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Name: Alexandra
Age: 22
Country: USA

My name’s Alexandra but I go by Alex and I’m new to the whole penpal world.

I’m looking for like a real deal friendship. Someone I can consider a really great friend.

I’m currently in my doctorate program for clinical psychology. My end goal is to work with corrections providing therapy to clinically mentally ill inmates. I’m a huge nerd and I totally enjoy school and learning. I used to say my dream job would be a professional student.

I just got into yoga and I’ve been practicing for about 6 months now. It’s seriously been a life saver. I played basketball my whole life and even into some of college and when I quit I needed something that was an escape from life. Yoga has proved essential in that aspect.

I’m also an AVID reader so a “bookclub penpal” would be so awesome! I have too many favorites to even consider but some recent ones close to my heart are IT by Stephen King and the Lincoln Rhyme series. Harry Potter will probably be a lifelong favorite.

Other than yoga and reading I really enjoy a variety of music. Pretty much anything but country music. I love hiking and I’d enjoy getting more into like “roughing it”. I also LOVE kayaking/canoeing.

I love animals, but I’m definitely more partial to cats. I have two that hold my heart.

Im honestly open to meeting anyone as long as you think we could be friends!

Preferences: 21 and older please
Preferably females
Generally just awesome, nice people
I’d prefer to start with email and work to snail mail and even texting but I’m open to ideas!

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Hey there, I’ve finally found the time to introduce myself to the amazing studyblr comunity.

My name is Jasmin, I’m a Slytherin with a pretty big part of Rawenclaw so I guess I could also say Slytherclaw and yeah i’m obviously the devil herself, an INTJ, I’ll graduate in Summer and then hopefully start studying medicin. I live in Switzerland and am more or less fluent in german, english and italian.

I struggle quiet a lot so I decided to start this studyblr to conect with others who might inspire me and to force myself to do shit. I usually pass an exam without much studying but I want to be better than some dumbthings in my class and not have to worry much about the final exams.

I love to learn new stuff, enjoy reading a lot, pet as much dogs as possible and go to the gym as often as I can. Sometimes when I’m not to busy (or just need distraction) you can find me in the kitchen. I’m head of a youth lgbt+ group that takes place in my town once a monthand try to be as politically active as I can.

My favourite studyblrs so far are: @emmastudies @elrood @rhubarbstudies @samsstudygram @queenofambitionn and @noodledesk