Relishing America’s Roadside Relics with @clive78757

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Architectural historian Gregory Smith (@clive78757) is obsessed with American roadside relics. Family road trips to destinations like the Atlantic City, New Jersey region — home to numerous miniature golf courses and Lucy, the six-story building shaped like an elephant — initially sparked Gregory’s affections, and he began photographing his favorite landmarks in college. He aims for a light touch in processing, yet admits, “I’m prone to saturate color and dramatize the sky, perhaps inspired by the old postcards I’ve loved since I was kid.” But it’s not just about image for Gregory, who helps get Texan landmarks listed in the National Register of Historic Places. His goal is to document and promote the preservation of commercial landmarks. “They represent the spirit of small business, exemplify creativity in design and construction, and help us better recognize and understand patterns in the ever-changing American landscape.”