Welcome back to fantastic Ciryes OC time, this time starring a PC-98 character!

A literal PC-98 character. This is Sanko Nihondenki (日本電気 算子), a tsukumogami of an NEC PC-9801 computer. Yes, her surname is the company that made her, it’s the only thing she can consider a family!

Tsukumogami are usually associated with old-fashioned objects, and it’s said that modern electronics can’t become a tsukumogami. The thing is, this computer isn’t exactly what one would call modern electronics. It’s 34-year-old technology. In a consumerist world that desires the newest, best devices, the PC-98 is completely obsolete.

Having been neglected long enough, the aforementioned computer became possessed as a tsukumogami, desperate to prove to people that she’s smart and useful. The problem is, in a land like Gensokyo, Sanko is something brand new, not something old and dusty, so people don’t seem to understand her very well.

She’s computer-like in personality, incredibly naive and willing to do anything anybody asks her regardless of the consequences, and won’t stop until asked to stop. If she gets too stressed or is asked to do something she doesn’t know how to do, she’ll just stop functioning entirely and get upset. She also loves any and all kinds of technology, and logical problems.

Her powers are electricity manipulation and possessing an exceptional memory.

(Her peripherals are only summoned during combat, except for the plug, she always has a cute little plug tail)