when i was younger, my mom used to just listen to her friends bragging about their sons. she just listened to them without saying anything. so i thought i want to make my mom be proud of her son, too. and today i made my parents proud thanks to you. i want to tell my family that i’m very thankful. I love you, mom and dad! I love you too army 

happy birthday to the hard working kim seokjin that wanted to make his parents proud and im sure they’re really proud of him, we all are. you worked hard kim seokjin and deserve nothing but good in your life. i know i joke about this but i really mean it when i say that i would rob all the stars from the sky if it meant you would always be surrounded by love and happiness and never once doubt the light in your heart thank you for your existence. happy birthday, i love you

I remember first seeing this scene it was unbelievably shocking, heartbreaking, and yet eerily beautiful. Finally getting a good look at Kanan’s damaged eyes and his scar after months of speculation.

And I can’t help but wonder what it was like for Hera to first remove the bandages and see what was underneath. That same shock and heartbreak, but filled with an unconditional love that none of us can truly comprehend. How she still finds him just as beautiful, and that there was never any doubt about it. Hera describing to him how his eyes and scar look, in the most genuinely loving & affectionate way. Hera tenderly kissing each scarred eyelid. Hera telling Kanan over and over again how much she loves him…

I got my letters of recommendation from my supervising professor and my cooperating teacher today. Both very positive. But so different.

Like, my CT’s was positive but it felt very impersonal to me. Mostly because he didn’t really talk about how I was in the classroom per say. He talked about my ability to align to the common core and how professional I was. 

Whereas, my SP, omg. I cried reading the letter. He started off talking about how in his career, there have been only a few times where he had a teacher candidate who definitely had all the characteristics of a teacher. And how I am one of those people and how he never doubted my success, I continued to completely wow everyone in the department during my student teaching, and how my classes were always engaging in a learning information in a real and meaningful through numerous strategies in a single class period. Then he went into how I impressed him with my exceptional written and oral skills, in addition to my vast knowledge of education and psychology theories AND applying it in the real world. 

But my favorite line is, “[DPQ] is a by far one of the most dedicated student I have in class.  She is and will be an outstanding role model for young women.  Every young girl that comes into contact with her will see a true inspiration of how a lady can be everything she sets her mind to as an educated individual of today.” 

I just really loved this letter. They’re both great letters, one was very professional while this one was very candid. It feels so incredible to be this well-liked by my educational superiors.

so your waiter makes a mistake..they might still have kids at home? paying off student loans? need to make rent this month? need to eat, need to survive? human error is no reason not to tip 


Think anyone else is in here? Besides me, I’ve seen no one. But when I look up to where the sky should be… I see you. And I know… you can hear me.


“I’ve served under them. They push you and make you stronger, till you’re doing things you never thought you could.”