutes since I left the theater and I’m still close to balling. OMG. I’m used to superhero movies making me feel a little emotional, but mostly being full of fighting and badassery. Wonder Woman had all the fighting and explosions while also making me FEEL more than I think any movie ever has before.

Things I Loved, The Short List

  • Antiope’s scar on her shoulder. Like, this is one of the first times I’ve seen a heroic female character just showing her scar like it was no big deal. Even Natasha in MCU only really has the one, and she hides it and is all like ‘can’t wear bikinis anymore’ and it was only there for plot reasons anyway. Antiope is a fucking warrior, and she has no shame in the marks battle has left on her body, and I dunno. It’s just a little thing that is never commented on in the movie, which makes me love it even more. Antiope in general stole my heart, and I now belong to her, TBH.
  • The Amazons weren’t all tiny, stick-thin blonde women with big boobs. There was so much variety, and I found that both beautiful and believable. It was just great to see some muscular babes up there being all bad-ass without having to look like stereotypical movie-pretty woman. They were every single one of them absolutely stunning.
  • The scene where Diana walks in on Steve bathing and is just like ‘whatever’ about his nudity while he’s all flustered and worried about modesty. It was adorable, and that’s when I fell in love with him.
  • ETTA CANDY. Oh my god. I love her so much. I want a movie where her and Diana are all up in the women’s suffrage movement, and it’s just Etta helping Diana navigate being a woman in that time and place while Diana helps Etta get in touch with her inner Amazon, and both of them help each other through the loss of Steve. Charlie shows up often to serenade them for no reason at all.
  • Speaking of, the way Diana was like ‘Charlie, you should come because who else will sing for us’ just really got me. She’s seen how damaged he is, how he has so much trouble shooting, but she’s unwilling to just throw him away or say he won’t be any use on the mission. Him being there matters to her, and it was just a nice little moment.
  • Every moment between Diana and Steve. It was all so beautiful, and that he was the reason she almost went to the dark side and also the person that saved her was just… hng. Crying again.
  • Nobody had to take off their clothes to let me know that they were lovers. The ‘love scene’ was just handled so well, where you knew that they were emotionally close and finding comfort in each other, and there was no need to be all in the audience’s face with nudity. It was refreshing - there’s nothing wrong with a ‘fade to black’ after some intense gazing in to each other’s eyes, is what I’m saying. I don’t need to see the LI’s tearing off their clothes (or each other’s) to get the message.
  • Diana’s crisis of conscience where she was just DONE with humanity’s bullshit. Like, this is the first time she’s seen war and death like this, and to realize that it comes from something inside instead of being solely the work of an outside force had to have crushed her. Again, Gal Gadot here was remarkable. The amount of emotion that woman can put into a scene is awe-inspiring.
  • Everything. Just… everything.

Things I Didn’t Like, The List

  • Nothing. Fucking nothing. Usually I walk out of movies - even ones I love, even ones that are my favorites - with a small list of things I wasn’t happy with. Subsequent viewings make the list grow, and I’m sure that once I’ve seen Wonder Woman a few times, I’ll have some bones to pick. But right now? There is nothing that I am immediately unhappy with. I love this movie so much.

SO YEAH. Best movie ever. Like… sorry, but to me this just proves that women should be directing female-centric superhero movies. It’s not a slight against male directors or anything, it’s just… women and men frame things differently. I cannot imagine that a man directing this movie would have been able to capture the essence of Wonder Woman the same way. I cannot imagine that it would have made me feel so damn much if a man had been at the helm. Women know what women want to see - I’ll still go see the male superhero movies, but I want more where women are front and center, both as the stars and the people behind the scenes. Men have dominated the movies for a long time - it’s time and past to make some room for us ladies at the table.

If anyone wants to gush/scream about this movie with me, feel free. I needed to get this stuff out because I have no interested friends outside the computer. All my friends are dumb. XD But yeah, if anyone wants to talk about the movie I will happily oblige, now that I have finally seen it.

Now excuse me while I go scrape together another $10 so I can go see it again tomorrow.