Here’s some sort of commemorative 20 year poster/gif/thing for all of your eyeballs (all of them!). Let’s not forget the first (and still going) place on the web for animation and videogame makers to publish their cerebral productions made through the wonders of Flash.

I took the challenge of animating the run/roll/bounce-cycle of 20 characters from the Newgrounds community!

Here’s a more detailed list of all of them.

A new personal piece! Sort of an ode to my gaming habits as a teenager. My room looked nothing like this, but the spirit is there. The game is RayForce (aka Layer Section aka Gunlock aka Galactic Attack), still one of my favorites. It had an option to display the game horizontally so you could flip your TV on its side; something I never bothered to do.

If you don’t care about your data, I uploaded a larger, 60fps version of this to my portfolio site. 

I also added a print version to my Society 6 account, minus the animated screen because, you know, you can’t print animated gifs.

This image is best viewed while listening to Zuntata.

rMell presents NEOGEO

…after two years or so of crafting this album… It’s finally available for everyone to hear (FOR FREE)

I won’t say much else… just click the pic to download/stream NEOGEO

Share it with your friends… and all that good stuff

Thanks for all the support, Dudes