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I have a guilty pleasure watching cinema sins on youtube at 4am when I have nothing else to do with my life. I recently messaged him and asked if he would do an "everything wrong with: iwtv" and he just said he would "definitely look into it!" So I am pretty hyped right now and hopefully we might get a really funny iwtv cinema sins video in the future....

But there was so much that was good about movie!IWTV!… I know I know, it’s fun to poke fun at it regardless… movie!QOTD was much more cinema sinful. IWTV’s greatest sin was Antonio!Armand but c’mon, ppl who didn’t read the books didn’t know that… 

[WWDITS/IWTV mashup by @luthi69]

(I’m working on my own funny IWTV vid and your ask reminded me to get my butt in gear on it… stay tuned…)

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can u believe that some ppl hear the term “queer community” and automatically assumes it includes people who don’t identify as queer and so therefore is Problematic™ even though it LITERALLY only includes people who self identify as queer and absolutely does not include people who dont ID as queer like….. yah we know not everyone likes/wants to ID as queer so obviously the queer community isnt for you lmao just dont try to take it from those of us who DO identify as queer