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Everyone can win souls to Christ but me :( every time I tell someone about Jesus and his plan of salvation and how he loves them it doesn't even work :( ive been a christian for a long time and i cant win souls I don't know what I'm doing wrong

Hey there. First of all, people can’t win souls to Christ. Only God can. These people have just paved a way to Him. In their own power, they never could’ve gotten that far. I admit sometimes it does seem that some people have a better chance at leading others to Christ, but never doubt your own ability to. God has a different purpose for all of us. Some peoples’ are more obvious, but you never know what impact you could be making just with what you’re doing, with just telling them about Jesus like you are. You never know what seeds are being planted in them, and how God may be in the midst of watering them this very moment. You never know. But you’re not doing anything wrong. Our aim isn’t to “win souls”. Only God can do that. Our aim is to simply share the gospel and let God work. Just continue to share love, share Jesus, and let your actions speak louder than your words. Show people how He’s changed you.

Blessings, xx.

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If I have doubt about becoming a doctor, does that mean this isn't the career for me?

Not necessarily. We all have doubts about our careers. I never doubted mine so much that I seriously considered quitting med school or residency, but I definitely had bad days where I fantasized about owning a gourmet grilled cheese food truck or being a professional highway median grass mower. 

But if you haven’t started and you’re already having doubts, then it may be prudent for you to take a step back and re-examine your goals before you get too deep to back out. Do some shadowing. Ask some doctors tough questions about what they like and hate about their jobs. Talk to some med students and see what their lives are like and evaluate whether that’s what you want in life. And also, if there’s anything you can think of that you would be happy doing besides medicine, then explore it a bit more too so you can best decide. 

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Salaam. im muslim and i committed a really horrible sin. I repented many times for it but i still have the guilt feeling....

That guilt feeling is a sign your heart isnt dead. Alhamduilah, some of us dont have that guilty feeling after we commit a sin. Allah is the most forgiving, never doubt that when you sincerely seek forgiveness that you aren’t forgiven

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Omg, you may not think you draw Tobirama right, but there is an entire fandom that looks at your art and thinks your Tobi is p e r f e c t! becuase he i s! I love your darwings, I think you do a p e r f e c t Tobi! Shush, never doubt your abilities~~~


It's 00:49 am. I never doubted that Sarada was Sakura's child
  • <p><b></b> AND THAT'S BC LOOK AT HER, SHE'S AS FLAT CHESTED AS HER MOM WAS AS A CHILD. KARIN HAD SOME BOOBS BACK THEN...<p/><b></b> Before someone comes and yell at me, Sakura, Sarada and Karin, I love them all... and I dont care what you say also xD<p/></p>

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I just love DBGB… I did not expect that to happen, but I love not being able to predict what is going to happen. In the end everything that was said between them and is happening makes sense. Your character development is amazing in this story… I know you came back form your eurotrip saying that you decided to pursue your dream of becoming a writer and I hope you do because you are so talented, seriously never doubt that. Thank you for the update I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thank you very much, anon, I really appreciate this message!

It’s great to hear that you haven’t found DBGB predictable in what would happen throughout it. Sometimes I do feel like it’s very obvious where it’s going, and while there’s not much that you can always necessarily do to combat that, I’m really happy that you’re not always sure what’s next! But you’re right - everything that happened and everything that was said between them needed to occur. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying DBGB, and that you’re looking forward to the next chapter!

Ahhhh, as for pursuing writing outside of fanfiction…I had thought about it a lot while I was away, but I’m not so sure I’m as confident with that idea as what I was back then. While I’d love to be able to do something like that, I haven’t quite decided if it should be anything more than just a dream :) Thank you, though, for your encouraging words.

  • Ashton & Lucas

Ashton:Back beat, the word was on the street

[Luke: Noouu]

That the fire in your heart is out

And I’m sure you’ve heard it all before

But you never really had a doubt

And I don’t believe, it doesn’t hurt anybody

Something feels the way I do

Without you now

Luke:Uh uh uh, Aussie rap will never die

Ashton:Uh uh uh [grips balls]

Luke:Cause I’ll be up in the west of Sydney

You know I do it hard

You know I do it hard, in the butt yeah, with the card

You know I’m doing everything from the street

You know nothing to beat my beat to beat uh

Why didn't Felicity say 'I love you'?

My thoughts are finally returning to my brain and my heart is starting to regain feelings.  God this episode hurt.  It hurt so much that if I didn’t know that Oliver Queen IS coming back, I would never be able to think of Arrow and have happy thoughts ever again (WRITERS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL HIM OFF AT THE END OF THIS SERIES OR ELSE!) 

I know for myself when I first watched the Olicity Goodbye scene, my first thoughts were…“that’s it?!?”  That’s the 9?  FELICITY NEEDS TO SAY SOMETHING FOR IT TO BE A NINE!  But she just stood there!  Even when the adverts came on, I was still waiting for Felicity to run after Oliver and tell him she loves him too.  

But after watching the scene…a couple of times…after knowing the ending, I understood why.  

Felicity walks in, all business and ready to do whatever she can on her computers, and Oliver is saying his goodbyes to Roy and Diggle.  She just stopped.  The realisation of what was happening, it numbed her.  At that moment, her heart stopped.  

And anger took over.  

“I wish you wouldn’t go, but I know you better so I’m not going to ask you to stay”

When she put her bag down, she really put her bag down.  That bag made a loud noise.  I don’t think she was angry at Oliver, she’s angry because she actually can’t ask him to stay.  She’s angry and terrified of the situation they’ve been put in.

There’s no way out for Oliver.  If he stayed, LOA was going to kill hundreds of innocents until the killer came out.  That blood would be on Oliver’s hands and consequently, on Felicity’s because she asked him to stay.  If he stayed and exposed Merlyn, he would be exposing Thea which would eventually lead to Thea’s death.  This would again be blood on Oliver’s hands and consequently, on Felicity’s.  

The only option he had was to go.  They both knew the chances of him winning were slim.  They were hoping he would win, believing that the possibility is there.  

Then Felicity does what Felicity does when she’s scared, she relies on the one thing she can count on the most - her brain.  She asks him to do something against her morals and really, against his morals right now.  Because she knew as slim the chances were that he would win against “one of the most dangerous man that has ever walked the earth”, the chances of him winning shrinks drastically because of who he is right now.  He’s no longer the weapon he was in season 1.  

Felicity was asking him to do whatever it takes to return to her.  This is brain speak for what her heart wants her to say.  If she spoke the language of her heart, she would be begging him to stay, not to go.  And she can’t do that.  

This entire conversation between Oliver and Felicity was between Oliver’s heart and Felicity’s brain.  

Oliver was saying goodbye.  He was getting his affairs in order.  This was the last thing he had to make right.  All the other times he told her he loved her, it was mixed with lies and riddles.  He wanted her to hear those words in the purest forms.  Just the two of them.  No lies, no riddles.  

Felicity is holding herself back.  Because if she said “I love you” it would be she’s saying goodbye.  And she can’t say goodbye because that would mean he would die. That’s not a thought she could even comprehend at that moment.  If she told him she loved him, that sentence would end with ‘Don’t go".  And just like Oliver said,

He would do it.  If she asked him to stay, he would.  He would live with the possibility of his sister being killed, he would live with the innocent blood on his hand if she asked him to.  He would sacrifice everything he is if she asked him to.  

She had to let him go.  So she kept those words within her heart, hoping against hope that he would come back to her.  

“Simmons leaving was because of how much she loved Fitz…” - Liz

“She was able to confess her love for Fitz.” - Liz

“I told you I loved you.” - Iain