A Bite Size Review: Adventure Time’s “The Music Hole”

This past episode was a good combination of playfulness and maturity, which seems to be the trend for season seven. Furthermore, this episode was very meaty for Finn’s character. 

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To start, we see Finn finally dealing with the loss of his “Finn Sword”. Unlike last season, this time his friends come together to help him instead of letting him wallow. Furthermore, we see Finn has built up some resilience, as he feels marginally better by the end of the episode. In comparison to season six, where it took Finn half the season to overcome his issues and learn to healthily deal with them. His character shows that maturity doesn’t mean you don’t still get upset or sad about a problem, but you are able to bounce back quicker.   

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The episode also displayed a relaxed tone between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, showing that the two of them are more comfortable with each other now. It’ll be interesting to see if we get to find out what specifically caused a divide between them before. It was also enjoyable to see these two characters not be so serious after the intensity of the “Stakes” episodes. 

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I couldn’t not mention Ice King’s song and how it’s so ridiculous but so catchy. Don’t even lie, you know it was stuck in your head after watching this episode. The penguins were troublemakers as usual, and Gunter looked so fly in that jacket. 

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The last few minutes of the episode was beautifully introspective, and reminded me of season six episodes like “The Diary” and “The Comet”. Adventure Time  demonstrates that a cartoon can mature with its audience, while still appealing to young newcomers to the show. The scene with the music hole also seems to hint The Lich storyline will be coming back. 

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Marceline’s song, and Finn and The Music Hole’s song were my favourite from this episode. Flame Princess and Neptr’s rap was quite entertaining as well though. Also, where did Flame Princess get those flame retardant clothes? Perhaps, from a certain hero she’s started hanging out with again?! Does this mean Finn wouldn’t have to wear tinfoil anymore to hug Flame Princess?! The fan girl in me is dying to know what’s going on between them!

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Hey, yo! My name’s FP and I came to take names
I’m nice with the mic and I’m spitting straight flame
These other MC’s be spitting straight lies
I’m a mac on the track, I’m known to bake pies
When we come through, respect the MCs,
The name of the crew is Neptr and FP!
Everybody know we not gon’ stop here
‘Cause we the freshest album of the year!