‘The future does not belong to those who are content with today, apathetic toward common problems and their fellow man alike, timid and fearful in the face of new ideas and bold projects. Rather it will belong to those who can blend vision, reason and courage in a personal commitment to the ideals and great enterprises of society.’

- Robert F. Kennedy (1966)

I am no longer content with the security of today, the ease of pattern, the predictability of tomorrow. As it stands, I make no difference, I change nothing, my voice has no impact. But that will soon change. It is time to be part of the revolution, to give volume to those without representation, to give guidance to those without direction, to give support to those without purpose. My dreams are not 9-5, my dreams are not behind a desk or guarding a door, my dreams are not based on a biweekly paycheck… My dreams are based on the safety and happiness of others. I will spare my dollar to see someone smile, and I will risk it all to give someone a chance. Over the coming days, I am going to reassess my current standing, and I am going to revive some old plans. TCOP, NDRC, PEER, STP, PRP… These are all just letters now, but soon they will have meaning. Life is too short to spend my most valuable years exploited for a company’s profit, it is time to again take some risk to make some change.

getHealth joins NDRC!

We’re really excited to be a part of the Launchpad IV programme at the National Digital Research Centre. We know that, as Ireland’s first accelerator programme focused on supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs to accelerate good ideas to sound start-ups, the NDRC can help us validate every aspect of our business.

NDRC is an independent enterprise dedicated to accelerating research from idea to income. Our collaborative approach with technology and business innovators drives greater collective success while cultivating bolder attitudes towards invention and investment.

NDRC analyses and assesses new and emerging technologies and market opportunities within the economy’s most important sectors. We support the development of ideas, bridging the gap in knowledge, expertise and financial support that separates innovation from the marketplace.

Our aims are simple: we want to knuckle down and work hard, we want to plan, we want to set goals, we want to focus on the needs of our users (the true needs), we want to explore our ideas around design and user experience, we want to detail a business opportunity with the view of securing an investment at the end of the programme…all because we love this space and we love what we’re doing.

Best of luck to all the great companies that will work along side us for the next 12 weeks. We’re really looking forward and excited about learning from them and in helping out in any way we can.